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Episode Notes

In this episode of the Tafsir of Surat al-Fatihah, Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi educates us on the following:

  • Profundity of the verse “Maliki Yawmi Ad-Din” which means “Master of the Day of Judgement” 
  • The way to make one’s accounting easy and quick on the Day of Judgement.
  • The day of immense grandeur will be the Day of Judgement where each one of the creations will gather in front of Allah SWT, the ultimate Owner, Judge of the Day of Judgement.


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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala he was so happy about.

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So we had talked about Allah azza wa jal praising himself with the phrase al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen and then explained why after praising himself as being a Rob, he immediately follows that with a Rahmani Raheem to indicate that His rubia His Lordship is the Lordship of mercy of tenderness. His Lordship is a lordship of Rama. And then Allah says ma de kiyomi Dean, and this verse maldek, the word Malik in Arabic means owner. And we have the concept of milkier, which is ownership. So Allah is saying, I am the owner of the Day of Judgment. Yo Medina. And we had mentioned previously that the Koran has many recitations tend to be exact. And in another authentic

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recitation, our Prophet system would sometimes recite this verse as Maliki omit Dean. And both are authentic and both go back to the Prophet system. And to this day, if you listen to our brothers from North Africa, from Morocco from Algeria, when they recite Fatiha, they will say many key omit them, they're not gonna say Malik, and the word medic means the king of the Day of Judgment. And this is a part of the beauty of the Quran that the multiple recitations actually add, meaning there's no contradiction. The Quran is recited in all of these ways, and each recitation adds meaning So Allah is Maliki or Medina and he is also medic eo Medina. And medic means the king. Medic

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means the king we all know medic medic, so and so and other medic is Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah is the Owner of the Day of Judgment, and Allah is the king of the Day of Judgment. And these two meanings are overlapping, yet each one gives something that the other does not give. What does ownership give me ownership means that the owner has ultimate right to do as he pleases with the object that is owned, the owner can do anything and no one has the right to question the owner. So the one who is magic, if you own property, if you own something, then you can do with it as you please, no one can tell you why did you do that? Because you are the ultimate owner. So when Allah

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says he is magic of the Day of Judgment, so Allah is indicating that this is my ownership. No one has the right to question what I do on that day. I am the one who owns who controls. No one can question me about that day. And then many Chioma Dean, what is medic medic is the one who judges. Medic is the one who decrease medic is the one who legislates and Allah is the one who decrees on that date, what Allah says will be executed, what Allah will say will judge the verdict Allah will give because this is the king is the final authority. There is nobody above the king in a kingdom, and the king is the final authority. No one can go above him. So Allah is the medic, all disputes

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will be brought before the medic, every problem will be judged by the medic. And when the medic decides that decision is final. So Allah is the medic yo Medina, and yo Of course it means day. Of course, technically yo means any timeframe, it could mean a second it could mean a month, but in commonly It is called day. And we know that the actual day of judgment will not be 24 hours. We know that the Day of Judgment, we call it the day, it's not going to be like hour 24 hours, rather that day will be different lengths according to your level of emotion. It is something very interesting and strange. your level of Eman will dictate how long that day is, the stronger your emotion, the

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quicker that day will be. And the weaker a person's a man may Allah protect us from that the day will become longer and longer. So for the believer, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the Day of Judgment for the perfect believer will be like the time between acid and Muslim the Hadith says subhana wa certain Muslim how quickly it goes by right? The shortest timeframe in the day between the two Salawat is acid and Muslim. So our Prophet says that I'm said that the Yom Okayama for the true movement. It will be as quickly as acid and Muslim just a short period of time. And for the one who has no man for the one who's a facet for a cafard for emotionally that day will

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be equivalent to 50,000 years. Imagine 50,000 years that

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Day will become a day of torture that day will become so problematic so difficult that we learn from the Quran we learn from the Sunnah, that the calf will actually beg Allah to enter jahannam and get rid of the Day of Judgment, the day of judgment will become so terrible that the calf will basically say, Let's get this over with us. Let's go on to the next stage. And this is interesting because the word yom doesn't mean a day it means the length of time so the young Medina will actually be tapped dependent upon your level of Eman. The stronger our Eman the quicker will be the young and the weaker the amount the longer will be yom and the word Deen. Many people think it means religion. And

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of course Deen does mean religion in some contexts. But the word Deen is a very comprehensive word. It could mean a way of life A Shetty a lifestyle. And that is the common meaning in the Quran. That in the deen in the law in Islam, the deen in the eyes of Allah is an Islam which means the lifestyle the way the Shetty out, but another meaning of Deen is the judgment, the final retribution, what will be decided this is also an Arabic the word Deen. And so yo Medina over here translates quite literally as the Day of Judgment. So Allah is both the king of and the Master of the Day of Judgment. And it is very interesting when you read the Quran, milkier and Mulkey again to reiterate,

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for those who don't understand, milky means ownership, and mukhiya means kingship, right? I repeat milkier ownership and mukhiya. kingship a lot of scribes both the milkier and the molokhia of the day of judgment to himself in multiple verses. For example, in suta Zulu, Allah subhana wa tada says, well out of blue, Jamie and obovata, who Yama Yama, it was similar to matsuya to be a meaning that the entire earth will be in the grip of Allah. In fact, he actually says in the right hand of Allah, when Aldo Jovanka document it was similar to what we had to be a minute and all of the heavens are folded up in the right hand of Allah. And of course, we affirm this as Allah knows best.

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And there is also the meaning of ultimate power and control that yes, indeed, ultimate control, ultimate milkier. You know, when I have something in my hand, what does this mean? We have it in we have it in a hand means it's my possession. No one can control this other than me. So Allah is saying on that day, the whole world and the heavens will be rolled up in his right hand. And this signifies what milkier complete ownership complete control. As for kingship, a lot also says this in the Quran, and the very famous verse in sudo Lima, Neil moon Coolio, Lila Eduardo, on the day of judgment, Allah will say, to whom does the kingdom or To whom does the Dominion or To whom does the

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power belong today and this Allah will ask on the Day of Judgment, Allah will ask this question on the Day of Judgment. To whom does the kingdom belong today? And what is the kingship here? The complete nobody can have more authority than Allah? That's what the king here means. And Allah will ask on Yom Okayama, lemon in macwilliam. That's mukhiya and Allah will not find anybody to answer so Allah will answer himself Lillah wa, it will belong to Allah, the One the unconquerable, and in some verses Allah combines between milkier and malkia. On the day of judgment, for example, in Surah Hej verse 56, Allah says, a moon cuyama is the Leela he jacobina home on that day, the milk belongs to

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Allah and Allah azza wa jal will judge and decree between them. So both mukhiya and milkier belong to Allah subhana wa tada on that day, and what is your Medina let us turn to the Quran itself. One na de la cama yom with Dean, Allah tells us he asks us in the Quran, what will make you realize what is wrong with Dean womma other aka yo Modine yo mala Tam Li qu nafcillin Epson shake up while Moo coo Yama is La La one second we have malkia and milkier. Think about the very profound verse here, right? And that's what Allah is Maliki Ahmed Deen and medic yo Medina. Let me reiterate. When Allah asks us what will make you realize what is your Medina madaraka Yama Deen, Allah then says yo ma Tam

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Li qu nafcillin Fcj up on that day, no human will be able to own meaning be of any benefit to another human template. And template is milkier. No human can benefit you in any way. Well, moo coo. Yama is a leader and the kingdom the milk

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belongs to Allah. So milkier and mukhiya belong to Allah exclusively on that day. Now question somebody will say, why does the law specify that day when even in this world we know that milkier and malkia ultimately belong to Allah? Isn't this the case that in this world, even everything ultimately belongs to Allah? Why specify this day? Two reasons. Number one, never in the history of creation, will each and every created being simultaneously stand in front of each other, except on Yom Okayama? Never, in the history of our entire universe, existence has every man and every jinn and every animal even because we know from our texts, that even the animals will be resurrected,

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even though there is no agenda and it's up there is no agenda and now, but even the animals will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment, every single human that ever existed, will be brought forth on one plane, along with all of the jinn, this has never happened, and it will never occur again. So the one who is the master of that occasion, the one who is the king of that occasion, then obviously he is the king and Master of every other occasion. So by specifying your Medina, all other days, and all other times are automatically included. And then secondly, the second reason is that it is true, that ultimate Kingdom belongs to Allah even in this world. But Allah has allowed the illusion of

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some power and some ownership to every one of us. Isn't that the case? That we think we own this and we think we own that, right? The Muslim recognizes, okay, Allah has given it to me, it is Alice, in law, who are innately Roger on everything belongs to Allah, but the cafe, he thinks he owns it, the kings of this earth, they think they are kings, they think they have this illusion of grandeur and majesty, but it is only Allah Who is molekule milk, the owner of Kings malkia and malkia. Combined, again, Allah is not just a medic. Yes, Allah is a medic, and a lot of calls himself in the Quran that he is a medical hack. He is the true king, no other King is true. Every other King is false.

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Every other King is an illusion. Why? Because we're lucky no king can rule by himself. Every King needs plenty of support military generals, evil people, good people money, he needs other help no king can rule by himself. And as even taymiyah said, the king, in reality is more in need of his followers than the followers are in need of the king. Think about it. If everybody what ran away from the king, what will the king do? The king is more in need of his followers, his military generals, his people that are behind him, the one that propped him up on the throne, then they are of him. That's where they've been Tamia says that he is more familiar to them than they are to him.

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So Allah is saying, Allah is a medical

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Allah is the only true king and therefore Allah is mad equal mulk the owner of the kings who can be the owner of the kingdoms, that is Allah subhana wa Tada. So by specifying on the Day of Judgment, as I said, in this world, there's an illusion of ownership and an illusion of Kingdom. How about on the day of judgment? Will there be an illusion of ownership? Will you even own your clothes? Will you even have your clothes on the day of judgment? Will you even have your wealth that you can dispose of? All of these illusions will be gone? Allah says in the Quran, whatever they do to Muna Raja comma holla Kanako what Amara, you shall come to us individually solitarily just like we

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created you in the beginning with nothing, all your mansions, your palaces, your cars, your wealth, your fame, all of it will be gone. What are the Muna for other so the illusion of ownership that we have now and the illusion of kingship that some people have on that day there will be no such illusion. So the one who is the king on that day Maliki yo Medina, that is the king on every other day. And therefore my dear brothers and sisters in this verse we learn that Allah subhana wa tada will be the ultimate owner and the ultimate judge and the ultimate king of the most grandiose day in human existence, when every single created object will stand in front of Allah as that object was

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created. And we have much more to talk about this verse molecule but then we have not finished this first inshallah we will continue talking about it tomorrow was said on why they come to LA What about cancer.