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The history and importance of Islam is discussed, including the Surah volume, which is a summary of the message of Islam and the importance of forgiveness and a promise of never going back to one's way. The struggles of obtaining a job and misunderstandings of rights are also highlighted. The importance of history and forgiveness is emphasized, as it is necessary for individuals to live a life that aligns with Islam. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to be mindful of their actions and presenting the message of Islam in their behavior.

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In Alhamdulillah na Muda, who when a stain on the stone Pharaoh when meno behaved the worker alley when I want to be law, he mentioned Rudy and fusina Amin say Dr. Molina, Mejia, the healer who further medulla or may you deliver that hadith on my bed.

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Amongst the stories in the Quran, which are most commonly repeated, one is the story of the Prophet new Alayhi Salam.

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And in our previous football, we looked at an important lesson from the life of the first human Adam Alehissalaam. So today, let's take a look at some lessons from the life of Prophet Nuh ra Salah and

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no alayhi salam is considered by many of the Allah ma to be the first Rasool the first messenger.

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Why was new alayhi salam consider the first messenger and not Adam. Because Adam was not sent to any people. He and his wife were the people. Why there was no people for him to go to with a message. No Ali Salam was the first person to be sent to people who were worshipping idols to call them back to Allah. So between the time of Adam alayhis, Salaam and new Alayhi salaam, somewhere down the line, people started to worship idols, and to Allah send them a messenger with a reminder. And that is the prophet knew alayhi salam, or Noah in English, and most of us are familiar or other I hope all of us are familiar with the basics of the story, right? That New Orleans Salam, he preached to his people

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for a very long time.

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According to our theology, he preached to his people for 950 years. And he preached him for 950 years now, some of us have the misconception that at that time, everybody lived for like 1000 years we had it that was normal. But there's no real proof to say that everybody lived that long. In fact, it seems that this was a miracle given to new Ali salaam, so that he could at least keep trying to convince each generation to come back. Right. So this one is a miracle for him, that he was given such a long life, and no other Islam preach when I heard him 50 years and the people refuse to listen to him, except for a very small group. And eventually, Allah subhanho wa Taala told him to

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build an ark on which he put the animals and the believers and Allah sent a flood that wiped out the disbelievers and the people of New Orleans salaam were preserved through this flood.

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One point to note here is that we know that the Christian version of the story indicates that the flood took place globally, right. The Islamic version doesn't see really dwell globally, on Oakley, it just says a flood took place to destroy his people. So it's not necessarily the whole world got flooded, it may just be people were living in one part of the world at that time, and that part of the world got flooded. So it's important to note these differences, because they do come up a lot in comparative religion discussions these days. But there's one part of the story of New Orleans salaam that we don't discuss as often, right, and this part of the story is actually actually found in

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Surah, new. So in the 29 years of the Quran, there is a Surah cultura which is 28 to 29 verses. And this surah is a summary of just one part of the story of the Prophet alayhi salam, and that is how he did Dawa to his people. It is a summary of the Dawa methodology of New Orleans Salah and this was revealed in the marking period, and it serves multiple purposes. One, it is a parable, or rather it is it shows us the parallels between the story of New Orleans Salaam and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So this is New Orleans, salaam preachers, people for a long time, at the point where the shooter was revealed. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had been preaching to

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his people for a long time, and they had not yet accepted Islam, just like those people worshipped idols, the people of Makkah was worship the similar idols, just as they were rejecting the message. These people were also rejecting the message and the Dawa methodologies were the same as well, as you will see that when we discuss the dollar methodology of New Orleans Salam, it's almost exactly the same what Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was doing. A second benefit of the surah is that he teaches us our responsibility of Dawa living as a minority in a non Muslim land. We represent Islam to this land.

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And we don't talk enough about the importance of Dawa in the life of a minority, that as minorities living in this land, wherever we go, whatever we do will represent Islam. And are we doing enough to call people towards Islam? Are we doing enough to present the message of Islam? For what it is this beautiful, true message from the Creator that will benefit humanity and beyond?

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For the society we know the society that we are living in, has a lot of problems. And many of those problems can be solved by accepting Islam and worshiping Allah and living a life that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa taala. Especially this is done on a collective level, especially if large groups of people accept Islam, it will solve many of the problems of this community. So are we doing enough to spread the Dawa, to spread the message of Islam? And if we think we're doing enough, let us compare what we do to what no Elisa did for 950 years. So the surah begins. Allah Subhana Allah says, We sin no to his people to warn them. He said, warn your people before the punishment comes.

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And new Alaihe Salam said, Yeah, call me in the lacuna zero mobian. He said, Oh, my people, I am a one that you. So he was very clear about what his job was that he was here to want them. And I get there's a lesson for us. Because, you know, we tend to flip between extremes, right, the extreme our community was on 20 years ago, was that we only want about Hellfire we wouldn't talk about paradise. But now we seem to be moving to a different extreme, where we only talk about the good stuff, we don't mention how fire right? But you need to have that balance. Everybody needs to know both sides of the message. You have to talk about Jannah and the good thing but you also have to be a winner.

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You also have to worry about the consequences of not of not accepting the truth, the consequences of sin, you have to warn about Jahannam as well. So being nearly removed in a clear one is a very important part of Dawa. Then we see the message of Nuala Islam summarized in three commandments, and the Buddha law What the Who Who are the own, that you worship Allah and you are conscious of Allah and you obey me. Right three primary aspects of the Dawa of new Elisa. Number one to abandon the worship of all false gods to worship the Creator alone. Number two, to live a life that is obedient and conscious of the Creator. You are living a life of obedience and consciousness towards your

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Creator. A life of Taqwa. Number three to obey the messenger. At that time, of course, the messenger was new Ali salaam, and for this for the OMA today did Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but this is the three parts of the message that need to be conveyed, that we want people against the worship of anyone besides Allah, and we call them to live a lifestyle that is submitting to Allah and that creates within them a Taqwa a consciousness of Allah, and that we call people towards following the way of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to obey the messenger and to live a life that is in accordance with His teachings. And this was the consistent message of all the

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prophets, that you worship Allah and you obey the messenger, right? Worship Allah and obey the messenger. And he gave him motivation. He motivated him that if you accept Islam, this is what's going to happen. You're in luck, I mean, Rubicam or you are thinking Camila. Actually Musa, Allah will forgive your sins and He will delay the punishment. Right? I mean, if you accept Islam, now, Allah will forgive your sins, and the punishment that's supposed to come, it will be withheld. Right, based on your future actions, whether it will come all together never come at all. But there are two rewards rather than reward that is promised is forgiveness. And there's still a warning that

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if you had to go back to your ways, the punishments withheld, it's not removed completely. Like if you had to go back to your ways the punishment can come again.

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And he explains to Allah so no other Islamic shooter, he explained to Allah his methodology in a way of as part of his dua to Allah He explains like, what he's been doing, and the consequences of it in terms of how the people reacted, or the rugby in need the outer Comey the yellow and the Hara. He said, My Lord, I've called people day and night. Well, let me use it whom do I love your aura, but by my Dawa has only caused him to go further away is only chased him further away.

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And there's a very important lesson here. One of the biggest mistakes I'm seeing in the Dawa of the modern era is that we become obsessed with results. Right? And we do Dawa today we have these Dawa high scores, you know, how many people did you convert? How many likes do you have? How many followers do you have? No, and this is not the Islamic way, the Islamic way is you do Dawa for the sake of Allah, whether people accept or not, is between them and Allah. If you had to spend your entire life doing Dawa, and nobody accepted the message from you, you have still fulfilled your duty, because many of the MVR they spent their lives calling towards Allah, and they did not have

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any followers, but we still consider them a success. Because they did what Allah asked him to do. Whether the people accept it or not, is not their responsibility. It is between the individual and Allah. And so this obsession we have these days, where, you know, we boast about I had so many converts that had so many shahada, they have so many social media followers. This is not our this is ego. This is calling to

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oneself, rather than calling towards Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So no Ali Salam also, we learned another lesson from this is that sometimes when you do the right thing, you're not going to get your reward in this world. Sometimes when you do the right thing, your reward is in the archaea. And in this world, it may look like, you know, you didn't win, it may look like you didn't have success. So we see for many of the Gambia in the Quran, that they in this world, the people did not accept the message, and the people were punished and destroyed. That is not a failure on the part of the prophets. Rather, that was their test, and they will be rewarded in the afterlife for the test. And it's the same for us our job in any aspect of life, whether it's

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school, whether it's work, whether it's Dawa, whether it's teaching the religion is to make our efforts. The result is in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes it is for us, sometimes it is against us. Right? But that is out of our hands.

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As you know, Ali some continues to describe the reaction of his people. And he says whenever I would call them, they will stick their fingers in their ears and cover up their heads with their claws. I mean, they would completely shut me down, not even give me a listening. And he continues to describe his Dawa. And he says Suma, in neither Autohome Chihara Suma in the island to the home was around to the home is Ferrara. I call them opening. And I call them publicly and I spoke to them privately. So nobody saw me saying is I've done Dawa in every possible manner. In those 950 years, he used every possible method of calling his people back to Allah. He spoke to them publicly, he spoke to them in

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large groups, he spoke to them one on one, he tried every method, because you don't know which method is going to work. Some people, it's better that you talk to them one on one in private, they are more likely to listen, we need to Heart to Heart one on one conversation. Some people do listen better when it's in large groups, if they come for a lecture, and there's lots of people there, you know, that's what they get caught up in. And that's what gets him to actually pay attention. So you'll know for each person which method is going to work. And so the Umbria used all of the methods they call publicly they call privately, they call to large groups to call to small groups a call to

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individuals, they didn't leave any method unused, they made sure the message was was presented in every possible way.

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And another message we learned. Another lesson we learned from the message and the Tao of New Orleans salaam, is to mention the rewards of accepting Islam.

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Right, you said at the beginning to warn them about the consequences. But also to mention the other side. Again, this is where the balance comes in, that you want about the consequences of living a life that is pleasing to Allah. But you also mentioned the rewards of living a life that is pleasing to Allah. And psychologically, what you will find is that most people are one of two types. They're either motivated by pleasure or motivated by pain, meaning they're either motivated by something they want, or something they're trying to avoid. And the Quran deals with both types of personality. So those who are motivated by the pursuit of pleasure, the descriptions of Jannah are there to make

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them go off to the greatest pleasure, gender, and those who are motivated by avoiding pain, two descriptions of the biggest source of pain Johanna mentioned, so that they stay away from sin to avoid that pain. And so both types of people are motivated to live a righteous life, even though their way of thinking is so opposite to each other. And so we see the new ally Islam even call these people with telling them the rewards that they will get in this world and the next for obeying Allah. And he said,

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is stuck filled up becoming the hookah and of afara seek Allah's forgiveness, your Lord is Most forgiving, he will send down rain from the sky and provide for your wealth and children and many gardens and many rivers. So he mentioned that this is what this world and the next we're following Islam, that in this world, Allah will put Baraka in your lives, a Baraka in your well Baraka in your farms, he will take care of you, Allah will provide for you. And in the next life, there is the monk Pharaoh there is the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa taala. So why wouldn't you follow? A why wouldn't you obey your Creator. And so in the story of new Alayhis Salam, we have a model of how to

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present Islam to those around us. And how many of us can say that we have called to our people publicly and we call to them privately. How many of us can see we have presented the message of Islam to those around us? How many of us can see we've modeled the message of Islam to those around us. It is our duty, whether it's done through action or through words or through the sharing of material, but it is our duty as a community, that we share the beautiful message of Islam, with the people around us. So they have an opportunity to embrace the way of life that Allah wants people to love. We ask Allah to allow us to be from those who are rightly guided in the means of guidance for

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others. Subhanallah Robin Robin is at the mercy foon was salam ala mousseline well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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In Alhamdulillah now Moodle who wanna start even when the stock butyl when it will mean we'll be here to work on all day when all the Billa Himanshu Rudy and phocoena women see it Mr. Lena Mejia the healer who for them with Allah will me you deal with a lot harder than my body for inner circle honeystick tabula rasa you had you had the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shallow ammonium was to have a desert in Baku little bit attended Allah. Allah Allah Jinping. Now.

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Another beautiful aspect of the Dawa of Northern Islam found in the same surah is that he didn't just call to Islam, but he presented the proofs. So the people of his time, their biggest problem was that they were worshipping idols. And he wanted to prove to them that only Allah is worthy of worship. So it's not that they didn't believe in Allah. They believed in Allah but they worship idols along with Allah and His duty and his message they must worship Allah alone because only Allah is worthy of worship. And again, the parallels there with the message of the final prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for the people of Makkah had the same beliefs. The people of Makkah

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worshipped idols along with Allah, they believed in Allah, but he worshipped idols anyway. And so the message was to prove to them that only Allah is worthy of worship, not the idols. And so he explained to them the greatness of Allah subhanho wa taala. He says, Malcolm Gladwell Joon Allahu Akbar, ACARA, what is wrong would you that you cannot understand Allah is greatness? What God Holika Houma dwara when He created you in stages, I love that okay, Eva kala callosa My word in the Barco Do you not see how Allah created the universe in layers, and he made the Mooney light and he made the study a source of light, and he caused the crop to come out on the ground. Now, what all of

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these verses are doing is highlighting the bounties and blessings of Allah subhanho wa taala. And what he is trying to tell his people is, your idols don't control the sun and the moon, your idols don't cause the crops to grow. Your idols didn't create you, Allah did all of this. So why are you worshipping idols and say, worshipping Allah? Why are you giving the right of Allah to other than Allah? And you know, nowadays, many young people, because they growing up in a society surrounded by people of other religions, many young people can't understand why shook is such a big deal. Right? That shook is the greatest sin and the only sin that is unforgivable if you die upon it, having

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received the message of Islam, many young people can't. So why is it such a big deal? The reason it's such a big deal is because you are giving the rights of Allah to other than Allah, as human beings to us, you know, on a very personal level, what human beings consider, like the biggest deal is a violation of human rights. That's like the thing we don't want to forgive. Right, especially when it's our rights, we want to forgive someone who violated our own rights. So why then do we think that the rights of Allah are less than that, the rights of Allah and a much higher level than that, they we as humans, cannot stand it when someone violates our rights. They understand that

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someone violating the rights of Allah by giving what is due only to Allah that is worship to other than Allah, which is stones and statues. Understand that that is the greatest disservice in this respect that any creature can do to their Creator, to Allah created you, he gave you all of these things. And in response, you go and worship something else. So shock is the greatest sin and the main sin to warn against in our Dawa. And then New Orleans song goes on, he talks about how his people plotted against him, and even mentioned the names of the idols that they worship. And at the very end of this, this, this, this, this discussion, he says, oh, Allah, if you leave them, they

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just going to give birth to generation upon generation of idol worshipers. They're not gonna come back the into deep, as a community as a society, they are into deep and they just going to continue, you know, to do these things.

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And shall we ask Allah to take care of things for him, and he asked Allah to forgive the believers and to and to sort out the disbelievers. And that is when the revelation came to build the ark, that is when the punishment came to those people. And there is one more lesson that we need to discuss there. And that is, some people must understand from this, that if you did Dawa to a group of people and they said no, you can make dua against them. Right? This is a misunderstanding. And this a newly slumped the debt, Musa Islam did that. But he never did that straight away. New Orleans. Lamoni did it after 950 years. You doing it after two hours? Right? How do you compare that? Right? You don't

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jump straight into cursing a nation you don't jump straight into calling upon the punishment of a nation. You start with the Dawa, even Musa Ali Salam. He called these people for years. He brought more Gza upon what Murray calls upon verticals for the people.

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continue to reject and to continue to oppress it only then you ask Allah to take care of it for him. And so our first role should not be to jump straight into asking Allah to punish people for asking Allah to bring the destruction of when people but our first job should be to ask Allah to guide those people to ask Allah to bring those people back towards the straight part. We see again with Rasulullah sallallahu. Some of the best example of this, that when he was mistreated by the people of toys, and given an option to destroy them, he said no, because perhaps from the descendants there will be believers. And we know today toys is a land of believers. I needed a land full of Muslims.

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It is part of the of the holy lands. But look at the methodology of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that instead of going straight for asking for destruction, he wanted to first give them time to repent and to change and to believe. And that was the method of Nuala Islam as well for 950 years, when he witnessed generation upon generation getting worse and worse and deeper and deeper into the shock. And he realized after 900 years, that this group of people are not going to be guided and that's only when you ask Allah to take care of it. So don't be quick to curse people. Don't be quick to judge a nation. Don't be quick to call upon the destruction of once people. Start

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with Dawa. Start with dua start with asking Allah to guide them. Start there and do that for the for next few decades. Right? And don't think about the other option, because that's not for us. Our job is to call towards Allah. Our job is to present the message of Islam in how we live in how we act in our manners, our character, and even when we talk to people to present them with the message of Islam so they can see for themselves the beautiful, true way of life that Allah has revealed for us we ask Allah to make us on the right guided and those who guide others Allah magenta had the idea Aloha much Aloha, dia, Aloha magenta hottie Medea. Robina, Artina dunya Hasina will fill the house

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in Okinawa now Robin I have done I mean, as far as you know, we will react in a Kurata unit. Mama Subhana Arabic, Arabic is at the MBSE phone was alarmed mousseline will Hamdu lillahi rabbil, Alameen, Aki, Minnesota