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How to get the Mercy of Allah

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Mufti Menk

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If I want the mercy of Allah, what do I do?

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Subhan Allah That's a powerful question. What do I do to achieve the mercy of Allah? Well, I need to be merciful towards others. You're humble man, Phil early, you're hong kong manaphy sama, be merciful upon those on Earth. The one in the heavens will be merciful upon you, as simple as that. So have a heart filled with mercy, my beloved brothers, my sisters, my mother's my father's, my brothers, my sisters, my in laws, my whoever else it may be, be merciful. Allah will be merciful upon you.

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When you are merciful, Allah will be merciful upon you. That's a powerful statement. And then if you don't and if you're not merciful, Allah won't be merciful upon you layer hamdulillah Himalaya meanness, Allah does not have mercy upon the one who doesn't have mercy on other people, and nurse and nurse here referring to all people, irrespective of their color, their creed, whatever else it may be, you need to be filled with mercy.

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That Mercy is a gift of Allah subhanho wa Taala