Kamal El-Mekki – A Glimpse of Paradise

Kamal El-Mekki
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a shadow one my daughter Rasool.

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A shadow

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my daughter Rasul.

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How you?

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In Al Hamdulillah nama do who wanna start you know who wanna start federal. When Oh, the biller him in Florida unfortunately may say they are Marlena Mejia de la who Fela Melinda warmer yield the little fella had yella was shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de who la sharika wash hadoo ana Muhammadan Abu Hora solo Yeah, you had the Dean Amana taco la haka, Ducati y La Tomatina. Illa one two Muslim moon. Yeah, you have livina Armand otaku la Hawa Kulu Conan sadita Useless glaucoma, Docomo, Lacan Vinoba come one Miota Allah wa Rasulullah who forgot the fossa Fosun Alima and my bad furnace dokkan Hadith the Kitab Allah wa Sen al Hadi Hadiya Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are

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shorter, more data to her or coulomb data in beta we'll call a bit attend bodalla. We'll call it out in for now. Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Today our hotbar is a glimpse of paradise. We're going to be looking at some of the descriptions of Al Jana that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in Surah Al Insan, also known as surah. A dark and soulful in son primarily focuses on descriptions of agenda, verse four mentions a brief into the punishments of the people of the Hellfire. And then the rest of the syrup more or less focuses on the different types of pleasures and enjoyment in agenda. And we'll start with verse number five in verse number five Allah azza wa jal says Bernardo bIllahi min

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ash shaytani R rajim. In a bra Yes, Rabu and I'm in Sing Karna Mirza Juha cafetera Allah azza wa jal says indeed the Abrar the Abrar This is plural of bar or bar as well. And it's just like you can say no Haroon and how you can say Barone abroad. So the Abrar are the ones who are those who are do much good good deeds or a lot of good neighbor who Kathy Rota, okay here they are a little hair, they do a lot of good and that's why it is also in the Quran, one of the descriptions of Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, in hoo hoo and Rahim because he does so much good for His servants of Chanukah Allah He referred to himself as L bar. So the bar or the bar there it's the

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individual that is obedient to Allah subhanaw taala the individual that does a lot of good so these righteous people in an Abrar Yash Dragoon em in sin they drink from a curse and

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a number of things about that the first is that

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any any vessel that contains something in it is a cat's so it wouldn't be if it's empty you don't refer to it as cats. And

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then what's interesting is some of them have a serene said whenever you see cuts in the Quran, so in the language, any vessel that's filled would be or a cup that's filled would be a curse, but they said

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In the Quran, the word cats almost always refers to a cup of wine and they sight even in the language of the Arabs Yanni you never hear ever in the language for to be can see Leben OB cats in Lebanon. You don't see that. So cats always refers to wine especially in the Quran, you would say Kedah for 11 or milk. So Allah Subhana Allah says they drink from this cup of wine that is mixed kinda Misa Juha Musa jet it was mixed with Carrefour which in English is camphor and camphor is that substance those of you who have ever watched a dead body you use camphor and it is from the mint family. It has this minty cooling taste to it. And the Arabs they used to mix things mix different

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flavors with their wine. So why did Allah subhanaw taala mention one immediately here.

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And Allah as we didn't mentioned wine because the Arabs used to love wine very much, and from the stories that indicate how much they used to love wine. During the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam a man by the name of known as Al Asha. He was interested in becoming Muslim. And so the Qureshi they tried to deter him from becoming Muslim. So they said, He will make Zina haram for you. He said, I have no need for Xena and if I did, my body can handle it for Carlos Raja Kabir. He can handle it. So then they tried to determine they said he will make wine haram for you. He said, As for this, I find that difficult, but he still wants to become Muslim. So he said, I'm going to

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return home, I have a lot of wine. I'm going to spend this year drinking as much as I can from one and enjoying it as much as possible. And then next year, I'll become and become Muslim. And then he went and he died that same year, he never became Muslim. But the point of the story shows you how much the Arabs used to love wine. So Allah Subhana Allah is telling them that you're going to have wine and it's also going to be mixed with a flavor and that is this coolly cool or minty flavor of the camphor. And Yeshua boon. Type, next verse, Allah Subhana Allah says, I in a year shrub will be able to Allah He you fed Giroux, Anna heart of JIRA, Allah Subhana Allah says align here's a spring

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this spring that the servants of Allah drink from and so this move has sittin said the camphor comes from this spring and they describe that your house in a Jana is gigantic. It is like 60 miles just inside the house. And so every time you want to drink you would press down with your foot on the ground and a spring would show up. And you would drink from this spring and it will continue to pour and it beautifies your house it's like when you go to someone's home and they have a nice fountain in the garden or a fountain somewhere. So every time you press down to drink, your house becomes more beautiful and you have this beautiful spring that is flowing beautifully in your home. So the

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servants of Allah they will drink or they will get their camphor from this spring. Every time they want they will press down and they have complete control of it you for JIRA and a high def Jira, and they will mix that with their wine and they will enjoy that flavor with their wine.

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And or other said that abroad drink from the wine mixed with the camphor. But an mokara boon those who are closer to Allah they drink directly from the spring. And Allah subhanaw taala says yes shrub will be her not your shrub woman, her or your shrub. Whoo ha. Because if they drank it, it would indicate that all of it finished. But nothing finishes an agenda. Resources don't end an agenda. And that's why it can keep flowing and it will just make the house look good. But in this dunya no matter how wealthy you are, you will never visit a millionaire who has a shower always running in case his highness wants to step under it when he feels like taking a shower. Because on Earth

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resources are limited but in agenda there is no limit to the resources.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says

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and we're going to skip to what they did because we want to keep the hotbar about descriptions of agenda so they're drinking wine in a Jana mixed with camphor from the springs that they can cause the sprite sprout anywhere in their house, which is our home be Masamoto. Janet on what harira Allah subhanaw taala says in verse 12, and their reward will be paradise and silk garments because they were patient, they ma sabato. And then in the next verse, Allah azza wa jal says describes muda ke Nephi her Island ik ly or on a visa shum sung Wallers M. harira their reclined

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meaning on a raw IQ or plural oval Rica, which some of us sitting said it's beds other said it's magnificent thrones that they're upon. And they're reclining on these Thrones or on these beds lie around Effie ha in this Jana they don't feel or experience chanson what are some harira Assam harir is bitter cold. So Allah azza wa jal is saying they don't experience heat and they don't experience cold but Allah subhanaw taala didn't say heat he said sun because that is the source of the heat. So when we learn the source of the heat isn't there so there is no heat to there is no sun and there is no moon in a Jana and there is no need to count the days on why would you try to count the days if

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you live for all eternity May Allah grant us that

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we're done yet an alley him with Louisa with to lead up to for her to the Leela WADA Nia at an early him Villa aloha and the shades thereof will be close upon them by if there is no sun was their shade. And this the scholar said this is for to name showing more luxury just like on earth when you see a beautiful shade that you would maybe have a picnic or take a nap under it. That shade invites that relaxed feeling. So even though there is no sun there is still shade, which invites that feeling when you let go to for her to Lila and it's bunches of fruit and cut off the bunches of fruit have been made to hang low within reach and we see this and other places we see it in sorta

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ramen. We're gentle Jana teeny done and the fruit of the two Gardens will be near at hand Dan close photo for her Danny and Surah Al haka. So Allah Subhana Allah says, and his branches will be made or its fruit will be made the hanging low so you can reach it without having to stretch or to get on your toes. Qatada Mufasa Rahim Allah, He said, also he added something beautiful, he said also, there will be no Thorn or distant to repel the hand away from the fruit. Because when you start to reach and if there thorns, you pull your hand back, but there is nothing that will delay your hand from reaching that fruit. You don't have to stretch you don't have to put effort and you don't have

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to be weary of thorns or anything else.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, you will talk for either you him be any team in football, where you will tough just like tawaf. So here Allah azza wa jal is talking about the servants of a Jana, and they're constantly around you. What's the difference between constantly being around you versus servants that are in their quarters, you have to ring for them. Then they come and ask you what you want. Then you tell them what drink to go get them to go retrieve the drink, you have to wait been agenda, they're always making tough around you. The servants are always coming and going with trays so you don't have to wait. You don't have to call you just reach and you drink. And when

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you drink in a Jana, you only drink out of sheer enjoyment. You're not drinking to hydrate, you're not drinking because you feel thirsty. Because after you drink from the pool of the prophets of Allah salaam, you don't feel thirsty again. So you're only drinking out of sheer enjoyment because of how amazing it tastes. So the servants are walking around with these magnificent drinks constantly be Ania team in football with vessels of silver which is forbidden for us in this world. But in the Sahara, these are drinks in agenda were acquired in Canada, our era Allah subhanaw taala says and cups that were of glass but then you see the word as you reading kobori era and then the

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next verse starts with Korea again. Because Allah subhanaw taala saying that these were cups, but he you don't don't think that it's the glass cups that they used to know kawaii ramen filled but in Kedah roja taka the euro, but these are cups of silver. Something that we have never seen a metal that is see through and clear. This is the silver of a Jana that the cups will be made of a metal but it looks transparent and see through a Dharohar Takamura they measure that accurately. What does that mean? Some of them have a serene said that means that the the amount is perfect, just like how here in the dunya sometimes you order a drink and you finish what you need just a little bit more to

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complete your satisfaction with it. You just need a little bit more and another glass will be too much. Or sometimes you get the huge gulf and you finish and you get your film but there's still a little bit left.

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And so it's a bit too much for you now you feel guilty dumping it out. So

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Oh, then the one tafsir says the amount is the perfect amount exactly what you need. Not a little bit more not a little bit yes less than the other tafsir set a Dharohar doklady Raya Annie. The taste is absolutely measured to your desire. It is not too sweet. It is not too salty, it is not too sour it is not too cold or too warm or too hot. It is perfectly how you would personally would like it to be color ReRAM and Flipbelt in kadavu Ha Khedira where you scone a fee, Kitson can Amissah Juha Zan, JB Isla, and then there'll be given a curse which we said is a glass of wine, this time Ms. Juha Zan, JB ILA, which is ginger. And so now we have a turn where we have the cool minty drink.

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And now we have a more zingy or zesty kind of drink. And then JB some of you have tried it, and you found it to be a very unpleasant experience when you drink pure ginger. But Allah subhanaw taala gives a clue in the verse in the Surah that this ginger is not going to burn you. Why? First when Allah Subhana Allah mentioned the camphor. He said I know yesterday will be about Allah Who for Jonah hurt of JIRA this spring that the servants caused to gush forth, but he didn't mention the name of the spring. But when Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the xinja be in the ginger and the next verse, verse 18. I am fee ha to some MASL sebelah and this spring in it is called Cell subete. Why

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is it that Allah subhanaw taala told us the name of this spring, but didn't tell us the name of the other spring? Because in the name of this spring, there is a clue and the clue is in the name the cell Sabine, something that is Salus something that is easy to consume, easy to swallow, and it should rob a levy and most deserve a levy yet Jerry buss so hoorah vehicle inside That's why Allah told us that it's called Sal Sabine. So now you know that since that's the name of the spring, therefore the ginger that comes out of it is not going to be too spicy is not going to burn your throat but it's going to come down easy unlike where Allah subhanaw taala and salt Abraham mentioned

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mentioning with Allah the punishment of the Hellfire yes her jaw Rahu Wallah you can do you will see a hole in the in the Hellfire the drink the boiling water and Allah saying he sips it and he's not barely able to bring it down and he doesn't want to drink it but he's forced down his throat. But here it's easy. It's Salus and we know that from the clue cells cell is cell Sabine and that's why Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the name here well to further him with down on makalah Dune, either or Aidan Huseby to whom Lulu Aman thorough we'll start with this verse Then Allah Subhana Allah is saying well to for Allah him servants all the time available and around them will done their young

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boys. Allah created them to serve the people of agenda don't start talking about child labor my African I'm Zildjian so McCullough dune they live forever. Why Mahalo, don't because if they got older then it becomes a theory old man Mashallah. And you leave him with your wife, you feel uncomfortable in an agenda, nothing makes you feel uncomfortable. So Allah Subhana Allah made them young boys, and they forever remain young boys, either or at home, hospital home look, look man thorough. If you saw them, you would think they're like scattered pearls in your house. And like they're so beautiful, they beautify the house. And then a number of interesting things here. The

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scholar said, Allah Subhana Allah is telling you if the servants looked like scattered pearls, what about the master of the house, and from the excellent manners of the Quran is that it didn't describe you and it didn't describe the women, the believing woman and how they were looking at Janna, but only described your servants. So if your servants look like this, what will you look like and we'll end with the last word, lumen thorough scattered pearls. So they're available, they're in every corner, they're always somewhere in the house so that you don't need to call upon them. Whereas in other places I need the look look can be mon boom, that's when it's in a bead or a

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string, or it can be mcnown and that something hidden, but mcnown wouldn't be good for the servants because that means they're in their quarters and have to wait for them. That's why Allah subhanaw taala describe the tour. We're in the home call Serato perfect in can Unohana Bay you don't muck noon. When it comes to the women the description was mcnown hidden but the servants you want them to be scattered and available and everywhere. These are just a few of the glimpses into surat al insaan Akula colada was stopped for Allah Allah. Allah Kuma Jamia don't look for stuff through via foes almost

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have read ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness, surely those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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hamdulillah Robin Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Meanwhile, early he was a big Marine in verse 20. Allah Subhana Allah says were either or Atia some are eaten and Iman woman can Kabira many different diversity are about this verse, but one of them is and when you look way over there without a thumb, and you will see you're one of the diversity, your kingdom. So it's way over there to give you a feel and a sense of the size of your kingdom. And you will see great blessings and a great kingdom everywhere. And Allah subhanaw taala then mentions the different kinds of silk garments that people will be wearing and dimensions for the silver is mentioned plenty of times and

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someone might say buy silver is not very expensive. So why is Allah subhanaw taala mentioning football, the scholars said a Nabi SallAllahu Sallam described in a Jana the stick that you will use to tap your riding animal because there are riding animals in a Jana, and you will be using a wooden stick to tap your animal. The prophets Allah wa sallam said, the wooden stick that you use to tap your animal is better than this whole world and everything in it. So what about the silver? If this is the would have agenda? What about the silver agenda? We'll stop here. But as you can sense already that there's so much more and so much depth to the spiritual insight and to the Quran. And

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that's why this is an invitation and a reminder for myself first and for everyone else, that we strengthen our relationship with the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And it is a book of guidance and it is a book of contemplation. So beyond just reading it, and we know the reward and the baraka of that there is also a heart a deeper connection that comes with reading and understanding that of Syrah and what Allah subhanaw taala is saying to us with that ask Allah azza wa jal to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it and to make us of those who recognize falsehood as clear falsehood and abstain from it for Allah whom I didn't have to have gone

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was Lokomotiva. Well, original Bakula. Boulton was looking at ANOVA Allahumma la jolla. Dunya Kabara Hamina. While I'm a blogger elemina wala Elena Ramos de rana We ask Allah subhanaw taala to rectify the conditions of the Muslims in Philistine and to rectify the conditions of the Muslims in Yemen and in Syria, and to bring ease to the Muslims in Libya and in Morocco, and in Sudan, Yoruba al Amin for Lahoma Brimley Umatilla Islami, I'm Ron Rasheeda you as Sufi robotic. Are you Duffy? No Marcia tick. Murphy had been in my roof while Yun haffi and SML da also Alohomora but I don't have any law

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