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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video where a man named Ronny talks about giving gifts and becoming a rich person. The segment also discusses the idea of being a generous person and the importance of not just giving things, but also being given gifts. The segment also touches on the idea of being a generous person and the importance of not just giving things, but also being given gifts.
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We get so many gifts we start forgetting Allah.

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And Allah has said that in the Quran

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in Insan, Allah for Allah says in surah a Quran, Allah says, the human being transgresses the limits that I've set for the human being why Allah says, our raw, who's gonna because the human being sees that he is in no need of me

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in our gifts of Allah makes us makes us feel is that we are now self independent. I can do what I want because I'm, I'm going to what I need, I've got what I need. I've got nothing stopping me. My health is good. My wealth is good. My fortune is good, right? My family's around me, I've got what I need. And a human being gets to that. And the biggest automatic trap that a human falls into is to think what Allah us do it Istana you know, instead of that means Subhanallah Arabic language is beautiful.

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One word is Ronny can he means a rich person? Rena means richness. Okay, let me just tell you a line loan Yeah, means that you have now got now got richness, but at the same time, is still an AI which is connected to the word Rena means that because you're rich, you become a little bit self sufficient. You're independent. You don't need others. You don't depend on others for your life. But Allah says, this human being because I gave him so much. He saw himself or she saw herself that then become independent of me.

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Now you might say stuff Allah right now, but let's just face it. How many people across the world? Allah has given them gifts and gifts and gifts and gifts, and they don't come to the masjid. They don't pray. They don't even pray at home. Hey, yeah, I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do it. If you make a comparison of poor people who looked look, I'm not saying only rich people walk away from Allah. No. Poor people will walk away from Allah and rich people walk away from Allah. Poor people find Allah and rich people also find Allah. But the percentage of poor people who find Allah relatively are more than the percentage of the rich people who find Allah. Do you guys you guys with me? Yes,

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that's the fact. A few rich people find Allah. A lot of rich people forget Allah, a few people, people, they walk away from Allah, but a lot of poor people because of the desperate pneus they end up finding Allah azza wa jal. Now that's just that's just on one scale.

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What Allah is saying in the eye is when I've gifted and I've gifted and I've gifted, this human being now fields are raw who stuff and they see themselves that they don't need to come to me anymore. On the Day of Judgment, Allah was going to ask a question, and he asked this right now in the Quran, right now the question is there but he's gonna ask him the Day of Judgment again, you know, the question is, Allah says in surah, Al infidel, in Surah number 82. Allah says, Yeah, you held in San Oh human being my rocker beer Rob Biechele, carry what deceived you from your noble lord, your noble Sustainer you're such a generous Allah, you had such a general God you had such a

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generous and a giving Rob and sustainer you had witches, he's talking by himself. What deceived you from that? Allah the Halacha the One who created you for so work of either luck he gave you all what you needed. He gave you limbs, he made you straight. He made you walk. He gave you what you need. One deceived you from that. You know, the Mufasa didn't say the Morpheus even say that if you look at his iron, the iron tells us the very thing that deceived us. Allah says, Yeah, you and you will inside. Mahara can be rabbinical Corinne, your noble, generous Lord, what deceived you from that? You know what, what they say? They say it was his generosity that deceived us. Allah was so

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generous. Allah was so generous. Allah was so generous and it gave so much so much so much that we started to forget Allah in the midst of how much he gave us. That's what I said. It becomes like cushions and we start to sink in, that Allah gave us so much. We don't have to find the time to

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