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in Al Hamdulillah Hina hemudu who want to stay in who want to study he want to start Pharaoh? When I will be learning sorry I'm pushy now I'm in sejati I'm Melina Maria de la hufa mobila Alma you will follow her the Allahu eyeshadow Allah ilaha illa Allah who the hula shriek Allah, wa shadow under Mohammed Abu also Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam Allahu Mehta, Sleeman kathira and my bad

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today my brothers and sisters, I want to take you back in history to the lives of one of the greatest scholars that we ever known as Muslim.

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A scholar that he is considered the Imam of the Imams. A scholar that will Mr. hinomaru Malloy, he is definitely a person who deserves to have his own madhhab even like the Hanbury, the Shafi the Maliki are these great Imam.

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He lived Rocky Mount low to Anna, in the ninth century, born 839 and died in the met in the 10th century 932 I believe something like that he lived almost 85 years. So long life, Rahim Allah and he born north of Iran, but he spent most of his life in Baghdad, the capital of the Muslim world.

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And as I remember, hanifa Rahim Allah said, in a bottle Illa

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Allah, Yemen, 50 him amasa le him, he said, remind me one another and studying the life of the scholars, more beloved to me than studying their opinions.

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Because there is so much to be learned from the life. There is so many lessons that we can learn from their life. And this Imam it's impossible for an 85 years filled from the early early age with knowledge and wisdom. And amazing things happen to him that the last one Allah decreed upon him to be covered in a 15 minutes talk. He Rahim Allah led people in salaat, when he was nine years old.

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And finishes have are on in a very early before that, and learning the Hadith and his father was supporting him. And his father said that I saw on my dream, that my son in front of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he was holding like a sack, and in it, small rocks, he put it in front of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as if he's going to use it to defend the prophets of Allah. So the father said, I asked about what this dream could means, and I was sold that your son will be a great scholar, who will defend the prophets Allah solemn sin. And indeed he was. His father was not rich, but was a committed father for his son's education. He supported him, he traveled to about

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that to me to live a moment and to study under him, but remember him Allah died. From now on this young man who is known as an Imam Al Kabir, Abu Jafar Mohammed bin jarier appleberry Rahim Allah emammal mufa serene, or imamo hi as Mr. Neeraj himolla was one of the greatest scholars of his time until today, his book of Tafseer considered reference number one, and the most reliable source for Tafseer that every professor, well, every person will look at the interpretation of the Quran, well has to depend on that book until today. Just to give you an idea of who's this person is. He came to students once

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And he said attention to Nikita budgetary min Adam Illa yo minahasa Are you interested in writing history of humanity from Adam until today? So the students said how long this will take

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me to alfen owlcrate Sahiba about 100,000 pages of writing.

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Then the student he taught and they write,

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Carl who had the toughness armor will do now. We will die before we finish it. Then for FY 13

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he made a small version of it in 30,000 pages

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they wrote with him

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and after the finish, Karla home attention only tafsir are on how about if we write it up here for this ad how many pages this would be we just finished 30,000 with you, pal Caribbean minime it elf another 100,000 pardoe had a tough vanilla model Duna will die before we finish it. Fatah Savita Latina elf. He wrote a summary of it in about 30,000 pages, which is the book of the series that we have. And the book of history that we have today.

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pilot with Jenny rahimullah in Nelly lamotta tell him makalah we

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are in Nelly lammeter 16 Alpha Mata to Lima.

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He said La hawla wala quwata illa Billah Yeah, and he no more, you know, committed students.

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They just committed to 60,000 pages of writing with the chef. And he said there is no more committed people. What do we say about us today?

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I wish that our young people hearing me today who are in college high school to hear that

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how committed the students are us as adults, how committed we are to read a book how committed we are to make our research to a little bit go deeper than the first link to links in Google.

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Imagine engineer Rahim Allah Allah

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what I want you to know about this amount that is commitment that he never get married by the way he died before he got married. And it's interesting because he Rahim Allah said how to work through shadow he saw

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my mechanic

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or him or my dad, he said I saw him in his death bed before he died. And most of them Kathy said most of his hair and beard was still black, not great, then turn gray. Anyway, remember him old?

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British two main things I want beside the first story that I mentioned. That is another two incident I want to focus on in my heart. But today

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when he came to about that, he was a young man

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or Hema, and he told us a story of a young man and the story of an older gentleman and

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this older person was known in Makkah, as a person known of his poverty, but also dignity.

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And this man hasn't happened to him an amazing story.

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One day his wife asked him for food for dinner, and he said and that was during the month of Ramadan.

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And he said, I don't know if I can get you any food tonight. Then she said just water again and salt and like pieces of bread here and there. That will be hard for several days to survive on that in these hot days and summers and Mecca while they're fasting had decarlo to the people to extend the beauty of Mecca said this particular person to hidden Luda will Mater minute do it. Yeah, and if he eats a dead animal, it would be hard for him while he's sitting one time in a shade of a tree talfourd I felt something underneath me. I dig or I move the the leaves on the top of it and I found this pouch filled with gold. I took it home and I found it in it 1000 pieces of dinar 1000, dinar

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1000 pieces of gold.

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His wife was so happy fatale Aloha, Umrah tequila in Lucca Tottenham Isla.

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He said fear Allah.

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any money that anything that you find in El Haram in Makkah,

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you're not allowed to pick you know how to take the time to take. You either put it for public to reclaim it, or it will be given to the public funds but you cannot have it. It's not

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Like any other place in the world, you're not even allowed in some rules. If it does something if you can leave it as where it is you leave it. But he was worried about it. So he took it. Anyway, he said, and I was continually the man said, this is a test. We are so hungry and his wife keeps telling me that for kids, which dad we deserve it, we're hungry. We're gonna have food we love like taking extra vacation. Well, we're not taking this how our money are wrong. The business Diem for lunch anything for necessity, he said, No, it doesn't justify it. He went to the harem. And he heard conference at radula. And

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a man came from a place that he named also north of Iran today Hassani from croissant and this man was saying anybody have sat found a pouch this and he described it Anyone have found that

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law however

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that's the man Okay, so he went to them and said what if someone find it? What would you give him? Would you give him out of that 1000 dinar that you're saying and 100 dinner? He said no.

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Okay, next day, he found the same man doing the same thing. They said what if you somebody bring it to you? Would you give him 10 dinar out of the 1000? He said no. For masala be coolala had total dinar type one from the 1000. If somebody got at least give him a one. He said no.

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Then he said I found no excuse. And I brought the money to him. I said, I might have your pouch come so they go to the house. He bring the pouch. Then this young man been watching this whole thing happening every day.

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And he had interest in the story. So when they went inside the house, and the young man watching the doors open, he said that was watching them talking at the door. And he brought the money to him. He took the 1000 dinar. And I said to myself, man, he's narrating the story. He said, I said to myself, now he can reward him. But he did not even even say thank you.

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He just took the money, any and left.

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And he stopped counting as he's leaving, called La Khalid apata level I said the only very sad I thought he would reward him. Then after the next in the night in South Asia. He called him and the he said I was there. And he said I will come to your house tomorrow. So they he came and he said they followed them next day. And to make the story short, he said and he told him this money belonged to my father, my father have left have divided his money three thirds 1/3 he told me it should be giving to the poor people of Makkah.

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And I only got this money with me because I want to fulfill my father as well.

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I ask around and the people of Mecca agree that there is no one have more poor and have more piety than you. So you are rewarded with the whole entire among the 1000 dinar.

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This old man has nine people lives in this house, himself and eight more wife, two sisters and daughters.

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The rest of her daughters.

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He couldn't believe it. I think hamdulillah is it that's why I couldn't promise you a single Dirham from it because it doesn't belong to me. It belongs to the poor people of Makkah. Not because of I'm stingy.

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So the man, the one who received the money. He saw this young man watching him for these two days. He said man, I've been seeing you watching us all these days. Come on Africa Samaha me at a dinner in Vienna kulu. I had the Minamata anemia. The young man said he brought his daughters and he gave to the first one 100 100 100 the sisters the wife and 100 for himself and he gave me 110 of us.

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He said Allah is my witness that 100 dinar that I was given by this man. What have allowed me to travel he traveled to Egypt and he traveled to Jerusalem. He traveled to Syria he traveled around the world to seek the knowledge that the money was behind me committed to learning and seeking knowledge. And that young man was no one but our share of injury attorney Rahim Allah. He said this story about himself in his book of history.

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Read it was mentioned about him or him how he mentioned it about himself.

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At the itself, there is many lessons can be learned from this story. Many reflections that I want you to think about number one,

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amazed by the righteous son, who will carry the will of his father even if it takes him to travel months and months to fulfill that.

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Also, I'm amazed by the setup of the money of that designer for sada will never be lost will never go away.

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Another thing that investing in people is much much better than investing in anything else I can think of.

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I just imagine this old man who has nothing to do with knowledge that we as Ahmed Mohammed in debt to him because he supported someone like him in general poverty, Rahim Allah.

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Can you imagine the amount of pleasure that this man get?

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Just because he invested in someone like that?

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Also another thing, that there is a big difference when the money is in our hand, or the money controlling our hearts and minds.

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This poor person just got 1000 dinar and he give 1/10 of it a stranger. Just he knows no need to know who are you? He said, I'm just a traveler who come here to seek knowledge and mark. He said You deserve it.

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That's a big difference. That's not someone who lived in luxury, all his life.

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But it none he never was something controlling you. Another thing appointive reflection. Look with new commit to the hand.

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Look when you don't try it when you don't try to play games with the last $100 when you try not to cut corners to justify things for yourself.

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Allah Subhana Allah will never leave you left leave you without help without eight. Yes, the test might be hard. Allah did not promise us necessarily a safe, calm journey. But he promised us a safe landing.

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The journey might be rough,

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but the lining will be something that promise of safety.

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Many things I can think of when you think of this story, ask Allah subhana wa tada

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to bless all of us and our family, and to give us the the wisdom and how we deal with our live and how to invest on our life. According to Mustafa Rola, how do you want to convince 12 year old

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Nabi

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as this old man in Mecca was tested with poverty everybody has a different test in his life

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and that's another lesson that you learn when you read the paragraph you have the scholars people have a different tests you might see someone Allah bless them with Mashallah righteous, beautiful children. But you know what? Maybe he is suffering from sickness as another person you see, Mashallah he this person, Allah give him so much money. I don't think he has a problem in his life. You don't know.

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There is a wise man once has a group people like yours.

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Okay, and good, smart people like you. So you want to teach them a lesson once he said everybody, right? His problem and a piece of paper and put it in a ball.

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Then he makes them and he said, Now everybody comes and pick one of the papers. Everybody take any somebody else? You know, problem, basically. So when people open the paper on the So what kind of problems? You know, other people have? No Can I get mine back? You know, I can deal with mine. You know, I don't want to deal with theirs. So everybody has his own test in life, harder than Jared hope to achieve and men have imagined them behind it. The captain Q and topra bring tears to your eyes when you read his test. Especially his test was as the end of his life rahimullah when he's in his 80s

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that the people of Baghdad became so angry attempt and again because of all this tasks of you know, because of this, I call it the Clubman utilities. This is my group this my club, the cleaner club like and football teams and you know, this is my share this my mother and he became it's a was a big fitna between him and some of our hurrian some of the HANA beta of his time. And he was accused to be a she is far away from be an extreme she to to extend my brothers. And one other thing that you know, complicated things that there is another person by the name Abu Jaffa is Kenya Abu Jaffa Mohammed bin jarier but then other person is named Mohammed

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If injury or even Rustom, so Rustom is an added one. And he was an extreme shield even little pathania to corrupt men in a year of poverty.

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So the first title three names is the same. He wrote so many books about czone accused our Imam that he's to be the same person, and he wasn't for him a lot. That's why I love that you're so smart. When you wrote the paragraph you have an original tamari. He followed up with that person, just to make you aware that there are two different people. But at that time, you know, people just mixed up and Panamera was so angry attempt because he did not include the amendment opinion in a book that you're authored called if de la fuqaha. Anyway, it was like a personal thing also between him and the son of an Imam Abu Rahim Allah. He went so many debates, he was an excellent debater. And that

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created so many enemies from my point that this man was Rahim Allah to Allah, isolated in his house was prevented by the mob by the public, by just group of thugs. He was not able to go to pray Juma to pray Gemma and to come to the masjid or to teach.

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Not for a month but months if it's not more than a year.

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And people committed to be honest, if he's goes out, they threw rocks at him and hurt him.

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Had to Matt when he died, do you think they let him go? They said no janessa for such person.

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To the extent that he was buried inside his house,

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Rahim Allah.

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And people couldn't pray Jamal, that's why when you read in the paragraph, you will be surprised. If you don't know the story behind it. You're alone. What kinda was suddenly at a fee Beatty shoe run? It took months for people to pray generous on him. Why? Because every three four people 10 people go to the house, pray then leave, pray and leave. Sometimes they don't even allow people to go

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that when we turn against each other

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that's even Jose mela Hema Allah said, Man, I swear I'm Asana it better to be managerial.

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What a terrible thing that they have done to bintelli Rahim Allah.

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And unfortunately, that time, this issue of you know, Muslims fighting one another, being divided and turning against each other, instead of complement complementing one another. And it became when when it became loose, loose,

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became undermining each other's effort.

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That's something we shouldn't be careful.

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We should not allow this kind of division to happen in our community, or our society at large. As we see most of civil wars in the world are among Muslims, terrorists.

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Make sure in your and these blessed nights, to pray for the unity of the moment and to pray for a leadership that will unify them because unity is not It's the result is the goal is the outcome of a good leadership

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of a good world.

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he thermotherapy

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he assembled a piano the leadership is the result of people who were taught from their early age, how to cooperate, how to respect how to work together.

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Anyway, I asked our last panel to Allah in this blessed nights, to forgive the Imam of poverty and to make him this man today's who will bring this legacy to the Muslim Ummah and to help and to benefit the Ummah, for generations to come. And ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah by his names and attributes to end Ramadan with his mercy and forgiveness and to bless whatever we have done during these blessed nights. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us many years from Yvonne to come to America, US among those who will accept to their siyam and their pm their prayers, the sadaqa that is a cat and bless them to be ready for what's ahead of them. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to

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forgive those who passed away and to heal the sort of sick and we ask Allah to Allah by his names and attributes to protect us and to save us and our family and to bless us and our family and to guide all of us to what is good. And whites is righteous.

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Allah homophone mininova me not all Muslim, you know, and Muslim out here me no matter what overtly about, you know, Martina caradonna whether we are homina Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik, ala nabina, Muhammad Ali Mohammed, come about Okta, Ibrahima innaka, Hemi dama de la comida. Sana to hum Kula