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The struggles of Islam's youthful and popular generation continue to be a topic of discussion, including struggles with graduation and the importance of proper tuning and adjustment for success. Success stories and struggles with getting married are also discussed, along with the use of body parts for political and political goals. The success of graduation is emphasized, along with the importance of aiming high for one's children and not just for one's own sake. The success of working with children is also discussed, along with the importance of learning and practicing to achieve goals.

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in Al Hamdulillah Muhammad Hornstein who want to stop futile when oh two Billa human solely unforeseen ailments are Medina Maya de la HuFa model de la woma Yulin fella hottie Allah, wa shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa doko la sharika wash I do anna Muhammad and Abu rasuluh Yeah, you hola Xena Armando topple la haka to karate he went out on tomo tuna Illa one two Muslim moon. Yeah you Halina I'm gonna talk Allah ha Kulu Conan said either use the Halacha Arma Hola, como la comida? No boom when my youth are in la hora Sula, who forgot the FISA Fosun Alima. About for in Astrakhan Hadith the Kitab Allah wa Sen. How do you how do you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon more

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data to her? Well, coulomb desert in Vida Wakulla with our timber Allah will call in for now, Brother and Sisters in Islam. Today we're talking about Lulu and Hema. We're talking about aiming high. And part of the reason behind that is when you talk to our youth, you see that their aspirations for lack of a better term, they need some kind of fine tuning or adjustment. And they range from just simple, pure materialism, to things that are insignificant to things that bring no benefit to the Ummah to just popularity and fame and fortune and so on and so forth.

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We have the excellent guideline in the teachings of a Nabi SallAllahu Sallam nearly to the top Iranian Muhammad Allah the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. On his return from one of his journeys, he stopped by a place of belongs to a Bedouin in the desert, and the man hosted them and he honored them. So when they were about to leave and Nabi SallAllahu Sallam tells him either tell Medina Frattini and if you ever happen to come by to Medina, then make sure you come and visit me. So these past and the Bedouin came into the city of Medina and he stayed with the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam for a while, and then when he wanted to leave and Nabi SallAllahu Sallam told him suddenly

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he asked me for whatever it is, you want ask me for anything. So, and we know the advantage that this man can take here and Nabi SallAllahu Sallam his dua

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A Mr. Job is responded to and accepted. And he could have asked for an agenda or to ask for the process that will allow will enter him into agenda and so many other things. You could have asked for shahada he could have asked for so many things, but the man says as a Luca button, or Kabuga I asked you for a riding animal that I can write

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was a Luca Calvin Yehovah anime and for a dog to watch over my my goats and my sheep was a Luca geraten duck Dima Ali, and I asked you for a servant girl so she can serve my wife. So when Nabi SallAllahu Sallam tells him I just and takuna ka jusy Bani Israel, where you will not able to be like the old lady from Bani Israel Eve from the children of Israel. So the companion asked, Who is this old lady from Venezuela? And the Prophet Selim explains to them, when Musa alayhis salam wanted to depart with his people wanted to leave the area with his people. They said use of it salaam the Prophet Yusuf ordered us not to live here unless we take him on it. We take his body with us. So he

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asked them, then where is the grave of use of you and he will take his body with us just show us his grave. They said no one knows it except for this old lady. So they went and brought her and moose Ali salaam asked her where's the grave of use of Ali Salah. So we can take him with us and we live in this area. She says Wallahi I will not show it to you until you give me what I asked for.

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And the reason I said lamb, he says are most of them. So what do you want? She said, an erotica, Phil, Jana and erotica, Phil Jana, that I am with you in Virginia, and your level of gin on the Day of Judgment. So in Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam is telling this man, you could have asked for so many things. You asked for a dog and a servant and a donkey or some kind of riding animal. He's teaching him to aim high to ask for something greater than that.

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Also narrated by Giovanni from Ignite busca de la han Hama, and Nabi SallAllahu. sallam said in Allaha, you Hibou ma allele OMO in Allah, your head boom, Omar, the Allah Subhana Allah loves the highest and the best of all affairs. And what's beautiful here is that it's not putting down the dunya it's not putting down business it's not putting down athleticism or sports. Allah subhanaw taala loves the highest and best of everything a little more general.

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You understood the scholar said yeah, I need your help. Boom in coalition Allah. Allah loves the highest and the best of everything that you do your best. whatever field you're in, obviously, so long as it's Hydra. Then we are Cracow, CIF, Safa, and Allah dislikes, the lowest things, things that are unworthy and things of no benefit. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala tells the believers in the Quran for stomach will higher rot, you race and compete for the good things for the good deeds.

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In okay Mohamed Salah, the scholar he says well, I've had the edge ma lokala who coolly uma that the all the wise and those who have the same of every nation have agreed on this one issue. And naman Arada Raha Tora kar raha woman, Allah the name Tala can name whoever wants to rest, he leaves resting meaning for now, you leave it aside.

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And you can test if you have any children, you can test them on this issue. Most of the youth, and we noticed this many years ago, and then we read a study on it. Most of the youth believed that they're going to become multimillionaires when they grew up. Most of them have this belief if you don't, and interact with youth, either look at the study or just interact with youth. Most of them have that belief that they're going to be millionaires. They talk about their Ferraris and Lamborghinis now, and their mansions now. But look at their worth work ethic. Just have them just move chairs, and they will stop moaning and complaining or suddenly they slip away. No work ethic

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don't they don't want to work hard. Because of a few success stories. This guy from YouTube became a billionaire overnight for doing dumb videos, which are those kinds of things and everyone thinks I'll just go on that path. But most people have most nations know that if you want to rest you live rest for now. Yeah, I know you work hard now. You rest later.

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And whoever wants name, luxury and ease now, you have to leave it for now. And you'll get it later. You don't just get by

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Both these few success stories they're few and far between.

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But everyone thinks they're going to emulate that success story.

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Then he says we're gonna mokaba Till World War Two humble mashup. Behat de ma al Omar, he's saying that withstanding calamities and dealing with these difficult difficulties. That's how you get married and are more that were mentioned in the Hadith, the highest and the best of all affairs.

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in Sahih, Al Bukhari individual Salam, even in dua is teaching us that to aim for what's highest, he said, sallallahu alayhi salam is the ultimate Allah Hello Jana first Allah will for those who Allah Allah. If you ask Allah azza wa jal for a Jana ask him for and for those who are Allah, which is the highest level

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no one asked to be in the lowest level no one has to be Allah make me that guy in the Hadith who was the last one to come out of the hellfire and go to Jana, everyone who asked for the highest then the Prophet Lim describes he says because it's the highest level of agenda and it's the middle of agenda. So the scholar said how can it be the highest and the middle and they described that URL Jana it's it's an older gentleman, they're curved like this like a semi circle. So the middle of the semicircle will also be the highest point. So they said it is navy so I said them said it is the highest of a Jana and it's also the middle of a Jana and its ceiling is also Rama and the throne of

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ramen and from it all the rivers of a Jana flow. So he's saying even when you're putting your hands up and asking Allah azza wa jal aim high ask for the highest level.

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So aiming high and the DA will also see this in the Quran.

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The DA would you Anil Muto. mustafina. Imamo, not what you're in the middle of talking in don't make me from the righteous, but make me from the right the leaders of the righteous make me an imam for the righteous a role model for the righteous. Ahmed Abdul Aziz Allahu Anhu. And he's considered the number five of the right leg guy that qualified even though he was about number 13 In order or so, but he has to consider him the fifth rightly guided helluva he says in any enough sun to welcome He says, My My neffs my soul or myself is always is very ambitious and is always aspiring and aiming high. He said, tough, but Ill Imara Fenella I desired Imara to be a journey. Like because he became

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governor before he was the Khalifa and he wanted to become governor. He didn't want to become Khalif by saying when I wanted leadership, I got it.

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And then when he when I wanted the Khilafah I got it as well. He says now to know look at how he is aiming higher and higher. What is higher than the highest office in the land at this point? He says now my nefs is desiring a Jana. We're our job is Neela heater Allah and Allah Allah

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and I hope with the permission of Allah azza wa jal that I will attain that. Another example of aiming high is the famous and well known story of Abner Abbas for the law on Houma, who says that he had a boy who was one of his friends when they were young boys. And I told him let's go and sit and study and learn the knowledge of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the other young man belittle that he said, Who's going to look at you? We have Abubaker we have Omar who have with my oldest companions are alive, who is gonna care about you, and what you learn. And then when years passed, if not bus was a scholar, even a scholar amongst the companions, and amongst the older companions,

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and the difference between him and the other young man, is that ignite bustle of the law? I know my heat aimed high, he had aspirations. A cola cola was tougher. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola, como Jimmy? No, don't look for stuff through fire hose or Mr Vereen? Ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness indeed. Those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hill Amin what early he was a heavy hitter Jemaine and my bad I'm gonna be a tabula on who he used to say in Nila Accra who and other an hour Raja Sabha halala he says I dislike I hate seeing a man who's just Sebata Yanni not achieving anything in his Deen neither in his Deen nor in his dunya is content with whatever low level thing it is that he's doing. Omar used to say, I hate seeing so

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Someone like that. He's not working hard for his Deen not working hard for his dunya. And one of the most important things we can do is aim high for our children. Aim high for our children. And when they aim high for themselves, don't tear them down. Many times, we're experts at telling each other, why we won't succeed at doing something. And anyone in the world can tell you why something won't work, why a business idea won't work, but few people are smart enough to tell you how to make it work. So don't be one of those who put people down when they have a brilliant idea. Or they have some kind of high aspirations. As we saw in the story of of nobis with Allah on.

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The other thing is, you can also guide their them to aim high. And this is the example. And it's an excellent example. The example of Imam Malik Rahim Allah when he was a young boy, he had no interest in knowledge, and he wants to become a singer. And what do you do if you're a singer, you spend your time singing and writing lyrics and writing instruments and hanging out with singers. And she wanted to give him something better to aim for. But she there's some very brilliant things she did here. The first thing is, she didn't try to critique what he's doing. Because as psychologists explain, actions are linked to goals. All right. So if someone is plotted his goal is to become a soccer

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player. Then what would his actions be? watching soccer, playing soccer, talking about soccer, everything soccer, his actions are linked to his goals. So you can't nag him, stop watching soccer, stop playing soccer stop looking at soccer. You can't tell him that. Because his actions won't change. The only way to get him to stop if that were the case, it would be to change his goals. Because actions are linked to goals. If you change his goals, then his goals will now change or his actions will change to those that match that goal. So his mother didn't nag him stop singing, stop writing. Stop hanging with these people stop playing an instrument. She made him wish to become a

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scholar. And she did something else that was very intelligent. She dressed him up like a young scholar. Just like we do today with our children. We buy them the whole kit that has the doctor's thing that has the stethoscope and needles and syringes and the blood pressure machine and they go around the house taking people's blood pressure, or we buy them these needles kit that has handcuffs on a gun in a club and to go around clubbing people, we make them love certain professions. She made him dress up like a scholar she made him love the idea of studying his religion. And now we're talking about him hundreds of years or 1200 years later, because he became a Malik had to become a

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singer nobody would know his name right now in this room. So the idea is also you can help readjust your child's aims or your sibling or whoever it is just to have a better aim or higher aim then whatever it is they have at the moment.

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Without We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who hear the speech and follow the best of it. Allahumma anemone has harbored him I mean earlier, which I never know the next time I'm going to call of it to be own Sena. Allah whom I didn't have to hook on was open to Tibba what Arnold ball Tila Balton was looking at Shinobi Allahu Allah Jalla dunya Kabbalah Hamina whatever blogger Elmina whether it or not moc Rana Allahumma but over him they had the Hello machi I'm roasting you as if he were you Duffy, Marcia Murphy bill Maru, were you unhappy animal SML dua, also Lahoma robotic undergrowth Ratan Lala. Meanwhile, the early he was the hegemony in Hungary