Mohamad Baajour – The Priorities of The Ansar

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of individuals, including their team, who attempted to unsalted their work and asked for help. They eventually received a request to give MACURs to their employees, but they were not satisfied with the response. The group discusses their priorities and the need for everyone to focus on their work.
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salary como La Habana, get

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smaller 100 Allah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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casual Hakim fimasartan Okay. Why my team was not

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a beautiful story

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about Dancehall

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dancer used to

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go and fetch water to water their palm trees.

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So you could imagine the hassle of taking the camel and putting water on both sides and bringing it back and watering the trees and then going back and getting some more water. It was a major hassle. The task was very exhausting. So they made the they decided to make

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pick a group and go to Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and ask him for help.

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So they sent their best to Rasulullah Salallahu. Salam,

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the minute and in salatu salam. So the unsalted coming model had been built on soil model hadn't been on soil. He started welcoming them and we all know how much Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam loves Dancehall

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now Murcia to Mooney che Leung Illa

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when I sell to Hola Hola, como che an attorney? Allahu Akbar. Whatever you asked me for today, this is before they say anything I'm gonna give you.

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And whenever I ask Allah for you today, he will give me

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some Dancehall heard that he said,

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let's read discuss the request.

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They said yes. Just give us a few minutes, went back and said who wants water?

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Forget about the water. They said What should we ask her some Lhasa Salam. They agreed all of them to ask Rasul Allah Islam to ask Allah to give them MACURA

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Allahu Akbar. They went they said yeah, Rasul Allah. Ask Allah to grant us the MACURA Allah who must unsalted Well, he didn't answer. Well, the answer your ALLAH forgive the answer. And the children of Dancehall and the grandchildren of Dancehall, they were so happy they went back to the people that unsolved and they said, You want water and we brought you something way much better than water.

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We brought you the mantra of Allah azza wa jal SubhanAllah. When first of all, who are we talking about?

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We are talking about the unsalted the ones whom ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, Radi Allahu Anhu. One other one. Allah has pleased with them, and they are pleased with Allah. And they're asking for mellifera they went and they noticed that you know, what, what is this water? This is dunya matter. Let's struggle a little bit more. It's okay. If we get tired, no problem. But this, this opportunity. That was so as I said, I'm just offered Allahu Akbar, we're not going to waste it. So he asked for MACURA what kinds of sins they used to commit compared to ours? Yeah, one. The point in sha Allah Tala is very simple. We all have a huge list of requests and things that we need, please

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make or put the MACURA on the top of the list. Subhanallah like when we were discussing this short talk in the morning with our brothers. I told them I asked him what do you think that I'm sorry, asked for. They said Jana said no did not ask for Jana.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala in both places, Sadie Oh Illa Filati mera become in LA I'm Ron. And in Al Hadid wasabia Qu il Mo Farah timbira Become the molecular came before the Jana. So this these companions Subhanallah they know, they know what to request and also Allah is seldom one of his ensuite Allahumma fiddley then be cooler the aka who was a winner who were Eleni yet who was ya Allah forgive my, all my sins, the small wasn't the big ones, the hidden one and the open ones, the first one and the last ones and this is who

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was on allah sallallahu wasallam. So please, make all kinds of dua but make the McAfee era the priority Allama Felina druvan Allah Serafina femenina with a beta Domina on Sona Allah calm with Kevin Alon MacFarlane, meaning that will help me a lot here I'm in Hong Kong I'm working with some Allah and Muhammad.

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Germaine Subhanallah Lama handpick

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the stuff here aka on a topic

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