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The speaker discusses the future of Islam, including the return of the holy month and the return of the Iranian people to their new country. They emphasize the importance of not being optimistic and waiting for victory. The speakers also discuss the success of Islam's goal of eventually returning to Mecca and the importance of individual quality and personal presence in achieving it. They also touch on the history of Islam and the negative impacts of not working for victory. The importance of reinterpreting the Quran and reformatting Islam is emphasized.

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Santa Monica

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smilla Rahim and hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam

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ala alihi wa sahbihi h May.

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So as you heard, the title is truly destined.

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And we want to talk about the future of the oma. And the future, as you all know is for Islam, and the Prophet sallallaahu send them in the past and Allah azza wa jal, also in the past, has given us promises about things that will happen in the future. And some of those things have happened already. And so we trust in everything that Allah subhanaw taala tells us will happen in the future, even though it might seem impossible to some people.

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And sometimes, some people, they look at the state of the oma and perhaps if you only focus on the negative as well, you will see that it might be impossible, the situations and the upper hand that was promised to the Muslims by Allah and the Prophet sallallaahu Sen. But it has been promised in the past, and it has happened. And there are many things that are and speaks about things that are in the future. And they have happened, for example, and you all know this example is the victory of the Romans over the Persians allegedly it says in the Quran, or the belimbing chatango regime.

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When he went to Rome, Vietnam, war home in Baghdad, I became 70 bone fibula hasini. So in this verse, a lot of get a saying the Romans have been defeated in the nearer land, and they after their defeat will be victorious, again within a few years. So this was something that a lot of it said will happen in the future. And then within seven years, this came true and the Romans defeated the Persians again.

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The other examples, things that were speaking of the future and they happen just as we did describe them in the Koran, such as Abu lahab, that he would die as a Catholic, says something that's in the future because he died a long time he died after the President made hegira to Medina, but

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it was revealed in Mecca. So it said that he's going to die as a Catholic, but he will be in the hellfire. He could have become a Muslim. Many of the leaders of the Quran became Muslims, or a few of them became Muslims. But this one in particular, I was revealed about him that he's going to die as a Catholic, and he died as a Catholic. I read it as well. Allah subhanaw taala speaks about him. And so from there on the woman Hala Haider, tullahoma mundo benina, Shahada, and so on and so forth. Allah keeps talking about him, Allah saying, leave me alone with him with the one whom I created without any wealth and without any children, meaning Let me deal with him. And so Allah Subhana

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Allah promised him promises him punishment, and so even more data as well. He does as a non Muslim just as Allah azzawajal mentioned in the Quran.

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Also, lots of other prophets promised the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they returned back to Mecca after leaving for Medina Allah promising to return back to Mecca Allah says in the Quran in the follow the article or on the Radhika

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verily He who has given you the Koran will surely bring you back to a place of return meaning Mecca or other explanations and to paradise after dead.

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And the problem is lm as you will know again, returned back and conquered Mexico and also allows what God promised the prophets of Allah and Solomon the companions that they will enter Mecca in a state of security allows again says la casa de la hora

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haraam insha. Allah ammini Mohammed.

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So here again Allah azza wa jal promised that you should enter a ministry that haram insha Allah in the state of security and after you shave your head or cut your head short with no fear in your hearts whatsoever and just

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also came true when the Muslim entered the Haram and complete security. Also from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu I do send a letter is the incident when the person was making the hatred and you all know the story when Surat of nomadic was chasing after the prophets are sending them and there was a price on his head and the head of Oh Booker go on as well. And in this state where they have stayed in the cave for three days and there, they have taken so many precautions to cover their trucks and no one can find them. And now they're heading back or heading towards Medina and Soraka comes close to them. And even though they're supposed to be in a state where they're fleeing, then

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in the province of LMS Rafa cave antiA Soraka mafia de qaswarah kissa How will you feel also Rafa when on your hands will be the bracelets of kisser? This great king kisara he will, his bracelets will be on your hand. And it happened many years later, during the reign of oma when they brought the treasures of kisara that Amara took these two bracelets, and he put them on the hand of syrup. And he told him walk around with your hands held up high so everyone can see and tell them what the prophets of Allah harder said than promised you.

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So we've seen things in the past that were promised to the Muslims, and they all came true. And there are some things that have been promised to us. And we believe that they're going to come in sha Allah

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in the editor with the Prophet sallallahu seldom is narrated to have said, Zoo a clear out of Hatter at Masada, one of arriba Well, it would contain an a score of zero and mark will appear working early in America in a hifu Zoo. So here in this study, and this study is has good news. And the second half of the audit actually has some bad news in it. But I wanted to stay with the good news for tonight in Sharla. In the first part, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says that the Eastern and the western ends of the earth were brought in front of me. So this is obviously a great miracle and a great thing for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that they brought the Eastern, the eastern and

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western end of the earth right in front of the Prophet sallallahu said, and

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also the Muslim was given or his mo is given these two treasures mean the US for some of the yellow and the red, which refers to the gold and the white, which is the silver, so wealth will be given as well. And then the Prophet Adam says it was said to me that the the, the Dominion or the or any, like sovereignty of your oma will be over the parts that were shown to the east and the west. So we see a great miracle in the hudy we see a great promise for the Muslim ummah. And we see also a lot of it is true because how the West the home of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam mostly has spread to the east, and to the west, more so than like the northern parts would say, of Northern Europe and other

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parts. But the Muslim lands more or less Are the lands of the east and the west. And

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this, this is a promise from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and we believe that this will happen in Sharla. Likewise, the other famous Hadith that the prophet SAW, Selim said that the last day or the day of judgment will not come until Islam has entered into every home on Earth.

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So this is another promise. And this is another blood tithing that Islam will enter upon every home on earth. And this is good news. Now, how is this going to happen, though, is the question. I mean, is it just going to be that we're sitting around and then suddenly Islam enters into every household? Or would you imagine that gradually, and day by day Islam will start to enter from household to household to household? And until it enters every household on earth? No doubt, you believe the second way is most likely what will happen? Not overnight. Every household will have a Muslim minute for a stumble into every household, but it will happen gradually. And who and in what

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will cause this to happen. Is it going to be a sad is that I'm coming and descending and bringing this state of victory, or is it going to be the MACD is going to be done overnight? Or is it going to be some work that we will start now that will be part of the calculus or part of the procedure that will cause Islam to enter every household? When Allah Allah knows when.

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And this is what I would like to focus on. Because we are sometimes torn between two things between being overly optimistic because victory will come and we've been promised victory. So we sit back and we watch television and we keep waiting for victory. So you check with

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defenses of victory there yet. It's not okay. Call me when it comes up, and you keep watching television. That's that's one extreme, to optimistic and we keep waiting for the victory to come. And then there's the other part where we're extremely pessimistic, we're not expecting any good to come. And we're totally focused on the negativity and the negative aspects of what we see from the oma. But the question really that I have for you is What part do you want in this? And when you hear Islam will enter every household? Do you want to be a part of that? Do you want to be part of what started at least Islam to enter every household in your neighborhood at least? Because like I said,

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most likely it will start from neighborhood to neighborhood to city to and then the whole world is stumble into every household. But what is your part in it? And that's a question that you have to answer yourself. And do not belittle yourself and not do not belittle what you can do. Because everyone in this room, every single one can do something male or female. Because out of the mercy of Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala has made so many avenues through which you can worship Him, and so many avenues through which you can give it down. Not everyone is required to be a lecturer who stand in front of a microphone, not everyone has to be the kind of guy that walks around the

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streets. Not everyone has to be a TV show host who talks about Islam all the time. But there's so many different aspects of the debate. And one thing that we found the hard way is that if the whole community is not in on the dollar, it fails.

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So yes, there will be one who calls people from the streets and brings them to the masjid. But then if the infrastructure and the people of the masjid are not there, it's not going to work. Yes, there has to be someone who stands in front of the microphone, or who has a television show or a radio show, calling people to Allah. But then when they come into the message, if there's no one there, and if there's no community, and there's no support for the men, and no support for the woman, it's not going to work again. So everyone has a part to play. Some people that are della, they're just behind the scenes, they do most of the work, but they're not in front of cameras, they're not in

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front of lights, they do the great work.

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And any skill that you have, you can in one way or another bring it back to those who have money, they can just support it with their wealth if they can't do anything else. I mean, I always tell people of a man's true story, a man who is paralyzed from the neck downwards. And he brought 100 people to Islam.

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A man paralyzed from the neck downwards. He's sitting at a hospital, he can't leave it. And whenever people come by, he has a bunch of pamphlets on the floor, he'll just point with his head, take one of those, and 100 people came into Islam.

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There is no way that everyone in this room can surpass that, when unplugging is the simple ability to outstretched your hands.

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And if we're too afraid to do that, you can send it by mail, or you can sneak in and put it in their mailbox and just run away quickly. There's some

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it just can't be that we can't do anything. The graphic designer he'll design the man, the person who knows PowerPoint, or flash will do the presentation. People can do things on the internet, still, we still haven't harnessed the power of the internet as much as as well as we can. So the question is, yes, we've been promised that the Muslims will have the upper hand. Yes, we've been promised that Islam will enter into every household. Yes, it will cover the eastern and western ends of the earth. And it hasn't happened yet. So it will happen. And we agreed it's not going to happen overnight. So the question is, what part will you have in that? And who's to say you can have a part

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to play in that?

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Even for the sisters, the best that I've seen in my life? were sisters at our university, the more the most active people were the sisters, and every event, every lecture, it's always sisters who are there, and what the brothers do.

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They literally will come to me and say, the sisters are giving. This shouldn't give

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a turn, okay, you give the brother unbusy I have

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time we don't have any solution for me whatsoever. You don't object when the sisters are doing group projects and doing other things another the calling to Allah and staying within the limits and you have issues with that. So no one in this room can't do anything for the sake of a loss of contact.

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You know, the famous narration of the Allahu anhu when he was sitting with some of his companions, and he asked them wish, wish for something, what would you wish for? And one of them said, I would like this whole room to be full of gold so I can spend it on Jihad for the sake of Allah, the entire room full of a goal. So that

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that's not the wish. So then the other person he just ups the

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Handy the level of quality of the item he asked for. He said he would like the whole room to be full of jewels and pearls. And then he would spend it in Jihad for the sake of Allah and charity also for the sake of Allah. So then Ahmed said one more time, wish again. So they figured that, that he's going to give them some kind of message. So they said, We don't know what to say, meaning we don't know what to wish for. So I'm only allowed one who said, I wish that this house was full of men like our VEDA in JIRA, and modern Japan, and Salim Mola, Abu hanifa. So I can use them to spread the word of Allah.

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So Allah Allah, who saw that it wasn't really about money. It was about quality people. And I wanted to say men, but sometimes if I say men, sisters think that excludes them, you know, you're only excluded from from something if it's specific to men.

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But a man without a strong woman behind the money, it's just you know, it's not as effective as the one that has a lot of support. I don't know. It's funny, I didn't say anything.

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But the bad news for the sisters Annie, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that real men are as rare as a reliable, strong camel that can endure the burden of long trips, you can hardly find one in 100

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not good.

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So, okay, but the idea is where so you know, people think that was related to buildings, it's related to money, I can never forget this message in Virginia, where they're going to destroy the building, and they're going to put a $6 million structure, and it has basketball courts, and it has, you know, wedding rooms and, you know, dividers, and all sorts of fancy things. But they don't have any community around them. They're in an industrial area, and they don't have an Imam, they don't have leadership, and they don't have anyone who speaks the language English.

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The and they keep talking about when the building is up. Buildings don't give you the money doesn't give our Sure. We're not saying it doesn't facilitate and doesn't help the process. But so many times people focus on the wrong things. And here we see Omar Abdullah, and he's saying no, this room full of good men is more useful, more beneficial to me than a room full of cash or a room full of gold. Because the most cash rich area in the world right now is the Middle East.

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Yeah, people always talk about being broke and stuff. No, the most cash rich area in the world is the Middle East. So what has our money done for

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nothing. So our problem is not a cash problem. It's a problem quality people who will do the work.

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And where did again, we

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learned this from there many places that he learned in front of but the way he became Muslim, you remember, was related to a lot of the prophets of Allah. So he learned this from the prophets of Allah and he was sending them who made the dua, where he said, Allah home in Islam, there have been a number of Nishan. Or

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so he said, Allah, victory to Islam or honor Islam, through the most beloved to you, the more beloved you have these two men, Americanization, who is a virgin, or amagno, SATA. And SATA was more beloved to Allah, Allah guided him to Islam, but look at the DA of the prophets of Allah.

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Oh Allah give victory or honor Islam through and then it's through a men through an individual, not through cash, not through buildings, not through anything like that through individuals. So I'm not became Muslim because of this da. And he strengthened Islam it worked. Because my mother, or a beloved mother

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used to say, My

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mama, we have remained or ever remained an honor since Amara converted to Islam. Since I became Muslim, we've always been honored. So it didn't work. And that is the ingredient to success. Individuals people, not gold, not cash, not jewels, not pearls. And so also,

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he learned it from the editor, I mentioned that you know, the real men there, as you know, that you can hardly find one in 100. So again, the problem is emphasizing the importance of individuals the impact an individual can have on data, much more so than, you know, millions of dollars, give $10 million to someone who doesn't have a clue about data, what are you gonna do with it?

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it's all about the people, the individuals the quality, and who's to say all of you in this room are not that person who might make a huge difference.

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Whether even if it's just one on one talking to one person,

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and then that person might talk to another, and then that person. And apparently, I mean, there are people who have spoken, spoken to others in the street. And then those people went to study overseas and learn their religion and became a sheriff. So you might think, well, I just spoke to one person, you spoke to one person who became a diet,

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who became Alma for his locality. And so many other people learn their religion and came closer to Allah through that individual, you think you don't get any share of that reward you do in Java. But so then that means then it's not related to work. It's not related to the size of the individual as well. We all know the famous narration of the loudness

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of the line, when he climbed the tree to break the the twig from the tree for the processor to stick. And then his legs were uncovered. And they were really, really thin. So the companion started to laugh at him really thin legs. And then the prophets Allah said to them, Matata, Hakuna, What are you laughing at? Or that you're laughing or you're amazed at how thin his legs are, I swear by him and whose hand is my soul, they will be heavier than the mountain of God on the skills on the Day of Judgment.

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But then look at him, he must be alone. And he described the discriminant of very thin man, very small man. But he became a major scholar in Islam, to the point where it when something was happening in the masjid in one narration, he actually covered himself because the people will disperse the minute they know, the scholars coming in, even though he's physically a very small man. And he was also one of those who killed a Buddha. And there's one narration he had to climb on top of Abuja, he found him on the floor because two young boys also see never belittle even the young boys. They were the ones who killed Abu Jamal and mother Benjamin had to come and one narration says

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they had to climb up so he'd get to his neck and climb up on top of him, because he was so big and fat.

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So in and then look what he does, he killed a Buddha. So it wasn't really about the size of the individual. It never was about the size of the individual. You might remember when,

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when he was he conquered Egypt, then he needed reinforcements, so as to send him 8000 warriors, and so on who sent him 4004.

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So he tells him that I have sent you

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4000 men at the head of each 1000 is a man that's equal to 1000 warriors.

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And he named him as a suburban and

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urban Islamic and Muslim and a Muslim. These four men, each one of them equal that 1000 warriors, so I sent you 1000 then

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Okay, then. So like I said, the whole point is, yes, we do know the future's for Islam. We do know this victory is coming in Sharla. But we don't want to sit back and wait for it. You will hear on the CNN that victory came and then you call your friends will rejoice about it. And it's it sad when we have people who await strange things, we don't want to work for victory. We don't want to work hard to get to the state to be in the upper hand, allows you to get promises again, promises the upper hand in the end, but pay attention to the promise so we'll see a lot of

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while the Lavina Amano minko

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had they stopped the feminine fell out of the coma stuff left and Latina minakami him? What do you MacKinnon 11? Deena?

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What do you

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see him Amna Yakubu in any language to be shared in Africa, but Allah, Allah has promised to those among you who believe and and work and do the righteous deeds, that he will grant them the inheritance of the land. So this is again, this is a promise to the Muslims who do righteous deeds, they will be granted inheritance of the land as he had granted to those before them, and he will establish the authority, their religion. So these are excellent things. Okay. They'll be given the inheritance of the line with a power basically, that they will have authority in their religion and, and he will change their state of fear in which they live in to one of security and peace. So these

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are three great promises. But then it's as if Allah azza wa jal mentions the stipulation mentioned the stipulation. What's the stipulation? Yeah, Boudewijn, any wannabe shader. They worship Me alone, and they do not associate anything else with me.

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Anna, and I was struggling hard not to make this, you know,

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kind of an overbearing lecture where you know, it's all yelling and looking at what you're doing and but realistically, we saw these three great promises from Allah. The stipulation was the worship meat did not associate anything in worship with me. Now let's be honest with ourselves now. Are we those people now who should await that victory? Will it happen in our lifetime? Let's look at this stipulation that we do not worship anything besides a large budget, and how much should is going on in the Muslim lens? Just in one Muslim country, there are 5000 graves that are worshipped besides Allah. This is one Muslim country. And no, it's not India or Pakistan.

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We're not even starting to come over there.

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is enough to heat. There is one country that will go unnamed where a donkey is being worshipped in the grief. There's a donkey buried there and people circumambulate they make tawaf around the grave of this dog. What was so great about this donkey you might ask, is a special donkey actually.

00:26:18--> 00:26:39

This donkey had no shadows. It used to belong to a righteous man. And then donkey so the man was so righteous that his donkey became righteous. And his donkey has no shadow. Okay, maybe they looked at it at night and I'm not sure. But it's buried there is a historic it's a well known fact it's not a secret people come and make power.

00:26:41--> 00:26:48

So can the oma be victorious when donkeys are being worshipped instead of a large division?

00:26:49--> 00:27:02

Or if 1000s upon 1000s of graves, there's certain countries again, it will go unnamed. Where you have to ask that that mystery does it have a grave inside or not? No. Okay, let's go pray. There are so many messages have graves inside.

00:27:03--> 00:27:28

So many people their hearts are attached to things besides allows you too little amulets, to do the things that are folded and little things that have to be rubbed and kissed and rubbed again, all kinds of strange things. The other day someone was asked me about, I never knew about the pier, and said there are these these people called piers, and they have to approve of you and everything. I said, if they have to prove you, that's a lot of pressure. I would call it peer pressure.

00:27:39--> 00:27:43

But really, it's an it's quite an issue. Yeah.

00:27:44--> 00:28:23

So the reason I'm saying all this is that I don't want to only give an uplifting talk about the victories for the religion, and then we all sit back and relax, and we wait for it, just like a lot of people are waiting for them to come and bring victory. Because, you know, I want us to know that we have to work for that state to come, we have to work. And there's no city in which buildings suddenly show up overnight. People have to work and start building and putting the foundations. So the problem is a lot of us we don't want to work, or we don't want to suffer for the sake of this religion. One of the most amazing things I found some of Muslims will pass out this email about

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something called the supervolcano. Because these people exist, that they just sit back waiting for Super volcanoes for maladies for meteors for a submarine, or instead of waiting for things like that. But the question is, why did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam have to dig the trench?

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And it was a lot of digging, and it was difficult. Why did the President have to dig? Why did they have to hide for three days in the cave when he was going to make the hedgerow and three days in a cave? I thought he just stayed in the cave a little bit and then they left. When the Qureshi left. He stayed there for three days. That's really, really any, let's just say boring. You know, in our terms in a small cave, why did you have to walk long distances? Why did the army of the book have to leave at a difficult time? When there was no food? It was very hard. It was very dry. And it was the time for harvest. So people missed that they're going to miss a lot of money for the next coming

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months. And it was a long distance and it was severely outnumbered. Why did the Prophet sallallahu elimite have so many injuries after the Battle of odd Why did he get so many injuries? And why did he suffer the attacks of the machinery clean in the buff until his feet were covered in blood? Why wasn't everything just handed to him?

00:29:44--> 00:29:46

And we think we should be handed things

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it's some people think that unless you just hand us the dominion of this earth or or the upper hand on this earth will just work while we're sitting in waiting for it. While the prophesy centum had to walk four miles and share a cow

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and endure thirst and dig holes into the ground and remove boulders and carry bricks and suffer through hunger and suffer through cold.

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And then we just get everything nice and easy.

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Why is it that the companions had to suffer? Why did they have to work?

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And we get things handed to us on a platter. And that's why it's important for us to realize that we need to work hard and sacrifice for this religion. We don't have this sense of sacrificing for the religion, sacrificing enduring discomfort, things of that sort. We want everything to be easy. That's why after winning the United States, at least, everything flowed the window. Hey, job, flew out the window. beards, everybody got Gillette Mach three or Mach four. They removed everything.

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biller became really,

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really Mohammed became more and has an uncle a father became George.

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Why an overnight overnight and, and sometimes it had nothing to do with anything. It was one of our friends. He had a beard before. He looked like Chad or something. I said, What happened? He said, Well, I went to he went to some civil rights leader to ask him Should I shave my beard? And this is what the meeting went like. Should I shave it? Yes.

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Why? What is it doing? A woman's anonymous the woman wrote she said that there used to be a woman that's well covered who works in our building. And sometimes we take the elevator, she gets off on one floor, I get up on the other floor. But I see her every morning when I go to work. She wears, you know, very modest clothing, very long skirt, very long sleeves and hijab. I saw the same woman wearing a miniskirt. I don't know what kind of jelly she brought out the jelly or clothing from the closet, put it on no hijab or anything. She said, What happened to you? You look different today. She's the I'm just afraid I might be attacked or anything. We don't want to lose that that state of

00:32:11--> 00:32:34

comfort. We don't want to be attacked. We don't want to be insulted. We don't want any kind of discomfort. You shouldn't want it. But if it happens, you know, this is the history. You know if you read this, here's the prostate. And this has happened so many times. So many people this has happened to them. You remember the when Hubbard wrote the law and this is later on during the reign of Ramadan.

00:32:35--> 00:32:36

He asked

00:32:37--> 00:33:00

for the law to show he asked him the most difficulty that he endured. So hubub got up and he uncovered his back. He uncovered the injuries on his back. So Omar rhodiola han who he was amazed and shocked and astounded at what he saw from the injuries on the back of Kabbalah. He said Mara, he can do magical things.

00:33:01--> 00:33:25

says I've never seen anything more amazing in my life. How did they do that to you. And then sabula on stage to describe how they took some stones, and they made them hopped on the fire until they became red hot. Then they stripped him off his clothes. Then they dragged him from his feet over these stones. And I would have said nothing extinguish them except that the fat from his back melting and putting out the stops.

00:33:26--> 00:33:34

This is what they have to go through. So this great man from above Oman, he goes to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did he complain?

00:33:35--> 00:33:52

Did he cried to him? He just said to the Prophet, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, that's all he asked, would you would you make the offers, wouldn't you just make some draft for us and ask for victory for us. That's all he asked the profits of a large enum set up.

00:33:54--> 00:34:32

And he tells him that the nation's before you, and then they would bring him they would dig him a hole in the ground, and they would put him in and then only half of his body is out of the hole. And then they would bring a saw and they would start to cut him in half. So the sausage cutting through your skin, and you start to feel it through your skull, vibrating your entire head, you can hear it very low cutting through and it starts to go to your bone. And he started to cut the person in half and that would not let them make them leave their religion and the processes and toes above the law. And those who are with him who endured this kind of torture when it came to study studied, but you

00:34:32--> 00:34:34

you rush you're in a hurry.

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

You're in a hurry. So when you and if you do encounter any difficulty, you know you read the Sierra you know these Heidi, you know that we don't lose our identity and our dean and our a man overnight because of difficulty. Not that we're looking for difficulty, but that this is part of something we might have to endure when one of the some of the scholars say

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

Amara, you might know the story after he became Muslim. He wanted everyone to know that he became Muslim. And some say that he wanted. He didn't want to get special treatment, while his brothers and sisters in Islam were being tortured and beaten, and so on and so forth. So he wanted the news to spread quickly said who can't keep a secret at all from the parish. So they said Jimmy, so he went to Jimmy, he said, Yeah, Jimmy didn't. Haven't you heard. He said, heard what are actually in another nation doesn't I'll tell you a secret. Don't tell anyone, he says actually become a Muslim. So his son of the Latin America, Omar, he narrates this incident, he saw it as a young boy. He said,

00:35:42--> 00:35:52

Well, let him he didn't say anything. He just suddenly got up, because he thought I'm gonna tell you a secret. So the minute he told him, Jimmy just got up and started to run and shout to the vomit became a Muslim.

00:35:54--> 00:36:33

Then a fight ensued, some narrations that the fight took place from lower until moderate all these people against one winner. But like I said, Some scholars say that he didn't want to get special treatment, and he wanted to feel and go through what his brothers are going through. So the whole idea is that we need to work to get to the point of victory, it's not gonna happen overnight, you can be a capitalist or you can be a part of the Ummah, getting to that stage later on. And if you encounter difficulty, that's part of the religion and you get your reward with that your sins are excoriated for by whatever you encounter, have difficulty, even a thorn, as you know, from the

00:36:33--> 00:36:38

Howdy. If it breaks you, it takes away from your cities.

00:36:39--> 00:37:13

So that means that in the end, that no one can be on the sidelines just watching. And as our chef was sanctioned Hassan was saying in the beginning, that, you know, some people say, Well, the problem is we need to redefine this law. And the problem is need to bring Islam. Where is it, you want to redefine it, bring it out, first, bring it into the lives of the Muslims make it a way of life, as it's supposed to be you talking about redefining it? And we don't live by it Really? Yeah. And I'm not saying that people in this room and shallow the people in this room are from those who lived by it. I mean, but

00:37:15--> 00:37:25

a lot of Muslims didn't want Sharia. They don't want Islam. They don't want the way of life. Some people used to say that, you know, and the next statement

00:37:26--> 00:38:05

will be the government in the US. And so they think basically just going to go to Capitol Hill, take the kind of green paint, paint the dome green, put a minaret and make the beauties of their palace. That's it. You know, it's not like that, you know, you go to Muslim lands now they don't want anything to do with Islam. So it's there's a lot of work to be done. Now, so they're talking about redefining Islam, and I think the answer is redefining Islam. The answer is first let's bring Islam out and live by it. Then if that didn't work, if we truly live by slamming it didn't work, then you might want to argue and say, well looks me to find something. But we're not even living by snap. And

00:38:05--> 00:38:49

the truth will always be with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam abroad and what the companions brought, and no one can redefine or re interpret the Quran in a way that would be better than what they brought allows. It just says in the Quran, when you shop for soon in badmouth eBay in a novel way a bit later, severe mini no matter what law, honestly Johanna masirah. So whoever parts ways with the prophet SAW said, after the truth has been made clear to him, and he follows away other than the way of the believers. And I'm a chef, I said, I started to contemplate and review the Quran, looking for an eye that's evidence for each map until I came to this ayah because the way of the believers also

00:38:49--> 00:39:28

counts, the way of the Prophet is unlimited, and the way of the believers. So if someone says, you know, we still don't know the truth of the Koran until a woman mixed a suit of the Koran because a woman has said that no one knows the truth of Islam until a woman sits down and make steps. That would imply that for the last 1400 years, we've been upon falsehood, until Her Royal Highness sits down and re evaluates the Koran. There's a woman now who is re evaluating the Hadith of the Prophet settler, even before it doesn't have a single week Howdy, she's going to reevaluate it. And I wonder what her measurement her system will be. She said, I'm going to look at the body and if it's if it

00:39:28--> 00:39:33

doesn't do well with the the cause of woman and and stuff like that, it's weak.

00:39:35--> 00:39:54

And she doesn't even speak Arabic. She's gonna do it with the translation Mashallah. So the truth is, we don't need to redefine Islam. Islam is the perfect religion. But when when imperfect beings don't even want to try to apply it, then that's where you can, you're going to have some problems in the end.

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

I need just one more time. I need that

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

Victory is coming. But it's not going to come while we sit in Wait, and why would you want to sit and wait, you want to be a part of it? And I know some of you are thinking now that perhaps what exactly am I going to do, I can't tell you that you know, your talent, you know what you can do. And I'll close with this story. Because I was telling you in the beginning, that allows within made so many ways through which you can do data, so many ways to which you can worship Him. And it's not for any one person in any field to come and stop the other. For example, I visited South Africans in South Africa, they a lot of people who were kind of against the the dour to non Muslims, they said

00:40:37--> 00:41:15

you should only give out to Muslims. So okay, now as a community, we should complete each other. We have one group that focuses on Delta Muslims and hamdulillah. We have another group that focuses on giving Delta non Muslims, we have another group that focuses on on political issues and laws for the benefit of the Muslims. We have a fourth group that will do things that we you know, social issues that we may not consider the DOD won't consider this group won't consider. They'll work on homes for elderly Muslims, things of that sort Islamic schools. So as a community, let's look at it like this, as a community, we all complete one another. And it's not for any one group to tell the other one

00:41:15--> 00:41:56

stop. And homes for the Muslims are more important. Stop what you're doing and come work with us. I'll conclude with a story where a man wrote a letter to Mr. Malik, he told him that because this man was exactly the basically, he stayed in all by himself, he would pray for long hours and were very old and tattered clothing. And Mr. Malik, being a scholar, and a teacher always wore, you know, very nice clothing and, you know, very nice clothes and hats and shoes, and so on. So he told him that, you know, it would be better for you to wear this type of clothing, and to sit away from people and to worship Allah in seclusion for a while. So the amount responded to him in a very nice

00:41:56--> 00:42:00

way. He tells him, that in Allah, and

00:42:03--> 00:42:43

that Allah has distributed the deeds the same way he distributed Willow is with one person has a lot of money, this one doesn't have a lot of money, and so on. So a larger agenda might give one person energy and strength too fast every other day, this person over here can't do that. But they can pray all night, this personnel here we'll do an other type of worship. So it's not right for someone to write to a scholar whose job is to sit with people and appear in front of people and tell them, stay in seclusion, stay away from people and just worship, because this is an act of worship. And teaching is an act of worship as well. So we're not to compete until each other stop your act of

00:42:43--> 00:42:59

worship, and come do this or don't do that. There's so many ways to which we can do things, you will find out what you can do. And you can do something, and I always referenced, and I promise I'll end with this. Those those three young men who who made the loose change documentary,

00:43:00--> 00:43:33

those are just, you know, young college kids, you know, and they sat down together and you can see that language wasn't very strong, and you can see some mistakes and everything, but they just use basic, you know, software in their home and everything. But millions upon millions of people were inspired by that. And you know, other books and a more, you know, actual scientists came out supporting their theories and writing their own publications. These were three or four young men who did that, and they were able to influence millions. And so who's to say anyone in this room can't do that male or female?

00:43:34--> 00:43:43

You can do what it is you can do, you can find out for yourself and what the sisters can do specifically is the lecture topic for tomorrow inshallah.

00:43:45--> 00:43:50

solomo Baraka Muhammad wa. Salam, aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.