Fajr Reminder – If this is the Dunya what must Jannah be like

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So I'm about to go on to labor got

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an absolutely incredibly beautiful scene.

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We had this

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snowfall last night and as you can see, berries are still there

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amazing amazing phenomena as far as these berries are concerned nothing seems to faze them now the beautiful thing about the snow is

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the see the scene here

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see how incredibly beautiful it is

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the it's like wet snow so it has it's covered the trees in different ways so if you look at the in the distance

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from a distance it looks as if the whole forest and the whole all the trees standard trees have been whitewashed

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it's a very beautiful scene. very powdery snow.

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If you look at it, let me see.

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Let it go

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That's how it is. It's very fluffy and powdery and

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it's beautiful. Absolutely fantastic.

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to see how the snow is

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we just went through a snow storm and it was

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phenomenal to see that as well. And we had 18 inches of snow this looks like about maybe two or three inches. Maybe a bit more. I mean I'm not the expert on this stuff yet. But

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it's beautiful It's as I told you the whole place looks like it's been whitewashed all the grass grass of course gets covered with snow but look at the trees. See how the trees look completely?

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I mean, that was the

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I don't know what's the word for Yeah, I keep saying whitewash but it's because I'm

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out of words.

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I go walking in it

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and it's fantastic. It feels great. The only thing to when you walk in snow is to be careful because

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you don't know what's under there.

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Because sometimes I mean in this case I know what's under here so I'm walking here but if you if you're possible

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I'm going to turn around and take you to the other side as well. The

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temperature is not it's not so you walk into it and next thing you know you are gone Six Feet Under

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sea The sea The beauty of this thing sarala g with no data is infinite variety. Absolutely infinite variety. Unbelievable I have the sun in my eyes I hope this video is

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I'm going to turn it on and take it from the other side as well. The

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temperature is not it's not particularly cold I mean I'm wrapped up because Once bitten twice shy I got myself into trouble

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earlier with

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with this

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so I'm not taking any chances here are tracks. Now by the look of this. This could be deer tracks.

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If you look at all of these tracks here they could easily and very

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I think very probably they would these would be deer tracks because they're coming out of that forest. And they are single tracks

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that's how they're usually walk. I hope I'm right and if anybody who's watching this video knows better please do correct me if I'm in the business of learning my way around this place. But it looks to me like deer tracks.

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We have we do have a

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fair amount of deer around here we have bears. I've never seen a bear here but people who live here they say that they've seen bears

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There you go.

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I'm also testing on my shoes. We seem to be doing well. These are my tracks. Quite horrible. My shoes seem to be doing well. Except that I think I've got some snow inside them now so

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my socks feel a bit wet. That wasn't very smart. But anyway,

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I never claimed was much.

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What's happening here as

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I walk and talk to you is

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the temperatures as I said it's not very cold.

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It is still minus three

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Just you know going by the temperatures here it's not very cold. So it's

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the snow is also melting

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because of the of the kind of snow the way it was wet stone like this it's

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it's stuck to the trees and created this beautiful phenomena of these trees looking like them. They've got cotton wool on them and they look like almost like artificial Christmas decorations. I mean having said that I don't know why we always say I'm equally guilty of whenever we see anything beautiful we say oh my god this looks. It is this looks onto artificial like this don't even look into natural which is I think rubbish because natural beauty is far more beautiful than what is artificial and

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a lot of if not all of artificial beauty takes its inspiration from natural beauty. It is the

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infinite grace infinite

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variety in order to see the close up of this.

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How beautiful it looks.

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Raising the

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close up of this tree. See the branches see how this is that little twigs are individually visible. I'm going to take some still photos also of this

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to go with this video.

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There's a spectacular tree in the two bushes Can you imagine these bushes were blood red in color in the fourth. This is the last dounia

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imagine the imagine

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imagine that you could have the snow in sweltering heat. So I want the glow. I want the cold but I don't want the the cold as in the flu with it. So save all of this and if you wanted it without the cold you would get rid of the call you wanted to say I like give me some cold I mean I want to feel a call as well. Yeah, I mean I don't want to walk in the snow in sweltering heat. So I want the glow. I want the cold but I don't want the the cold as in the flu with it. So save me from that because there's no disease in Ghana. So Allah subhanaw taala will do that as well. Right? Allah subhanaw taala will Jana is whatever you like.

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You can you can

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you can try to

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menu for it, you can write your own.

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You can order whatever you like and it will be yours and you don't even need to order it Just think about it and just look at that picture of the of this tree against the sky. So Holla Holla Holla

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absolutely fabulous. I don't know the people who live here whether they you know, sometimes you live in a place and you get used to the stuff

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that's better.

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How do you like that picture.

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The sun is hidden behind the tree or behind the snow actually. And the snow gets celebrated the trigger silhouetted against the sun

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absolutely fabulous. I don't know the people who live here whether they you know sometimes you live in a place and you're used to the stuff that

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you're most most troubled and stuck about

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driving conditions and so on which of course are in people who have to drive they and they better be conditioned. Do better be concerned about that.

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Underlying I don't have to die so

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I make the offer those are driving I look at in this weather with this snow with the driving conditions and with much worse. I mean this is beautiful. What I'm seeing here is absolutely lovely, but in much worse conditions. Very very beautiful and amazing fact. And maybe

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people who live here can take pride in that and say only in America. And that is that in this weather with this snow with the driving conditions and with much worse. I mean this is beautiful. What I'm seeing here is absolutely lovely, but in much worse conditions. There are Muslims who drive 15 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes to the masjid to pray salado fudger by Gemma. There are Muslims or drive to the mustard to pre selected Asia by Gemma. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the trophy. We live next to massages and we don't work for some other father in South Asia. We live right near an hour whether we can walk. We can walk in two minutes to the masjid and we don't need any protective

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clothing. We don't need anything just walk because I like give us lands to live in in which we don't have to worry about all this. But there are people who live in places like this and others in Canada and the United States.

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And in the north,

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in the UK and so on, who go to pray Salat or fudger in the masjid, in this kind of weather. May Allah Subhana Allah accept their salami Allah subhanaw taala give them rewards that they will not be able to encompass in their mind they won't be able to imagine what kind of reward is coming. Malhotra hantera do that for them. Well Salahuddin Abdul Karim Allah Leo savage named Radhika