Yaser Birjas – Living A Life Of Significant Values

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of culture on people's safety and well-being, as well as the importance of consistency and acceptance in society to avoid going against Islam's values. They stress the need for individuals to create and advocate for their own values and to be aware of one's actions to achieve safety and well-being. The speakers stress the importance of staying stable and bringing others to the culture, as it is crucial for society to maintain stability and integrity.
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When I'm older bIllahi min Sharada and fusina sejahtera Medina, Maya de la la mandala La MaMa yo lil fella heard yella wa Chateau a la ilaha illallah wa ala Sharika wash Aruna Muhammad Abdullah Surah Surah yeah you Alladhina amanu taco la haka Ducati wala tomahto nella want to Muslim moon yeah your NASA Takara Baka Mala they Calaca coming up so Wahida Hello Come in huzzah Java seven humara Jalan cathedra one is what Takala Halladay the several maybe he will or harm in Allah con Illuminati but yeah you already know I'm gonna talk a lot about Hulu Golden City that used to Allah Kumar Manoj Kumar phala comme de novo Kumamoto, Allah wa rasuluh forgot the philosopher's and Alima Allah My

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Allah Azza Nasser al Karim Karim Allah Tabata Kawata Allah, wa Carol had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, masha Allah Maureen was data to our column others and build our collaborator and Allah Allah were called on Earth and for Northam mama, but invite Allah my dear brothers and sisters, what makes the Muslim community a safer community? What makes the Muslim community stable community that makes many many people hand a lot of blood I mean, when the trouble they looking for safety, they come back to it. And then there is a time in the month of Ramadan, we seen this in our own community, mashallah more like a massive conversion, number of people coming to

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Islam, what makes it safer to people when you ask them what they were looking for. It's one common thing, that the Muslim community provide this kind of consistency and stability in terms of its values. Living a life of significant values is important. We live in today in a time that values are ever changing, never stopped changing, and we changing even to the extent will change the human fitrah the nature, the nature of mankind, the meaning of being a man the meaning of be the woman the meaning of being a child, we lost our minds as humanity today, in this culture, particularly why because we have no stability, we have no set values that we considered sacred. The sacred has been

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removed from these values. And that 100 The Muslims are still among those last resorts for people, because we have what we call them celibate, stable values, we believe in them, and we adhere to them. And we're not going to change these values just because someone thought you know what, it's a good idea right now to call men, women and women, women men,

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and to make you know, everything change because society is progressing. That's not progression. That's aggression. We're going back with our societies and then hamdulillah for the blessing of Islam.

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Sal handler Juma? We're still among the few people in this world, we're still going back again to some stable points of references, sets of values, and we have to hold on to them. What are the meaning of having values? What do you call these values in Islam, you call them TM in the Arabic language, they are called TM, the plural of the word schema.

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What does it mean to say when it comes to the word schema of TM? In the Arabic language from karma, and Ky MA and CA M and all these words, they come to one particular route that have significant meanings, what are these meanings for the word Hema number one is actually its value, significant value. If something has significant value, we'll call it chi him and ALLAH SubhanA wa Takakura call Islam word Dean and PMR and another SPM payment which means of significant value, anything of no significant values, people don't regard it as important they leave it aside.

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And if your values has no significant values, you will leave them aside because you looking for something more significant more important to you. And for Muslims, they are deed has significant values. The Quran has provided significant values by which you live your life being a human in itself is a significant valuable adhere to it and we hold on to it. The second meaning of saying Korean or Cava in the Arabic language, it means actually to molarity dal, which means what it means actually upright, something called and when someone paw

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paw in Manila, somebody standing for the sake of Allah as those means upright, all was straight. That's what it means.

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Today we challenge even the meaning of being straight in the society.

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Even that has been changed right now and altered, the being crooked become the new straight in our time.

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We hold on to these values of being upright having the upright characters called is the karma. That's what the word is the farmer comes from from karma from come from Kareem as well too, because we believe that these values will give you an upright character. And the whole Deen was revealed to the world to help people live this upright character as the Prophet salaallah Sam says in the Hadith in Amador, St. Lucia Masada had a flood I was sent to people so on in order to help them perfect their character, help them to reach that upright character.

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And this is a very important the third meaning

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have the word column or piano hero. It means actually stability. When somebody is calling him or her screaming, it's actually it's stable. It is stable, and it's permanent and it's consistent. So that's why we call our values Diem.

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Because they're providing you with a blueprint to have an upright character, upright lifestyle, it gives you stability, and it's give you significant value by which you live. And you live for many, many people today when they challenge these values, the struggle,

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the struggle, because they're going against the Sunnah of Allah subhanho wa taala. And this creation, brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala says will unhide us the rotten mustard demon for tiberiu While at the table suitable for Raka command stability. He made us a challenge over here he says, Listen, this, listen to me. This is your straight path, the upright one, the most consistent, the one that is solid, that will give you safety, you name it, it's the straight path we're underhand as erotic Mr. crema, is not crooked, he said but who follow it.

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Follow these values. What are the tabular civil, don't go after any of these crooked you know paths, any other alternative ways besides Allah's wasted Hana mattala First of all raka bitumen Severen it will take you all over the place, you will find no peace,

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you will find no peace there. And that's what we see today when we allow people to start changing the Allah's ways Allah Sunan in this society and people right now the change in the altering their end biological creation, or physically, no matter how much you try to mutilate yourself, you're not going to be other than what Allah is greater to be.

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So just an illusion. And right now Subhanallah there is no need even for mental illness in facilities anymore. Because it becomes a matter of opinion.

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It's a matter of taste.

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And we fallen for this as an entire society if you follow the path other than the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala all of us will struggle, not just for those who follow that path all of us were stolen and as a Muslim community, we should provide that safety to people. We should remain consistent and call for that consistency. Otherwise we can all struggle. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, what occurred Corona Bani Adam, he says Subhanallah whether we have dignify the Children of Adam, look at this. Allah says I made you special. I made a special creation. I called you humans, Karim. Never the Adam. He says I made a dignified I made a specialist pan on what to

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Allah called Mohammed novelry. Well, Baha, we carried you on the land and the earth on earth and the sea. Like look, you are able to create things that will take you all over the world all over the place. You've seen the earth everywhere. And that's part of the dignified creation of Allah azza wa jal, and he says Kawasaki Muhammad Optiva wild for the from all these good things in this creation. And then he says, subhanho wa Taala football now, Allah cathedra mantra Laguna de la, and he said, subhana wa taala. And I gave you privileged you. I made you privileged, I gave you a special status above so many of Allah's creation. He speaks about what everything else was that human beings. But

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what human beings are doing today,

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they were rejecting that privilege. They don't to be humans anymore, and they will alter even the meaning of being a human being brothers and sisters. When it comes to having these values. It's extremely important as Muslim Ummah as a Muslim Ummah, we want to adhere to the straight path at least ALLAH SubhanA wa normal. It's as simple as that. June is coming very soon. I'm not gonna see crazy things these days.

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And God knows what's going to happen to our kids will go to school these days.

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Even as young as kindergartens are being exposed, be exposed to things that we used to be one day, an x ray that things that you have to approve, you have to consent to it, before even be able to see it. And now it furthers the children to that providing what is called as brand loyalty from young tomb young age where they get used to it. So it will be a challenge for them in the future.

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And they expose on this, our children being exposed to that whether we like it or not, And subhanAllah even if you even if you don't see it there when it's when it's being performed on site. It's actually been now all over the internet. And even those who criticize that stuff, they unfortunately they also display it on their own accounts to critique it and to criticize, but he was gonna see it anyway.

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And that's the challenge of our time because this society just completely lost it. There are no significant values to live by these values, keep children and keep you know, changing and changing and changing as Muslims Hamdulillah we have that stability, Allah Subhan Allah says about this ummah Quinton pyrometallurgical, gentleness, you are the best people ever produced the mankind, the best nation ever to be produced in mankind for what reason? He didn't say because you believe because there

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So many believers out there, religious communities have hamdullah still safe haven to many people who are looking for safety in this time. But you as a Muslim have a different degree of safety. What is it more of a moderate and how not and monka we don't play games with these things, when it's wrong is going to be wrong. And we're going to keep saying it's wrong. We're not gonna accept that

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people are trying to push right now not just a matter of tolerance towards these actions, even who was approved by law. No, they weren't, they wanted to make it recognized. And you're going to be criminalized, if you don't recognize it for them. And we're not gonna accept this.

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We're gonna stand for that which is right? Not just because we Muslims because we just humans, it's a matter of common sense. And Allah says quantum Koroma to overturn us the best nation ever produced the mankind for what reason? Morona Bill Maher overturn how national monka because you enjoin good and forbid evil.

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Because you tell when something is right, you say it's right or something's wrong. I told them, it's wrong. You stand for the right thing to stand for that justice, even to yourself and to other people, not just for ourselves as a Muslim community. And then he said, What do you mean when a biller and you believe in Allah azza wa jal? So yeah, there are a lot of faith communities out there, but you are unique, because you stand for justice, and you speak it out loud, and you don't care.

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Definitely, people are looking right now, for stability for safety. Many people are, are anxious, they're confused, and Subhanallah our way as Muslims help us stay stable. For those brothers and sisters looking for that kind of stability. Be careful, I know that nowadays, martial among our young generations, the whole concept of you know, social justice and equality and so on, it seems to be very appealing, which is true, which is true to this moment is very appealing. And it's true to have, you know, that sense of equality and so on, but at the same time, not on the account of your values, and common sense, and what is considered right and appropriate or not, not just because

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we're mostly because we use humans, we're altering even humanity today. So Hamdulillah we have our source of values. If someone asked Where do we get our values from? In order for us to all agree on that we have to go back to those solid resources, the Quran, the book of Allah subhanho wa taala, the book of Allah azza wa jal what Allah says, right? It's right what Allah says wrong, it's wrong no matter what the society says about it today.

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The Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the example of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam how he lived his life, he's our best example didn't Allah subhanaw says that.

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He sent it to her to us for what Rahmatullah and I mean mercy to the world. And he says, cold water has been the best model for you as Muslim you follow his example. So Alana was ALLAH and he is the one who told us contract if you come Shane, I left you two things in your hands. As long as you hold on to them, you will never go astray Kitab Allah was in the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah, Allah wa salam brothers and sisters. You want to feel safe in this confused society. Go back again to the resources. Another way we find that hamdulillah our own our own stability in this in this theme in these actually values from the agenda of the Ummah, we look at

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the opinions of the Sahaba the Latin animada on the best generation, the scholars of the past and the best generation, whatever they agreed on. That's the law that's law for us that's Deen that you follow? Because the OMA will never gather together and accept falsehood as part of the deed never. So therefore, when there's confusion, we'll go back to these resources. And Allah's command is that we do that there will be disagree on something photo do who will Allah wa Rasul. You need to refer that back to Allah subhana wa the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the other thing that will be given to us in order for us to start make these stable resources, using our human reason.

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Reason, yes, it is a source of looking at things and confirming things but Subhanallah nowadays has been misused to the extent that became now more valuable than the way now in the words of Allah azza wa jal when people deny Allah subhanho wa Taala and deny his right to legislate whatever He wills subhanaw taala they create their own and if we leave it for people, what do we get? What are we getting today? So brothers and sisters, just make sure as the time progresses today, you go back again to these major stable pm values. And you can find them on in the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa and Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and your religious values. Make sure to stay stable, bring

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your family to it, your children grow with it inshallah to grow up with vanilla Azerbaijan, whatever darkness around them will be completely dispelled and expelled by the by the light of guidance May Allah subhana wa Taala put that in our hearts but alameen and show us that which is right and make it easy to follow it and that which is wrong and stay away from it. Akula kolyada was so for Allah and Allah Almighty welcome. What it said was a bit of a stir through in the middle of all right.

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Alhamdulillah Abdullah Al Amin Salallahu Salam, Mohammad Anwar Allah Allah

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psycho selling with a slim cathedra mama bad my dear brothers and sisters, some of the beautiful things about our Muslim values is a comprehensive, they're not just about your relationship, you know what man also the ship with Allah azza wa jal and when it comes to the relationship with man, it's not just about your interpersonal relationship with people, no, it's about economic values, moral values, you know, emotional value, social value, all these values that Islam covered all these areas. Everything, you have a set of ethics that you need to follow, and it's governed by ALLAH SubhanA wa does role because he the one who created Allah, Allah woman, Hala, whoa, a lot of people

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have it. Doesn't he know best, since he's the one who created you? He does Hannah Montana. We also believe that these values of hamdulillah are flexible. What does that exactly mean? They are stable, but it's flexible. We we also consider changes happening in societies. But as long as that change does not contradict with us with the fundamental values of the Quran, the sooner the will will take him. Once they contradict the strong values of the Quran, sunnah, we reject them, no matter how fancy they sound to people this this, because that's what's going to create stability for you otherwise, that change continue forever. And we'll never find safety in that kind of lifestyle

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brothers and sisters. It's an hamdulillah our values are actually not just flexible, they also moderate, moderate, they also take into consideration your relationship with Allah for the Ophira and also the relationship with the people in this dunya. We care about the dunya as much as also we care about the ACA, but we know that this dunya is just a test. So we can shout louder, the one that the prize in the ACARA mela makers amadores winner Jarrah Bella min. Brothers and sisters, in this time of excessive change, remember that holding on to these precious values is more important for safety. And you shall see Wallahi we shall see if the society continues like this, these more

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troubling times are going to come on May Allah protect us a bit are famous for material but I mean, you will see massive conversion people are going to come back to religiosity

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because nothing human is saving them anymore.

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Nothing humans are going to save them. So they don't look something that is culturally divine, and they're gonna look for religion. They're gonna look for any religion, that provide the most safety and security. Make sure to be there out there calling people to Allah subhanaw taala open your hearts to them. Talk to them about about your deen. Show them to your clock and your manners, that this is the best way of living May Allah subhanho wa Taala God the hearts of our people, our community are Bananaman. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide the people of our country or bribe them in our communities, our cities, we ask Allah to guard their heart to that which is right. And we ask

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ALLAH SubhanA to protect this community. From the evil of this time, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us from the evil that is that is private or public garbage. I mean, we ask Allah to guard our values, yada but I mean, we ask Allah Subhan to protect our children, our families, our schools, our lifestyle, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect our iman our deen for us are a Brahmin. Allah Who Melinda man for Anna, one final thing I lumped into in the control element Hakeem Allah Martin fusina, taqwa was occurring to humans occur until you Imola about Allah and Allah Allah Koto saloon Allah Nabhi yeah you Alladhina amanu Sallu Allah He was selling motors Lima, la masala he was

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selling Mubarak Anabaena Muhammad wa he was a vegetarian. What the LA human hola Ross. You're gonna be better than Walmart was man or one sir. So how about this man? Woman Tabby on bsla on with Dean welcome salaam

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