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Ibraheem Menk
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a disturbing problem with drugs and alcohol, which is causing problems for individuals and families, leading to negative behavior and negative consequences. The problem is more widespread in community, causing problems for the individual and family unit, leading to negative behavior and negative reactions. The speaker suggests addressing these issues and highlighting the need to deal with addiction by highlighting the negative consequences of drugs and highlighting the negative consequences of drugs in the neighborhood. The potential consequences of drug addict... addictions lead to problems in society, including problems with addiction and problems with society, and rehabilitation centers benefit people and improve drug use. The segment emphasizes the need to start addressing the problem and spread awareness.
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Rila Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Illa Allah al Amin nwaba Hina staring on to suddenly want to send me more either Hitomi MBA, you are Emmanuel mousseline, Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine Allahu melesa Allah Allah, masha Allah who said hello and Tata Jalil has either should

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all be a zero a lot was zero 10 Min bill a year will be kind of staring. We thank Allah horrible is that you will Jellal for having gathered us here once again. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to surround us with the mullah ICA and to cause his mercy and his Sakina to descend upon us, and to raise us with the Gambia Allahi wa salatu salam, and those whom he has mentioned with them, I mean,

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we have a pandemic.

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And this pandemic is well known from a long time. We know that it exists. We know that it is within our communities, we know that it has affected the globe worldwide. Yet we find ourselves silent about this problem. We find that this problem is not spoken about in community and society. People are afraid to address the issue. And this is the issue of drugs. This has become a global pandemic. People are addicted to cocaine, people are addicted to heroin. People are addicted to crystal meth. People are addicted to marijuana, people are addicted to what is known as Bronco in Zimbabwe, that is a cough syrup that they take in order to intoxicate themselves. And if we look at the problem, it

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is not a simple one. It is becoming more widespread in community to the extent that children as young as 13 years old, 14 years old, nine years old, are addicted to drugs. Allahu Akbar, where does it start? It starts at school. When your child is introduced to what is known as a vape or shisha pen. What do they do? The friend has it. So he says, Take a puff. This tastes really nice. It tastes like strawberry. It tastes like grape, it tastes like apple. So the child takes a little bit of that. Imagine what nicotine is doing to the mind of this child at the age of nine years old. And the worst part of these shisha or vape pens that have become popularized not only amongst the adults,

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but amongst children as well is you cannot smell it. So if a child smokes that and comes home, you don't even know that they've been smoking the shisha or the vape pen. And if you don't believe me, ask the youngsters interact with them. How often? Do we take our time to ask our little children at home? What happened at school today? Who was caught doing what who was beaten up who was taken to the headmaster's office? What happened? How often do we take our time to ask our children about what's going on in their lives? How aware are we of the problem? So it starts at that level? And this child is now addicted to this

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on at a later stage? Or if we look at the older generation 2530 What are they doing? They are unemployed, they don't have jobs. So what do they do? They go around looking for that will which will resolve their problems, which will dissolve the issues, they will be able to forget it for some time. So they take you know today in Zimbabwe, crystal meth, which is known as an expensive drug is actually $5 for an entire packet, an entire packet. You take one of those crystals and three days of your life. You don't sleep, you hardly eat, you hardly drink, you will behave as though you are possessed. And with continued use, the individual begins to lose brain cells. So the brain becomes

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defunct. They are unable to think of anything besides that drug that is there. So the mind pursues that the mind wants that and is only satisfied when it gets that. And I recently read a statistic where they say

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that 30% of the youth in Zimbabwe are addicted in some way, shape or form. Marijuana

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is a drug what they call Monday or weed.

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This drug has become so common, it is smoked, like cigarettes or smoked. People smoke it like it means nothing. If he's addicted to weed, it's okay. It's one of those things. But it is a gateway drug to cocaine, heroin. In and of itself, the smoking of marijuana will affect your lungs, the West, or some parts of the West are promoting it as a medicinal drug, even when it's smoked. And this is wrong. This is wrong information. It's destroying your lungs, it's destroying your liver, your kidneys, your function, your organs that basically make you up as a human being are shutting down one by one. When you take these drugs. We have this problem in our society in our community,

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not only does it destroy the individual, it destroys the family unit as well. Because now that child or that person who is addicted, whether it is the father, the mother, the son or the daughter, regardless of who it is, if they are addicted, they will begin to cause problems at home. They get anger flaring up within them. At times they beat up family members, there is violence within the home, they begin to steal from the home, they will take jewelry, they will take anything they get their hands on that is valuable in order to get the next hit. So it is destroying the family unit as well. I know an uncle, who when we were growing up one law, he couldn't mow Allah. I heard this he

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actually said, I wish my son died.

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It's so bad that he is causing so much problem at home. I wish he died. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Do you see the extent of the problem? What would make a father say of his own flesh and blood, I wish he died. It is better for him. It is better for us, Allahu Akbar. Every day, there are people being discovered who have overdosed on drugs, there are people being discovered who have taken drugs to the extent that they've lost their lives. Allahu Akbar, we have a pandemic at hand. Now, the question is, what do we do? What are the solutions? How can we address this? Okay, you've told us the problem. You've explained to us how this is destroying society and community, get involved in

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your children's lives. Those who are on their way to getting addicted. Those who may get addicted, prevent them. First and foremost, let's stop the problem at grassroots level. Talk to your child, explain to them what drugs do to a human being. Take them to the rehabilitation centers, and show them what's happening to the people who are addicted, show them video clips, show them the extent of the damage that drugs causes to them. And explain to them that if your friends and your peers are doing it, you don't have to do it. Because that's where it starts. The friend or the friend say that this shisha pen tastes so nice, just have a drag. And the child says no, my parents said that's bad

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for me. And they keep doing it and keep encouraging him until he gives him and he takes one puff. That one puff, remember can lead him to his death, his destruction. So talk to your children about it, discuss with them, tell them that this will actually destroy you. Secondly,

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or perhaps I should have meant mentioned this first. But we always talk about rehabilitating people. And we always talk about dealing with the symptoms of drug abuse. But nobody talks about the drug lords. What about those in community who are well known to be dealing drugs to our children? Why can we not talk about them? Why are we so scared to say this man is dealing methamphetamine? Let's get hold of him. Let's report him to the authorities. When he walks into a room. He should be so ostracized that people don't reply to his Salem, because that man does not want Salem for our community. That man doesn't want Salem for our country. That man doesn't want Salem for our

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neighborhoods. He wants to destroy the neighborhood. So I'm scared to talk about it. So I won't talk about it. I'll keep quiet. Then the next man is scared to talk about an IRA and he keeps quiet and why because they'll send the tax authorities after my business. They'll come after me and if they can't do anything

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Ultimately they will kill me. But do you know what we're doing as a whole? We're killing society. We're killing society society is coming to an end. In 30 years time we will have a society of drug addicts, nothing else. If 30% of the youth in Zimbabwe are a drink addicted to drugs, Allah Allahu Akbar, what does our future look like?

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You know what these drug lords are after Lula at a minute Danielle Killeen you know the drool of this world. That's all. They will not give it to their children. They will beat their children up if they see their children taking drugs, they will not take it themselves. But if they will encourage the rest of society and community to take it. Is it not time that we frowned upon them when they walked in to a room? People did not reply to Salem, people did not want to engage in their businesses. People don't want to support them. Why? Because you're a drug dealer, and you're well known to be a drug dealer. Perhaps if we are scared to do it, then at least we can begin to talk

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about it in closed circles. Talk about it to your friends and family. Make them aware of it.

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Are we waiting for the day that we receive the phone call? Dear Father,

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come to such and such a place? We found your son dead.

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We found your daughter dead.

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She overdosed on methamphetamine. She overdosed on cocaine. She overdosed on heroin. Are we waiting for that day? When it becomes personal? When now we take on the case? Well, what about the rest of the community's children, they are all our children. They are all our sons and daughters, and they're being affected by these drug lords.

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We simply don't care. Because it's not so close to home enough for us to give to be bothered, it's not my son. So it doesn't matter. Well, it can be your son tomorrow. And in the same manner that you are thinking that it's not my son, and it's not my daughter, and it's not my father, and it's not my sister, and it's not my brother, someone thought that previously until they were affected. And then they took it on and they realize that we need to get rid of this. So it's about time that we talk about this. It's about time we spread awareness. Drugs are destroying our nation. Drugs are destroying the entire world out there. And it's simply because people are scared to talk about it.

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We can't even raise awareness, because the minute you do, Hey, hold on, you will get in trouble. Well report them to the authorities. Do what you've got to do stand up, make a stand in some way, shape or form you have to. You have to because if you don't, I promise you you will have a society full of drug addicts full of murderers full of rapists, because Alhambra. Kolomoisky Kirin Honduran Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us 1400 years ago that every intoxicant actually covers the mind. It blocks between a human being and his intellect Cameroon, hammer is wine Why is it called Hammer? Because I'll hum Rue ma palak LA.

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The Hammer wine is that which covers the intellect? What is it that distinguishes between you and an animal? Your sophisticate is your first sophisticated brain, you think what sophistication. So when that is covered, you don't think any more. So what happens you will end up doing haram you will end up murdering people * others, causing problems in society and community causing facade corruption. So

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we spoke about number one, addressed it as at a grassroots level. Talk to your children. Number two, we spoke about the drug lords and how they are a cancer that should be cut out in society. It's about time that we all stood up and had the guts to say these people should be ostracized from society. Number three, we should actually address the problem with the adults as well help them look for innovative ways to support them. And I say this because rehabilitation is their number one, they could be sent to rehabilitation centers. But these centers oftentimes have become places where drugs are now being circulated as well. So I'm not saying this for all rehabilitation centers. But imagine

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what happens when you put 1000 people or 500 people into an institution that were all addicted to drugs before Do you think they will not find a way to smuggle some drugs in and take them? Do you think they will not find a way to get the hits

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The soldiers die early and desperately desire, you know, when they get off drugs, they will shake, and they will sweat. And they will run around like mad people because they need a hit of that drug. And they are given drugs to calm them down another form of drug just to calm them down to a point where we know now you are off the drug and you are clean. But the relapse rate is so high, that we've begun to question whether rehabilitation centers are actually benefiting people.

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If I'm not mistaken, if I'm not mistaken, and I may be wrong, it's somewhere between two and 5%, that actually get off drugs, when they go to a rehabilitation center forever.

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They get off it for some time, they relapse, they go back into it. Why? Because the body is no longer craving it. But the mind remembers, I know what I felt like, I need to feel like that, again, there's nothing in this world that makes me feel like that, I've got to feel like that. So there are some studies that show that controlled administration of the drug to the person can help. If they are willing themselves to get off that drug, there is a, you know, they ran a test in New Zealand, where the drug addicts were now given a center where they would go and they would be administered a small amount of the drug to calm them down. And then less of it and less of it and less of it. And

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they would be rehabilitated to the point where now you are okay. You can go and integrate back into society. And even after you are back into society, we will be there to support you to help you. And if we say that, yes, but nobody is doing anything on a a governmental level. Yes, they are initiatives that have been taken, they are not enough. We need to do something as a society. We need to get the wealthy of society together and say, Let us help these people in some way or form, get the doctors together, volunteer your time and do something about this. If we don't attack this drug problem, from all angles, there will come a time we will all pay for this. We will all pay for this.

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And one of the best ways you know, we keep talking about the symptoms, the symptoms, this is a symptom. The person who's addicted is a symptom. The one who's overdosed is a symptom of that drug problem. The head of the monster other drug lords, Let's expose them. Let's go out there and talk about them. Why are we so scared as a community? Yes, you may have repercussions, why are we so scared to go there? Are we that cowardly, that we will give up entire community entire community simply because my business will be affected, I may lose my life. If we all think like that, then we will all lose our lives. And our children will all be drug addicts. So the time has come where we

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need to stand up and we need to talk and I think I've set the example by standing at this pulpit and spoken and and having spoken about it because they say that well lead by example, here I am leading by example. And I hope and I pray that Allah subhanahu wa taala records this as a good deed with him. Why? Because it's time we no longer fear anybody. We stand up and we talk and we say what needs to be said. Allah is in control Allah Who will protect me, Allah Who will protect us that is the attitude that we need. As Muslims, we can get rid of this problem. We can deal with it, but let's deal with it. Together we stand and divided we fall May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us the

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ability to stand up to fight against this pandemic, the pandemic of drugs, Amin wa sallahu wa sallam albaraka Allah Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge may

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