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The speaker discusses the history of Islam, including the legal industry and the importance of fulfilling contracts. They also mention the importance of the final laws of Islam, including the importance of the holy month and the holy season. The speaker emphasizes the need to recite the holy month and the season for better understanding of the teachings of Islam.

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Prophet ninja surah Allah is revealed much later. In fact, it is the last of the major tools to be revealed, possibly revealed in the last year the security of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is like this is the last surah in the Quran to contain any loss. The only things to be revealed after surah vida are a few short tours related to our beliefs like Surah anassa. Right, so this is the last of the major revelations. And what surah minor is about primarily, are the final laws of Islam. All of the final laws of Islam are mentioned in the Surah Surah Al majda talks about the prohibitions like the prohibition of alcohol and gambling. He talks about food, what is halal and

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what is wrong.

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It talks about marriage what is holla? What is wrong in terms of who you can marry? It talks about the the, the Voodoo and about Salah, all of the laws of Islam, the legal industry, and the surah begin to the inverse image unless you have a handle that and how busy are you?

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Oh forbid Oh good. Oh, you will believe fulfill your contracts, and the scholars have been terminated disbursed to have two meanings. Number one, fulfill your contract with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Meaning obey Allah and live a life that is pleasing to Allah Subhana Allah, the secondary meaning of this verse, fulfill your contracts and promises to each other. A Muslim does not break his promises. A Muslim does not violate his contract and wisdom, his honor is is honest, and trustworthy. And we believe that breaking and violating one's promises and contracts is a sign of a hypocrite, a sign of a true believer. The two verses later, we have one of the most important verses

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in the Quran. So important during the time of overland catalana de la, one of the Jewish people living in Medina came to me and said, Oh my god, they burst in your Koran, that I wish we had it in our Torah. There is a verse in your forearm so special that I wish we had the Torah. Omar asked which verse is that? He said, uh, yo ma multicuisine. And today I have perfected for you your way of life, I have completed my favorite one, you at least with Islam as a way of life that wants to handle data declared in this, the final set of laws of love begins by declaring today I have perfected your way of life. When a Jewish man read this verse, he said, this is a this is the most

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important thing that God can help anyone that your way of life is perfect. And according to Psalm generations, he eventually ended up accepting Islam himself. My point here is that we need to think about this verse, Allah subhanho, wa Taala, has told us that he has perfected his religion. And so we have the perfect way of life, the perfect set of beliefs, the perfect laws, the perfect set of characteristics to follow the best of the best of character, the best means to purify our soul, the best social system, the best economic system, we have the best of everything. But it's our fault if we don't understand it properly, or we don't implement it properly. So let us close by pondering on

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this one this concept, are we portraying this best of ways of life to everybody else in a way that we're attracted to it that we see in the time of over regular people were attracted to the way of life that they had people converted to Islam, and people wanted to be Muslim. And you all know, this was the case with every Muslim to empower, but today, you know, many times we portray the opposite, that even we ourselves are not 100% sure that is this the true way of life is this the best way of life. And some of us even have an inferiority complex towards other ways of life. So let us remember of luck, I see that this is the best way of life. And he said he is pleased with Islam without

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religion. And so we should be pleased to Islam in our region. And once more to either you can make every single day to make this work in our hearts is really to Villa Europa, COVID Islam, Nina COVID, Mohamed Salah lavon, he was very pleased with Allah as my Lord with Islam and my way of life and with Mohammed Salah Allahu Allah, he was a look as my prompt, that this is a new out we should make every single day and to me constantly conforming our hearts and you should be manifest in how we live our lives. So this surah you will as we recite you will see many many goals of Islam in the disciple and many verses addressing the Jews and the Christians. This is one of the last few years

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to be revealed that a stink about his condo the animators living in factories were handed over. The food was