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The history of Islam in Spain and the loss of the region of Oman, Afghanistan, and Morocco have caused the loss of the region of Oman, and the rise of Islam in India. The rise of Islam in Europe and the loss of the region of Morocco have also affected the region. The importance of peace and peace in the region is also emphasized. The rise of Islam in modernity, including the French King Xian's actions leading to the French army being outnumbered by the Muslims, has led to a golden age for the European Empire, and the importance of praying for victory and working together to restore justice and peace in the world is emphasized.

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ima we are through hula hoops are below

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continuing on our series of key victories that occurred in the month of Ramadan.

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Today, we're going to take a look a bit deeper in our history, about 80 years after the passing of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And history we're going to look at today is bittersweet. It's, on one hand one of the most glorious conquests in the history of Islam, which led to a golden age which led to the thriving of an amazing civilization. But if you actually go to the bookstore doesn't have a good ending, right? There are certain periods in our history, which are rather dark.

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And when the Muslims lost, and I think is one of the key lessons that we need to focus on is that when it comes to battles and wars in this world, the believers are not guaranteed victory. Right. And so although we're going to be discussing victories over the next three

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lessons, the victories we're going to look at, are also accompanied by periods of darkness and loss

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as the way of the world.

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And specifically, today, we're going to look at very briefly at the history of Islam in Spain, Spain, which we know today to be a Christian land was for 700 years a Muslim that for 700 years, Spain and Portugal was an Islamic country called unbelievers. And many people don't even know about this account about history. This was the first Muslim land. That was a major power that was lost to non Muslims, before the fall of Andalusi was unheard of, that the Muslims conquered the land and

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they lost it. So it's a very bittersweet history. But we actually going to focus more on the good side of the history today because we're going to focus on how and when the Muslims conquered that region.

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And as with all of the other victories that we discussed in the series, this takes place in the month of Ramadan.

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So we're now jumping ahead atheists. We spoke about the battle a battle that took place in Ramadan to ah, we spoke about the Congress of Makkah, that took place in Ramadan ADH. Now, we talk about the conquest of Spain, which takes place in Ramadan, somewhere around 90 to 92 H. The Muslims after the conquest of Makkah, we only wave of momentum, and they continue to conquer many of the nearby regions, especially during two rains, the Muslims conquered more lands than ever before, the reign

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of Oman and Bill hotdog, Rajala who, during which the wisdoms conquered Palestine, Syria,

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Egypt, Persia, and many other lands. And then, about 60 years later, in the reign of what even Abdulmalik Oslo and only the first when the Muslims conquered North Africa on one end, all the way to India, on the other hand, hand parts of India and also Spain.

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And this is the point pointed out, he didn't want to look at today.

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What he ended up with money is a controversial figure. Now history he was an obedient ruler, the six to me, and through them, we know that obedience are a mixed bag. Right? They had the good and they had the bad development. It has nothing to do with the Sahaba anymore, basically, right the time of the Sahaba, we had to call up our machine, we have nothing but praise for them. They now in the next generation, and the rulers now had a mixed bag. While he didn't Abdul Malik, one of the good things

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that he did was that he appointed in his lifetime, some of the greatest military commanders in the history of Islam. And these military commanders were able to conquer regions that before had not been introduced to Islam. So in the east, he had appointed Mohammed even awesome, and will humble you had awesome was the first person to conquer parts of India. So Islam actually reaches parts of India, just about 80 years after Rasulullah sociol passed away. Again, many people don't know this,

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but India was a Muslim land for over 1000 years. It's another one of those lands that we lost. It was a Muslim that oh, and I was here going all the way back to a time of when he loved the money. But our story doesn't take that path. It doesn't take place in the east, it takes place in the West. The most invested most conquest of the wisdom at that time. So on

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one hand, the armies of a lot of different classes are conquering parts of India. On the other side of the Empire. Waleed Malik appoints a commander by the name of Musa even to say, who conquers large portions of North Africa all the way up to Morocco. And he becomes the governor of this region, and why he is ruling over Morocco and ruling over North Africa, just across the ocean to the north, in southern Europe. We have what we know today to be Spain and Portugal, right back in developed

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countries with borders back then it was villages and cities in the region called Andalus. Now, this region at that time, was under the rule of a tyrannical Christian king named King Roderick.

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King Roderick was known for his oppression of his people, specifically oppressing two types of people, the Jews, Christian kings love to oppress the Jews, right? Our people have been accused of being anti semitic in reality, because the Europeans were anti semitic. So the Jews were being oppressed greatly by Roderick, but also Christian, the other denominations were being oppressed greatly by King Roderick. Is he one of the things that Islam fix for the Christians is that before

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Islam, Christians of different denominations would fight each other and kill each other because they considered each other to be like different religions. Islam came and treated all of them as unknown. So under Muslim rule, they all have side by side duties. So the sectarian conflicts between Christians was sold to Islam, because they now had to live side by side to peace, and none of they had power over each other.

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So Roderick is oppressing the other Christians of Spain, he's oppressing the Jews of Spain. And there's one story and the difference of authenticity and individual opinion on the authenticity of the story. But since it is normally goes that a count undiluted by the name of Julian, he sends his daughter to study in the libraries of King Roderick and King logic molest his daughter. And that was like the, you know, the final straw for count, Judy. And he says, We have to get into this thing we

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need to talk about. Now, Julian is aware of the Muslims. He was actually ruling over North Africa when the Muslims came in and conquered North Africa. And one of the amazing things about this period in history is the Muslims are conquering all these regions, right? Muslims are conquering all these regions from the Romans a from the Persians and from the Christians. Now, when we think of somebody conquering, we imagine people resenting them, because, you know, we still dealing with the trauma of

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colonization, right, we still resent the colonizer what they did to our countries. But the Muslim conquests were very different. When the Muslims conquered the region, people prefer them over the previous orders. And so Julian notices that the Muslims in the regions that they are now ruling over North Africa, they are solving the problems that they have in Spain, that the Muslims bring justice to the lands they roll over. The Muslims bring peace between Christians and Jews, that under Muslim

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rule, all denominations are Christians, all denominations of Judaism, loving peace, and I look it up.

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He realizes that the wisdoms could solve the problems of Spain. So he writes a letter to Musa even they say the same person who defeated him in battle, the same person who conquered his lands. And because Gusa conquered his land, he had to run away to Spain, from Spain, he writes a letter to Musa saying, Come to conquer Spain also, come and help us continue over Spain. We need you guys here. So first Musa thinks this is a kind of trick, you know, I mean, these guys are enemies, why would they

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tell us to come into their lands? Remember at that point in time, Muslims are not interested in Europe. Again, we think of Europe as this amazing civilization. This is very recent history. Going back 1400 years, Europe was the Dark Ages, Europe was not seen as the landward country. They are much more important lens at that point in time, the civilizations with the Byzantines and the Persians. You've already seen at a civilized time, you will mostly villages. So the Muslims didn't

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really have interest in Europe. But the Europeans are saying come and help us our people are being oppressed we will we will fight the king would you be willing to rule on Islam just help us get through this radical King, to eventually Musa sends a letter to the king Walid, asking for permission to go to send the army into Spain. While he's also skeptical. They never been to this region below these people. It could be a trap to find his his fine center army are sent a small

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army, right? Because you have to cross the ocean in the ship saying we don't want to lose our main army. So he has to come up with a small army that is in a way expendable. Then if they die at sea, you know, the the security of the Empire is not compromised. So they put together an army of just 5000 people. And he appoints as the leader of this army, his freed slave, tawny Cuban zeod dadgummit Xian, he's the hero

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of the story. And for the kids out there, there's actually an animated movie online called datacubes yard, which shows his full story, right documents Yachty, the hero of the story, Danny Gibbons, he was a North African slave who Musa able to sail freed and be the commander of the army. So he spent the early part of his life in slavery. And now he's the commander of the army leading it across the ocean. Right? Again, we don't think of history like this. But these aren't just Muslims invading the

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Christian and these are not unfrequently invading Europe, right and conquering Europe. And so he leaves his army of 5000. And they're able to take over a few villages in a few cities. And he writes back to Musa saying, Listen is a potential year for us to actually win. So he sends him another 5000. So he now has 10,000 soldiers. And King Rajic realizes that hold on, these people are seriously coming to take over our lands, he puts together a mighty army, there's a difference of

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opinion and how big the army was. But everyone agrees that during the US Army was outnumbered at least three to one, if not five, to one, a massive army. So one of the mistakes that the enemies of Islam made back then really awkward was, they would send out the entire army for one battle to just wipe out the Muslims. And even the army lost that battle, it will leave all the regions open and easy to conquer. The Romans did the same thing in your book, they sent out the entire army to fight

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fight even one. And when that army was defeated, he was easy for the Western to conquer the rest of Syria and Palestine. King Roderick makes the same mistake. He sends out this large army, basically everybody he got every soldier he knows he sends them out to wipe out the Muslims. Daniel Evans here does two fascinating things here. Right? Two fascinating military strategies. Number one, he realizes that if his people have a way to run away from the battlefield, when they see this large

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number, they're going to run away. So he creates a strategy where there's no way out, right? And he basically burns your own chips. So there's no way to run away back to Africa, you have to fight. And so this makes you motivated army to fight to the death. Another interesting thing he does is that he speaks to the Jews and Christians who call him over to pre establish justice in the region. He says, Listen, if we guys are wiped out, you guys are next. Right? And so the Jews and the Christians of

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Spain joined the army of data humans, and wage jihad against the Christian ruler. This is a very fascinating incident in our history, we have Jews and Christians fighting jihad against the Christian ruler to the Muslims can take over their lands, because they prefer the ruler of Islam over this ruler. And so documents he was able to gather a few more men he has now has over 10,000 Muslims, it has Jews, it has Christians they all fighting together, they can do where to go, they

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have no choice but to fight to the debt. And somehow miraculously, in the month of Ramadan, in that year, darling, even the US Army destroys the army of King Roderick. Once the army opium logic was destroyed, taking over the rest of Spain was easy. What comes after this. With the conquest of Spain, Islam arrives in Europe, and transformed Europe and the rest of the world forever. Islam becomes the civilizing force of Europe.

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It is there in Spain, where the Romanians step established the second kingdom. Many people are unaware of the second kingdom of the Romanians. Right when the Abbas it's taking over the western world. The Romanian Prince Abdul Rahman even know how he runs away to Spain. He establishes a separate kingdom in Spain, called the Romanian tinderbox of Andalus, which lasts for over 300 years. During those 300 years, the Muslims of Spain experience a golden age, they become the most powerful

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civilization in the in that region, if not in the entire world. They establish universities, they established libraries, they improve the agriculture, they improve the hygiene of the region, they basically develop the first true civilization of Europe.

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And slowly, but surely the other Europeans have no choice but to learn from them. And so the Europeans from France and from England from all these other lands, they start sending the youngsters to Andalus to learn Arabic and study in those universities. So they can come back to their dances, doctors, they can come back to their lands as scientists so they can come back to their lands as philosophers, and now all of these different subjects start to spread throughout Europe, through the

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Muslims. The conquest of Al Andalus is not just an important event in the history of Islam is actually a key event in the history of Europe and in the history of modernity, because all of these modern inventions we have today are building upon what the Muslims brought to Europe. Really

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every civilization builds upon the civilizations that came before them. The Muslims, when they conquered parts of Persia, the Roman Empire they took on those empires and they built upon it. Likewise, we will see when the Christians conquered the Muslim world, they took on the wisdom the nibbled upon it. The Muslim conquest of Spain and the ruling over Spain is a very important part of our history. And we need a lot of time to go into more details about it. It's one of those chapters

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of history, I highly recommend every young person studies. It is one of the most glorious periods in Muslim history when wisdom produced some of the most amazing scholars and intellectuals and scientists in the history of this world. But he's also one of the darkest periods of our history, as you will get to shortly Warfarin Dhawan and hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen.

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hamdu Lillahi wa jalla wa salatu salam ala Milani, we are

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in to get out of love. Are you have you heard him company and sell a lot already within them whatsoever? What do you want to have with them? What does it mean?

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If we have

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the history of spins, but it's sweet, because this is the first land that the Muslims lost. We know today that Spain is a Christian land. But if you go to Spain, you will find remnants of Islam everywhere. Right. So today, the main church of Konoba used to be the kingdom of mastery,

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and is one of the most beautiful and majestic Masjid ever built.

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And it was so beautiful and majestic that even when the Christians re conquered it, they couldn't bring themselves to destroy this building. It was just too beautiful. So they converted it into a church.

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Spain fell because the Muslims eventually over time became complacent. They became materialistic. They became greedy. And most importantly, they started to fight each other.

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This is a recurring theme throughout our history. Muslims experience periods of weakness and defeat when we fight each other.

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And this is what happens when Spain. Eventually Spain becomes like the golden goose. Everybody wants it. Everybody wants a piece of it. It's just too much money, too much power. They can't even explain to you how beautiful and powerful and wealthy this empire was. At one point in time the Muslims will revert to Spain as Jana Manoj is literally calling Jana on Earth, paradise on earth. And so

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people begin to find their power corrupts, and people start to fight each other to take over this land. And so will after 300 years once the Romanian Empire has been collapses, the next 400 years is just infighting between Muslims. As Muslims fight each other to root over this land. Everybody wants a piece of this land, and it starts to break up into smaller and smaller kingdoms. And each of these small kingdoms don't like each other. It's very similar to what the Middle East looks like today.

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Right? The Middle East used to be one region and the one Khalifa and now we have all these small nation states that hate in general. That's basically what happened to Spain. It broke up into all these small little states today, Granada becomes one state they go to becomes another state and the all fighting each other. And they all have this nationalism that my state is the right way and you're saying is that is wrong, and they hate each other and they start allying with Christians

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against the Bible whistles like it is amazing how history repeats itself. What happened to the Muslims of Spain, it was happening in the Middle East right now, we have Muslims allying with the Christians against the Muslims, we have nation states fighting with each other to see who can get, you know, the bigger piece of the pie. And this goes on for a long time. They are to efforts to try and reestablish Islam in the region that lasted for around 100 years each one will all be doing and

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what you're doing. But eventually, eventually the Muslims of the region fail. They become weak from inviting over 400 years. And during this period, the Christians go bolder, the Crusades that the Crusades inspire the Christians of Spain to take back the land. And they start in military

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project called the request, the request the reconquering of the net, and the successful in the request. And this shook the Muslim leader of that time because never before in history had the Muslims lost the land that big, maybe a few small border cities that goals but not something the sight of Spain there was once a mighty kingdom. This was the first time in our history we're talking about 700 years ago, was the first time in our history that a mighty Muslim civilization had been

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completely re conquered by the Christians. Muslims were forced to leave the land or be killed. Many became secret Muslims, but eventually they were bombed out and even killed. And eventually over the next few 100 years it becomes a completely Christian land again, and there are lessons in this for us. Now we know in recent history

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Muslims lost a lot more lands. We know what's going on in Palestine on the ground. Oh brothers and sisters victory did we know what happened to India we know about the colonization. But at that point in time, this was the worst thing to ever happen to Muslims. That pain was completely gone. Islam was completely erased from the region.

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And we ask Allah to protect us from seeing something that happened again in our lifetime. The main lesson I want us to take from this number one, we know that the

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we know that the victory happened in Ramadan and I continued with our theme that Ramadan is a time opening to the time of victory is a time or Allah's assistance and answer doors. So we must continue to pray for victory. No matter how dark it seems, we must continue to pray for victory for the Muslims of Gaza anywhere else in the world when they are oppressed. This is a month of victory. And this continues the theme shown once again the Muslims attain a miraculous victory in the month of

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Ramadan. Number two, I want us to focus on this lesson. Muslims conquered Spain in Ramadan. Muslims lost Spain because of infighting and disunity. Today, we are politically weak, and we are divided. Yet we continue to have infighting amongst us is really ridiculous. If you look at like in South Africa, we are like what two or 3%. And the two or 3% are divided into so many groups and so many sub groups, and we all don't like each other and we all fight with each other. How would Islam ever

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grow in this region? If we don't learn to get along with each other? We have to start seeing the bigger picture. We have to start working together with our brothers and sisters in Islam. Despite our differences, we cannot be always fighting with each other. This is what weakens the ummah. And it seems like you don't learn our lesson. Because even when we are minorities, even when we are politically weak, we still are focused more on fighting each other than working on bigger projects,

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as wisdoms we must learn to overcome our differences and work together. If we ever want to see Islam become great again, if ever want to see Islam grow again, if we ever want to see Islam attain its full potential again, we have to overcome this infighting that is destroying our community.

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And let us take a lesson from this. The Muslims of Spain were once the rulers of that region. Because of infighting, they lost the land completely. What do you think infighting will do to us as a minority? What do you think happens to us as a minority if we are always fighting each other over every fifth issue and every cultural issue and every racial issue in every tribal issue, we have to move past this, and we have to learn to get along and we have to learn to help each other and to

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work together. If we ever want to see Islam returned to the glory of the past. We ask Allah to grant victory to the Mujahideen and the oppressed in Palestine anywhere else in the world. We Muslims are being oppressed and are resisting. We ask Allah to return this woman to a state of political power to restore justice and peace in the world. Probably not enough in dunya Hassan out of in Africa, the Hudson and welcome to Behind the limits the phone numbers