Islamic Core Value Refusal of Oppression #11

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Are we live and we'll go Hurry up so Hey hey hey and as numeric and all the Allahu Anhu God quite an abuse of Allah Allah you earlier Salam, the Hadith and a collection of Buhari, NATO's by the theme of anti oppression continues. There's a very famous Hadith I think I narrated three to three times a month on the member for with context without context. It's just a very common one. But I think it's also important to to contemplate it a little bit within the context of what we are experienced where he says that he is thought to steal and paella, also Akaka volume and Omar bloomer, Carla Mikado, ya rasool Allah.

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How are done on solo Hamid Luma okay for var Lima Bacala, some Allah Allah who earlier seldom tell who followed by a day.

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So the wording here is really what I'm interested in, because you've heard the Hadith before by mentioning the wording, he said, He's talking to people, and as you're saying, He's telling people, you need to stand by your brother.

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They be oppressors, or oppressed.

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So people said this person, we will obviously stand by them when they're oppressed. Because that wasn't really a question for them.

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They didn't need Islam to tell them to do that one.

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They always did that one.

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They always if they were oppressed, that was easy. The Arab did it when they were when they were oppressors.

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The Arab was stand by their own when they were oppressors. No problem.

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This is how this is the you know, this is the bad part of the culture. But it's there. You know, the idea. First of all, you ask them to come by even if you're wrong, they'll do it.

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But it was easy when they when they were your your your own was oppressed. That was easy now that just suddenly didn't need teaching, that need teaching. It didn't need any form of ethical need.

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Rationalization it didn't need preaching didn't need a series of lectures or hot buzzer, it didn't need anything that just happened naturally. Of course, if they're my own, and they're oppressed, I know where I am. I know where I am. At that point. At that point, it's just gonna happen naturally. I do it when they're oppressors. And the oppressed, it's it makes it easier for me, I don't, I don't feel bad as much. I didn't feel like I wouldn't feel as bad.

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As I was a year to enroll whatever you went to, or Shuddhi. They've always just been wherever their tribes did, they would do to provide a source and never needed to teach the Sahaba to go and stand by the oppressed, because that came naturally to those people. But he had to teach them to, you know, to learn how to do it when their own were oppressors. So they said you also like we know the peace with their oppressed. But I thought you taught us that we shouldn't do this anymore. When it came to volume. I thought you told us because we don't just go in, you know, as long as there are amongst our own, we just go in and participate for Paula, when he's an oppressor that hoodoo folk

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are your day, this this, this is the term he uses, says if I get this person is going to oppress with their hands and you come with your hands on top of theirs and you hold them? No, no, I'm not going to let you do it and hold you by the hand so that you can't do it. I will stand there. And I will be the barrier between you and your active oppression. And I will prevent you from oppressing that who do folk lady. It's a beautiful term. It's not that you fight No, no, you go and you put yourself between them and their active oppression and you hold them down. And you refuse to let them oppress.

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The other one doesn't even need preaching. Everyone just natural. It's natural to any tiny group of people.

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For us to be in a position where we have to be apologetic for supporting the oppressed

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is a level of hypocrisy

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and a level

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of just a complete lack of logic and rationale, and clarity and ethicality. That just blows one's mind where you just sit there and you don't know exactly what's happening, are you? What rail Am I in? What universe is this that I have to apologize that I have to think twice before supporting someone who is oppressed, who's being oppressed for a very long time, when the story of oppression is one of the simplest on the planets, one of the easiest ones there. It doesn't really require a PhD thesis, you don't have to be Yanni but you have to have a master's in political sciences to understand the simple act of oppression that occurred. And for us to have to be in a position where

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we are apologetic and scared and uncertain whether we can actually show them some solidarity or not.

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There is something fundamentally wrong. There is something fundamentally wrong with the world that we live in and the society that we've allowed ourselves to kind of coexist with quietly if the status quo just continuing this didn't start October 7, or beginning of this month, or beginning of this year, or beginning of this millennium.

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going on for a long time, and we have not really done much about it.

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I think it's worth taking a few moments and contemplating that you want to remember how do you feel so here in Sydney America the Allahu anhu, Kala kala Nabil son Allah Allah who earlier Salam, also Akaka volume and Omar bloomer Ba ba ba Lu Oh Carla Carla era Sula hadden en su Maluma okay for Voluma Paclitaxel Allahu Allah who earlier Salam Telugu focaccia de sola colossal Allah so Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Hey Linda talking to Blake was Allah wa sallim wa barik ala Muhammad Hassan

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