Achieving the Balance Between Understanding the Wisdom and Full Submission

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Shadow Isla lolol

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shadow and Mohammad rasool rasuluh Laura

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Shadowclan number one murder Rosu law

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lost Salah

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Are you lost soil

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are you

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I fell

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off the boat Hello Eric Bob

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Isla is a lot more

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mother who was doing

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what he said he was telling people what to sell so

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when I wouldn't be lying is your audio fusina

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may have been done for them will make you believe that God given Moshe there

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an ego

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you know

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let me fall back in

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love with who I

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not allow the mother not too long ago of a human quality do you have an ego alone almost wondering whether

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any of the admiring your own Joker movie work can either be one

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of a number in MMA or that one

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just from time to time and indeed not really because of the Earth with the intention of playing will be done through righteousness.

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This is the 15th installment within the series of focus it began in two months

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and then hop on here today is an extremely important one for multiple reasons I think it's also very relevant for the time

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here's the definitely part.

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Definitely everything that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada created he created with purpose.

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Allah subhanaw taala everything that he made or put into motion in this world he did and there's a purpose and aim for all of us.

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All of the commands that we have within our deen well Allah they have reasons for them. They have goals and they have purposes that they need to serve. That goes beyond any room for debate within our deen that Allah subhanho wa did not create anything with the intention of play. It is not for fun. If I sleep it to him and nama holla panna coma I better when I come Elaina total Jonah Fatah Allah Allah Hoon medical help you think now we created you with no purpose aimlessly and that you were had no destination and that you would not return back one day. Everything within his universe subhanho wa Taala serves a specific goal that Allah subhanaw taala has designated for it. Allah who

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led the Halacha sama word he will orba Amina Sana EMA Rajabi he Mina fer Marathi it is a lagoon was the Hora like whom will phulka later God filled by honeybee Emery he was the horror la qumola And how was the Hora Hola, como shamsur Welcome Elijah eenie was a horror lukou Lilo and

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indeed Allah created the cosmos in the earth and have and had rain come down from the sky so that you may find green come from the earth for you.

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And he made sure that for you ships will run in the sea and for you he created rivers and for you he put the sun and for you he put the moon in for you there is day and that there is night.

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He says I know what I know. So how Rolla como Leila

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When the hell was shumsa will come over when you do Moo Moo Sahara to me Emery Newman was a karate memory in Nephi replica,

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Omi afternoon and he created for you. So Sahara means he made something for you. He put it at your disposal is there to serve you.

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Night and day and the moon and the sun

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and the stars are all there created for a purpose to serve you. Indeed you will find signs that for those who have intellect indeed there are signs in that for those who have intellect will Lidija Allah shumsa will come out on hoorah. Waka Daraa whom and as ILA eater Allah Moo. de cine Now will he serve ma Haleakala, who Urlacher Illa will help me ensure that the sun would shine brightly

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and the moon would be late for you at night and so that you will may

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calculate your days and your months in your years precisely he only created that through righteousness subhanho wa Taala

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he's just a painter was Allah with their teeth? Fell Hi Mila tea with Cara Well, Jerry to use so often mocha Sima de Amala in number two I do not Lhasa. So the various talks about purposefulness. And he chose to paint with that as he makes these oaths, that everything has a role. Everything has a role.

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The ones that move the the winds that move the clouds, the clouds are pouring the water, the water that produces the grain that brings us going to be distributed amongst others, everything serves a purpose. That's why when you read the verses in the Quran that talk about Allah's commands, when he talks about flutter, he talks about cm, he talks to Moses, okay, he talks about Hajj at the end of all these verses you always find Lakota Dakota so that you may find mindfulness and piety that I like them to do so that you will increase in your guidance that I let them tell you what to do and so that you can find your straight path where you can walk it clearly. Everything that he created

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subhanaw taala has a goal and everything he commanded us to do is purposeful and nothing is aimless and nothing is just left for chess and nothing is forgotten.

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But early qumola or Bukom will help.

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They'll help the ball button to sort of fall in this is your Lord, the Lord of truthfulness. What do you find beyond righteousness besides aimlessness of Bala, what do you find nothing. Boil besides Allah subhanho wa Taala and this goes without a need

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for repetition, I can go on and on. I can recite for you all day, Allah He all day I can stand here and recite verses for you from the Quran. The point out that Allah subhanaw taala created everything purposefully.

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20 years ago, it had the camiseta Asha amillennial Jota ability to her during that he showed what he what the whole Moldovan Islami and they asked me for it, he's done. So

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how do you get into Pitocin Muslimeen doula and that was no and Hakuna Matata was SAPA Allah subhanho wa Taala ma che il y La Jolla, ma che il well who heard of deja vu konia maroon let's say we'll call him a clue con yet no first of all identify as high you know, make it illa Allah subhanho wa Taala who, to whom do Maha

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LM and the hurdy he'll his Sati hugger when the little HCA T near her your turn verta Jolla, you Elam and ALLAH SubhanA who were to anima halacha che Bertha, were in the Houma La Jolla, Eva

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tequila one let the other human Lidl who Subhana

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Allah and Allah

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subhanahu wata I know I the only one that he foofy he's known you unanimously mean, that is the first piece. And to me it's simple. If you believe in Allah subhanho wa taala. If you've arrived at a level of belief in La ilaha IL Allah, you've used your intellect, you've read Revelation, you've come to full certainty in La ilaha illallah than you know that everything that exists, everything that occurs happens for a reason, and there is wisdom behind everything.

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just because everything has a reason, and just because there is wisdom behind everything, doesn't mean that you will always know it

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doesn't mean that you will always have an answer for it. You won't. You won't always have an answer for why this happened. Or why did this not happen? You won't. It's impossible. The world doesn't work that way. You know that there is but you're not always going to have an answer. And your iman cannot be built on the sole fact that you have to have an answer and the reason for everything that occurs because if you do

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then you will lose your faith at some point.

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With certainty I say this 100% It will be locked at some point,

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you will arrive at your belief and Allah subhanahu wa Tada through observation of the world around you, through seeing through looking at the universe and looking at history and looking at life and your personal experiences, and you come to an intellectual love degree of belief in La ilaha illAllah. And it's built on concrete concepts that you have very little, you have no doubt in within at all. And you will know as a part of that belief system, that Allah subhanaw taala did not create anything aimlessly or purposely nothing. That does not mean that you and I are going to be able to explain everything that happens. That's not the case. You we cannot we do not have the tools. And

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we're not able to explain everything, and to give reason and wisdom behind everything we know it's there, even though we don't see it, even though we can't comprehend it, even though sometimes we can't reach out and touch it, but we know it's there.

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But if you build your faith, on the soul concept that everything that happens has to be explainable logically to you, that I fear for you, and a fear for your faith.

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And this is the point of me giving this hope but today

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because a part of being a Muslim, or not a part, forgive me, the word part is actually very weak. What is the word Muslim mean?

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What does the word Muslim in Arabic actually mean? It means someone who was submitted to Allah is someone who accepts unconditionally, everything Allah subhanaw taala says and does that is what a Muslim means to when we walk around this earth, saying, I'm Muslim, that means that you have accepted unconditionally, everything that he has done subhanaw taala and will do and you have submitted YOURSELF TO HIS WILL jealous. That's what Muslim being a Muslim means.

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Many times in life, we will fail to be able to explain why that happened, or why this occurred? Or why that didn't happen, or why this was later why it was early, we will fail. You'll sit there and you'll have no answer. And that's okay. That is a part of the story. The concept of the theme of submission means that you've accepted that already,

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is extremely important to understand because there's no other way to look at it.

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Some people

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don't believe in God, because of difficulties because of pain, because it exists because of the sole existence of pain. That's their only argument. They stand by it. And they say because of the fact that there is pain, there are catastrophes, there are misfortunes and they're suffering. We don't believe in God. Some Muslims come back and say we believe in Allah subhanaw taala, despite the pain, I'm telling you the following. We believe in Allah because of the pain, not despite it because there is pain and there is suffering and there is agony, and there's difficulty we believe in love because of it, not despite it. Not despite because of it. You have not read the Quran. When they stood when

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they stood the 1400 men for 10 days they didn't sleep it in the ether digging that trench when they stood and they looked and they saw 10,000 people marching towards them to kill them. The disbeliever said Ma then Allahu wa rasuluh Illa hoorah. Everything we were told is a lie. The moments that listen to what Allah says about the moment whatever Allah may know when Allah has heard our other than Allah who was sued, who was sadaqa Allah who are sued, who was

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Iman and what esteem they stood there when they saw the Confederates when they thought 10s 1000 people marching towards them. So this is what Allah has promised us. This is what Allah subhanaw taala has told us he is truthful and they're only strengthen their Iman and only strengthen their relationship, because that's what he promised Subhana wa Tada. If you understand revelation, if you've studied any of it, you will know that that is what he promised. Who only heard I was told that Allah Holly welcome. First of all, we have Camilla frozen mustafina stock Roma.

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wa sallahu wa salam, O Allah, Allah I'm a learner be about the early he was sahbihi wa Manitoba I Niger who? Well if I had

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we submit to His will subhanho wa Taala we accept things happen.

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We don't waste time. Well, why did it happen? We don't question Allah subhanaw taala we know that we're not at any level that allows us to question the LMI

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Use a Pio which is in any form, and that's not our job. Things happen. So we respond, things occur. So we stand up and we do what needs to be done and we take care of you don't waste time wondering why this happened. why that happened, because that's what he promised a Hasib a national and Utako and Yaku man whom now afternoon people think honestly think they were going to walk around saying we believe in Allah and no trials or tribulations would come their way when 100 for 10 Allah you know I mean probably him failure Allah min Allah Who Ladino Sadako who Allah Allah min Alka Debian And indeed We have tribulation we have trialed all those who came before them. And indeed Allah who will

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you will display we will expose subhanho wa Taala with no doubt at all those who are honest and those who are liars and pass the baton and tell the whole janitor well I'm Maya Allah Mila hula de Naja dooming come via Allah masala BT Are you think you're going to enter Jannah before Allah subhanaw taala exposes those of you who are truly willing to strive for his sake and those who are willing to be perseverant you want to hear something specific about recent events. Listen to this verse and see how how relevant it is to you. Um, I see But to him and Ted the whole agenda. Are you thought you're going to enter Jannah while I'm decom methodology in a Holloman publikum and you

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before you're going to be trialed, like those before you will trialed Mr. toman back, sir. Well, the row was Zulu. Zulu.

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Zulu will Lavina Norma Omar who Metallian Ostrow Allah He Allah in nostril Allah Hikari.

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They went through difficulty, they went through heated moments, moments of pain of agony and suffering. They were Shaka Zulu Zulu.

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They were shocked to their core until the Prophet and the believers with him said when, when will the victory of Allah come? Indeed, the victory of Allah is near its close, whenever he wants to offer to offer it Subhana wa Tada. That's not a problem. The question is, when things like these occur, when this happens, what do you do? What do you do we have exaggerated the way we deal with occurrences within the world around us. We've exaggerated it, because we know there's reasoning for everything. And because we know there's wisdom behind everything. I mean, because we've been able successfully to actually figure out why Allah subhanaw taala commanded a lot of things. And this

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commanded a lot of other things, and why a lot of things around us behave the way they may be able to figure out some of these things, a few of them, we believe, now that we have the ability to explain everything. And if we can't explain something, there's something that that doesn't work anymore. If there's something unexplainable, there must be a problem. And people start losing their faith because they didn't understand to begin with your Muslim you submit, you submit you accept regardless whether there is reason that you can see or not whether you can explain it or not, you will accept because Allah subhanaw taala decreed it. So it's something like that occurs when a

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catastrophe occurs upon people. The ignorant will spend time wondering why and who and how. And those who understand la Illallah they will say hi, Daniela, then Allahu Allah sudo who was Sadhak Allahu Allah su Why am I sad to whom Allah Eman and with st with an increase in their email, say this is what we are promising they'll get up and they will go and they will actually do the job, he will go and they will provide relief and they will relieve pain for those who are going through it. It will go on and they will figure it out how they can contribute positively to people who are suffering and going through agony anywhere in the world. You put your head down and you do the job.

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You folk what is what needs to be done just yucky do it. What are you What are you wasting your time doing here asking questions that are way beyond my and your payroll? asking question you're questioning Allah, you're questioning God, you're questioning this life as it is in the universe, the way it works and how the earth actually functions. You're gonna question that

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anyone who believes in Allah being a Cebu wouldn't do it.

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The OMA that says Subhan Allah every time it has the chance wouldn't do that. And OMA that believes in Subhan Allah and Omar gets up and it does its job. When a catastrophe occurs, the only increase in their Eman and the only increase in the amount of effort that they put forward. Why is it? Why is it that Allah subhanho wa Taala forgave the people of Yunus and didn't forgive for Alan, why? Why did you understand the history on walk away? After Allah Subhanallah I told him to tell his people, they're gonna be punished tomorrow morning. And then suddenly, things happen in a certain way. And then the people of us were spared, and for our own, who, as he was drowning, would say amen to

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anomala Illa Illa, the MLB and they said, No. Why? Why they're like, We don't know. And we never will. And it's not our business to know. And that's not what we're here for certain things we will never fully understand and we just do the job. We just understand what's required of us and we do it and we stop asking questions that are beyond what we need to understand. Ask the questions that matter. I am not

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I'm here to tell you that you just close your eyes and walk blindly. I've never said that before. Actually, I have been criticized heavily for saying the opposite. But there are things because Allah subhanaw taala is doing is he is busy Subhanallah he is the unfathomable there are aspects of, of things that occur within the world around you that you will never be able to fully comprehend and understand. And it's okay.

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When Ibrahim was told on with this, whenever I came out, he said I was told go slaughter your son. Tell me please, please offer me your infinite wisdom and tell me what's why it is only son, and he's an adult now. Why? Why would he slaughter his son? Go ahead, explain it. Why would he do it? Give me one good reason why Ibrahim would take a 15 year old boy and slaughter him like a sheep telling me why

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that's why when you read the verses in the Quran, what does it say about him? Bulama what?

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Well, um, Islam when they fully submitted

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when they fully submitted what Allah Julio giovine When they you know, Abraham Okada, South Dakota, bro. Yeah.

00:21:12--> 00:21:17

When he fully submitted and said, Okay, that's your will. That's what will happen.

00:21:19--> 00:21:36

It was an exam. It was a test beyond tests. It was a trial beyond trials because Ibrahim Ibrahim was the most intellectual describe prophet in the Quran. Ibrahim Ali some questioned everything right? He questioned everything. He came in question Why are you worshipping these rocks again?

00:21:38--> 00:21:44

I guess my own welcome is their own. Oh young founder Komodo rune, oh Lubell vagina Anika Erica Fido

00:21:46--> 00:21:56

gyla, whom Judah then Allah Kabir alone, so he destroyed the idols to see what would happen. And then he stood he saw people worshipping the star. So he turned and he said, Okay, fine.

00:21:57--> 00:22:00

Let's see. Let's see what the stars are going to do.

00:22:01--> 00:22:11

But I'm Mala Mala, Mala, Mala Mala shumsa, Bazooka and he started to speak to the moon in the stars in the sun. He's like, What is this? Doesn't make any sense. There's no sense in it. Who didn't do it.

00:22:12--> 00:22:47

And when he couldn't understand, he asked him, he asked his Lord barbarian he gave it to him. Oh, to explain to me, how do you do it? I don't understand how you do it. I cannot comprehend how it is something dies, how you put it back together? I can't do Allah subhanaw taala here, take slaughter a few pigeons, put them on the mountains, stand back and watch and I'll show you. So he did. So Abraham Allen said, I'm the prophet who asked all the great questions and came to faith with full certainty through his intellect through watching and observing the world around him. At one moment, he was told slaughter your son. Let's see if you can figure out why to do that one. Why are you

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gonna do that one? He couldn't find out a reason. But he did it anyway, because he's a Muslim. And that's why he's Oh, wouldn't a Muslim mean? He is the one who submitted Himself who said y'all Rob, I submit to your will, whatever it may be. I like some of it. I won't like others. Other parts of it doesn't matter. If that's your will, then that then I'm okay. And I have no objection. Because La ilaha illa. And that's why because I believe in Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. So I submit myself and as Muslims, we have to do the same. This is very important. It's very, very important. Everything I you spend a lot of time understanding things. And that's your job to do, to comprehend, to find

00:23:20--> 00:23:58

reason to find wisdom, so that things make sense to you. But then notice, within your life, things will happen and you'll have no explanation. There'll be no reason you won't be able to come up with a reason why a child that two years old or three years old, has cancer and died. There's no reason for it. And I'm not gonna spend time wondering why God accepted that and didn't accept anything else I slim. I submitted his will and I do my job and I'm there beside them. I comfort I relieve pain. I help the family. That's what my job. My job is not to turn to God say no. Let's pause here. We need to change. Who am I to do that? Who am I to do any of that? My job is to see what needs to be done

00:23:58--> 00:24:07

and then I provide it. I provide the service because we're a bad we are servants. So we provide the service needed. We don't question the master himself. Subhana wa Tada.

00:24:09--> 00:24:49

This is so important. This is beyond important. This is sent essential to your survival as a Muslim, as a Muslim, if you care to survive as a Muslim in this world. This has to become your bread and butter. It has to be completely clear to you. You will achieve your belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala and once you have certainty you submit to His will jelajah who with no questions, we understand that you don't have the ability to explain and comprehend every little thing that happens around you. Some things happen. One day, one day, you will return to Allah subhanho wa Taala and you'll explain whatever it is that you were stuck with during your life. Aside from that

00:24:50--> 00:24:58

you carry your name with dignity and pride because you're Muslim. So you practice that and you'll be Muslim

00:24:59--> 00:24:59


00:25:00--> 00:25:03

harmful when you start trying to explain something

00:25:04--> 00:25:06

that doesn't have an explanation.

00:25:07--> 00:25:09

So an earthquake hit people died.

00:25:10--> 00:25:41

Horrific, catastrophic. It's heartbreaking on every level, the images will haunt us to our graves and maybe beyond, maybe even beyond that. Very difficult. You want to explain why it happened. You can't explain why it happened. There is no explanation it happened. It happened no seldom luck era, we submit to you, and then we go, and we help and we do what we can. When you try to force an explanation on something that's not explainable. You see things that are very hurtful. You say something like, it's probably because of their Anoop. Really,

00:25:43--> 00:25:44

how arrogant of you,

00:25:46--> 00:26:22

oh, who told you this, who gave you this amazing insight for you to look at a group of people and say, they are punished because of their the noob. Or this is because of Milesi. Or this is because of whatever the explanation is, will turn to nothing but harm and nothing but an act of arrogance, and nothing but a misconception. And this will actually cause people to lose their faith altogether. Because you're saying what that was, you have no knowledge to to actually make the statement. How dare any of us say anything? Oh, there we say anything. It happened and happened to them. So we we turn to Allah subhanaw taala. We asked him for his mercy. And we asked him for his forgiveness. We

00:26:22--> 00:26:36

asked him to for aid and then we turn to those who are struggling and we offer it to them wholeheartedly. And we thank Allah subhanaw taala that we were spared for another day. And that's it. And it doesn't go beyond that. Well I one step. Nothing.

00:26:39--> 00:26:48

But if you want to explain that which cannot be explained, you end up stuck and you see things later on that harm you and harm others. I want to leave you with that because I think it's very important to colonial ability.

00:26:50--> 00:27:32

Know, some manner Ibrahim alayhis salam al Muslimeen who was America when Muslim yeah and on public Wi Fi haga Allah muslim man Aslam, Elijah hula man Aslan Amara hula man Cadila Amara Allah he will help him Allah hee hee hee hee ha you to hear Mullah Musa Illa haffi Kony him. Millennial, Allah Hemara to learn how to hook them in hakama who SubhanaHu wa? Goran Luuk I'm in LA he more Allah Allah will Kulu mahalo RT Allah subhanho wa Taala to Gaia was our Hebrew to her death in Latin America, Bashar cardio, no cardio in either for me cooling or more than SW propharma With alila quilici

00:27:34--> 00:27:34


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Columbian Amara hula who subhanho wa Taala Oh, Dr. Donna hula hula hula Leah woman Allah Yeah, and you came out of Sofia then my job

00:27:46--> 00:27:48

well done.

00:27:49--> 00:27:55

Well done robinus no young buddy Nemo sleep at night. Early Nursey find what I knew her when

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it will be him well how does that the unknown kind of oh how does that go? Button man had a lady yesterday you're on your food and and your color and shade in hospital in Nursey Oh, and by Hilton Kony and Uber lawyer who had a Illa they kind of look at her. Oh about an

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Uber 10 men who fell academic in La mia Cooney law. Firm sickly cernak burm sickly cernak Slim Warjack alila Mojave and help Carla how you how you

00:28:28--> 00:28:33

are all doing hola where you can live. Hola Hola. Hola. Hola, Amma duniya for

00:28:34--> 00:28:52

free but don't be nasty. Oh um, for injured workers in man who work menial Cal Abel hija y medulla and Harlem 10s will pick whether you'd like to do their own moolah that I do direct Macedonian Walla Walla Walla Walla, che

00:28:54--> 00:29:38

Lucia in halacha hola hola. hoga de Bourgh Angela riot Bennett bell when you sell him to sell them with us mark Muslim who sell the moolah. Hey, subhana wa Taala few Emery. I hope that was a benefit to you while I'm waiting Allah Am I gonna be Emmeline Aleem INFICON in hola hola Mila Iike who use a Luna and an EB yeah you un Levine Manuel Solu Ali he was suddenly moved as Lena Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad and voila early Mohamed can also later Allah Ibrahim Isla early Ibrahim, why barichara Mohamed sinuata Ali Mohamed Kamau Bell like Dinah Ibrahim Ibrahim Phil Isla Mina in NACA hamidou Majeed, what are the Allahu Allah Allahu Allah for us? That Ilona for the battle? Well, Amara, man

00:29:38--> 00:29:59

or Wiley, what are the Allahu manners? Where'd you hear Maha didn't what meaning are an early HIPAA up and upon hitting on Sahaba to hill or in Miami Juanita been in a woman TBR home BSN in Isla yo midday Dean. Why not? Rama Tikka Otto hamara he mean Allahu mellifera Luna Muslim you know what a Muslim not well, meaning me not Allah. Yeah, even whom well I'm worse. Allahumma

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mean, when I finished school Ruben in Nakuru been Wodify alum and in Mother mean, what a very important man in love Lulu mean Washington Dima Anna oedema and Muslimeen Wi Fi mobile tele Anna tele Muslimeen wash female la now I'm out of London with Selenium water Hama mwah mwah and a Muslim in my TKL Hama Rahimi half if I had any more Fabi Musa home era but I mean Allah Who Mailed I'm also the one and no more obviously in different MSgt la cosa what are the WHO Elena philology the local Riviera

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Marina Alico Edo de Nicola then Janila What about Allah You know, I'm in Zulu Minato but but here now you have been adjusted and Maru wanna Garlic Garlic Allah whom maybe I Z's whatever, how will

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the Allah in Allah haohmaru Bill Cerny, what he is he went hunting Pasha, he was among CareerBuilder yellow Kamala come to the karoun in sha Allah tomorrow at 515 we have a town hall, it marks the one year anniversary of opening this place. He started on February 10 of 2022. And tomorrow is February 18, of 2023. Everyone here is invited to come and attend. Ask your questions, roast us if you want to. You can criticize us whatever you want to do, let us know how we're doing and allow us inshallah to grow with you. So please, if you have time tomorrow and I know it's a Saturday and the sun's out, but please come and attend and participate with us and contribute you're not going to look here.

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Okay, masala