Q&A With Dr. Hanaa Gamal Mufti at ISGH #03 – Mindful Ramadan 2021

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The teacher advises students to examine their heart and see if it is safe to do things that benefit everyone. They should forgive mistakes and avoid looking at their heart for too much focus. The conversation also touches on marriage, relationships, and finances. The speaker encourages students to take care of themselves by cleaning themselves and not bringing in anyone who is not okay with it. The conversation ends with a suggestion to reconnect and ask questions.

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Salam Alaikum and welcome to a mindful Ramadan we are so honored to have Dr. Hanna gamma Maya on teacher My dear friend for over like 20 years Ma sha Allah welcome Dr. hanok that dezik level here and I am very honored to be with you here.

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Online massage I love that we're on the last 10 days and we are really benefiting Michelle I love but one of the things is, you know what if our dogs are not accepted What if our prayers are not accepted because there might be a ruling that we're overlooking. There may be something that we may not be doing and it will nullify our deeds I think it's so important today to ask the questions to make sure you are following the right hook and that you're not guessing we don't we don't want to waste any of the rewards inshallah and for all of you tuning in please please type in the comment section. You can do hashtag live or hashtag replay this is a small ask and I would really appreciate

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you doing that because like a lot of feta. And we have Dr. Hannah gamma, which she is a Mashallah first female Mufti in Houston, Texas, my hometown. Whoo.

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I know, Hi, I'm hamdulillah that we're close enough and

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you know, it's, it's a pleasure. So let's get started with the questions in sha Allah. and it is saying is it permissible in Islam to do Hair Removal in the private area if done by a female technician? This is the beauty of having a female to ask these questions. I don't think anyone could ask this to a male scholar. Okay, please.

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Although we let him and she upon the regime smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Ashraful, mousseline So you and I will have met him while he he will be here, right. So the Han Akela Molina in the mail on lantana in Mecca and taleem and Hakeem Shafi Sabri where Siddeley Omri watnall OData melissani. If Coco cola I'm about I do ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make this one solely for a lot of America with either and I ask a lot of work with Allah to benefit all of us with it your blind Amina put on my time with the right answers in a while on my show.

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My bad al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen that Allah subhanaw taala give us another another chance to be here in the last 10 days of Ramadan. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to give us many many many chances your balada mean with righteousness and taqwa

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I cannot just go ahead and answer the question before I remind myself and my sisters have the best thing that we can do in the last 10 days of Ramadan.

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If I ask this question to all of you, everyone will have a different answer like it's Salah, which is the best the

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addict which is the best, the the protocol which is the best, all

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good, all the good deeds are encouraged. But I will advise myself on all of my sister is through touch your heart and examine your heart and see if your heart sound the heart or not. If you can let go of the old envy and menaces and the old kind of anger and all kinds of sadness and all kinds of bad feeling that you have to wear the others and reclaim your heart and own your heart again and stand before a lot of workout Allah with Hollenbeck saline sound the heart, everything else that you are going to do will have the meaning and you will enjoy it and you will connect with it insha Allah Allah. So let's do this first day in Charlotte and hopefully tonight is the night of the power and

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hopefully a lot of work our data will when we clean out hard to just like a plate that you can you were eating on it, some kind of pasta and all kinds of, of sauce and everything. There is no way you are going to put anything other than eat on it unless you clean it. It's exactly like that for water bottle is the highest example. Let's work on a heart, our heart to clean it from all kinds of obstacles that keeps us far away from connecting with a lot of America with either it is not worth it. Just ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to forgive and ask Allah to help you to forgive and overlook and ask Allah subhana wa Taala to keep away your eyes from any whatever other people have because

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Allah subhanho wa Taala divides the risk. And the risk was everything that benefits human being money and health and wealth and, and acceptance and, and and like that that and all kinds of thing that benefits a human being is risk.

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Let's work hard on not envy each other or not looking at whatever people have in their hand and clean our hearts from all kinds of anger and jealousies and all kinds of envy or anything that's bothering bothering us from any others. Let's say Oh Allah, I will forgive them tonight. No, because I want you to forgive me and help me to forgive and overlook as you asked me to say, a LogMeIn NACA 412 hibbeler 451 and allow for is different than the ultimate Fira ultimate fear is something that Allah is not though is going to accept your repentance, but still, the sin that you've done is still written in the book. As for the halfword, you're not going to see any of that in your book. So

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you're not going to be agonized by looking at your previous history. And that's why I say that you shall want a lawyer later, when she asked ursu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what would I say if I know that this is the night of the power? He said, ask Allah Subhana Allah by saying a law firm in the Gulf who wouldn't now in prison, a lot of water go with either that he's asked for given to him laugh You love to pardon for knee, so pardon me or a lot of arakata. So Allahumma inaka, who want to hit Bula for fun, and if you like for a lot of Baraka with Allah to forgive you, and to overlook all of your sins, forgive everyone else. If you cannot forgive, just to say it has to be a law who

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normal will kill and let go of that put it in Allah's hands and keep going in chama.

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As for the question, that sister

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says, harder just read for me right now, is it permissible for a woman to remove the hair that grows in the private area? It's actually one of the sunon futro that we inherit from Cigna, Ibrahim Ali Salaam, that when we have excessive hair in this area, it must be clean, and you're not supposed to keep it there more than 40 days, you're supposed to clean it and make it because this is very

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good for your taharah for your will do and for your taharah As for the system was asking this question also. I don't know if it's in the same question or not Holly was where she said can I go to a salon or some woman to take care of that? I really don't encourage that because all of us can can take care of ourselves. Unless there is no way of of doing it, honestly, and I don't know how can I say there is no way of doing it. Then you can go but again you are the copy of yourself in this area. Because the private Park should be very private. And no one's supposed to see this

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area unless there is an emergency like a doctor or somebody and even when it comes to doctor who prefer Muslim woman and the non Muslim woman and then if we have none of those, we go to a Muslim man. Right? But wait a minute, this is something that I will encourage you to start you know doing it clean yourself with your own hands and inshallah to Allah Allah Subhana Allah will help you to be able to do with inshallah, just like Allah said, I must Allah thank you for motivating us for the last 10 days and for all the beautiful reminders and for answering that question, inshallah. The next one, it's about marriage and relations. Is it haram to not have sexual relations with your

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husband? Even if your husband is okay with it. I'm so tired and busy with the children all day. I have lost interest in intimacy.

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A lot on my dinner so well. So number one.

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Yeah, I need that. Yeah. Yeah. You can say hi, Raman Hello, when your husband is happy or not happy. But listen, my dear sister. Sometimes the husband will, you know, he has no choice of saying I'm okay. Because you know, you've been complaining the whole day you've been looking tired, you're not looking really for him or, you know, the whole atmosphere around him. Feels like you know what? Just to say I'm okay.

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I would do my best. I would do my best if I can afford to have a to hire a lady to come to clean my house once a week. I would sacrifice this much money instead of buying something that's luxurious or something that's not a necessity, and hire someone to take care of some shore in the house and make sure that they have some time for myself to prepare myself for my husband's

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The reason I'm saying that is is not only Heller and Hiram, I think this is area that this area is more for Dr. Heller more than me, is if you really don't take care of your husband, you are pushing him far away to look for someone else. Because this is just how Allah subhanaw taala built his body and his, the way he looks at people the way he thinks the way things going on in his body. So I would

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advise you to find a way to get some rest, to have somebody to help you to even involve him with you to help you. So you can have some open conversations in them, I would love to have time with you, instead of saying, I'm not interested anymore. And don't ever say that word, your husband, if you know, if I were you

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just tell him you know, I just I need to sit with you, I would love to be with you. And I would love to go back to our you know, beautiful time and beautiful days. But I'm really super tired. I need to figure out a way that I can have time for myself so I can be ready for you whenever you're ready. So that that kind of conversation will console his heart will feel like you're not neglecting him. I know he knows that you're doing this for his kids, but in deep down his heart, and He will say to you one day, I am the last person in this house. Nobody cares about me and the Lord knows best. And I think

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he only our professional. Our specialists can comment on that for me.

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You know, I agree with exactly what you said as far as not rejecting not saying you're not interested. But postponing I think postponing is always a better way than rejecting so if you can express it in a way that I guess like is I would love to let's let's plan it after Ramadan when we have a little bit more time that's stressful. And this is an important aspect of the relationship and ignoring it can lead to other huge problems. So in sha Allah, you need to recognize what is the issue? Is it hormonal? Is it you know, the you know, how much rest you're getting? And there are sometimes psychological things you have to overcome to be interested again. So inshallah look into

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that. Now some of you sisters said that you can't see our videos, can you let us know? If you are able, yes, we could not see the video it would just to see the pictures. Okay. We need to we're gonna fix this because I Calafate and for your patience, we're going to see what the issue is can and you're just seeing the screen. Is that correct? That's correct. Okay. All right. I'm sure that it's going to be tended to so what we're going to do, we can't see you I understand and what a beautiful opportunity to practice prophetic patients right.

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We have been learning about Southern Sadhguru journey, right? JAMIE wants to have a beautiful character and part of having a beautiful character is you know, making

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you What is it expecting the best from our sisters. So inshallah we will stay with you a little bit more inshallah. We will stay longer. Dr. Hanna said that we are going to go on a little bit longer. I'm sure that this is going to be addressed as soon as possible. Let's take the next question so that we make maximum use of our time there's one Islamic divorce What woman gets from her husband? Other than the method in Islamic divorce? What does a woman get? Other than method? Aloma Athena so severely out of balance, I mean, the Mahara if he paid upfront when he did the nikka ma is done but if he postponed the Maha until divorce or death, then the matter will be the first thing to be paid

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in full. And then also there is something called neferpitou remota nephropathic mata it's an amount of money according to his status that we either to be agreed upon between you and him or or the judge you will

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will Yani calculate the number and he will tell you this is how much you deserve. In Egypt, for example, which I'm not very familiar How much do they do here? They ask the husband to pay for the wife her expenses for three to three years according to his income as if he's rich is given a lot of money if his his fees not she's give us according to his status.

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Allah knows best.

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Can you hear me

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the next question

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If the mom is praying aloud, do we need to recite along with him quietly or stay silent?

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Very good question when you are behind the Imam

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there are some amens, who leave a gap for the

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brother brothers and sister behind him to read the Surah Fatiha. And some of the men they started reading the Quran right away after certain Fatiha so in this case, you recite Surah Fatiha with him but not before him. So he said hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen you start after saying Alhamdulillah you start to st I'll come during daddy so you can finish after him and you start after him.

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As for the Quran, if you are on memorizing the Quran, you can review in your heart while he is reciting that would be the best thing to do intro mattala you can move your lips, you can move your tongue but just between you and yourself only if you if this is something that sometimes you cannot help but you just want to you know, you find your tongue is moving if you are a memorizer of the Quran with it. Okay, Michelle, I just like a lot here. What sister is asking, Can our daughter still be accepted if I'm not able to forgive my enemy because they still are hurting my family. So that's a that's a big topic. Because we know we know it's a month of forgiveness, we know that there are

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some barriers and obstacles to our dogs being accepted. And I believe.

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So I got interrupted again, I don't know this application is giving us a hard time the stream is broken, and we're not able to rebroadcast and they'll try attempt to turn everything off sisters, I appreciate your patience, and then turn everything off and back on again. It doesn't make sense. It's just the application that streams to multiple groups. So it's called Lafayette and for letting us know and you know, you sisters are amazing, Mashallah, you're saying that means you really are serious about your knowledge, and you have really refined your characters. So this is a good sign, right? Dr. Hannah?

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Do you have that?

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Everybody can come back on. It's connected. I have to restream again. So type in the chat box. The if you have heard me say right before I disconnect, you can rejoin the job. Okay. So if you if you heard my husband, just right, yes. And that way we know that you heard him. What is happening is that there's a technical issue. It's not on us. It's just it's crash and we're going to restart restream if you get this connected, please reconnect we want to see all of you back and we want you to get your questions answered. So okay, thank you for letting me know you heard us and let's do this. Let's all make some dogs and make sure that this is going to happen inshallah. Just like a

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love hate and for your patience. And thank you.

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Okay, I don't think I think

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yes, now is this is it working? Like Can you hear me? Now I can hear you but I cannot see you.

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Okay, no, no sound