Ramadan 2014 – Tafsir Surah Al-Fatiha – 06

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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi continues the Tafsir of Surah Al Fatihah and we are acquainted with the following essential information:

  • The magnificent and Divine name of Allah is mentioned over 3,500 times in the Qur’an.
  • The reason behind Allah choosing the name ‘Allah’ as His prominent name over the other names.
  • The meaning of the beautiful and Divine name of addressing – ‘Allah’.
  • The fact that the name ‘Allah’ is the very first and last name mentioned in the Qur’an apart from also being mentioned in multitude in every page of the Noble Qur’an.


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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in early he was a big marine about yesterday we had mentioned that the name of Allah is small law itself is glorified. And Allah Himself is glorified, that the name of Allah itself is smola. His blessing mentioning the name of Allah brings about Allah blessings and mentioning Allah brings about Allah's blessings. And we said that Allah is directly praised and Allah is directly worshipped. We also mentioned yesterday that there is a controversy over whether Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim is the first I have sorted so far to have or not. And we said that some scholars say it is and some

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scholars say it is not an shala it's not really a major issue because the phrase Bismillah R Rahman Rahim is of the Quran in surah number, so it's not that big of a controversy. And by the way, there's no other controversy in the Koran other than this ayah whether it is an ayah or not. And also I forgot to mention yesterday for the scholars who say that the Bismillah R Rahman Rahim is not of the students in fact, you have what did they do with students? In fact, they had did they make it six is no, they actually made the last iron into two. So it didn't slaughter muster team full stop Serato Ludhiana and I'm dialing him, they put a full stop there. Then late in Moldova added him with

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a Berlin so all groups that purify seven versus all groups, a certified there has seven verses Who can tell me why all groups say this.

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Because a lot of calls it very good. You remember from the first lecture, a lot of called students in fact, what survived masani so everybody agreed there's got to be seven verses, but there's a slight controversy. And it did. And this controversy goes into the scholars of color art and the scholars of film, and also mentioning the name of a lot can be done and should be done at every time. There's not just a list of when do you say Bismillah it can and should be done, not just at the beginning of something. Yes, it is extra important at the beginning, but it can be done at any time. And there's a beautiful Hadith and Sunnah of Buddhahood that once the prophets are synonymous

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with another companion, riding a camel and the companion, he was riding a camel, and the camel reared upwards trying to throw this companion off. So the companion said, dice a shape on May shape on be cursed curse shape on why is this happening. And the profitsystem said, Don't say dice a shape one, don't say may shape on be cursed. Because if you mentioned shape, pawns name, you make him feel big and important. And he becomes so big. This is as if he becomes bigger than a house. In other words, shaitan feels proud that you mentioned me and you think I am the cause of this. Don't mention shavon you're saying that associaton will not hurt shavonne rather, it will make sure thornfield

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important that you're ascribing a problem to him. Rather, the profitsystem said memorize this, pull this Mila, say Bismillah because when you mentioned the name of a law shavon diminishes and shrinks until he becomes smaller than an atom that are smaller than any other doesn't mean at him is the smallest thing imaginable. We say atom until shavonne becomes smaller than anything because you didn't mention him. You mentioned Allah subhanho wa Taala so you may mention Bismillah at any time of the day and night for any reason, mentioning a law's name brings Allah's blessings, mentioning Allah as names bring brings Allah's Baraka into our life. Now today's main focus and the thrust of

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today's hotter will be over the name of Allah. Why did Allah subhana wa tada choose this name, not just in the best manner, not just in this phrase, but in fact to be his primary name. What is the meaning of this beautiful Divine Name? Allah, this name Allah subhana wa Tada This name. It is the very first name mentioned in the Quran Bismillah Alhamdulillah. It is the very last name mentioned in the Quran pulled out of Europe in Nazi Maliki nasi, Ella in us. It is the name that occurs in every single page of the Quran multiple times. In fact if you count the number of times this occurs, the number of times the name of Allah occurs in the Quran is over.

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3500 around 3500 there is no name of Allah that even comes close to the quantity of times that this name is mentioned. And therefore it is very important. And of course, this is the primary name, we know our Lord by the name of Allah. This is the primary name that we use, we say, Oh Allah give me this overload a grant me this, yet many of us have never thought about what does this name mean? Why did our Lord and why did our Creator choose this name, and this is not a name that is unique to our religion of Islam. Quite the contrary. This was the name that Allah chose to reveal in each and every book, and each and every prophet. If you look to this day, the Old Testament and the New

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Testament, even though we believe they have not been preserved, yet fully, yet, this name is still found. You find it in the Old Testament that God refers to himself as a law and below him a lot and alone and in the New Testament as well. So allegedly, when they put Jesus on their cross, we don't believe he was crucified. Yet what do they record him as having said on the cross, Eli, Eli, the Messiah, Attorney, Allah, Allah ma Tareq Tawny. This is what they say. He said, We don't believe he said this, but what phrase do they use for God? Li Allah, Oh, my God. That's what they say. And if you look at the most ancient civilizations in the world,

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the civilization of Babylon, they have an ultimate God that when you look at the writing, the we think it is something similar to Allah, the nabateans. And the nabateans are a very ancient race that existed 6000 5000 years ago, the nabateans we have in there, I don't want to say holographics. That's Egyptian, but whatever their scribblings are, I don't know what they call them, the nabooti and script, whatever it is, we find in the nabatean script, the ultimate God, and He is Allah, the name is Allah. And very interestingly, these nabateans had many idols, and they have idols of all of these gods, but they do not have a form or an idol of this God Allah. In other words, even they

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realize this is too holy for us to draw. This is the God of gods. And that's what they believe. So the name Allah is in fact, the primary name that our Lord has referenced himself throughout the centuries throughout the ages, from all civilizations and to all prophets. But what does this phrase or this divine, this Divine Word mean? There are many opinions about this issue. And in fact, all of these opinions have a little bit of legitimacy to them, all of them have some weight to them, and inshallah will very briefly go over what are the opinions about the meaning of the name Allah, some scholars have said that we should not think that this name has any meaning, rather, it is a proper

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noun, just like you have an English Harry or Thomas, there's no meaning to it is just a noun. There's no you don't have to derive anything, but this is a minority opinion. And the majority of scholars said no, a lot chose a name for himself that has meaning. And it is the most profound meaning. And this is the opinion of the majority of scholars. So what then is the meaning of this phrase, the first opinion that we will mention is that the phrase or the name Allah comes from the root word, and what it means to become astounded to become astonished to become confused. It is as if the person who tries to think of a law will become amazed and astonished that you cannot

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understand who is Allah subhana wa Tada. To try to comprehend Allah means you will not understand beyond your comprehension. Another interpretation of what they have is to become so lost of mind because of a beloved, to lose one's mind because of a loss of a beloved. And that's why the mother who loses her son in Arabic, she is called the moral law, or the mother that has lost her child, and she is suffering from grief, she is called the moral law. And that means that she's so grieved that she has lost her son. And

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how does this relate to the name Allah, the One who does not have a lot in his life, he is suffering from this type of ultimate grief and madness, the one who does not believe in a law, the one who does not have a connection with a law, it will it is as if he's going to go crazy, because there's nothing in his life to give him value to give him meaning. If you don't believe in Allah, if you don't have a concept of God in your life, then your life has no purpose. So this is one interpretation that is given. Another interpretation that is given is that the term or the name of Allah comes from under her and under her means to turn to for protection to turn to for refuge, and

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therefore a law is the one that each and every creative being must have.

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Turn to for protection must turn to for refuge that no one can exist without turning to Allah for every need of theirs. And in fact, this meaning is also the meaning of the name of Samad will will love what Allah has summit. What does summit mean? The summit is the one whom every being turned to for every need. So this is another interpretation of the name Allah. Yet another interpretation of the name of Allah comes from le ha, which means to remain or to stay in a place to remain or to stay in a place for security, ie for comfort. So Allah is the one that you turn to for comfort, that when you believe in Allah, you have stability in your life, this is another interpretation, we are not

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thinking number four. Now, the fourth interpretation of the name Allah and where it comes from, it comes from the verb la de la jolla de PUE. And La Jolla de who means to be raised up, raised him up, therefore the one who believes in Allah, he has raised himself up in this world, and in the next, the one who believes in Allah, He will be honored in this world and in the next, and the final interpretation, and in fact, we leave the best for the last because this is the majority, the previous ones are valid, they're not wrong. But this interpretation I'm going to conclude with is the vast majority for those of you who know your Arabic grammarians, for example, CBOE way even

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fighters, they all held this opinion. And of course, given Ibis, the Companion of the process of he also held this opinion, they said, Allah, The name comes from La Jolla, LA, who became an avid Buddha, the one who is worshipped, so Allah, the ultimate being who is worthy of worship. This is the meaning, the linguistic meaning of the name, name, Allah, I repeat the linguistic meaning of the name of Allah. And this is the vast majority of scholars of our tradition of the linguist and of the grammarians, they say the name Allah means the deity that deserves to be worshipped. So who is Allah, Allah is the one that deserves to be worshipped. And therefore, when we say that the primary

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name of our Creator is Allah, what we are implying is that each and every attribute of perfection belongs to him. Why? Because now listen to this, a law would not be worthy of worship, if he were not severe. If he were not bossy, if he were not to Aileen, if he were not Rahim, if he were not a fool. And we go on listing all of the names of Allah. In other words, the name of Allah implies all the other names. That is the ultimate name, because it is the most powerful name because when you say that he is worthy of worship, you are automatically implying he is all powerful, because if you weren't powerful, he wouldn't be worthy of worship, you aren't implying he is all hearing he is all

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knowing, he is all loving, he is on merciful, he is ever on this and everything is known to him. If any of these attributes did not exist, then Allah would not be a law he would not be worthy of worship. So the most comprehensive name of our Creator in the whole Quran and that is why it is the most common name over 3000 times in the Quran is Allah because this name is the mother or the queen of all other names, it is the name that all other names are implied by, they are included in and that is why Allah says what Illa he is a smart listener to this one name, Allah belong all the other names, one Illa to this name, Allah, the name of Allah, all of the Beautiful Names of Allah belong

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to this one name. And therefore we say of a last names is a lot of food we don't say have a love for his name is Allah No. Have a last name is not Rahim, have a last names isn't medic have a lot of names as a producer? We do not say

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his name is Allah. No, we ascribe the other names to this name. Is that clear? Right? we ascribe the other names to this one name and that is exactly what Allah says, One Illa he smell Krishna to this one name Allah, all of the other names belong because this name of Allah is the most powerful name when you say it, you automatically imply that there is only one being that is worthy of veneration of prostration of love, of hope of law of Riba and that is Allah and in fact, that is our Kelly as well. That ilaha illa Allah, there is no deity that is worthy of being an Allah, other than Allah.

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Who is the ultimate Illa Allah is the ultimate and only Allah and that is what our kenema implies and inshallah tada tomorrow we're going to go on to Rahman and Rahim today we summarize the beautiful name Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu inshallah Tada. We will continue the subject tomorrow was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.