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handily Lego Bill alameen Salatu was Salam ala scheffel MBA? Well, mostly were early he was savvy as much as that bad. Yo fo. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds Peace and blessings on the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after greeting you brothers and sisters, I thought I should clarify. Because there's so much confusion out there. And I've seen some statements from various quarters abroad and in this country, on the issue of slotless aid for this president al fetter. In this COVID season, in the UK.

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Brothers and sisters first and foremost salado he eat is, of course, one of the signs, one of the signs of believers and prophets lie some established it from the last lump on eight days in the mornings, and it is an extra prayer, it is to the cause, without any records before it or after it doesn't have an advantage and doesn't have any power.

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And it is the the constant practice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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to do that, from that, of course, we have various opinion on whether it's obligatory, or whether it is highly recommended.

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Kind of fear or the opinion that slot will aid is worship, worship, which means it's obligatory, but they're in the minority in this regard, and with the greatest respect to the 100 fear the majority opinion is, in my opinion, the best opinion that is so dumb, aka as a shafia and Hannah Bella say, Shafi amalickiah, say and Abdullah say it is fat boo ki fire, for doggy fire, a bit like slothful janaza, that it needs to be held. But if some people attend, it basically compensates for everybody, and they're not found simple, but anywhere on the market that highly recommended is the majority opinion that's in normal situations when slot eight is held, of course.

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So keeping that in mind, in COVID season, let's be clear, and the present situation and the lockdown that we're in.

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In the UK, there will be no slot to aid being held either in the masjid or in the parks or any any anywhere else in a public sense. I'm I was shocked to find out that despite our situation, that there were some people Alhamdulillah only a few. But the odd muscle was still pushing the council and trying to get support from others to try and push the council to allow Muslims to hold a need prayer

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in this particular infectious situation, the mind boggles how people why people still think like this. And it's very upsetting and frustrating because sometimes

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these few few Imams and people who are their followers think that perhaps they're being more religious than the other moms and scholars who are saying not the same thing as they're saying. But it's not the same shot at the lawgiver. Allah and His messenger who are telling us about establishing Salatu, EAD is the same law giver. A lot is missing a lot of messenger making it clear that in this situation, it requires for young Coase feasibility as the Hadees mentioned about the pandemic epidemic coming and about the believers it is a mercy to them. Yeah, for the one who stays in their land and this staying young because this Max Max Yeah, isolation can be within the same

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land saying an isolated in the lockdown situation our homes as well as to reduce the spread in that land weather epidemic and the infection is so it is included in the meaning of the heartbeat brothers and sisters.

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To be able to,

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to get the rewards having suburb Yeah, and with respect to what from Allah and knowing that infection, of course can only

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happen to anyone by the will of Allah subhanaw taala that's all true. They seemed

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Some people have taken part of another Hadith and take the beginning of forget the end of it. And often people from the religious quarter misquote the Hadith and that Hadith is authentic. It begins with the promise of sound law and law.

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Law Otherwise, there is no such thing as infection

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while after a while after Iran, Rob, and there's no bad omens, but the publicize them doesn't mean by that he's rejecting infection because on the other hand, he mentions clearly showing you the restructuring infection, what he means by the infection only happens to somebody by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And part of the end of the day says, fill Role Model Magic loom command luminol acid, then run away from the leper, meaning the infected person, you can take it wider from the left, but the infected person, like you run away from the lion line because of infection. And so real understanding, there should be no surprise as to why we're not holding IID prayer, which is the

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best Sunday market as a community. We're already not holding for prayers. Yeah, we're not holding slot we'll jump out which is, which is fun. Clearly, and and massage massages already. So that's the first thing.

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So what do we do? Do we do anything in his place and hear various opinions came in? Some have mentioned and this is often the case that you find very popular, Heidi's

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being batted around, and often by memes. Because they haven't really taken the time to double check and triple check. And one of these famous IDs is about

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yo Miuccia is that the eight day it's a longer day, which mentioned on the lines of on this day, the angels when you're going to eat pray the angel standard, every doorway to every road that's going towards each prayer, telling you to go forward and go and get your rewards to the believers who have been fasting and he's mentioned in it about that you will order too fast and you fasted you will order to stand in the night and pray and you fulfill that order. And how it's announced after prayer that is announced that Allah has forgiven you.

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Allah has forgiven you, and that

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go back rightly guided with this. Good news on this day of of gathering rewards. This Hadith

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is famous. And suddenly moms are quoted. In fact, some use this idea to actually say, as though the believers were going to be bereft and deprived of their rewards because they're not getting a prayer until we do eat prayer. And you can

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read into that the impression is that you don't get the reward from the state until you don't need prayer. This is this is not the case brothers and sisters, our our acceptance of our rewards for fasting and for staying up in the night and prayer later are not dependent on the prayer. There are separate issues. There are separate issues. How sad it would be to say the community there's no impact going to be held for all your fasting and all your night prayers at night and label has been canceled. Not for a lot. This is this is nonsense. This is nonsense. This Hadith actually is not only Diouf so that people can use it. And some people think that well he's got two or three chains

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and they can support you it is not naive, it is Moncure it is rejected Hadith very very weak or other subset from the mahanta thing it is fabricated. So this really should not be used as any kind of evidence. So nevertheless, what can we do?

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Hana via Who? Who in the majority, with great respect, the HANA fees, have no Fatah if you miss it prayer, and we're going to in this situation, you do not do any other of his prayer as an individual or in a jamaa or in a jamaa, which is fine, which is fine.

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And but the majority by far the majority went down the road and that's the Shafi and Hannah Bella included,

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went down the road, it is fine to do to the cars, if you miss eat bread for whatever reason, and we're missing it for a very serious reason. But not in this season. Even Other times, it is fine to do to the cars, at home, to the cars at home on the same day or it can be done even on the next day can be done any time actually. Or some said do it before so while of the same name amalickiah for example of that opinion and

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And that's all fine to do to the cars but I don't I don't say it is highly recommended and if you don't do it even if you say it's most the hub as some do recommended for you to do to the cars at home with your family or individually

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it That means if you don't do it there's no sin I believe personally that the best opinion it is allowed for you to do that. Yeah if you if you want to you have the choice like for any other son that that you miss from your Salah Santa Monica data to before fudger for example, if you missed them or to afterglow her or to after mulgrave if you missed them for some reason, you can do them you have a choice to do them later on. But it is not

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obligatory for you to do and not recommended for you so it's not sinful in any webinar sisters, if you don't do to to cause ruckus at home.

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And also,

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it is mentioned it is authentic for a blunder Massoud actually that he would say due for a cause but that's one opinion and majority of the seller did not agree with that. And it's interesting in this issue hanafy often follow of the lightener Masood but in this issue that did not follow up the live episode because they said there's no cuddle. You don't do any recalls at home and I heard some hanafy mom saying therefore do two or four noir for sure Khurana Well, there's no need for that because why are you doing that on a day? Why are we creating something new? There's nothing from the prophet SAW some nothing from the Quran nothing in the prophet SAW solemn actually and hence there's

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been these difference of opinions. prophesied some saying if you miss a prayer, then go and do to the cause you can do because there's nothing directly then is the heart came in and people give so and it's interesting as some LMR mentioned prophesize solum didn't say to the women stay at home and you can do and I know I've heard that said stay at home the women should be doing to the cause of

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for each prayer aspect is 100 free and many of them have sided they don't even have a place for the women to do Eat Pray which is contrary to the Sinatra sort of masala solemn who actually ordered the women even on what menstruation young and old women to come to the eat prayer to join in and listen to the the the V rod and even if the menstruating will work going to join in the the Salah of course. But

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you know we don't know details from the women who are not currently but they have to do to the gods at home. So the same the same situation. And here we shouldn't invent now something new and say what you should do to afford a cars men or women at home to make up for the prayer that's not taking place. So I believe in conclusion the best opinion in regards to this is it is fine. Those are going to do two cars

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at home do them anytime after the sun has risen 1520 minutes after the song I really like the time of Salah to Doha do the total cost you can do it as a family you can do it individually as you can see from the ANOVA anyway

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and no need to do photocards if somebody does forecast following a plan a sword which is authentic to him there's no there's no big deal with it again and brothers and sisters and if somebody doesn't know these two cards Let me repeat again there's no sin, your rewards for Ramadan and fasting have not been canceled. Your label card or a ballot have not been canceled eat has not been canceled because you didn't do the total cause let's be very clear about that brothers sisters, as far as the spirit is concerned, which is something that Allah says in the Quran when he took on it that I wanted to come back to LA holla Mahatma Allah contest guru, so complete the fasting period. Yeah,

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this is for those who fasted for those who couldn't out of illness those who paid 50 is counted as though you fasted for those who couldn't have been in the frontline. It says though, the month of Ramadan canceled for you, so complete that period and mentioned Allah has greatness Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, meaning on aid on the day of aid

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to kabiru la la mahakam Yeah, so because Allah has guided you, while aliquam Touch Kuru, so that perhaps and perhaps a you may be grateful, perhaps you may be grateful. So

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various weird actually took me right or not for all the day of eat. Reality is

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some scholars said and from the Sahaba and from the earliest scholars, they had opinion on whether it starts on the night before he wants the new moon has been seen for eight so you can start your takbeer out from then done anytime, not just after Salah.

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And they can and others said it starts from the morning after fudger prayer on the way to eat as it will and finishes with a pregnancy mom arrived so we can we can do either those Saturday night before starting in the morning until the sort of time of Doha prayer what do you do the to recalculate? Don't do the total cause

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that's what I have to say on this, I hope the things are clear from this.

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The idea is that,

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that to realize that that are that is opinion and I hope and pray that Allah subhanaw taala guides us and accepts our fast and accepts our a bear that

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may Allah so Allah make the day I read a day of forgiveness, a day of acceptance for us,

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of everything and keepers, keepers enlightened, keep us enlightened. Keep us close to him for the coming year. May Allah subhanaw taala remove our difficulties from us a cold call he had our stuff at a level ago in the who who will offer him a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah