Ibraheem Menk – Gain More Than Just Hunger And Thirst

Ibraheem Menk
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Ramadan is a few days and Allah subhanho wa Taala describes it as such. Hence we find he says yeah a human Lavina Min katiba eikonal Siyam Kamakoti bar and Marina mu Kabini income Kameng katiba Nadine and you call the income law like that Boone eight year.

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Mark do.

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Oh you have believed fasting has been prescribed upon you as it was prescribed upon those before you so that you may attain God consciousness a year might do that just a few days. Elsewhere in the Quran, when Allah horrible is that he will Jarrell is talking about hajj, he says was called Allah huffy a yearning to do that. And remember Allah subhanho wa Taala in the number days in just a few days, and that is for the Hajj. So Allah Allah Buddha is that he will Jalil is drawing our attention

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to the fact that Ramadan is just a few days and I implore you to look at your life and come to realize that life in and of itself is just a few days, life in and of itself is just a few days. So in the same manner, that Allah subhanho wa Taala prevents us from eating, drinking and our desires during the daylight hours of the month of Ramadan. The person is also meant to keep away from that which is haram during his entire lifetime. That which Allah subhanahu wa taala has prohibited but he

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always gives an allowance because Allah created us with the innate wants to eat, drink and fulfill our desires. So Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed for an avenue and that is that which is halal. So here we can see the intricate detail that Allah subhanahu wa taala goes into in the month of Ramadan for us to learn a lesson as to how to implement that into our lives. So in Ramadan even that which is Halon you are not meant to do during the daytime why? It is a training ground for you to

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understand how you should live the rest of your life and Allah subhanho wa Taala He commands us to fast one month in the entire year, one month in the entire year. Why it is a reminder, it is a reminder for the believer that

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you need to remind yourself and you need to train yourself every now and then. And that is why one Hadith says a Salah to Isla salah, one Salah to the next Salah and a Joomla to Joomla and one Joomla one to the next Joomla one Ramadan Ramadan and Ramadan to Ramadan Cafaro to Lima Bina Hoonah Elijah Toony Bettiol Kabaya it is a compensation between them if the major sins are kept away from why it is a training ground for you to understand how to live your life. Allahu Bucha is that you will Joel

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wants you to do something you do it. He tells you not to do it. You keep away from it. And we can see Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses those who believe for a reason. Because it is only a believer who can do this. It is only a believer who can keep away from food and drink and his desires solely for Allah Allah Boulez that you are general Nobody knows whether I am fasting today. Nobody knows whether you are fasting today. It is only Allah subhanahu wa taala. So if you want a test of your

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iman, of your faith and belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala then see whether you can fast for the sake of Allah who says that you are jealous. If you find yourself making excuses, unnecessary, invalid excuses simply not too fast. Then perhaps you need to recheck your Eman and ask yourself whether you truly believe in Allah Allah is that you are jealous. You know, we see these social experiments where people go around asking questions. Will you break your fast if I give you $1,000 No, I won't.

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Will you break your fast here's the water I'll give you $2,000 No, I won't. Always the answer is consistent regardless of the amount the person is

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was offered $10,000 To break the fast and they say no, I won't. Why? Because ultimately As believers, we realize that we are in this world a year men do that for a short number of days, in the same way that we will fast for 30 days of the month, we will only be here in this world for a short number of days. Imagine a person was to take the $10,000 and then break his fast and he died before the end of that fast. What would that money be of benefit to him? So Ramadan is a great

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training ground for life. All together. You want to understand how to live life, then look at Ramadan. See how Allah subhanho wa Taala trains us to be patient as well. It is hot, the sun is at noon, and the sun is beating down you are thirsty, your throat is parched, and you are hungry your stomach is grumbling from hunger, but you refuse to take a sip of water because Allah subhanahu wa taala told me not to do so because Allah subhanahu Attallah prohibited prohibited me from doing so.

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So similarly in life you will have circumstances that will come about that are not within your control things will happen that you cannot control Allah Allah is that you will Jalan will send a calamity in your life. But Allah subhanahu Attallah has trained you through the month of Ramadan to be able to deal with that to push through and persevere regardless of the problem. Regardless of the circumstance. It doesn't matter whether it is hot, it doesn't matter whether I am tired, I will not

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take that sip of water because I know it is displeasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala when calamity hits you in life. Hola Hola. Buenas that you will Jalil wants you to respond in a manner that is pleasing to Him. And what is that? Well, by sheer slogging, a Latina, either I saw that see Eva

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in, in

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your own and give glad tidings to those who are patient, they say when calamity strikes them, they say we belong to Allah Allah Buddha is that you are Jalon we belong to Allah boule is that he will Jarrell and to Him we shall return. You see, again, there is a reminder with patience and a link with patience and returning to Allah Allah bool is that you are Jarrah, why? Because when a person realizes that I am on earth for a short number of days, it doesn't matter what the calamities, he

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knows that ultimately I will return to Allah Allah is that you will, this will end this will come to pass just a few days, just a few days, you see how Ramadan is a training ground for you to even go through your calamities, your problems. And some of us had it not been for the month of Ramadan, we would have not experienced hunger, we would have not experienced thirst. Why? Because we have enough. We have more than enough. So before the tummy even starts to grumble, a person rushes to his

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meal. It's lunchtime, I better eat my lunch. It's time for me to hydrate let me hydrate so we have enough food, we have enough drink. So we don't ever have the opportunity to even experience that hunger. But Ramadan comes along, and you have to experience it. So what happens? You are now indeed, and you understand the plight of the one who struggles with this feeling on a daily basis. Every single day he is fasting. Why? Because he doesn't have enough. And there are people out there who

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don't have enough. There are people out there who starve. There are people out there who die from thirst, Allahu Akbar, who die from dehydration. So this endears us and brings us closer to those who suffer and struggle. And as a result, you take out from your pocket and you give for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala knowing that there are people out there suffering, feeling the feeling that I feel today, every single day. So let me give May Allah subhanahu wa taala alleviate the suffering.

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And that is what we feel during the month of Ramadan Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can I do I do my a call Luffy Ramadan he was the most generous during the month of Ramadan and one Hadith. In fact, the same Hadith tells us

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Can I should do Joelle demeanor Leigh Hill mozzarella, and he was more generous than the passing wind. Why was Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam more generous than the passing wind? Why would Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam give anyone and everyone because he realized that ultimately I am here for a short space of time. If I cannot use my temporary wealth, to build me an everlasting home, then there is no point to this wealth. And that is the attitude that you and I need to have.

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That is the attitude that we all need to have to understand that ultimately, our wealth is given to us by Allah, Allah boulerice that he will Jellal for us to enjoy, make benefit and use off in this world and to give it to others and to build our akhira Yaqoob no Adana, Ali, Murali Murali, the Hadith Bootsy says that the son of Adam says it is my wealth, it is my wealth. Well, hello, can you Malika Elana occulta for if Anita, and is there anything that belongs to you of your wealth except

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for that which you ate, and it passed, I will be stiff at a bit later or you wore it and it became worn and torn, I will just adapter for beta or you gave a sadhaka a charity and you sent it forth with Allah Bullis that you will add is your wealth any anything besides this? You know what that means? What you have used is yours, what you have given is yours. And what you have left behind is not actually yours, Allahu Akbar, that changes the definition of wealth in our minds. Why? Because

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when I die, what I've eaten his mind, what I've drank his mind what I've used his mind, it's over. I've used it fine. I've made benefit I've taken benefit from it. But and what I've sent forth to Allah Boulez that he will general remains with him, so it is mine. But the rest, the rest is not mine. It will be distributed amongst the heirs and it's gone, it's over. And that is why Allah subhanahu Attallah describes our wealth, where to

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live the can and give them from the wealth of Allah propolis that you will give them from the wealth of Allah, Allah bool is that you will generally it is not yours and mine. We say it is mine, it is mine, but it is not really used in mine. It belongs to Allah Hara Bullis that you will get what you spend of it belongs to you. In fact, one Hadith mentions that

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the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was out of the home and he was given a portion of meat and

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all right Isha holiday, Allahu Allah distributed some, and she left some. So he actually said when he came back home, and he saw the portion that was left, he said, what happened? She says, I gave some of the meat and this is what remains. And he says to her, what you have given given is what remains. What you have given is what remains with Allah who will is that you will general you see the mentality. You see the ideology, what you have given you've kept with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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it's there. I will find it there. What we are eating, it's for us to enjoy and it is over. Allah Allahu Akbar. So when we change our mindset towards our wealth, and come to realize that it is not only for us, our families and for us to enjoy, yes, leave something to your family. Yes, work hard for your family. Yes, give your family spend on your family that is also in South Africa. But think of the poor and the needy. Think of those who have nothing think of those who don't have enough to

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wear and those who don't have enough to drink and those who don't have enough to eat on a daily basis. That is one of the main lessons of Ramadan as well. The Allah contact the whole Allah Allah is that he will Gerald says so that you may attain God consciousness. What will this God consciousness do for you? If you take a look at the human body? It is like a vehicle like a motor vehicle. And the GPS system that is within is your heart. And that is what Allahu Bucha is that you

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will Jalil is telling us that Allah Contacta Hoon, a Taqwa. Hoonah he pointed to his heart and he says that God consciousness is here. Why when you have that consciousness of Allah Rubble is that you will learn you can navigate your life. You can live your life successfully as a you

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When being so Allah horrible is that you will Joanne has placed Ramadan for us as a blessing and as a gift for us we need to take as much benefit as we can from it by practicing upon that which He has told us to do. And by keeping away from that which has prohibited us from doing and we ask Allah horrible is that you will Gela to grant us the ability to practice Ramadan in a manner that is pleasing to Him, well if you don't wanna and then come to rely on your biller

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