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Number three, the third condition that you're looking for when it comes to the extra assist is you're looking for somebody who has experience. You want somebody who has high beta or experience in this experience in what not just experience and being a diary, but more so experience in the whole realm of being an exorcist, understanding the implications of gins and the shell clean. And most importantly, they have patience, when it comes to diagnosing this problem. To be a good exocyst, you need to have a lot of patience is why some of the orlimar they said this is one of the ways to test your patience is to become odachi. Because sometimes you might see a patient in front of you who's

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possessed or has this problem, and you might have to treat them for months, sometimes even years before it's all it's all over. So you need a you need somebody who has a lot of patience to do this. This is where the problem begins with a lot of the excesses that you might encounter is that they don't have this patience with their, with the people that they're treating, they might say to them, you know, just come and I'll read, you know, I'll do a reading for you. You do one reading, and they'll say to you, okay, I don't see any problem with you, you don't have to come back here anymore. But then when the person is still going through those issues every single day, what this

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requires is some form of consistency upon the rocky himself, he needs to say to that person, come back to me next week. If this doesn't work, come back to me in one month. If that doesn't work, come back to me in another month again, just see keep up some kind of consistency. Why? Because not every soldier of the Koran is going to allow this gin to make itself unknown. There are some verses in the Quran is that?

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How can I explain there's some verses in the poor and that is not as strong or effective on that particular gin as opposed to other verses? Let me give you an example. If there is a patient in front of you that's been affected by sale, then what kind of verses are you going to recite on this person? Are you going to recite verses about thought out and marriage and the blessings of Nickelback? No, you're not. You're going to start to recite the verses about sad. So you're going to go to like soda. Paul has sort of Bukhara, and all of these other soldiers. You're going to go to there, you're going to extract those verses that talk about Sahara. And Allah azza wa jal says,

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Well, you flee hersa, Hirohito at the center the magician, it doesn't matter in which direction he's coming from, they will never find success in their field in their job in their experience, you throw a verse like this, this should cause a strong effect on that person on that gin itself. But other verses, it may take longer. So remember, it's not that the core and will not heal the problem is just that certain verses a gin may have the to humble them and have the strength to hold up some of those verses as opposed to others that are directly towards them and their problems. So you need a rocky than understands. You see why I threw in, it's so crucial for them to be half of the Horan.

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It's because of this, the half of the Quran obviously will know where these verses are. Number four,

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is this Exorcist should also have a sense of awareness and piety in them, both inwardly and outwardly. So both inwardly sincerity, you know, they're always thinking about righteous things. Their heart is clean, they don't have any animosity or hatred for anyone. They have a clean, pure heart in sha Allah, outwardly that this is what illustrates what's what they have inside of them. So outwardly, they're pious, they're always praying, they're sonoda cards, they're always in No offense, they're always reciting Quran. Outwardly, the, you know, they have the full package. If it's a male, you see him with a proper beard, you see him dressed like a modest men, if it's a

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woman, again, she's dressed modestly. She has a perfect hijab on and she has all of those things, outwardly Express, she's a pious, devoted woman. So I think that's, that's self evident. Number five.

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Number five is crucial as well. And that is the confidentiality. You need, obviously an extra sister that will have the trust that whatever issues he's dealing with, it's going to remain confidential between you and that person. If you ever talk about an experience, always keep it anonymous. So for example, you know, whenever I mentioned a story, nobody would know who that person is. No, you know, so that's okay. We're talking about that you keep the confidential in the identity of that individual. Why? Because like I said, you might be treating a case and within that case, the person

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may expose themselves in front of you, if it's a sister, you know, then you know the gym may cost for her to tear her hijab right off, and then she's exposed in front of you. So you have to be able to know that, you know, with the confident confidentiality and trust that you have in that person, that if they see that the woman's hair or something about her, that they would keep that between themselves and Allah azza wa jal

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number six, the sixth criteria is, this is a general knowledge of mental illnesses. So this is the difference between understanding whether that person has a medical issue medical problem, as opposed to a spiritual issue or spiritual problem. So this person has to have some background of how to deal with those issues as well. So if a person comes to you and says, I mean, this happens all the time, you know, somebody will come to you and be like, you know, brother was there last night, I saw a bad dream, you know, and I woke up and I was really scared, am I possessed? What am I going to do here? Am I going to start doing okay? and be like, well, it's possible you can be possessed. So let's do a

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little pa know what you're going to say to that person in some go to sleep tonight and see what happens. It don't or don't worry about it, it's all good. But if that person continues, and they say, you know, every night, I keep jumping out of my bed, I feel cold, I feel sweaty, I'm always screaming this and that, then, what's your first step, your first step is to tell that person go and see a doctor, go and see a doctor. Remember, I mentioned to all of us here too. In all of our sessions, rural pa is at the bottom of the list. When it comes to all of the medicines and remedies that you choose what opia is at the bottom, there are different forms of oral care, which we'll talk

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about that you can use at any time. Like, there is a narration of some of the companions whenever they got injured, they would perform a rope here on that cut or that sting. One companion was stung by a scorpion, that companion read on the the sting itself and he was cured. So it shows that a little kick can also be used for these physical ailments and physical injury, you can do them again, you've got to know what you're doing. You got to be able to understand what verses to recite and how to recite and what should be done. And all of those things. Maybe some of us here we perform a routine on ourselves every single night before we go to bed, we know that one of the sinner ways of

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going to sleep isn't one of the sin acts is that you would recite the three poisons in your in the palm of your hands. So the prophets, I send them orders that we put our heads together like this, and that we would recite the three coils kololo ahead and close read Philip Kohler with abruptness. And when you're done, then you can dry spit in your hands. And then you wipe your entire body. And you can repeat this as many times as you want. And you do it in odd numbers in odd numbers, it's preferred. So that's one of the ways that's a type of Rokia that you do. You would be very surprised how much people they do that they do that. And they discover things about themselves. things they

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find, because when we're talking about this actually coming up next in sha Allah, of where genes dwell, and how can you tell if you do have a gin? Right, because a lot of people may be possessed, and they just would never know that there's a possession there. And the next criteria, this is number seven, is that if you The Exorcist is treating a woman, then that woman should be well covered. And she should also have a Muharram present there as well. She should have somebody present there with her. So he shouldn't treat her alone. Why? For obvious reasons, right? If things get out of control, obviously he's going to have to exercise some control or restraint over her, then

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obviously she's going to need the help of how to do that.

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Some scholars have allowed depending on how extreme the cases is, especially for a woman who doesn't have a Muharram and she has this problem. Some scholars allows that you can use a slipper or some kind of cover over your hands and then you can restrain her if you need to do that without touching her physically. So some scholars say you can take a slipper and just place it on your hand. I mean I've done this before and then you can restrain her this way. And the whole idea gloves are not allowed. And I'll tell you why gloves are not allowed. Because the whole idea of the restraint is so that you don't feel the shape of that woman. So you see like if you have like a slipper and you put

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it against like her bone or against her arm or something, you won't be able to tell the shape or the size of her arm. That's the wisdom behind it. So you're not going to use gloves because obviously you're going to feel all of that and this is part of her modesty. This is part of the protection an honor that you have to have for her

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So in those cases there, some scholars they allowed this and it's inshallah is not is not a major issue