Tafseer of Surah Kauthar #3

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Great to be alive. Isn't it great to be a Muslim? Isn't it great to be experiencing the month of Ramadan And isn't it great to be deriving the blessings of celery in the facility lavaca enjoy eat up and look forward to the day ahead. We continue now with the to seal of Surah tolko. Author previously we discussed one day nobody said Allah Allah He was synonymous with the Sahaba. He went into a kind of a state of meditation woke up and then told Sahaba about the sutra that was revealed and ready to them and spoke about Kota meaning abundance of goodness and the part of Goethe that would be the pond of growth or the how that goes. The descriptions that we picked up from the Hadith

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that we discussed last week. It is a river in general, on both ends of it, you would find a dome of hollow pearls jabril alayhi salatu was Salam took Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wasallam there, and when the number for large took a closer look at it, he saw that the bid of this river was made of pure fragrant mask. Then now we also learned to travel from one side of the hole from the river of COVID to the other is the equivalent of a month gentlemen, it's a very long River. The water is whiter than milk, more fragrant than Musk, and it has many cups is equal to the number of the stars in the sky, meaning countless of cups. Whoever drinks from there shall never be thirsty again. That's why

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we should always be glad that Allah grant us to drink from the how the quota even better not from the cups, but directly from the hands of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just imagine that imagine that drinking from water which is whiter than milk and sweeter than honey, after which you will never encounter this but directly from the hands of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now Allah Shri Rama das money Allahu Allah has mentioned that the Hadith that pertain to the how the COVID have reached the level of the water. Now the water is a technical term in the sense of Hadith, it means that so many people have narrated a hadith on this particular issue, that it's

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impossible for it to have been fabricated for there to have been any mistake, you know, if one or two people in the data you can say, perhaps something was misunderstood, or, you know, misrepresented, but when so many people have narrated a hadith and this particular matter, I mean, how they go through, it's impossible for it to be a fabricated or misrepresented. That's why it's essential for every Muslim to believe in it, that the how the quota exists, that this pond or this river of Kota definitely exists. Now, where is it actually actually? Is it in Jenna? Or is it in the plains of resurrection? Because on the one hand, the Hadith have been telling us that it's a river

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that Nabi sallallahu, said, I'm showing gender on the night of marriage, and the other had to tell us that on the Day of Resurrection, we will be drinking from the syrup except those from the oma who were innovators and who brought matters into Deen, which are not part of the May Allah protect us. So, yeah, the scholars have reconciled generations and they have said that it is a river in general, either a portion of the river will flow into the fields of resurrection or the water will be brought down and people will be made to drink the river water will be brought and put into a pond. So, the river is actually in general and you will continue to enjoy it while So in general, but on the day

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of the AMA, when metals will be so severe and when when the sun will be will be beating down on people, you will be able to drink from the spawn where the water from the river of Kota will be collected may a lot about acota makers from among those fortunate ones. We should be making data for it but at the same time, we should be working towards it.