Kamal El-Mekki – Leaving A Legacy with Allah

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The idea of leaving a legacy with subhanho wa taala is discussed, emphasizing the importance of not aiming high and not trying to be remembered for a long time. The segment also touches on the legacy of Islam and the importance of finding one's own actions without forgotten others. The segment ends with a reminder about investment and the importance of not being forgotten.
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ilaha illa Allah

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hamdulillah lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, what he wants to hear germane about the title of our hotbar today is leaving a legacy with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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One of the worst things that Muslim speakers did about a decade ago, was to take from motivational speakers and self help gurus, the idea of leaving a legacy.

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And by leaving a legacy, we mean, leaving a stamp on the future, or a contribution for future generations. And this idea resonates with people, because people want to leave a legacy because they want to feel that their life mattered that they did something meaningful in their life. So what is wrong, then with a good concept like this, the problem with pushing this a lot is that it was very damaging in a number of areas. Number one, it is unrealistic to expect that everyone will be able to leave a mark before they leave this earth. And

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rail reality is not everybody is going to leave something that they're going to be remembered by. The second thing is many people who found their place, they started the family found a good career, and their religious felt lost, because they felt like they are not doing what they're going to leave behind and will be remembered for.

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And we personally met many of these people who otherwise would be successful, but feel like a complete failure, because what legacy Am I going to leave behind? And for many, it just focused on the dunya. And they forgot the and for a lot of people, they look up to the rich, and we don't want to mention their names on the member but the known billionaires and people look up to them so much. And whatever they do whatever they say or do, they will follow them, even people who will look at the sleeping habits of billionaires and they'll look at what billionaires have for breakfast and then they'll experiment with that. And for a month they'll eat what this billionaire ate for

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breakfast or dinner harmfulness Listen, and it's not going to help. It's not going to still bankrupt he's still broke after that.

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So but who is the one that we were asked to follow his etiquettes in sleeping and to follow his etiquettes in eating sallallahu Sallam that's the one I lost what Allah commanded us to follow. The Legacy we should focus on should be our legacy with Allah subhanho wa Taala. What if there were a simple man who has a simple job doesn't make too much money. But he raises his children very well to be righteous. He stays away from sins as much as possible. And he's a devout worshiper, prepares for his after always does his best to not sin Allah against Allah azza wa jal always does his best to do good deeds. And then he dies and he goes to the highest level of Jenna. And no one on earth

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remembers him that this man fail. He won the ultimate prize.

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And yes, not everyone will be able to leave a mark. And that doesn't mean you don't aim high. And there's a difference between aiming high and purposely just trying to leave a mark and folk being focused on trying to leave something with what you'll be remembered.

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setting out to be remembered is insincere, setting out to be remembered as insincere. Yeah, and if your effort day at night is for you to be remembered, you will not going to be sincere. It's not going to be for the sake of Allah. What is the driving force? Is it Allah subhanaw taala or being remembered by people? Abdullah mobarak, the scholar or hammer Allah, he had a student and one day the student disappeared. When he asked about him, he found that the student owed someone 10,000 and he couldn't pay back the debt. So he was jailed. He was prison imprisoned. So he went to the person, the debtor, and he told him, here's the amount that the student owes you. And he asked him by Allah

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to not tell anyone that he paid off his

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debt, he asked him by a lot to not inform any living person. So the student came out of jail. And he said someone and I don't know who it is paid off my debt. So he tells him at the law, you spend colossal jail for that. And that was the end of that story.

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After the grits collignon, robotic digra hammer holla then that that man, that data told everyone because the secret doesn't have to be kept anymore. He told them that it was him who paid the amount.

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Why are we telling the story 1000 years later, because he did it for Allah. That's the bottom line. We're telling this story 1000 years later, because he did it for a lot zildjian if he was doing it to try to be remembered, then unbelieving a story to be remembered and mentioned, then he would have failed in doing so. But what is the amazing part of the story? What is the most interesting part of the story is that he did it in secret. That's why we're telling it 1000 years later, meaning he was sincere, and that sincerely became the legacy that or caused that legacy or caused him to be mentioned years later. That would be hint, Rahim Allah was a righteous man from the past and he used

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to fast every other day for 40 years continuously. And his own family never knew it meaning his own wife never knew on the day where he is not fasting, he would take the food with him to the marketplace and then he will break his fast and he would come back home on the day when he's fasting he'll give it to the poor, break his fast in the market, very McRib and then come back eat with his family. No, but the people in the market never knew and his wife never knew for 40 years he kept it a secret. He left a legacy without knowing because he wasn't focused on that on trying to be remembered sincerity is one of the keys. Our legacy with Allah subhanaw taala is our relationship

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with Allah azza wa jal with Allah subhanaw taala you do good deeds you leave behind the righteous child, you leave a sort of an ongoing charity so the kajaria or for a few they will be able to leave some beneficial knowledge after they die. But even the scholars that we leave that we mentioned and they have left beneficial knowledge they were sincere in gathering that knowledge they were sincere in putting their books together. Inside Buhari and Muslim Abu huraira rhodiola han who narrates that and Nabi sallallahu Sallam said in who laya tea or Raja Lu, a semi you know, allow the Yeoman kiama lie as you know en de la Hey, Jenna Hubba Oba on the Day of Judgment, though a man will be brought

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forth and hit the problem described him that he is fat and his great is large, and he does not equal the weight of a mosquitos wing with Allah subhanaw taala.

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And in the Hadith, where a man passed by and he was from the nobles of his people, and then another man passed by and he was from the poor. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tells them about the poor one in who years, you know, mill or mithali hada, he is equal to the earth filled with the other hand is a poor one person is equal to the earth filled with the other, the noble one that is known that is respected and so on and so forth. And like Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, Allah naukri mula homeo malkia. Mati was not on that on the Day of Judgment, we will not give them any weight, they will not have any weight. So our focus is having weight with Allah subhanaw taala not having

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weight with people and not being concerned with whether or not we will be remembered. And a person

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may not have a legacy and may not have any weight with people, but he has a lot of weight with Allah azza wa jal and that's when the Hadith and Nabi sallallahu Sallam said roba, a shotgun will theory about so a man who is unkempt and his old dusty madore and Bill of work So, people close the doors in his face so that he sees not known as respect or anything like that. Now up some Allah healer, if he swears to Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will respond to that. Yeah, and if he's was, if he says yeah Allah, I swear that you will do this, Allah Subhana Allah will do it. This is his weight with a large dogen even though he didn't necessarily have any weight in the dunya so failed at the worldly

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legacy but succeeded with Allah azza wa jal ocho loco Lucha was tough for a lot of him live welcome Jamil to know first off the row for fossil Mr. Green ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness indeed those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah I mean, he was happy

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for any hook but to be balanced, you need to mention

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The other side of the equation, but we're not going to do that in this meaning we're not going to mention the balance of also encouragement for the dunya. Because many of us have business ideas and want to invest or are investing, or drop shipping, and so many ways of making money. So we're doing good with focusing on the dunya. This reminder was about the other side we should focus on, we should focus about our legacy with Allah azza wa jal focus on success in the era. And not many times do you meet people who need so much encouragement to strive for the dunya. So that's why the reminder was about the other side that we're forgetting. The next is that about finding your place,

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and you will be amazed at how many young men and women in their 30s who feel lost, and they don't know what their place is either their place in society or even their career or what they're going to do with their life.

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The first thing is that you found your first and most important place and Allah subhanaw taala told us that when Mahalo to general ins elderly are boon, that your first place you already know that you are created to worship Allah azza wa jal, the second, the truth is everyone who is actively searching and conscious of this always finds their place. They always find their career, they always find what they're supposed to do, and you don't meet someone in their 60s. And they're still wondering anyone who puts good effort and consults and does their best always finds their place in the end. But our job is to trust in Allah subhanaw taala his wisdom, because you will know your

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place you will know what you're supposed to do. You will know your career when the time comes. And Allah subhanaw taala kept that information from you for this specific time. And if he tells you before your time, you will ruin it for your yourself. Yaniv, a 12 year old knows that he is going to become the president when he's in his 50s Do you think he'll make it to become the president he will ruin his opportunities starting at age 12. Or if someone who is nine years old learns that he is going to become the greatest scholar in the oma? While age nine he is going to start giving fatawa and thinking highly of himself and ruin that possible career. So Allah subhanaw taala sometimes

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hides it from you for that wisdom. And we should trust and know that Allah subhanaw taala will let you know at the proper time.

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In the end, trust in Allah azza wa jal never feel like a failure because of someone else's achievement. keep striving, but also meaning keep striving in the dunya but also keep an eye on the real prize. And the real prize is with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah We ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it. And to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it. For lahoma. Convert Sapna to Ba ba ba they learn or documents dinar and lahoma data Jalla dunya acabado homina Well, I'm a blogger Elmina Remo sirona. For lahoma berrimilla Hello, Mati. I'm roasting you as Rafi robotic

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while you're here Hello, ma sciatic Murphy hibben maruf where Yun haffi Alamo Korea semirara. Also alohomora barik ala Ireland Meanwhile, early he was happy to be here Jemaine Morocco, Morocco, Hong Kong.

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