Reflection on Surah al-Kahf – Miracles of the Righteous

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. So on this density of Juma I want to share an important lesson from Surah Al Kahf. We know that a cup is a surah, which is recommended to recite on the day of Juma and as a result, I like to recite it and reflect upon it and share my reflections online. Now, the reason I'm sharing today is actually a very serious issue which came to light in a poll that I ran recently on Facebook and Twitter. I asked the Muslims that follow me on these two social media platforms, whether they believe in the concept of kuramoto Olia of the miracles of the righteous, and almost half of the people who reply

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to these polls said no. Now this is a dangerous issue to get into because

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reality is that kuramoto Olia is a

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fundamental belief of our religion. It is something found in every School of Theology, it's something upon which is consensus, and it's something that that's taken directly from from the Quran and from the shinda. So it is a fundamental belief of religion and the fact that 40% of the people are following the social media platform don't don't believe in it, it's problematic. So if for example, I think because the majority of people who follow me on these platforms are from Salafi background, could even take me on this even taymiyah in his character was a PA states that Coromandel only that the kurama of the Olia, the miracles of the Olia is a reality and you'll find

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this exact same statement in the aqeedah books by the Ashley's by the motto released by the suit. This is something that's agreed upon by all schools of theology. And what you will find in even the New Year's book in the appeared last year is as evidence for this, he quotes surah Kahf. Right, the evidence for the reality of the barnacles of the righteous, according to even premier Rama hula is Surah Kahf. Why? Because in the surah, we have a story about seven young men who may do out to Allah and Allah grant to them in vertical. And that vertical was that they slept for 300 years and woke up still young 300 years later. Now these youngsters were not prophets, they were righteous people who

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Allah had granted in vertical two, that is the very definition of kuramoto odeya. So therefore, you cannot believe in the Quran, and reject the concept of righteous people having verticals at the same time. Rather, the Quran is full of examples of righteous people who are not prophets. But they received many calls from Maria Ali salam to the story of the boy in the king that is hinted at in Surah bluej, to the people of the cave. These are all people who are not prophets, but Allah granted them miracles. So this is a fundamental belief of our religion. And if you had an incorrect belief on this topic before, we need to bring it back in line with the mainstream belief. I know some

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people, they don't want to believe in this concept because of how certain groups have taken advantage of certain groups have fabricated stories, and exaggerated the miracles of their teachers and their leaders. And his reaction to that people have rejected the belief altogether. But this is an incorrect position. The correct position is that when individual stories reach us, we can be skeptical about individual stories, check the chain of readers check the source, the plausibility, but the concept itself we have to believe in the concept itself is from Islam. It happened to the righteous people mentioning the Quranic miracles that happen to the Sahaba. They happened to the

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great scholars of Islam. It is something that can happen to anyone in any era. So it's something that we have to believe in. So I thought I'd bring it up to the interface a reminder from Surah Al Kahf. That this surah is considered by the scholars of Akita like even Tamia to be one of the evidences for kuramoto Olia for the miracles of the righteous being a reality because exactly what the story is talking about. So hope that you found this beneficial, Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh