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The importance of achieving goals and pushing one's will is discussed in Islam, as it is linked to achieving overpowering success. The negative impact of pushing one's back is also discussed, along with the importance of not giving up until the age of 30. The segment emphasizes the importance of making decisions based on the best plan for oneself and not letting things happen to oneself. The segment also touches on the connection between Islam and the holy month, as it is linked to a hidden world and a belief in the HolyQ reserves. The importance of showing one's weight and effort to attract others is emphasized, along with the need to show one's stance and be a believer in Islam. Finally, the importance of offering incentives to people to fulfill obligations and receive donations is emphasized.

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Sula, Hammond hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mind. Firstly to all my brothers and sisters, a Solomonic Mara Lago barakato. And we come now to the 15th session of the year reflecting on the names of Allah azza wa jal, and you can see that for Han Allah, Ramadan is such a blessing month is going so fast in front of our eyes, it allows them to give us Baraka and give us blessings. And give us a lot of tofield and ability to do actions in this in this whole month. I mean out of alignment. So we come to the names of Allah azza wa jal, and right now we're on the names of Adam and Adam.

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And Adam means lots of john, he's the one who puts forth Okay, make someone go off or something go forward. And what actually is Allah create and delay, okay, so these are from the Beautiful Names of Allah as well in terms of what he does, and things that we don't really understand because sometimes we want to be a head and Allah Peters behind and sometimes we want to be behind and like and put us ahead, okay, it happens. So, sometimes you want to, sometimes you want to do something or you want to achieve something, but a lot of them make you achieve it. And spotlight on them, I can say for certain that you know, you recognize Allah azza wa jal in life with the with sometimes with the

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things that you you wanted to do and you you could have seen a revoke of freewill. But our free will, it can be all you know, can be overridden by the free will of Allah.

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If Allah wants to have his will come in clash with our will, then of course, Allah will is going to become overpowering. Now what we need to understand is that sometimes in life, when you want to get somewhere with something, and Allah pushes you back, it happens in life, sometimes you want to do something and things just don't work out.

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We don't know which one of these situations where we you know, which one is the situation Allah azza wa jal is actually pushing us back for for a good reason, or pushing us back for for a bad reason. We don't know. We don't know. And we won't be able to tell until we get to the Day of Judgment. However, sometimes you find that the tide is against you, and that you're trying to get something done. But no matter how hard you try to get done, it doesn't just work, it doesn't work out. And other times you're not doing much, but there's a kind of a tide that just pushes you forward.

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It just pushes you forward, it just makes you do things in a certain way and put you in a certain place with a certain amount of people or seven. Now someone or something and you know, boom, something happens like you know, either a business opportunity came up or a marriage proposal came up or whatever it is, sometimes you push forward and sometimes you pull back. So macadam and so pushing forward, is that like pushing you forward? and unlocking what acid is Allah is pulling your back. Now, they are beautiful, nice because Because Allah has the power to do either and from his Hackman from his wisdom, he is going to do what is you know, what he feels is best suited. And what

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we need to do is look is this that we should whenever we make dua to Allah xuejun don't just say to Allah, Allah, just give me this just give me decision. Look, just make a call and say Allah, give me the best. Give me the best that is out there. Because Allah we are Allah when Allah tala moon, Allah says Allah is the one who knows, and you don't know. See, the thing is, we actually don't know the ins and outs of other of fate of what's happening or what will happen in the future. We don't know, you might want a child today, you won't want another child today, whatever. Allah is not giving it to you. He's putting you back, or you're not making your plans work. Now, of course, it makes you

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feel frustrated, but how do you know that the child that you are going to be going to have that child could have been a massive burden on you in 20 years time. So to save you from that massive pressure, and you know, when you're old and you're weak, and it's your time to you know, say goodbye to the earth and you just want a peaceful life, you're in old age, that time we have a son that is 20 something years old, and he's really you know, he's gonna he's wrecking everything you did for the last you know, 6070 years of your life. 60 years relax and he's wrecking everything. How do you know that not might not be the case. And sometimes you don't want a child or something and you know,

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loss really plans for your child and how do you know that child is not going to be there?

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dutiful child that you will have for the future. So Hamlet because we understand from the story of Hitler and moose aware, you know Musa Moses is traveling with the ends the life of a child, without, you know with pure innocence, he just as in the child is innocent and he ended the life. And Allah explained because it

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was doing things Allah wanted him to do, he wasn't he said, Well my file too and so I'm not doing anything, except if it's from my Lord that He wants me to do it, that's what I do. So Allah didn't explain that that child that was already there, he was going to become a you know, a very nasty childhood when he grows up towards his parents and it will be become a criminal. But Allah took him away while his young put him strain to jamna which is a win win situation. But at the same time he gave the parents another child that is going to be dutiful towards them when the child grows up. And at the same time, Allah saved them from the great misery they would have had if that if the first

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child had lived to that to that age, to to grow up basically. Now, you can see that we have plans, the best thing to do is to say to Allah, Allah, you know, I have this plan just just put your hands up and said, I have this plan. And I want to do this, but you know better and I don't know any, anything more better than you. I don't know anything you know, I just don't few things that my eyes see my ears have heard and a few things my brain or my mind can think of, but you know everything you know everything you know the Past, Present future, you know what's going to happen, you know, what will happen to me if I go this direction, that direction, so on. So I'm asking you

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to make the decision for me. By making taking over my limbs and my my, you know, my mind and my tongue and my whole body and make me do the thing that is best for me. Make that bra, my friend, we will come to you and they say schiffman gone for me that I really want this job. I said, Oh, my God to a lot. If this job is the best job than me you have it. But if there's a better job than that, May Allah give you the better one. Some will come and say to me, oh, shoot me. Do I want to get my just to this one. I said, Don't make dua if this is the best moment for you. Yeah, Allah give you that woman as a wife. But if there's a woman better than that out there, yeah, like you did that.

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Right? What was wrong saying that because your heart goes out to the thing that you can immediately see, but you don't know what to what, you know, beyond that. You don't know what, what else is there. And only Allah knows. And I've made it my habit. And I always make drugs like this or look like you know, bits. So these are the few things I want. I know. But I'm asking you, if this is the best thing, give it to me. But if there's something better than that, Give that to me, and direct me in that direction. So bottom line, I found so many times that you know, as as you know, as you go on in life, you come across situations you think five years back, I wanted that, but I never got it.

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And at that time, I was so frustrated. I never got that five years later, I can see exactly why I can see why. And I've been I've been in situations in life to see that. And I'm telling you also make those kind of dollars because when the day Allah pulled you back, or pushes you forward in a certain direction, you can be very happy a Tron Sharla. So that's a condom, and then we've got the names of our after he is the first and he is the last, okay. And then we've got a vital battery which is coming after them. So he is the first meaning that all sorts of awesome document is dry. And he said, until our Felisa of lacquer, Shea, you are the first there is nothing before you well,

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until I hit Felisa the cache and you are the last there is nothing after you. Now, what does that mean? That means look, in terms of our understanding they there is kind of a you know, beginning there's an end and so on. And this really messes up. You can't you cannot think of a lot as the beginning. Because beginning means that there was a there was something where that thing had to come into its beginning or into existence before that there was nothing that concept doesn't apply to Allah. So when you say Allah is the first what we mean is that allow was there forever and forever. And he was always there. Yes, that makes him the first but you're not supposed to think of first as

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in there was zero and then he comes into existence. And when we say Allahu Allah is always going to be there. Nothing is nothing is gonna go to surpass it. Now. One of the ways of understanding

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someone I've said when, when Alaska will tell is roughly to blow into the horn and he will blow to the horn and then that will be the destruction of

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The entire heavens of the earth. And when that happens, that's when you know, even according to certain Hadees, the whole agenda load destroy the whole general load. So he's going to recreate it again, according to certain what Am I understanding this happened. So there's many differences of opinion of what actually come to an end. So some, well, I might have said that at that time, there will still be the main angels that will be the angels alive and so on. And but but the dominant opinion is, look, Allah is going to destroy everything he's even going to make you realize or come to an end temporarily. He's even going to make medical note and the Angel of Death come to an end,

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and he's even going to make the angel is Rafi to blows into the hole. As he blows, he dies, while he has the horn still in his mouth.

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So at that moment, when it's when it's just before the beginning of the day of judgment, that's when Allah has established he is.

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They can come nothing after that. If Allah doesn't decide, and he's now become the head, everything else has come to an end, the whole existence of everything he ever created, he comes he makes it come to an end. And then of course, he wills that things come come again so that they can be judgment. And then beyond that Allah gives them you know, after that Allah gives him either general gives them Jana, that is something Allah makes makes it have no sense Allah have said that this is the this is where Allah establishes him being insulting. I'll ask him the last and nothing is after that others have said that look, there is there is an opinion among scholars that right at the end,

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after all, gender, gender is a moment when Allah azza wa jal will, you know, this is the minority opinion, but it's still there, which is Allah will after that he is going to bring things to an end and he becomes the last. So anyway, the point of this is, Allah is the first and Allah is the last meaning that he covers everything. And at the same, the next two names of Vahid and unbolting. So Allah is the most apparent and Allah is the hidden about him. So a parent meaning that what how do we understand

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a parent, the way we understand a parent is that the signs that are apparent to us, tell us, you know, direct, direct us to Allah. And there are there are things that Allah has got where Allah is hidden, and he's got many signs and things that are there which are hidden from our eyes, but he's hidden in that sense about him as in we cannot grasp that. So for example, last created the angels and Allah has created this hidden world and Allah is in you know, his, the Alamo. libros Shahada is the Knower of the unseen and the scene. And he he himself has decided to stay hidden from us in a hidden world world from us until we die, we don't know we don't get to see him. Or until the day of

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judgment, we don't get to see him or until genda we don't get to see him according to different different, you know, parts of when he was going, he's going to reveal Himself to us. So anyway.

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So now the question is that Okay, so, what does he mean by a Belkin, Avaya. So, those are a lot has been said in that same guy when he says until our Felisa from the cache, you are the first day is nothing before you were under article is about to show you on the last day is nothing after you and then he continues to say in his drawer until VA hit laser for her cache, you are the most apparent there is nothing that that is above you, what until about when and you are the hidden Elisa Duna cache, there is nothing that is beyond you. Now, what this means is that Allah has got everything covered in terms of when it comes to a parent, something being a parent, something being hidden, the

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apparent world and the hidden world, Alaska, all of that covered, okay. Allows, the belief that we've got in Alaska is that Allah is transcendent and imminent at the same time, right. Now, what is what does this mean? Some of you might think, well, what are these words that I'm using because I don't like to use these fancy words? And well, these are philosophical words, and the Christian world has had this big problem of understanding God, because they've they've obviously they put God to a physical appearance. So you know, a lot of these drawings and paintings you'll see is an old man that's in the clouds that is lying down and and he's very muscular, and he's pointing towards

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the earth and so on. This is a kind of a perception which the Christian world has developed, which is God is above there. As in, he has gotten you know, he's, he is like, what we're what we're not trying to say as Muslims that he is here right now. Right? Right where I am this way, God is not saying that

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Now Christians have had a big problem with this because what they what they obviously believed is that, you know, God should be here as well. Okay, now how does he, how does he answer our calls and so on? And how does it be? How is he with us right? Now Muslims are found that balance to the to the problem that Christians have have created because what we believe is

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that Allah azza wa jal is beyond us. So he is he definitely exists. We don't know how he exists. We don't know the exact nature of his existence, but we know 100% he exists, that's one thing. We also know that we don't say that God is right here right next to me, right, you know, inside you don't say that. But what we say is that God's sight, his hearing, his knowledge is always continuously on me. So he always sees me always hears me and always knows me. Okay, and everything. I'm hoping he knows all of that. And then what we believe is that allows the agenda he has a connection with the with the believers, a connection that is not like a physical connection, but it's a connection of a

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larger being close to us, like he said, in the Holy Quran was probably the human body, we are we are closer to the human then than his jugular vein. What does that mean? That doesn't mean that he's right here. What that means is in, in a metaphorical sort of sense, in an imminent way, meaning that our hearts can connect with a larger, it's a more of a connection that we have through our feelings, right? So we can we can connect to Alaska through our hearts, through our minds, we can not not be physically connected with him. No. So Muslims have have, you know, got this balance, right? That we haven't said anything about Allah, which which would be blasphemous. And we haven't spoiled our

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arcade and beliefs about Allah, yet we've established the fact that we are in connection with him. So a VA here, what are they his nature is in how he is as a being that is all to do with a lie here. I mean, that he is he is there, he's the parent, but I'll drop in, he has, you know, he has decided to hide himself from us. So as human beings, we normally connect with those things that are ahead to us that we can see that we can touch we can feel, but allows Google has made it so easy for us that about in a week, we don't have to be in the actual presence of God seeing him with our eyes to connect up with him. We can connect up with him through our hearts and our minds. So we find to be

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the imminent as well as him being transcendent in his in his being and in his existence. So

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Allah azza wa jal is the first he's the last he's the most apparent is the hidden he is everything and he's got everything covered in terms of us, you know, wanting to see a larger look some people like when we when we die when he dies, believe it's okay if you're a believer, then you get to Allah talks to you directly, when your soul goes to the seventh heaven, and then tells you to go into the into the grave back into the body, sorry, and electron they put you into the grave, then your soul is there, not Allah put the questions there. And then it puts the soul into early alien. And so it is a believer and if it's again, if it's a sinner, it goes to sleep. Now, on the day of judgment,

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there will be certain people who Allah will give the gift of seeing him on the Day of Judgment, because we do when young ma Ed Now there are a lot of behind Now, according to

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to IRS in Surah, alakea Muslim 75 Allah said, faces on a day to day that would be you know, delightful, and faces that we'll be looking at the Lord. So some people will get that route Yeah, of seeing a lot on the Day of Judgment. And in general for all the other believers and all these these believers, the elite believers and all other believers, Allah will give his route Yeah. And he will he will make all all of them see him in in general as well they in general Allah will reveal Himself to them. So Allah Allah in that time is going to make himself a Vahid apparent to the naked eye at that time and how of Allah azza wa jal does that we will get to see allows us Finally, now these are

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his names of Rohit about him. Then after that we've got his names and Wiley and matale. Now Allah Valley is the one who govern our Valley is the one who governs our affairs, okay, and while he governs our affairs, and he has, you know, he is someone who can be close to us so he can be close to us and govern our affairs. So before we had a name of Alaska

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Valley which is the Guardian, okay. And this valley is that he governs our affairs and is also someone who can be close to us and valley and then Alou Tawny, the one who is most high. Now, what is that Allah azza wa jal you know we we can feel that we we are trying to we are trying to get close to Alaska, but only when Allah decides that we get close to him, we get close to him. So that heavy in behati where he says man addley, alien for the atom to be my family, or my, my

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close one, you know, the one who I'm actually the one who I consider to be close to me, who if there's anybody else that shows enmity towards them, then I will declare war against them all right for showing me towards my walima at Microsoft, that had is explained to us how one can get close to Allah. And it says that there's no way we can get to get close to Allah except through the fluoride and those things that Allah has made obligatory upon us. Once we do those things, then we can get close to Allah Allah has made that very clear in his head his body and then says after this when they do the extra deeds so for example, you can't get close to Allah without your fourth Allah you

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can't get close to Allah without your phone. So fasting Ramadan you can't get close to Allah with that you've been given you can't get closer like if Hajj is obligate obligatory upon you. And you don't go too hard you can't get close to Allah then you know and you can't get too close to Allah with your with your four duties Allah has given me that without you doing them so for example, Allah is giving me a certain form of duty towards my parents okay obligatory duties towards my parents and you know certain duties I must do for my children and for my wife, for my husband for for people who are you know, around me so these are you know, obligatory things that Allah has placed upon us then

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he's placed upon us the extra deeds that we can do. So for example, after you've done your Salah that there is the now after the sooner the sooner press is not for press, after you've done the Psalm and the fasting of Ramadan, there are extra fasts Okay, throughout the year, you know, the three days in the middle of the month, every every lunar month, or you got the Mondays and Thursdays and so on, so forth, there's an hour field or the extra fast so these extra deeds makes a person come closer, closer, closer and closer to Allah according to the hands of an officer can you give sort of as much as you can give it brings you closer to Allah for how you do remember after the

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dutiful things that are obligatory upon me towards my parents, I do extra kindful things for my parents or I do extra things for my family members these Allah Allah lessons Allah Horace Mann said that what matters as a seven will continue to grow closer and closer closer to Allah through the things that they do basically the no offering extra deeds that they do now, the thing I want you to concentrate for a moment is there are there are certain members amongst us who haven't even you know, who haven't completed the flight. I want to tell you that Look, guys, keep yourself all up up to date. And when it comes to fasting, I just want to say one thing that there are you know, there

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are women out there who can't fast every month of Ramadan because you know, alas, not allowed them to fast for a few days. Don't forget to make up those fasts after Ramadan. There are certain women who haven't made up those fasts for years and it's it's your duty that you do that without that how can you claim closer so a lot there are certain Muslim Muslims that now they've they've got some sellers like you know that Mr. Fidler and forget it is Miss done. I'm not gonna do that again. No, you do it about you, you make make sure that you've offered it even though it's out of his time, you still have to offer it, these things. But this hadith makes it clear to us that without this without

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the without us completing the fidler's given us and without completing without an offer that during the extras, an extra no offering, you know, whether it's Salah psalms like our varies, we can't get close to Allah, so unwisely, the one who governs our affairs, the one who can become close to us, he can become very close to us if we do our things for Lazarus. And so Allah is always already close to everyone anyway. So what does he mean by Allah is close to someone. What it means is that he has decided now that he's going to listen to your daughter's or he's going to do extra kind things for you. He's going to give you extra mercy, he's going to directly in the right direction. He's going

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to give you delights and so many gifts in the afterlife, all of that comes because we have decided to become close to him. So Allah is already close to everyone. Anyway, it's our duty likes, like for example, I said, in the hotel room, and I

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mean, I really worried I'm, you know, I'm closer to the human being that is degloving. So, the fact that Allah has already said that he's close to us, metaphorically is already close to every human being. But if that human being doesn't do those actions that the human beings supposed to do, then the human being can't get close to Allah so we won't feel that we are close to Allah. The main thing is for us to feel that we are constantly

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We can only do that by doing the armelle and the actions that have been prescribed in the Quran and Sunnah. So that's unworldly and then we have Alamo tahari. Allah is the most high so we've already had a lolly which is high. And then with Ali is a more exaggerated form of that which is Allah is the V Most High. So often when you when you hear our last name we either say isodiol always say Allah subhanho wa Taala You must have heard that a lot a lot Allah or Allah subhanho wa Taala which means a lot. You know, the one who is most sublime, the one who is most glorious and tala, the one who is very, very high meat when we say hi, what do you mean? We mean that he is way higher than,

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you know, all the all the things that we are accustomed to, right, all the people the greatness that we see higher than all that greatness is Allah's greatness. Right? Whichever way you want to see greatness, the highest form of greatness. And the highest form of noble is the highest form of the greatest qualities ever. They belong to Allah and that's why we say what Allah and he that's his name, Alma tolley. Now we'll come to a final name, Albert. Albert means that allows, he is excellent towards his sermon. And he will show his his No, basically, Albert comes from an Arabic root word, bah, rah rah. And that, for us is a duty that we can do a virtuous thing we can do so in the Quran,

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lacell. Bill, you know, virtuousness is not an illusion. There's many times allies use the word bill. But what that means is, it's virtuous in something that is as a good action. So you know, the kinds of things I've just talked about the duties that we have towards others, that dutifulness that we've got that that that thing that we have that's built, and allies battle, what does what does that mean? It means that Allah, you know, he does his things for us anyway. Right? There are things that Allah has taken upon himself to do for us. So when we come out of our mother's wombs into this earth before that, even Allah has written for us, that is going to give us our risk and our

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provisions, and part of what he decides to give us, which he decided from his fatherland from his bounty to give us, Allah His bar, he is he has kept his part of the bargain. He's being excellent towards his servants. Now, the question is, are we keeping our side of the bargain? Look, a lot of the times people ask this question, as they say, why is it Allah helping us wise in this? Look, the big question is, have we done our part because when Allah addressed the bundle reciting the Quran, the children Jacobo, the Jewish people, the Jewish nation, you know, in and around the Prophet last time, Allah said, Yeah, Bani Israel, all children of Jacobo children, no children are children of

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jacobellis Allah.

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Allah said, you know, okuni Amati allottee remember, and bring tears bring to your minds, the many gifts that i have i bestowed upon you, well, Ofu via iv orthopeadic can you fulfill your part of the covenant and the promise that you know the promise that we got between us the covenant you feel for your part and then I will fulfill mine? The Quran to us is also like a common Allah said I will help you I will help the believers Yes. But if we don't do what we are supposed to do then Allah saying I want you to do your thing first I can always help you and I can always you know, do things for you but what happens is that the human will get very very swelled my friend You know, if alleges carries

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on helping us and helping the oma What are we going to do we just going to be doing what we like because Allah is always going to help us that's why he brings about situations for us to wake up your laws will make it easy for us I mean, your blood I mean, so Allah Allah is very excellent and he's doing his part for for his creation. The question is whether we're doing our part for a lot of the now just before you leave, I want to say you know, those of you who did at the beginning of Ramadan we did this campaign for about five days all of you who did that a massive massive does not come naturally to you and what we need you to do look Ramadan is halfway gone Okay, we have a gun

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you need to forward that please guys dig into your you know, emails or whatever you know, link that you got and only need to please just actively forward to people or just just get a quick you know, message WhatsApp, whatever it is, you know, guys afforded this to you. Could you please You know, put your what are the 15 pounds, 10 pounds, five pounds, two pounds, whatever it is, they're going to get towards your brother 313 because you need to get to 313 pounds as a target. You took that task and was so grateful to you, and I'm giving so many dollars to you. The thing is for you now to fold that and others that

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I want to go for this campaign which is the Ramadan guys we've still got a chance look this is these are charts that are going by we don't know if we're going to see another Ramadan again honestly we don't know there are people who pass the you know this Ramadan there are people's passed away just days before Ramadan La ilaha illa Allah just days before Ramadan they passed away we could be gone before the next Ramadan so look my encouragement to you is that you take the time right now as this session finishes you go to the to the you know the link at the bottom, you click it and then you just set up whatever donations you want to do for the rest of Ramadan or at least the last night

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and have it automated going out that way you get your reward, and especially for a leper colony shala you'd want without you missing giving donations on that night. Unless you know made it easy for us. Please take advantage of this is Aquila hydrazide, for all of you may guard from you also, Zach from Ohio salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.