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Haifaa Younis
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Smilla Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah while Ali he was sabe he woman who Allah Loma Linda Maya and found L on foreigner Bhima and I'm Tina inika Simeon would you would do out Lama Nia will you be coming in Milan for our call Billa Shah and FC Leticia What do I lose my Robin Allah to the Kulu Baba is had eaten our Hublin AMOLED, Ankara inika internal hub, or be strictly surgery wastefully, Omri. What LULAC the Tamil listen, you have all colleges akmola. Here, the MSA,

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it was a lot of work, I can see that and organizing things, especially after the COVID where we all got so comfortable in not doing things on site. And now you're back. So I'm sure there was a lot of challenges, and I could see it and I can feel it. And just acknowledge everyone who trusted the MSA to come and attend the conference. And I really ask everyone in this room to really make a sincere dua to every member of the MSA as if they are your own children. Ask them to Allah to ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect them. As he protect his righteous servants. We all need to be protected. There's a lot of tests, there's a lot of tribulations, a lot of temptations outside and to be

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focused and dedicated to serve Allah subhanaw taala as a young person, that's something really we need to commend. And we don't want to take it granted. So make sure you everybody in your Salah, especially when we're gonna go in sha Allah for Mahara, that make your salt in your sujood as special prayer or a dua or supplication, to everyone in the MSA for everything they are doing. Is it perfect? No, nothing is perfect, but they did their best to be perfect. And Allah subhanaw taala will as I always say, Allah subhanaw taala reward for the efforts, he doesn't reward for the result. The result is only in his hands.

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So this is a topic that I'm sure you have all heard about it a lot, and a lot and a lot. It's I rarely go to any conference or I attend a conference. And there is not a topic about the manners of Roswaal is Salatu was Salam. And the topic was which part of the life of Roswaal is ratusan? That impressed me, or that I want to highlight. And when I was reading the title I was like,

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which one is not?

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Which part of the life of Rasul Allah is salatu salam when you really read it, not read it? Just okay. I know, I'm just reviewing, when you really read and say which one and you take one incident, one incident one incident, like, let's take one incident with a non Muslim, take an incident with his wife take an incident with somebody he doesn't know, take an incident with his friends. And it's like, which one doesn't impress you. And it doesn't impress you. It has to make you at least say whoa, wow.

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And who is he? Or a salatu salam and I think all Muslims all wherever we all share a common law of Torah Sallisaw to sit down and I can speak from the woman's side when we are in the role. When finally we get into the role and all those of you who have been there you know what I'm talking about. And the emotion you see it on the ladies, this is not a faked emotion. It's and there is nothing I mean, when we are in the role, or the woman area, we don't see anything. It's not like the man side we see nothing. We only see just like a white fence and not now we'll humbler it's much less crowded but before it used to be extremely crowded. Still there is these emotions and nothing

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stunning and you say to yourself, what is it it's the love we all have Torah Swati Sato Sinha 100 Lahiru Grameen all Muslims are still the same.

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But there is one or more than one issue for us Muslims in our relationship with Allah Swati SOT was Ramadan. The last session I was talking to the ladies and I said and I focused on the relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. And now since the topic is what's the relationship with our relationship with Allah, Swati salatu salam love is there. So don't think of Love Love Is there no one can at all question or argue about it. But the question I have to everybody and what I want to share with you is this love is a translated to what

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these feelings are translated to what and I'll give you an example in our daily life. Whenever you want to understand something in the deen always think of something in the law in life. And then see. So when you have someone who loves you, young and old parents or students, somebody loves you, what is the sign that this person loves you?

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And I would love to hear from anyone. What is the sign that this person really genuinely love you? What is the sign?

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I'm sorry.

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Actions, specify.

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That's what I'm looking for.

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For what to action, prove prove without a doubt and even sometimes you say what else I want to do to prove it to you.

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What is it

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praise okay

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sacrifice for that person you give the thing you love for that person. That's one

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definitely you trust is not love. I'm talking about love, love, sincere love

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Oh obedience you do whatever they tell you.

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Sometimes doesn't make sense. But I love them. And look at your parents, with your child, your child coming from the university coming home after six months, right? What is the first thing parents do? The mom is cooking something that child that students your he loves? Because they love it. And you smile and doesn't matter if this takes forever. Right? And the daddy will go and do something because my son or my daughter loves it. The sign

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off love is actually obedience. And Allah said this in the Quran. Anyone can give me the verse

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call in contempt to hipbone Allah fective your only Your Habib Kamala we all feel lucky, Allahu Allah for all right, say, if you love Allah, follow me. Me is a Swati sought to sinner. And the result you become Allah, Allah will love you. And Allah will forgive you. And Allah is all forgiving, All Merciful. The sign

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each one in this room young and old man and a woman brothers and sisters that you love are Swati. Salatu. Salam we live in what's the name of this state?

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I know what is the name of the state? Show me. Show Me State. I was talking to my family, my sisters in California and says what? And I said yeah, it's called Show Me State. Why it's called Show Me State. Don't answer me google it. But you will find out. Show me meaning show me.

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And I'm so worried about to me. I'm not talking about you. You all are definitely better than me. That's how I saw Ali Salatu was Salam on the day of judgment. And he will say to me, show me

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show me your love.

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In my book, where is the love that you had for me that you claimed you had for me?

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Tabea only follow me. What is follow me mean?

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Do something he did. Let's take simple ones. Simple ones he did who can give me one thing you all know about Rasul Allah Sato sir, you will have to read the zero. You will have to listen to long YouTube one thing Roswell is auto surrounded.

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Tom, anything comes in your mind. I'm sorry.

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Give me act, not a character act.

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This is one he used to be described. He used to be described that when he talks to someone, and this this couple of things in his Syrah, and I focus on his daily life that literally astounded me. I was like y'all Allah make me this one. I don't think I can do it. It's very simple. When he was described by the Sahaba, when he talks to someone

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they all say he talks to him or her as if there is nobody else in the room.

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Give them their all attention. His all attention and his or her Swati Serato. Sir, it doesn't matter who's that person, young or old? famous, rich, poor, speaks the language doesn't speed doesn't matter.

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And look at it to us. When we get into a gathering. How do we greet people?

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We have categories do you know that?

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I know her. She's my friend. Or he's my friend or he's my boss. I will need her. I have something to do with her accordingly.

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And some people we don't even pay attention to as if they are nonexisting specially if they are, quote unquote, less than us in my standard.

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So number one, number one his relationship with the people around him. I'm not talking about the relationship crusade now boubakeur, the special relationship or we say no more, or the seed Aisha These are special. I'm talking about the joy

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Animal. What is the other thing they said about him? When he greets someone? He never, ever was the first one to let his hand goes. And he's a rosary. Salatu Sir, when he agreed, he keeps greeting till that person pulls his hand.

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What does that sign off?

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He cared about every single person around him, not because they were from orange, or they were in Medina, or because that was the person who will bring hire Tristan, or because this is his friend, or this is his father, for his father in law say Naboo Baca? No, because they were a creation of Allah subhanaw taala.

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That's why when he was described and you all know this hadith can hold a whole Quran when he said Aisha was asked how was he? Because they wanted the men wanted to know how was he in his own? They see him outside but how was he at home? You know that dual personality many of us have outside we're perfect when we go to Home Allah knows.

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Or when we go to our room we or something and when we are with our family, we are something not here Ali salatu center.

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And they asked her say the height has Hadith narrated by say Dieter, who was he? And she said Kiva Cana hollowcore P, Ali Beatty. How was he with his family, meaning his wives. And this is the wife talking about the husband

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kind of hollowcore Quran, his manners, his demeanor, his speech, the way he talk, the way he walk, can a hook or Quran

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where are we?

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If you look at the other person he had daily contact with not a woman, a man

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in his house.

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Seed not in us.

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He was his servant. When he moved to Medina when he migrated to Medina or Swati. Salatu Salam, when he arrived to Medina, the people of Medina they were so happy, everybody gifted him something.

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And the mother of Ns say he'd known us was 10 years of age. She grabbed us a unit in us and came to Roswell they sought to ascertain the meaning of I don't have much to give

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to welcome you. Take him Yasser Allah and teach him what a gift.

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What a gift naturo Swati sought to say ina Anis go and live with the Roswaal a surah. Two of Sarah. He served him for how long who knows?

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Pour zero.

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Some says 10. Some says four zero. And this is what he said. Say you'd notice. Think of the people we deal with, whether they are friends, whether they are our bosses or whether they are under us. And he said hello. I think it's 10 years. I served the Rasul Allah salatu. Salam 10 years, never. He never said to me one time, single time. This is a young boy 10 years of age, how many mistakes he does

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think of your children. And he said for 10 years, he never asked me. Why did you do this? And why you didn't do that? That's patient.

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When you said patient, absolutely. But in action. Why did you do this? Or why you didn't do that. And that Shahada. This is a testimony of someone in his house afterward. Not when he was alive afterward.

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to three.

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They loved him to the extent so you'd normally would know laughs was asked way later on. When he became the governor of Egypt. They asked him describe him to us. How does he look like how did he look like, tell us how his face was. And you know what? He said? Does anyone know the answer?

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We never looked at his face. We could never look at his face.

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That's love. And that's what

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respect or

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love, respect and or

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a man does not look at the face of a man that that he cannot describe him and they lived around him.

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And the famous story which I'm sure some of you when they went to the Najafi and they were Who is this man? And they said the meaning of that when he does will do when he perform his ablution the Sahaba Ron to collect the money the to collect the water from under it

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Who was he?

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Who was he? And where are we, in our relationship with Him?

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Simple question to everybody. What was his sunnah in these days?

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What what where are we? Shabbat? What was his sunnah in Shaba?

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Fasting, right? When say Eden

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or some of news eight came to him and says yo rasool Allah, I've never seen you fasting that much in a month after Ramadan. Why this month? Why Shabbat? What did he say? Daca Sharon yofoto Unharness Boehner Roger Benoit Ramadan, this is a month that people forget about.

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Because it comes between Rajab, the the sacred month, and Ramadan, everybody knows Ramadan.

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And I wanted to honor this month by fasting.

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And he used to fast not all Shabbat, majority of Shabbat.

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Where are we? And everybody asked about then the night of the 15th of Shabbat. I can't tell you how many questions I had. At one point I was like, there's nothing else in this Deen other than the night of the 15th of Shabbat. Should we do that? Should we do don't? Is it better? Or is it not better? And I looked at people and I say, why don't you learn about his sunnah.

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And do what he did in in Shabbat.

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He used to fast and then he said, Well, ha shahada and this is a month where the deeds are presented to Allah.

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And I love for my deeds to be presented to Allah and I'm fasting

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because our deeds are presented to Allah weekly, actually daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Do you know that?

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Okay, daily, it's presented to Allah subhanaw taala twice the change of the shift time when the angels change, the angels change before Fajr and before Rasul and they go to Allah subhanaw taala than the angels of the night and Allah asked them, How did you see them?

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We all have to have a good answer. They just left we just pray docile they just left so that when they go to Allah Allah says had Capo just to my body, what did you see them doing? And they say your Allah we found them praying hamdulillah and the morning was the same thing. And this is the daily presentation. And that is the weekly presentation. And this is on Thursday.

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And that's why he fasted it is salatu Sinha because fasting is the most beloved act to Allah subhanaw taala or so Molly on xebia. Fasting is for me, Allah saying this, not us, not even a Roswaal is Autocentre Hadith Guzzi fasting is for me. And I Allah, the Exalted will reward for it, and scholars teaches you the only deed that is not TimesTen. In fact, it's to what it is not TimesTen, who knows them, one is fasting, what is the other one?

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Related to fasting,

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this patient sober in my office sobre Runa and your home, be Ryrie hisab. The people who practice patient, let alone your struggles to be patient, you will be rewarded and accounted for fasting and being patient. So on Thursday, then you come the monthly the month of Shaba then you come the yearly

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what day

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our deeds will be presented to Allah

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I leave this for you go and learn it.

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Go and learn it. This is what he did it. Salatu Assa, he taught us he taught us how much we practice everything. I'm gonna tell you that impressed me.

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I'm saying this to myself before I say to you is not about what he did is about to me. Let me read to you this one because I want to read it because I want to give it its due right is when you all know this when he went to the cave of heroin, Jabal unknown, and then he come back and he heard a Quran the angel came to him when he came to his wife.

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And I want not only the brothers to think of themselves, but I want the sisters also, if this was the opposite, what will your wife say about you? And what will your husband say about you? And look what she said about and he came you all know as a milanesa Maloney put on cover me cover me and he was telling her the story, and it is an overwhelming story. I can't even imagine. And what did she say to him? Wallahi in Hola Hola, nya, look bye

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Law, Allah will never let you down. This is a wife talking to her husband. This is not a prophet yet. She doesn't even know that she took him to. After that she took him to Iraq. But at this point, she doesn't know what's going on. This is a man came to his wife and says, This is what happens to me. I was in the cave. And guess what happened? angel came to me. And then he was telling me this normally, what would we have said?

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Really? Are you sure? Is that how it is? See what she said, in Allahu Allah. By Allah, Allah will never let you down. Why? These are the criterias. This I call it, the result is earned. I do. And I get we all wants to get but we don't want to do it. We don't want to put the effort to get the result. So what did he What did she say? She was fighting Nikka Casa del Rahim. You always, always take care of your blood relationship.

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It's not the one I love with the one I like with a one I need blood relationship. And I call it the non negotiable relationship. I have no choice but you don't know what they did to me. No choice.

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This is the first thing that people need to know about me and you let alone your close people to your life. Your spouse, your husband, your wife, that you are a person takes care of people.

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Not because you need them or love them. Number one Tasi don't run for in a castle or run water mill will kill you help those in need specially one day and you carry and you worry about their worries.

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These days, it's not my business. Why do I have to worry about them? Let me worry about myself. All of us is the Society of I mean me me. It's not the Society of us. Community Kuntum higher Alma, you were the best nation that was sent out? No, it's all about me. Life is all about me. What time to kill. Does people say this about you? You worry about the other people.

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Don't worry, he's there. He will take care of it. Don't worry, she's there. She will help you. Can I claim this? That's who he was. What my lord kill.

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What taxable

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taxable mudroom, the person who's in need, not to carry his worries, but to help him whatever you can. Took simple model you give whatever. And I'm not talking about money, anything. How many of us in this room follow this footstep, that we help people before they open their mouth?

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We feel them.

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In college, tomorrow is a very hard exam. I know she is. She doesn't know this very well. Let me go and help. No. Oh, you know, I studied more. She needs to take care of herself. And put these examples. That's who he was before he became a prophet. I'm gonna re emphasize the point he was not a prophet yet. alayhi salatu salam, and what stands for all Muslim?

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And you stand up for injustice.

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Stand up for injustice. I'm not talking about the movements or outside. I'm talking about in our masajid

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in our Muslim community, when we see injustice, what do we do?

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It's not my business. I am not the chairman of the Masjid. I'm not the president. I'm not in the Shura Council all month long. These should be my DD character. That's why kind of Holika whole Quran you stand up for injustice in your home. Injustice within animal injustice with the world people laugh. Oh, you compose? Oh, yo, yo, recycle. Don't use plastic that stands for a mud loom because we we have done injustice to this earth. You all have seen the pictures of the plastics in the ocean and what's happened to the animals. That's him, let alone a human being. Who's going through injustice. Whether I see in the road, whether I see in the mosque, whether it's in my house,

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injustice in my house, what tonsil and mud loam, what tokkuri or bleef,

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and you're so hospitable to the guest.

00:24:36 --> 00:24:38

And he didn't say who's the guest?

00:24:39 --> 00:24:45

hospitable. He was a personality. Salatu Salam loves people because they are human beings.

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Because they are a creation of Allah. Because that's what Allah wants from him. Not because who again who they are or they're my friend or I love them, or I will need them to carry on life. That's again, that's what she said. What to ino Allah

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Why, Bill? That's the last thing she said about him. And you always stand up for the truth. Where are we from this?

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Stand up for the truth. This is a wife, talking about her husband.

00:25:16 --> 00:25:25

How many of our spouses are say this about us, when we in front of us, to us, and let alone behind us?

00:25:26 --> 00:25:36

That's who he is at a salatu salam. And this is before again, before he became prophet. And then the ones I started with is when he became a Prophet alayhi salatu salam.

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There is way more and I'm going to end up with this one when this is a Seder. Aisha his wife, the younger one, this was in Medina, she described him he said, she said, I will describe him to you. And give me your hearts. even write this down and ask Allah subhanaw taala in the month of Ramadan is in two weeks, ask Allah subhanaw taala to make me this, I can do it. We can do it alone. We live in a corrupted time that every norm became abnorm every true become not true. And he predicted that a Salatu was set up. He predicted that Jarl Islam or even will say I will do arriba for global war Abba, Islam came as a stranger will come back as a stranger place in Jannah for those strangers May

00:26:27 --> 00:26:41

Allah make us among the strangers, you're up be me. So she said, Let me econia Abel had he never ever looked down or called someone or find a fault of someone

00:26:42 --> 00:27:01

EBITDA. This is what she was. I had nobody. Look at us we look at this. She stole she he is this she is that. Never. Well, I had Z Allah su EB Su and never read, retaliate or return harm or evil with evil never.

00:27:02 --> 00:27:05

This is his wife. Never.

00:27:06 --> 00:27:15

They say what did they say about him? Go and read the Quran. What they do to him go and read the Sierra? Never. You all know the famous story of the Jewish neighbor.

00:27:16 --> 00:27:24

Who she used every day he leaves the house she throw garbage on her that they should not throw garbage. What did he do? knocked on her door? says Are you okay?

00:27:25 --> 00:28:04

See, we laugh. Because this is this is impossible. This is fairy tale. This is him. My and your will swear example that Allah asked me and you to follow him at Canada coffee Rasulullah. He was what on Hassan The best example. So she said he never never retaliate. Respond evil with evil. But can I ask for worse? He always forgiven pardon. Always. And you know, when he entered Makkah, the Hubble phantom Apodaca go You're all free. Those people who insulted him and did everything you probably all know.

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It's manners. What impress you should about Roswaal eSATA was number one, his manners, his manners. It's legendary Subhanallah and she said, What can I buy either and he say he was way far from committing any sin, committing any sin. Let me enter calmly enough say never retaliate for himself. Never. She said lamb. Lamb is not never have done that. And he never hit a person, let alone a child. While I'm Yoda Rebola Amman wala Emmerton wala hajima he never hit a child, or a slave woman or a servant. Belt. Let me rip Haiwan not even hit an animal. What Amuro DISA EDA, and he never, ever did not give someone asking him even if he had nothing.

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With a smile with a nice word. That's who he is. And he sought out to Sarah. We don't even move our lips to say it Sarah to Sarah.

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My NESEA serata ally for NESEA Tariqah Aubel lottery co hominid agenda. The person who does not send salam to Roswaal Esau to Sarah, he lost the path to done

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and we don't even want to uh, please forgive me. We're lazy to even say Allahu salatu salam, I'm looking at you. I want to see a mouth moved. I'm not talking about the people who are making masks wearing masks, but keep saying that you should hear it. You should remind the person next to you to say it. alayhi salatu salam, this is our profit. This is the I just gave you literally a drop in the bucket. This is just a drop of who he is. Learn. Make Ramadan.

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An opportunity to every single day families or you in the MSA after Maha Rob, when you pray, cure fast, five minutes, five minutes, learn about one thing about one thing, every day, every day, every day,

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no way you will not change, no way you will not change or at least in your list of dua to Allah, Ya Allah make me follow his footsteps. Make it I can do this. I am not this but you are able to change me to that my sisters and my brothers. Allah gave us and I said this to the ladies before Allah gave us a lot of treasures

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but we have left it as Muslims as seed now Omar said not an omen as an Allah who will Islam terrain al Islam a few laity further learn Allah. We are a nation that Allah honored us by Islam. We chose dignity and honor somewhere else. And we were based you get in case you wonder why we are we are as a Muslims Subhanak Alohomora be handed a shadow and lay it out yeah and stuff good. We'll call it a tool boutiques on the line. I see no Mohammed, whether it was hybrid or Stephen cathedra I asked her last pantalla to make us of those who listened to the word def admonition, myself number one and to follow it may Allah Subhana Allah shower us with the love of Allah Swati Sato Sinha The Real Love

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not the love of words, but the love of action.

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