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Why do muslim women dress differently and wear the headscarfs? Do they do so because men order them to do it? What is the wisdom behind it? Get the answers from the proper source, here.


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To the average Westerner, the traditional headcovering won by Muslim women, the hijab has become a symbol of oppression.

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We need to settle the hijab or the whale issue. A lot of people of other faiths question the covering of the head, you know, when Muslim women wear the hijab, so we try to find out about it straight from the source.

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For many Muslim women, dressing modestly, is an act of worship, which stems from a clear understanding that the Quran is the unchanged and an altered Word of God. For them, choosing to dress differently is not an issue of patriarchy. Because in Islam, God is neither male nor female. In Islam, the concept of God is gender neutral. Allah created genders, but is not gendered. And I think that's important. Therefore, there's not an issue of favoring one or the other gender, say to the believing men, that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty that is pure for them. And God is well aware of what they do. And as you get older, there's more other misconceptions. I

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mean, especially with today's society, and the way it is, people constantly come up to me and they say, um, does your husband make you wear it? Does your dad make you wear it, the men in the family make you wear it. And of course, in a way, it's always talking about oppression, they think that the men force women to wear that kind of hijab. But in reality, it's not at all that way. And unfortunately, our society isn't educated enough. And we have to educate them. With the help of Allah, I may be able to inform people about Islam. It's so so important for me, to let others know that I was not forced into this religion. I really want to share this with the people. I really hope

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I will make a difference in France.

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There's a question that just came back to my mind that I think is important. I just would like to ask you, not from a personal point of view, but because probably a lot of people are thinking it very loud. Did you embrace Islam? And you just start wearing your headscarf to please your husband?

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No cinnamon pies? Absolutely not. And actually, it would be a major mistake. Everyone should embrace Islam, and be convinced in their heart. And they should do this, to actually seek the acceptance of the Creator, not to get the praises of the husband, or the people. What motivated me was when I had gone back to study the Koran,

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I found that it was a direct command from a law from God. And that's why I wear hijab. for Muslims, who has the right to tell us who has the right to tell me what to do? The answer is very clear. The one who created a law

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the only one who has the authority to legislate is Allah subhana wa tada and he has complete right to tell me what to do and what not to do. That is the essence of Islam. Islam means what submission a Muslim is one who submits submit to what to the law of Allah subhana wa Tada. By definition, a Muslim gives up his rights. He says, Oh Allah, You created me, you know what's best, you tell me what to do. By definition, the hijab is not to oppress the woman, actually, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the wisdom behind the hijab, not everything. Allah mentioned the wisdom behind why we should do it. But Allah mentioned the wisdom behind the hijab.

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And Allah said to the believing women to put this garment over themselves, they come on over themselves to dress in this way.

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And Allah gave two reasons for that.

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The first reason is that

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So the people may know, and recognize them to be believing Muslim women. And the second reason is that they may go unmolested. So the first reason is, it is a type of uniform. It is the type of means of recognition. Because the way you dress, the way you dress makes a statement about yourself. It's a fact, this is the practical application when I'm talking about, like a guy be out having to go out guys, you'd be at a club bar, right? He's kicking your boys and a girl walks by, and man, she looks good. She looks good. Not good in that classical way.

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Me, you know, I'm talking good. Like she got hapur as hanging out a skirt.

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Her titties are all mashed together. popping out the top of her turtleneck and *.

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with your buddies, right? You with your buddies, you got a couple drinks here. You see guy just might. might not come out, right? Hello, do you see me?

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Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute.

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Just because I'm dressed this way.

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does not

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make me

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which is true. Gentlemen, that is true. Just because they dress a certain way doesn't mean they are a certain way. Don't ever forget it. But ladies, you must understand that that is confusing.

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That it would be like me, Dave Chappelle a comedian walking around the streets in a cop uniform.

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Somebody might run up on me

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up, sir, help us come over here help us.

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just because I'm dressed this way,

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does not make me a police officer.

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The way you dress makes a statement about yourself its effect. And you know what is effect in courts all over the world in America and Britain, even I read about here in India.

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Many women who have gone to court

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and who have been raped.

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Either the rapist had a very small sentence or no sentence at all. And due to what reason, because the woman was dressed in a very provocative manner.

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She was dressed in a very, very provocative manner, and behaving in a very provocative manner. And this is something actually that happens to the men, when the man sees a woman dressed in a certain way, behaving in a certain way, something happens to him.

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So if you dress in a certain way, in a very alluring way, then you're going to get a certain reaction from the man. It's called the birds and the it's called the flowers in the bees. Yes, you have the flower pretty flower.

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Like colorful petals. And the flower lets out a nice sense of the bees flying along. And the bee picks up the scent of the flower. Ooh, it smells nice. And he sees the pretty colors of the flower. And the soul the bee goes to take the nectar from the flower. And what happens is, it's nature. So when the woman's has all the urine and lipstick and she's looking beautiful, and this and that the man like the busy bee is

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And he kind of helped going towards the beautiful flower. He kind of held that to the nature.

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But the problem is, is that well the problem is it causes lots of problems. You're gonna mess up my family, you're gonna do this, you're not even a real friend or a proper family.

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Lots of problems because that God is someone's daughter or someone's wife or someone's art or someone's even someone's mother.

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And the evil consequences of this are so many

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but the Quran gives to the Muslim woman what we consider to be

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an ounce of prevention is worth what

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what's the what's the what's the you know, the know, you know, the, what is it called an ounce of prevention is worth one pound of cure. So what is Islam do? The woman takes responsibility. She takes social responsibility.

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To reach behave and dress modestly, has been ordained for both genders by the Quran. A man, for example, who sees fit to wear very revealing clothing to flirt with women due to oval Aquaman is doing something wrong. Just as a woman who does the same as doing something wrong.

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She cuts the doors to this evil by covering her beauty. Her beauty is for her husband.

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So just like, just like, any one of you, if I asked you, what's your PIN number?

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You wouldn't tell me.

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If I came to visit you in your house, you wouldn't have your certificates of deposit in front of me, you wouldn't have your jewels in front of me, you wouldn't have your stack of money or your savings in front of me distributed just because I'm afraid and everything should be transparent. No, you have those valuables in a place that is safe.

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Might be a bank might be a safety deposit box. Well, that's just money. That's just tangible things. So don't blame us. And don't blame God, if he tells us that our mothers and our wives and our daughters that they should be covered in a safe place. My dear sister, you are a diamond.

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And women are very respected in this. I believe I love wearing a job, I feel I feel special. I

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feel, I feel like like I don't have to be showing off everything to everybody. And it helps me to be kind of a way that they tell her girl Don't you know, this is the West and you are free. You don't need to be oppressed, ashamed of your femininity. She just shakes her head. And she speaks so

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before I was a Muslim, you know, how to read Mohican, I was like, into short skirts. I was walking about thinking, yeah, you know, I'm liberated. I'm liberated. But I realized men just have no respect for me the way that women dress now. And they say it's their freedom and this and that, you know, to wear, you know, very revealing clothing and stuff.

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They're basically what they don't understand is when they wear something like that, and they walk out of their house, they become an object, every man that looks at them, and some women too. So they

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really don't understand that whenever,

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you know, you're you think you're becoming free, but really, you're just becoming an object, you walk out the house.

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Well, girls are learning from something like this, that they're seeing, they're inundated with from all aspects of media, not just television, that this is acceptable behavior for girls, this is what will make boys you'll get attention from boys because teen girls are at a volatile stage where they're they're looking for acceptance and fitting in. So they're being told that these behaviors are acceptable. And what impact does that have on young girls watching me? Do they get it they pick up on this? Oh, of course, from what the CDC released is that America has the highest teen pregnancy rate of any of the industrialized world as well as the highest STD rate and teen so that alone shows

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that there's definitely it's had an effect, but things also like low self esteem, because girls are believing that their value is based on their exterior, being thin, being pretty being sexy. And so girls are are definitely being affected emotionally, mentally. They say, Oh, poor girl, you so beautiful, you know, it's a shame that you cover up your beauty. So she just smiles and gracious the response, reassuring me

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crazy to think that you need to work hard, and you need to be high. And that's how you're going to get on TV. And that's how you're going to be somebody you know, they dress that way, because it attracts the attention of men, which then gives them this feeling that they're they're being accepted more or that maybe that guy for a moment, maybe he loves them or maybe he likes them and they get that attention. You want them to desire you. So where is the world? You know, are we raising our daughters to think I am a jewel and I need to cover myself up and demand that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with deserves to see something that everybody else hasn't seen?

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You know, I mean, do they even have anything left to show their husband when they get married that they didn't show?

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Johnny and Starbucks or every bozo

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God said for the Muslim ladies,

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draw your clothing across your bosoms

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and do not allow your natural

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ornaments to be shown except to those within your family circle. What are the natural ornaments of women in case you don't know what they are?

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They are breasts.

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They are shapes that happen to be different than that of men.

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Their hair, those adornments should be covered. Like when I walked in, people knew this is a religious girl, she doesn't dress for us. She dresses for God, you know, she covered her body. And that's the best feeling like you You took away. anyone's right to look at you in a disrespectful way. Nobody can look at you like that. Nobody can take your piece in. You know, she covers her beauty. And also when people see her, they say no, this is not a woman who is interested in Hanky Panky. This is not a woman who's saying Come over here. Talk to me. Don't I look beautiful? Maybe we can go out tonight? No, cuz she's dressed. She's covered herself. In loose clothes. She's covered

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her hair. She's covered her face her hands maybe even. And it makes a very clear statement. I am not interested in these things. I am a Muslim woman. I am a believer. I am for my husband. And my obedience is to Allah.

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As the face can be open, there's nothing wrong with it. This is not necessary. Do you believe that? Yeah, I wasn't wearing it before. And now I am. Other people. There are people who do believe that the face is obligated. But I think that it's their choice. In the end. Both my you were here three years ago to you've asked us not to show any footage of you from that time because you've switched from wearing the hijab headscarf to wearing what we can see now, which is the niqab. Tell us why you made that decision

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about you. I've been wearing that for around a year and a half now. And I guess I said it's against my religion more. And I want everything and anything that could strengthen me that could pull me up, give me more confidence.

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And this was something that I wanted to do that I could do that essentially what jack straw was saying, and a lot of people are saying now is, you know, how can I trust you? How can I get a feel for what you're saying? If I can't see the entirety of your face? Well, let me ask you a question. How do you get a feel for what somebody's saying when you talk to them on the phone. And we use telephones like constantly Nowadays, people use the internet. When I cover my eyes, I'm perfectly fine with myself like I am not ashamed of myself, I have very high self esteem and I'm fine with the way I look. I'm fine with my body. And I just think that if I'm fine with it, then everybody else

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shouldn't feel badly towards me. I understand your concern. And I'm very, you know, I thank you for your concern if anybody is concerned, but I'm fine.

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You see brothers and sisters, when you see these women, all dressed beautifully with everything and their hair everywhere and everything. And and she says, but I don't know why the men he doesn't respect me for my mind.

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Because sister, you know, lady, we're too busy looking at everything else to think about your mind. That's why we can't think about your mind. But when you cover up, the woman forces us to treat her as a human being and to see what she has to say not what she has to look like.

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Islam has come to lift the status and position of the woman.

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She is not a commodity. She's not a product, that every time they want to sell something, they will get a woman to present. How many times do we turn on the TV or drive past a billboard where half like a woman is being used to sell spaghetti or toothbrushes or capital whatever. In the city of Durban. There is a firm called Lucien motors. They sell secondhand tracks in a lorry glorious trucks because trucks, trucks, we call them trucks. And on the trucks that they advertise there is a woman in the beginning of the track,

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then G naught. This Hill farm implements and on the practice that they advertise there's a woman in the beginning on top of the tractor. I'm asking if these Westerners as what has a woman in the beginning got to do with a second hand truck or with a tractor.

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So the man is is the woman is being diagnosed with their work. But I am forced to read this advert in my newspaper. I see a BMW motor car

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and with a woman in the scanner is key piece of business.

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You need what you call the Tango, you know, the G string.

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She's standing in front of the motorcar, and it's written at the bottom test drive her now.

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I'm asking, I'm asking the woman, the woman is buying the car. And I heard underline this drive her now, I said, Look, this is what you're leading yourself. By wearing hijab, these women are saying, I don't want to be a part of that. And I want to be taken more for my mind than

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the size of my chest, or how long my legs are, or what kind of hair I have or anything like that. So there's this liberate the woman. Yes, this is true liberation. Especially in a scarf. People look at me, and they believe that I'm trapped, and forced, you know, it's that around us, everyone seems like people that are non Muslim, and don't understand what Central America is constantly.

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I feel so sorry for her, you know, but they don't realize that this is freedom. This is the most freedom to me. This is freedom to protect myself. Freedom to protect my

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freedom to protect my modesty. And I believe I have freedom in a way I've never had before.

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And I've only realized that since I became a Muslim, and when I started wearing the hijab, men started treating me differently. Now they are treating me with respect. Even Western men treating me with respect. They don't look at me like that anymore. They treat me with respect, like I'm a proper woman, not just something to be stared at my worth is more than what I look like now. My worth is in my personality, and my heart is not what clothes I wear. It's not what color my hair as it is for me. And that is huge freedom. People say that as long as a pristine because it forces woman to cover a dozens. It gives you back your freedom. It gives you back your life and it gives you back your

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And that's completely what I found in Islam. This is making the woman really what she is a human being a mother, a good wife, honest, chaste person, not just some objects for the gratification of the male sex. No. Islam gives women their true humanity. Islam gives women their true nature. And as we found yesterday, and we find again today that Islam truly is the way of life to bring true peace and true happiness to the individual and to the society. Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Allah