Haifaa Younis – Why Islamic Calendar Starts with Muharram

Haifaa Younis
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So why, then we are celebrating

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and and start counting the stomach year

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from the first of Mahatma

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number one reason it didn't happen at the time of Rasul Allah salatu salam, it's actually happening at the time of say no more, say no more, had two people came to him. One is in debt to the other.

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And he was studying, say no more, I will pay him. I will pay him next Shabbat. I will pay him in the month, not this job on the month before Ramadan in the next one. And so, you know, Omar said what's what year?

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That's when he gathered all the sahaba. And they said we need to start to have dates, dates, where we can know the dates know the days and we can actually numerate them, and we can put our covenants and our agreements and our contracts dated by it.

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So the Sahaba stood, the Sahaba gathered around say no.

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And they said,

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and they said,

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which What's the date we choose?

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Which day to choose?

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And then they had four options. This is a time of say normal, some suggested the day, the time when the Rasul Allah, His salatu salam was born.

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Some suggested the time is when the Rasul Allah is salatu salam became a prophet, or he came out publicly as a prophet or obita. Some suggested the date he migrated to Medina, and some suggested the date that he died.

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That was the debate, there was four option which one Muslims should use as their beginning of the year. They put their year and the time of the year, the Sahaba debated with se nama. He actually asked for their opinion. He wanted matura as we call consultation, let's see which one

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they said that take the time of the death of Rasul Allah salatu salam, who don't want to keep remembering it, it's painful for us. That the year he was send it, or the month he was became a prophet or the month when he was born. There's a difference of opinion about the month and the year. Exactly. The year is not the month. Exactly. It was

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different opinion. They said

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let's take the month of Muharram of the year when he emigrated because all of them know, the year he emigrated. But why Muharram when he immigrated in probably

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the reason is because the decision to emigrate was done in the Haram because in the ledger the last month of the year, a during Hajj is when the 70 people from Medina came in, met with the LA soiree salatu salam. And they invited him to come to Medina or they told him if you come to Medina, we will welcome you and it will be your city, but he was waiting for the order from Allah subhanho wa taala. The near the intention to emigrate to Medina was in Muharram. But he waited till Allah subhanaw taala sent him the order through the dream, which was in rubeola. So that so they decided Muharram will be the first month of the year. We will take it as the first day is the day of the first day of

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the stomach history

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