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Mr. tsuda Hill I mean,

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he was so happy here Jemaine about.

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I'm very excited to be here.

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All right. Imagine you have a friend. Your friend only calls you when they need something. Okay? You do something for them. They thank you and they leave. They come to town. They'll stay in town for a month and never call you. Except when they need a ride to the airport to leave town. They call you hey, I need a ride to the airport. Oh, really? How long have you been in town? I've been in town for a month. It's a strange been in town for a month you only Call me when you need something you only Call me when you want to leave. So you always do good to them. Every time they need something, you do something for them. And they only offend you. They only do bad things towards you. You give them

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your car, you let them borrow it for two weeks. And you ask them for a favor. You know, can you just drop me off from one place to the to the doctor something keep the car just dropped me to the doctor. They neglect what you asked him to do? You ask them multiple times and maybe reluctantly, they'll do something half heartedly? No. So and they always do things you don't like you always do good things towards them favors helping them. Whatever it is money, you lend them the car, you do things for them. And they always do things that you don't like, they know you dislike things, and they'll do it constantly. And they're always behaving towards you in such a way. Now how would you

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describe a friend like that? How would you describe someone like that good friend, great person. Are you someone who just uses you? Yeah, not very sincere. They're arrogant when they don't need you to write arrogant, they don't need your friendship. They don't need you the minute they need something from you, they come rushing to you. I think you know where we're going with this right? Because sadly enough, we are this way with Allah subhana wa Tada. But Allah, Allah, Allah, we don't like an Allah to his creation. But we do the same thing with Allah subhanaw taala. When things go, Well, some people when things go well in their life, they even totally leave worship of Allah subhanaw

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taala some people will never pray. And they have an issue, they have an interview, they pray to God for fudger they get the job, they don't come and do. Boo. That's it. I only need something from you. Yeah, Allah, that's the only time I want some contact with you, I need something if I don't know how us. So the day of the interview, they pray after that they never pray any other time.

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So, or when things are going well, you pray constantly. But when things are going well, you start to become neglectful of some of the duties in Islam, you start to become neglectful. And when some things are going wrong, you lower your gaze. Yeah, you don't look at things that are hot on, you spend your time in better ways, things are going well. And you start to look at hot on things, you start to do hard on things. So even when it comes to singing, it drops severely when between if you compare the good times versus the difficult times. So most people don't just stop praying. But they're more relaxed with sins with looking at things that are haram doing things that are Haram,

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because they feel like there's nothing that I need from Allah at this moment, which is, of course, the wrong way to look at things. Because the true believer knows that you need Allah azzawajal at every minute, every second of your life, you never ever feel self sufficient that I'm not in need of a large budget. But this is the nature of human beings.

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So when when and this is when my by that I mean that their nature is that when everything is good, all right, they forget a lot to a degree. And then when they have a difficult situation they remember a lot. Now of course, it's a good thing to remember Allah when you have a bad situation, it's better than running away from him. But it's best to remember Allah even when during times of ease for Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this in the Quran allows you It says in the in Santa Holika helluva verily the human being so this is the nature who is created irritable and discontented. Yeah. Now when evil touches him, what happens?

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If he becomes

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sorry, he's irritable when evil touches him. And then when good touches him you expect the the opposite. When good touches him. He'll be better with Allah subhanaw taala more thankful to Allah azza wa jal more generous with other people, but it's the unfortunately it's the opposite. When evil touches him or when good touches him, become stingy with a muscle hierro Manoah become stingy now. It is exactly the opposite of our good person should be loved is good to you and your life is going well. You'll be more generous you

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more closer to Allah azza wa jal, but unfortunately, the opposite happens. And we can see this living in the West very clearly, amongst the non Muslims it perhaps it's even more pronounced, then amongst the Muslims, you can clearly see it with a non Muslim, when things are going well, then, and you've probably met non Muslims who told you things like, I don't need God, I don't need God, I live I mean, I live my life, I'm good to people, I don't bother anybody, you know, and they feel that they don't need a law or they don't even need to believe in the law somehow to odd. It's only because they don't understand. And if they understood, they will understand that they constantly are

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in need of Allah subhanaw taala. But they feel self sufficient. Everything is there. And we have everything I can afford everything. I mean, affording eat anything you want to meal, ice cream, everything is affordable and available. So Allah subhanaw taala has given people so many blessings. And they think that they can attribute this to the way they set up their economy, or they can attribute this to democracy or some kind of system of government. And they don't attribute it to Allah subhanaw taala. So we don't need a lot. I don't need God. I guarantee you now watch the economy get worse and worse. I guarantee you, there'll be an increase in people turning to God be an

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increase in people going to churches, which leads to ridicule, at times of ease. Yeah. This this the nature of people. Just now on the plane coming here, there was a there's a bloke here, a chap from the UK sitting next to me who's not a Muslim. But so we were talking a little bit. And he said, he was telling me, I said, you know, do you believe in God? Are you an atheist? Because that's the trend now, because atheism is just it's becoming a trend. You want to make a statement that you're open minded and rational. And scientifically, I'm an atheist. Yeah.

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And, of course, it's not rational. And most of the time, they're not really just trying to make a statement. So I said, Are you Do you believe there's a creator, you're also part of the trend and trying to be trendy? He said, No, no, there is a God. And he said, he was telling me that

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a friend of his was traveling, there were seven. Yeah. And one of them believed in God and the other six were atheists, and they would make fun of the one that believed in God. He said, the plane took off and then they hit some turbulence. The atheist said, Let's pray

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that's how it works. My friends know times are easy you know, you've got money economy's good. I don't we don't need God. We've got health care systems. We don't need God. Yeah, just let that plane hit some turbulence and, oh, god, oh, Lord, all of a sudden.

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That's how it is. No religiosity will increase just watch economies drop and get worse. Yeah, eat religiously will increase. You know, something, people too arrogant to worship a lot, they'll get a punishment that is very befitting on the Day of Judgment. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, in aladeen, a stick Bureau and and a Bharati said hello, Anna, Johanna, muda, serene, those who are too arrogant to worship me in this dunya. When they enter jahannam, they will enter in a state of humility, they'll be humiliated, basically. And it's the opposite of the sin they had on earth or arrogant here, and you'll be humiliated as you enter into the health bar will air the villa. So

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everybody needs Allah subhanaw taala. But unfortunately, we have this tendency when everything is going well. And we relaxed when it comes to lowering gaze or step stuffing and staying away from sins we relaxing is how much we want to pray to Allah subhanaw taala now some of it is natural, right? When you have a severe calamity, you might wake up every night in the last third and make dua to Allah zoja. And then after things, you know, become normal, you might also decrease this normal for you to decrease a little bit. Yeah, but we're not we don't want to be like those people who are ungrateful. And when everything is going well, we totally forget about Allah subhanho wa Taala. But

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you know what people argue, right? They'll argue about cause and effect, you know, and people will tell you, you know, you know, I worked hard for this money. You know, I worked very hard. This was the cause the effect was I got all this money. And I thought of plans to maximize profits, I had meetings, I trained my staff, so it's me and now you're telling me that a lot did it if a lot did it what has happened by itself, but I put this effort. So they obviously misunderstand that. Ultimately, in the end, everything goes back to Allah subhanaw taala ultimately, in the end, everything goes back to Allah Georgia. Allah could have made you someone poor, he could have made

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you someone who lives in a primitive if you want to say tribe in the in the jungles in some Island, you could have been that person. So ultimately, Allah put you in this place gave you all these opportunities. You know, some people will tell you, you know,

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some things are very clear. Someone is sick, gives the medicine there, okay, what does Allah have to do with that? So I'm asking Have you ever seen when to

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People will be in hospital beds right next to each other. Both of them have the same illness. And the doctor prescribes the same medicine. One of them gets up and walks away from that bed and the other one dies right there.

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Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala made it that way. So yes, I know the cause and effect. I know the science of how the medicine works. But Allah subhanaw taala is involved in the equation. And that's why both of them had the same situation. One walked away and the other died. So you can't tell me Allah is not involved in the situation.

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So you know, something the scholars in Islam, they see something nice, they see that you cannot be arrogant or proud of something you had nothing to do with. It makes a lot of sense. How can you be proud of something you had nothing to do with? So brothers tall? Okay. So yeah, I'll pick I'm choosing high tianni. Not not because I'm short or anything but just a tall brother. And he's boasting about how tall he is like, How tall are you? I'm on five, six, really? Six, five reverse years around? I'm six, five. I've always been told, really, marshmallow so much better than me. Is there an exercise or something you did that made you taller? No. Did you have any hand or any part

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in becoming six? Five? No. Is there anything you did to be six? Five? No. I was just born this way. So why would you boast about something you had nothing to do with? And if you did an exercise, you know, for five years made you Six, Five? You can boast about it, but you didn't do anything. So why would you be proud of something you had no part in gaining whatsoever? Someone has nice hair, you know, so come up, it will tease an African like me will do the shampoo commercial thing to me. Like look, look, can you do this with your hair? Can you? Like No, I can't but why are you showing off? And did you do anything in your mother's womb that made your hair softer on it? You know, I was in

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there just sleeping. You're in there just like

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thing look good. You didn't have anything to do with that. So how can you boast? How can you be arrogant about something you had nothing to do with whatever it is. People always want to boast about things for the way Allah made them. You know, why don't you attribute it back and link it back to a lousy Oh, I never suffer from jetlag. Oh, you must be more man than me. Then. You don't suffer from jetlag. Allah made you like that don't boast. I have good eyesight. What you eat you eat carrots, Danny.

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You know this to say that? Right? The carrots are good for the eyesight. You know how they decided that they determined that character good for the eyesight? Who knows?

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Yeah, yeah, they realized they noticed that they never ever found rabbits wearing glasses. So they

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assume that Okay, anyway, let's get

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but you know, what about other things. So there's someone goes to the gym, no, builds a phenomenal physique. He says, Look, I lifted all these weights to look like this, Allah had nothing to do with it, I put the effort. No Halo had everything to do with it. And besides the fact that you could have been that guy in the tribe in the forest, Allah give you resources that enable you to go to a gym, because you need resources for that. And some people are too poor, to go to a gym, some people don't have you know, money for, you know, these nutritious things that you take these powders and mixes and testosterone, these kinds of things, you know what I'm talking about? Thank you, only a few

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people caught them. That's great. So realistically, there is no escaping that that you need Allah subhanaw taala in the believer who's constantly aware of that doesn't have moments where you know, they move away from Allah because things are going well. And then when things go bad, the rush to Allah, things are going well. It has something to do with a law, things are going bad the solution has something to do with Allah. So all the time, you find yourself circulating around being close to Allah subhanaw taala. There's no escaping the fact that we're in need of a large budget. Can we train ourselves so that when things go well, we don't start to relax when it comes to sins relaxed

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when it comes to acts of worship. And not only when we become like that guy in the beginning, only calls upon you when they need something. And we also did that was not a good friend. So this surfing that only calls upon the low when there's an issue never once puts his hand up to thank Allah or say something else, just when they have an issue. That's the only time I remember Allah. Now, would you just like we didn't describe that as a good friend. Would you describe this as a good servant? As a good slave of Allah is a good worshiper. Definitely not.

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Allah He says in the Quran. Yeah, you Hannah's ultimate focus. Korra and Allah, Allahu Allah. Mohammed. Yeah. yohannes Oh, people. And Nasir, as you know, you need Muslims and non Muslims, everybody. Allah is calling them. You are the ones in need of a loss of how to Allah and Allah is a levani self sufficient, he's not. He doesn't want anything doesn't need anything from anyone.

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So we're the ones in need of a lot of storage. But again, people think that they can do it on their own. Like I said yesterday, the earth

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Muslims, if something happened that's within their control, they can fix it, like the example of give their sandal broke. And they have this string and the needle and they know how to fix their own sandal, they would still make the out to Allah. And then they would do the work. So some people will say, Well, if you're like that, how can you ever become self reliant? And how can you ever believe in yourself and believe in your own abilities? These people just misunderstand. Recently in the news, there was a quote from from a lady who was a billionaire. Yeah. So she said those people who are poor and the middle class, they should stop socializing. They should stop talking a lot and

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complaining about the rich and they should just work harder. This is the billionaire latest what she said about poor people. you're complaining about tax breaks for the rich and she said, work hard or stop. you're complaining and you're socializing, and go work harder. The sad part of the story is that she inherited her billions.

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And she has the audacity to tell people to work out what did you do?

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What did you do to get your billion you're just born that's it. You found it there. So she can't gloat. Right.

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And one of the famous examples of people who attributed their success to themselves and didn't link it back to Allah Julia was Cartoon Cartoon was a person during the time of Musa alayhis salam, and even above or below on Houma. He says that Quran was even the cousin of Musa and in the beginning he believed in Musa and then Elisa Rahman, and later on, he basically became rich and Kofi Mariani basically. So Allah Subhana Allah describes in the Quran in the corona condom and comi Moosa for Baba la him, he was from the people of Musa then Allah describes the wealth that this man was given. Well it now human and uzima in NEMA Fatiha hula

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Puja, Yanni we give them so many of the treasures okay. And like you say your that his warehouses just the keys to his warehouse is not what's not the contents of what's inside just the keys to his warehouses where so many that you would require young men who take steroids to lift the keys only just to lift the kids young strong men also but the old over Yeah, strong young man just to lift the keys for all his warehouses. So how rich was this guy? So the poor people, and he would come out to his people and his pomp and his clothing dragging behind him and, and the poor, the wish that they had the wealth of Koran. And the rich would tell you that the righteous will tell them that you're

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better off not being like this man, and they would advise him and they would tell him that you need to be thankful to Allah Subhana Allah to still you're still in need of Allah azza wa jal, but he said in Nima ot to Allah admin, nd I got this from my own knowledge of my own accord, my own hard work, the sweat of my brow, my own being business savvy, attended some courses, took advantage of some opportunities, maximize profits, all that fancy talk. So the way he saw it, it had nothing to do with Allah, I did all the work, Allah didn't give it to me. And then in the end, Allah subhanaw taala cause the earth to swallow him up. And it was a reminder in a lesson for those who wanted his

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place in before they want it to be in his place. Now they saw what a horrible place that he was in, but it seemed to them that it would, but Koran is like the example of someone who felt that I did all this, okay, I don't need a love just like your atheist coworker, your colleague will tell you, we don't need God. Or you know, I don't have to attribute any of the blessings to Allah. I did this myself. You know, when you when you finish the Sala and Salah is one of the best acts of worship done with the body. When you finish the solo. It's the first thing you say

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stuff for three times and stuff, but it's something that you typically say, after you do a bad deed. So are we saying it after the greatest act of worship? Why now sing is stuck for a lot after committing the greatest act of worship you can do with your body. So the wisdom behind that is to remind you and to say that Oh Allah, this Salah that I just finished is not deserving of your greatness is not deserving of Your Majesty. And I think we all realize that Yeah, like we start, we go into our salah and we start to think of all kinds of things right? We do calculations we plan the rest of the day and then we remember Oh, wait a minute, I'm in Salah. Let me focus two seconds.

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Boom. I'm outside in the street again. Yeah. And after this type of Salah was supposed to become arrogant Far be it will lie from the believer to get arrogant. But sometimes it creeps into people's hearts. Yeah. Someone might pray fudger in the masjid. And few people are out and about at the time of fudger. So you're driving back or you're walking back home and you see a non Muslim waking up at that hour to walk their dog. So you think now this is the difference between feeling good about something

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Feeling arrogant about something? Don't allow the shaytaan to come to you and and make you feel bad for feeling good? No. If you're a believing man or woman, it's natural to feel good after doing something good. Yeah, there's a starving family and you take some food to them and you see the look on the children's faces and the happiness because there were starving. Now, any good believing man or woman as they're coming back home? They feel good about doing that. Yeah. I don't think anyone comes back like that was disgusting. You see the look on those hungry kids faces. I'm never doing this again. feel good about yourself. There's a difference between so it's natural and don't allow

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the shutdown until you see you feel good. That means he wasn't for the sake of a lot. No. You know if you wake up two hours before virgin you pray two hours some good day, um, some long so Jude, then you pray fudger in the masjid. Then you come home then you do the car, finish all that car, then you come home. Then you read some Quran. Then you have some breakfast. It has like eggs and meat in it. Yeah, it's a good day, right? You feel good about a day like this. Then you go to work. You feel good? Yeah. So there's nothing wrong with feeling good. And there's a difference between feeling good after completing an act of worship and feeling arrogant. So you prayed fudger and you're happy

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hamdulillah I prayed for God This should be a good day. Neela there's a difference between that and feeling arrogant. You come and you see a lady walking her dog. When at a time when you are praying for God. You see, Oh Allah.

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I was up worshipping you. And she's up walking her dog. And I'm of the few that came to the masjid today a lot. Now you're getting arrogant. Now you're getting arrogant. So there's a difference between feeling good after completing a good deed and feeling arrogant. And so you finish your Salah you make it that far because this is a lot that I just finished isn't deserving the greatness of Allah xojo look at the the the quality and the quantity of the worship that the angels are performing. Yeah. And you know the Hadith. And Nabi sallallahu Sallam said in ni Arambula toron well as neuromyelitis Malone, he says verily I see that which you do not see this is an episode of La

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Silla, and I hear that which you do not hear. Then he says in summer of verily the heavens have creaked Yanni. Like when you have a wooden staircase or something and you put some pressure some weight on it, and it creaks it makes a sound that would rubbing against each other makes that sound. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam heard the heavens plural. Creek like that. He says we're hooked into it, and rightfully so that it did Creek, Murphy hamato asaba in la mala kumada Anja pata who sang it in LA has a virgin, he said there is not in all the heavens. There is not this the space or the span of four fingers money, except that there is an angel standing or bowing or prostrating to Allah

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subhanaw taala four fingers over here. There's an angel standing next to him right over here. Another one next, this is the heavens, plural. And it's so huge. Yeah. And everywhere, angels making salute and worshipping Allah azza wa jal in another narration and the Beast Allah wa sallam explained, and they have been doing so ever since Allah created them. How long is that? Is that 1000s of years is that millions of years, they have been doing so worshiping Allah ever since Allah created them, they've been worshipping him like that. So Jude are in record, standing in Salah. Now we're talking about quality and quantity quality because the angels, they don't think of anything

00:23:28--> 00:23:50

else, you know, stopping will have to go see the kid picking the kids up from school is quality, focusing and quantity. And the President explains that they will continue worshipping Allah until the horn is sound to announce the Day of Judgment. And when they hear the horn and they hear that it's the day of judgment, what will they say? They will say Allah, we have not worshipped you enough.

00:23:52--> 00:24:28

We have not worshipped you enough. Because they truly understand the greatness of Allah as diligent. And if we truly understood the greatness of Allah, there's no way we finish the salah and feel like you look finished, there was one row only half a row and I was amongst this half row who came here to worship Allah, never, we'd never feel that way about it ever. And if you always are aware of the greatness of Allah, you wouldn't have these times when you feel like right now everything is going well. You start to look at things that are how long you start to do things that are haram not care about extra reward, extra good deeds, now often, it wouldn't happen like that.

00:24:29--> 00:24:30

Excuse me.

00:24:31--> 00:24:40

Let's go scholars say one of the one of the characteristics of a servant or believing man or woman that is grateful to Allah subhanaw taala

00:24:42--> 00:25:00

is that when they recognize that every blessing comes to them from Allah azza wa jal, every blessing comes to you from Allah, even if a blessing comes to you from another human being, ultimately, Allah facilitated for that human being or abused them as a channel to get this blessing to you. So part of being grateful to Allah is to recognize

00:25:00--> 00:25:21

Everything comes to you from a laws of nature, not from your hard work or how intelligent you are these, these are some of the causes, but ultimately goes back to a law. And one of the things we always see and it hurts when you see this in America, is that when something good happens to someone, what do they say? Who knows? You see it in the movies to something good happens to someone, what do they say? Who do they thank?

00:25:22--> 00:26:00

Thank you, Jesus. They've got that strong Jesus thing. And when you hear it, you're like, Oh, yeah, Allah gave it to you. And you're thinking someone who had nothing to do with it doesn't even know that you're here. And you're thinking someone else. So the believer that recognises or that's grateful to Allah recognizes that every blessing comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so when you recognize that everything that's good to you comes from Allah azza wa jal, you feel indebted to a large object you feel love of Allah naturally. And we love anyone who does good towards us, right? And if there's a brother every time he sees you and gives you 100 pounds, how would you feel about

00:26:00--> 00:26:09

that guy? Every time he turns his head towards you, gives you 100 pounds, 100 pounds, he looks over here, it looks at you again, here you go. 100 pounds, what will you do you start coming in front of him.

00:26:10--> 00:26:48

Right, so get another 100 pounds, but you will naturally start to love that person very much. Every time I see him, I get 100 make sure I cross this path all the time accidentally, all day. Yeah. So because you see a some good that comes to you from this person, you start to love them. If you recognize every good thing in your life, and we know the good deeds, the sorry, the blessings, we can't count them. And if we tried to count the blessings of Allah, Allah says, We're not allowed to, so you won't be able to enumerate them. So so many blessings come to you from a low and you recognize that you naturally begin to love a lot. So the second thing is you naturally begin to

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submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is not a foreign concept to us at work your boss and you link your boss to your paycheck. So this blessing comes and it's linked to this person, you link it to him directly, indirectly, or in one way or another. So if your boss says do this, and you don't agree with it, or this is the plan from now on, you don't agree with it, you still do it. You submit in the end, because you recognize that there's this relationship. And if I sever that relationship, then that check that comes won't come anymore. Truly Submit. We don't like in a lot of creation, but we'll learn with Allah. But when you recognize everything comes to from Allah, how can you get

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arrogant? No. Even at times of ease, that's when you feel that you need to thank Allah azza wa jal more, and worship Allah subhanaw taala better, because he's making things nice and good for me and easy for me. I should remember him more at this time. And this is how we are with each other. Right? Someone's good to you all the time. You want to be good back to them. You don't mistreat them while they're being good to you and then come back to them when you have a problem and start being nice. Someone who does that. Obviously, not a good person, not a genuine person. Not a good friend. Someone like that is a sycophant, right sycophant, Annie. The, I don't know another word for it, but

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it's what they call in the, in the slang a suck up. Yeah, someone will come and kiss up to you, as they say, just because they need something from you. In English, that's a sycophant. I don't know any other word Danny. But you'd love a large again, you submit to Allah you use, you'd recognize every blessing comes from Allah. There is no room for arrogance anymore. There is no way that you can feel that you're you're arrogant to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And that's why for the believer, it's easy to bring yourself out of this state where I don't need to lower everything's going well now. So go out watch movies and go to the theater. But when I have problems, I don't go to the theater i i refrained from things like that. But now things are okay. I'll go to the theater. I'll do this always time like that. So for the believer, it's easy to come out of the state, because there's so many stages that we're aware of that you cannot be arrogant. There's no way you can know that we will stand for 50,000 years waiting for the judgment to begin and feel arrogant or feel like I don't need a law right now. Everything's going well. There's no way

00:29:08--> 00:29:42

you can know that you're going to stand for 50,000 years, with the sun one mile away from our heads and be arrogant for a minute, if you remember that. So there's the the non Muslim has a reason for his arrogance. He doesn't know about that. He doesn't know about the punishment of the grave. He doesn't know about the Day of Judgment. He doesn't know about the syrup. He doesn't know the Hellfire is black. He doesn't know all these things. So they come to you with arrogant claims and we don't need God or they come to you with what God appreciates or doesn't appreciate. Yeah, this guy came to me he kept telling me I don't think God will be offended if this this this happens. And and

00:29:42--> 00:30:00

God doesn't mind if people do this, this this this. So in the end, I started listening, where do you know this information from? And do you have a direct line with God? Where do you get this from? How do you know all these detailed things about God? He said, we basically made it up. Yeah. But he his ignorance can

00:30:00--> 00:30:26

lead to that arrogance. But for the believing men and women, we know too much to fall into that state. It's our nature to fall into that state. But Allah gave us equipped us with what can pull us out of that state, easily in sha Allah azza wa jal, and I didn't talk too much about the the category because I don't believe in shuttler I believe that no one in this room is from that group where they just stop worshipping Allah, when things are good, and so on.

00:30:28--> 00:31:12

Speaking of that, you know, Ramadan, the whole purpose behind Ramadan is that were to pick up good traits and good habits to continue throughout the rest of the year. And many people think that Ramadan is the time when I go into lifestyle B. And then when eight comes they go back to lifestyle, a, whatever the standard was, before Ramadan, the idea of Ramadan is to continue trying to be in lifestyle B for the whole year. Now give you an example. And this is a true story. My uncle saw this with his own eyes. He had a friend who only prayed in Ramadan. All the time. I pray that Ramadan. That's it. So he was praying Asia, the night before eight, and there they announced it on the news

00:31:12--> 00:31:22

on television. So he was spraying in Asia and the television was on. And so the announcer said and tomorrow is April fetter said the guy just said Mr. Kraft

00:31:24--> 00:31:45

just walked out of the Salah. Because it's not Ramadan anymore. I only pray in Ramadan only worship Allah in Ramadan. He just backed out of the cellar right this time on from a fixed standpoint, you don't have to make the slim if you're standing you just walk out, right? But he just made the steam and walked out. Because tell us Ramadan is over. Tomorrow is eight. This is show and now.

00:31:47--> 00:32:24

It's horrible, isn't it? And everyone in the room sees it. But the sad part is we all do it. Right? But not that quickly. Yeah, we all do it but just a little slower. Yeah, so the Quran now, it was nice knowing you goes back on the shelf here. Next Ramadan, I'll bring it up, dusted off all other kinds of things that we're doing Ramadan, but when it's natural for it to decrease, by the way, and I know that there is a kind of a popular understanding that if you remain upon what used to do in Ramadan, and this is an indication that Allah accepted your fasting. Some of the scholars said that there's no evidence to this. And it's just something that people say for miroir sake, because it's

00:32:24--> 00:32:42

natural for you cannot remain at the same level of intensity of worship, as in Ramadan. Yeah, but and so it's not really necessarily an indication that Allah accepted you fast because you remained upon the same things. But the idea is to excel in Ramadan and try to carry it on for the rest of the year. So

00:32:43--> 00:32:46

I'll stop here. Yeah. And

00:32:47--> 00:32:48

for being an attentive audience.

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