Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-053C Question and Answers Aal-e-Imran 186-189 Tafsir 190

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of practice and learning about one's tests in avoiding feeling pride or pleasure. They also touch on the historical context of the Prophet sallua's recitation of the "will do" and he's the most important aspect of his teachings. The speakers emphasize the benefits of Subhanabod taala's creation of skies and the potential for gratitude and humility to be reflected on the "will do" and "will do" verses of the Prophet's teachings. They also mention the constant movement within the skies and how it affects people's mood and health.
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Okay, I see some questions which I would like to address in sha Allah. The first question is is it not allowed for those of them to have decrease in their Eman level or make mistakes? Will they be punished? Very good question. The thing is that as a human being of course, every person any no matter how much knowledge they have, they will make mistakes, right? The issue is not about making mistakes, the issue is about doing something wrong deliberately and not repenting. Okay. But the main thing is, that with greater knowledge comes a greater responsibility. You know, it is said that has sent Atul abroad. Seattle, MOCA, Rabin hasenhuttl abroad, the good deeds of the pious are

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actually Seattle, mocha Rabin sins of those who are very close to Allah, any what befits an average righteous person is very good for them does not be fit someone who is very close to Allah, they need to do even better. I hope you understand this concept that with knowledge comes greater responsibility. You know, for example, if a person has a lot of money, okay, a lot of money, and someone asks them for some charity, and they give 50 cents. Now, okay. 50 cents is something of value, all right. But does it benefit them that when they have so much money, they give only 50 cents? No, they should give at least five, at least $1, at least $50. When they have billions

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sitting with them, then what is expected of them is also more. But let's say there is another person who doesn't have much money. Let's say there's a high school child who just has, you know, some pocket money of his, he's got $5 left of his allowance. And from that he gives 50 cents. Well, that matters a lot. So at the end of the day, the action is the same. But depending on who is committing it, the sin or the reward will be greater. All right. So when there is a person of knowledge, with that knowledge comes greater responsibility. Like for example, you know, what it called with the Salah is right, what it means to establish prayer, right? So there is another person who does not

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know what it means to establish Salah. They just know we're supposed to pray. So they pray without thinking about anything. They just rush through their prayer. They don't even know what they're saying. Okay, but if you as someone who knows what it means to establish prayer, and how important this is, if you pray Salah like that, that you don't think about what you're saying at all. You're just rushing through your prayer, then this is something not okay, that last panel title guide us all. Exactly. They're held at a higher standard. Should we avoid Praising others? Very good question. When it comes to praising people, it is something good, but be careful about how you

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praise them. And when you praise them. Okay. For example, the prophets of Allah who are listening would praise people. But we also learn about how someone was praised in the presence of the prophets of Allah who already sent him and he said, You just broke his back. So be careful. You know, sometimes praise has a good effect on someone, they get motivated, they get better, they work harder. And then there are other people who when their praise, they just slow down, they just stop. So praise is good. But first of all in moderation, right? Secondly, it should be true praise. Don't make things up now. And and don't blow things out of proportion. And don't begin to, you know,

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praise the other person is if they are perfect, and 30. Be careful about when and how you praise them. Like for example, if you praise them in front of others, that may be very embarrassing for them, or it might ruin their intentions. Right. But if you praise them in private, you know, if you praise them in their absence, if you praise them just in front of their, you know loved ones, then that praise would be very beneficial. So it's okay to praise people, but we have to be careful about how and when and where all of these considerations should be there. But also don't be stingy with your praise. You know, especially when it comes to you know, children praising their effort praising

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their focus praising their work, this is good for them. Thank you for posting the DUA. Allahumma Jerilyn Hiram e mails are known welfare li mela Ayala Moon wala to ask kidney B Maya Kowloon that Allah made me better than what they think of me

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They think I'm a good person made me even better. They think that I have done such and such give me the ability to do even better. Forgive me for what they don't know. Right. They don't know about my sins they don't know about my shortcomings they don't know about where I've cut corners, where I am guilty. So Orla, you forgive me, and we'll have to ask me when my opponent Don't punish me for what they say meaning don't hold me accountable for this praise on the Day of Judgment, Dr. Abu Bakr al de la horn, if I remember correctly, in there all we can accept our sins and repent, right? Absolutely. And inshallah we'll talk more about that in the next few verses in sha Allah. Okay,

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shouldn't knowledge be shared when one is practicing it in the first place? Yes, a person should practice that knowledge and share it. That's the thing with knowledge comes the responsibility to practice it. And also the responsibility to convey it. Once a person knows that they cannot just sit with that knowledge and forget about it. This is a huge responsibility. If someone asks us a question, and we think we know the answer, but are not 100%. Sure. Is it better to stay silent at that moment? Yes. Or you can tell them what you are confident about? And what you're unsure of you also make that clear? Why did Allah give them the covenant if he knew that they were going to

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conceal the knowledge? Look, Allah subhanaw taala knows everything I write, and I've mentioned this before, that Allah only gives reward or punishment when people act. Okay? So when they were given this covenant, they were made to take this covenant, they had a huge opportunity, yes, with this came a responsibility, but also a huge privilege, if they fulfill this covenant, than what reward what they get all the people who follow them, all the people who would act upon that knowledge, then they would get a share of that reward. Right? So when Allah subhanaw taala, took this covenant, it wasn't to deliberately put them in the direction of, you know, breaking the covenant and then ending

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up its own Watson. This thinking is actually called Iblis. See here, because shaytaan did that shaitan blamed Allah, that you misled me, you told me to do something you knew I wasn't going to do. And now that I have not done it, I am the bad guy. So we don't blame things on Allah's knowledge. Okay, Allah subhanaw taala already knows. And he will put us in different situations where he will test us with certain privileges, opportunities and responsibilities, and depending on what we do, all right, we are given our reward or punishment. So, those among them who fulfill this covenant, their reward is huge. And those who did not, their sin is also huge.

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All right, and how do we maintain our southern when we are at our weakest? Very good question, you see, Sublett is off different levels, the bare minimum level is to not get upset with Allah to accept it as Allah's decree, and not get upset with Allah. All right, and to do what you are required to do the bare minimum. So for example, you are tested with illness, for instance, okay, you are physically hurting. And in that illness now, you don't get upset with Allah, that I had just recovered, and now I'm sick again. And this illness is not going away. You Hello, why? You don't get upset with Allah, you say it'll lead to Allah, I am pleased with Allah's decree. All right. And then

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secondly, you do what you are still required to do. Where you know for example, when it's time to pray, you pray, you don't leave your prayers because of your illness. You pray however that you can if you can pray standing you pray standing you're not able to pretend that you pray sitting you cannot pray sitting you pray lying down. Alright? This is also sub than a greater level of salaries that in that illness, you strive to figure out what is with your health and how you can improve it. You know, for example, if you're not feeling well, and you've got fever, you just want to stay in bed. And if you're in bed, you're just you know, accepting it as Allah's decree and you are not

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upset with Allah, okay? But somehow you need to muster up the strength to get to the kitchen, get yourself you know, some soup, something that your body needs to help you recover, to help you get better, and inshallah when you get better, then you need to do something to strengthen your immunity to improve your health. So for example, you start exercising on a regular basis, you start going out for walks every day, that is also sober. So

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There are levels of cyber. All right? What about those who are Muslims and have a good life? Very good question in sha Allah, there are verses coming up, in which we will talk about that. But you see, sometimes we think from the outside that someone is living a very good life. And we don't know about the kinds of tests that they are in. All right, everyone is tested, some people are tested more severely than others. And some people tests are different from the tests of other people, everyone is tested in a different way. But it does happen with a believer also that they are not tested very severely in the world. Okay. So inshallah we will learn about that in the upcoming

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verses. Living in ease is also a trial. Are we grateful for our blessings or not? Yes, their trial is how they respond to good life. Good.

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How can we convey knowledge to someone other than us like a parent who may be who may say something that could be statement of Kufa, you can either tell them at a time when they're not angry when they're not upset when they're not emotionally charged? Or you can tell them in a calm way when they say something that is wrong. Any you also have to be careful about when and how you inform others people around you doing wrong and okay with that? What should we do as a student of Quran you tell them what you know? Okay, and tell them in the best way that you can? Just because Allah knows the future doesn't mean we don't have the free will take action if I understand correctly, yes. You have

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understood correctly 100 Allah, if we have a desire of a little praise for doing good in the family, is that wrong? Look, the intention should never be seeking praise from people. Okay. This is Maria and Tamara, react that people should see me, Samira. They should talk about me and you know, then others should hear about me, this is wrong. Of course, you want people to think good of you. But that should not become your goal. Because if your goal becomes to please people, then that is a very dangerous way of living life. It removes sincerity. What if we get was was to become upset? How do we overcome this constant was was from shaitan, which is aimed at turning us against a car with a

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Billa car with a villa and repeat statements that affirm your contentment with Allah. Like for example, you say it'll lead to Billa Hiraga. Say it out loud for the Taboola Europa. I am pleased with Allah as my Lord. Alright, and seek refuge with Allah against shaytaan or br or to become in Hamza to Shayateen who are all to become a big hello don't say it out loud. Or ber or the becoming hamazon shouting Oh my Lord, I seek your refuge from the hammers at the poking of shaitan what are all the we call up the drone and I seek refuge with you less chirping even be present with me any Oh Allah keep them away from me. Don't let them put any was assigned me. I don't want any shaitan

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around Oh Allah you protect me. Okay. In Nephele hudec is sama wa T will indeed in the creation of the skies and the earth. Walk the leveleleven know how and in the difference between the night and the de la Yatta. Little Al Bab surely are signs for possessors of deep understanding. From here, the last verses of solid Alia Imran begin and these verses were very dear to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam they were so dear to him that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would recite them on Waking up at the Hadith, even before he got up from his bed and before he made will do we learn in a hadith that even our best for the Allahu Anhu reported how he spent the night in the

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house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he mentioned that in the night when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam woke up he recited these verses. And there's different narrations of this hadith, and some of the mentioned how he recited them before making will do and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited these verses in the night and he when he woke up for the 100 in order to worship Allah. And we also learned another Hadith even though there is some weakness in the narration, but many more had detained do accept it. I shall dwell more on her reported that how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam woke up one night and he said oh, I shall

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let me worship my Lord. And she said by Allah, I love you to be with me, but I also love what pleases you. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam got up and he prepared himself for Salah and he began praying, and in his salah, he wept a lot. So much saw that she described that his beard became wet with his tears and he there were tears constantly rolling down his eyes, making his beard wet, and even the ground on

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which he was making such that even that part became wet with his tears. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam remained in worship until Bilal came in order to make the Athan for Fajr. And when he met the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and saw him crying, he said, O Messenger of Allah, you cry, while Allah has forgiven all of your past and future sins, you cry, when ALLAH has forgiven you completely. And the prophets of Allah who already was salam said, Shall I not be a grateful servant? While Allah has revealed upon me these verses in the night? He think about it when we cry, we cry because of our pain, right? Because we desperately want things to change, and that's fine.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he cried, not because his family was hungry, not because so many of his loved ones he had lost. He was crying at this time out of sugar out of gratefulness. He was so happy he was so grateful for these verses that were revealed on him and these are the last verses of Surah, Allah Amman, that he was crying constantly because of these ayat. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said water, the one who reads them, but does not reflect on them. So these verses are such that should inspire gratitude in us and humility, and they should encourage us to worship Allah subhanaw taala even more. And as we learned, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said what are the one who reads them, but does not reflect on them. So we must reflect on these verses. And reflecting on these verses means that we pay attention to everything that is being stated here. And we relate that with our lives, we think about what Allah subhanaw taala is saying, and when we do that, then we will feel grateful, then we will feel a closeness to Allah or zoologia. So let us study these verses with the intention to reflect upon them. Allah subhanaw taala says in Nephin hulky, Samoa T will, indeed in the creation of the skies and be Earth, walk the leveleleven the heart. And in the alternation, the difference between the succession of the night and the day,

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late at little Al Bab surely are Signs for those of understanding our Lord the exalted makes an emphatic statement over here, in indeed, interview halacha Samoa to, indeed in the creation of the skies in the earth, anyhow, Allah subhanaw taala has created the skies and the earth in the way that he has created them with so much beauty and in how he has created them with strength in it. This is a solid creation, not a frail, a construction that is falling apart, know how Allah subhanaw taala has created the skies and the earth with so much strength with so much perfection. And in a few healthy summer, what you will also how Allah subhanaw taala has created them with so many benefits,

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and eat, they're so useful. They're so beneficial, and they have a purpose. In a few helpers summer, what you will have any anything that you look at, in the sky in the earth, whether it is big, or it is small, every feature every part of everything. It has some kind of function, right? It serves a purpose. It has some kind of benefit. There's a reason why Allah subhanaw taala made it the way that he made it in a few helpless Samoa people. So in terms of beauty, in terms of strength, perfection, in terms of the benefits, the usefulness, and also think about how vast the skies and the earth are, any how expensive the sky is. And look at the fact that Allah subhanaw taala created them, he he

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brought them into existence when they were not there. And look at the nature of each anyhow, Allah subhanaw taala has created the sky, he apparently the sky is what it's empty in it's just space. But we know that it's not just space, it's not just empty, there is some kind of force, right? And then not just the sky that we see above us but all of the sky that we know off meaning space, any how it is constantly expanding and changing. And there's such massive things that Allah subhanaw taala has put within them and so much energy and light and force Subhanallah any when you look at any image of the galaxy or any image of space, it's beautiful, and it's frightening at the same time. In a few

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Mr. Wealthy will up. All of it appears to be still. But we know that it's not still, right, because light is what it's constantly moving. And there's constant movement within the skies. And if you look at the lowest sky, what we see, he constantly its appearance is changing. Right at one point you see clear blue sky. And another point, you see a sky that is filled with clouds, and then the clouds also their shape changes, their thickness changes. Sometimes it's just overcast, sometimes the clouds bring rain, sometimes they bring snow, sometimes there's freezing rain, any constant change SubhanAllah. And at different times of the day, different times of the night, you see, the

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color is also changing, right? And then what we see in the sky, you know, the moon, for example, its size changes, right, the positioning of the stars, that changes in a few Hocus Samoa, T will all during the day, you see the position of the sun also changing. So in a few Hulka summer, what you will, indeed in the creation of the skies and the earth, walk the laugh and lelee one Aha. And in the alternation, the difference between the night and the day. If the love means two things, it means difference when two things differ from one another. And if the love also means succession, anyone one thing leaves and the other comes, right and then it goes and then the first one comes

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back. So alternation, any one being replaced by the other, and the cycle constantly continuing, this is if the love. So the if the love of the night, and the day is what it is that first of all, the night and the day are so different from one another. Right? The night is dark, the day is bright. And the difference is not just in their appearance, the difference is also in the impact that they have on us, right? I mean, the darkness causes us to feel sleepy, right? The brightness of the day causes us to feel awake, and when it is constantly dark, then we know that it affects the mood of people as well. So what the leveleleven know what the difference between the night and the day, and

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the difference is also in their duration, right? Sometimes the night is long and the day is short, or the opposite. The night is short, and the day is very long. So difference in their duration. And if the laugh also means succession, right meaning alternation, that one goes in the other comes. And this is how the nature of the night and the days, that one goals and the other comes. And their lengths also vary throughout the year. In fact, the variation of their length throughout the year, that is also constantly rotating. Right? I mean, in the summer, you have longer days, shorter nights. In the winter, you have longer nights, shorter days, and the cycle is constant. So what 11

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Layli wonder hmm, and the differences also in their temperatures. Sometimes we see how the night is cooled the day is warm. So in all of this law yet elite will Alba surely are signs for possessors of deep understanding in Surah hadith is number six Allah subhanaw taala says you really do lay enough in the house where you really do know how to filet It is he who causes the night to enter the day and Allah causes the day to enter the night who need this constant change that is happening. It is Allah subhanaw taala he is bringing that about for you in South Africa and I have 47 Allah's Pantera says well who Allah the journal hola como Laila Lieberson when no muscle baton were darlin Nihon new

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Shura that it is He Who has made the night for you like a garment and he the night completely covers you completely shrouds you, and then when no muscle baton and he has made the sleep as a rest for you, and withdrawal and mahalo new Shula and he has made the day a resurrection, and he you come back alive in the day. So in all of that are Signs for those of understanding. And Allah subhanaw taala says and so it's there yet I number 20 that will fill all the iron to little morclean in that in the earth are Signs for those who are certain, and he the way that Allah subhanaw taala has created the earth and the changes that constantly happen on the earth. There are signs for people

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who have understanding in spirit no higher 19 and 20. Allah's percentile dimensions will Allahu Jharna Lacan will either be south or Lita slow Coleman has sabula and fija. And Allah has made for you the earth and expanse that you may follow there in

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roads of passage, and he has made the earth such that it's expansive. It's huge before you it's laid out before you and you're able to travel, you're able to make way from one place to the other. And the way that Allah subhanaw taala has made the earth and he's so perfect for the fulfillment of our needs, that we're able to live here. We don't have to go elsewhere outside of the Earth in order to bring our sustenance, know everything we need, from our food to our medicine to things that we know off that we actively seek and then things that we also don't know of any Allah subhanaw taala has put all have our needs in the earth. So how caring is Allah? How merciful is Allah? And how great is

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His power, and how many are his favorites. So in all of this are a yard signs of what signs of any evidences of the creator of His favours of his power of His mercy. You see earlier, we learned that there are people who say that Allah is fatigued. So this idea is negating those people who dare to say that Allah is poor, Allah subhanaw taala makes clear to us who he is that He is the One who created the skies in the earth. He is the one who has made the night and the day, so different, and he is the one who brings them in succession in alternation, one after the other. But all of these signs and evidences are only going to benefit who li lil Al Bab, for ones who possess the

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intellects. Al Bab is the plural of Loeb, and Loeb is alkyl. Intellect, basically, lobe is the main part of something that is hidden within it. You know, for example, when you appeal a fruit, right, the peel is not the goal, it's what is inside. That is the goal, right? And especially when it comes to certain nuts, they're hidden inside of a case. So the casing, the cover is not the goal. That's not what you're going to eat. It's what is inside, that you're going for. So this is lobe, the middle part of something, the real part of something. And what makes a person a human being distinct and special from the rest of the creatures is the lobe, the Arkell the intellect that Allah subhanaw

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taala has given them right. So it is only the people who have deep understanding people who have intellect, meaning who will use their intellect who will use their mind, who will benefit from all of these signs. They're the ones who will observe them. They're the ones who will reflect on them. They're the ones who will come to the right conclusion. And they're the ones who believe in Allah inserter Jatha is number three, Allah subhanaw taala says enough is somehow worth he will allele at a little more meaning indeed in the skies and the earth are surely Signs for those who believe he the signs are there, but it is only those who believe who will benefit from these signs. The IATA

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little Al Bab

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