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In this lesson we learn about the 28th Juzz / Part of The Quran, which consists of Surah Al-Mujaadilah until the end of Surah Al-Tahreem.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Ana de Karim Ali Baba Salah to attempt to slim, rubbish roughly Southern way of Sidley, Emily Emily Sani of Coco Lee my brothers and my sisters said Mr. La come to LA he robot a cattle

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I will change the captions in front of me because I noticed that that is wrong. We'll go with that. All right, there we go. Forgive me for the delayed starts I was actually reading and completely lost track of the time and didn't realize I was supposed to be on already. So forgive me for that. We'll keep the session today. Nice and light in sha Allah In fact, this is the third to last class that we're going to have. So

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tonight is the 28th night which means we have the 29th tomorrow and the 30th night and that's pretty much it. So two more classes and we're done. Our series is going through the entire quarter

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which also means that we are pretty much at the end of the month of Ramadan very close to it. But we're not there yet. So don't give up keep asking Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness keep pushing for you know higher to keep trying to attain higher levels of Paradise and forgiveness and rewards from Allah azza wa jal am Allah will give that to us. No doubt Allah, some kind of witness as the Rooney call upon me is the Jubilee. And I will answer you. So that's important. My brothers and sisters. All right. We'll get right into

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that. Okay, sorting through Jazeera, and lots of subhanho wa Taala.

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You know, shows us something really interesting at the beginning of this surah really, really interesting.

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He says, an oversight This is a loss of candidates, Allah says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, by the semirara long letter to God who can see is

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what is taking me

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love marriage, I have

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a semi

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la has so many boats, we all must have had one way to add that shows us here please send me out law. A law has indeed heard the argument of the woman who pleaded with you Oh prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can concerning her husband, who was this woman. She is as we see in the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam queda didn't ferula the proverbial lover and her complained to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about her husband owes an assignment. And a loss of handling data heard the complaint of her right, he heard her complaint and he tells the profits on the longer it will send them that she has been hurt, right? So he says a law has heard your exchange. Surely

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Allah is all hearing all seeing. And then he says, Those of you who sinfully divorce their wives by comparing them to their mothers, and this was something that was done in early or pre Islam times right? During the time of God. And during the time as we say that time of ignorance

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and loss of Henry data shows us that they used to divorce their wives by saying that by basically seeing a statement like you know, comparing them to their mother. And that meant like I no longer need you anymore. But our mothers are very different than our wives. Right. So a loss of Hannah with Anna says, Those of you who sinfully divorce their wives by comparing them to their mothers should know that their wives are in no way their mothers, none can be their mothers except those who gave birth to them. What they say is certainly detestable and false. A lot is ever hardening, all forgiving. So unless I'm Hannah Montana is as we see here, he says, What in the law for one of our

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four, and we know this word very well, because we've been asking for it throughout this entire month of Ramadan. So Allah subhana wa Jalla is allowable and he's also an offer food. And

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just because someone does something wrong, well must have had without is pointing out that you might do something that's wrong. But if you ask for forgiveness and you seek pardoning, then don't worry that's there for you. I must have handled which ad is forgiving, and does forgive us. So we need to learn what's right and what's wrong and stay away from that which is wrong. And we're going to see a few examples of divorce throughout this entire song. In fact, we're going to be looking through sort of a thought out as well.

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But there are some who will say I don't need you, you know, you're just like my mother or you know,

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some have a lot what we mean by what a person means not we but what a person

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means by you're just like my mother is like, you know, your home for me as an I can't marry you. Right? It can be married to you. And so that's one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is, you know, belittling the Mother, why belittles a mother. And that's not saying that, you know, we're belittling the mother and the wife is not relevant or the wife is not important, the wife is important. But the mother is even more important, no doubt the mother to anyone, whether husband or wife is more important, because she took care of us and she looked after us and she was pregnant with us, and she bought us and she, you know, went through the labor and so on and so

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forth. And so Allah subhanho data points out the importance there of not doing this and do not treat your spouse in a way that she or he, she or he is not going to be pleased with you, or pleased with Allah subhanho wa Tada, we should say, as well. And that's where you know, when it comes to marriage, we should try our best to do

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what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants from us, because when we take away from that, and we start to do what we feel is right, and what we feel is best, that's where the marriage usually falls apart. Or that's where the marriage takes us away from a loss of hanway data. And we'll see examples of how a law tells us that here in this jersey as well. Let's move to Sora to have some

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sort of hash on verse number 18.

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Almost a pan with Allah says Yo,

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yo, Latina man.

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God dammit Nia halogen, what Docomo in novela hobby, email.

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He says all believers Be mindful of Allah and let every soul look to what deeds it has sent forth for tomorrow, when 10s unison

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and every single one of us our own selves should look not fundamentally different. What have you set for tomorrow? What have you What are you presenting to Allah when you come before him? And fear a lot? What duckula for certainly Allah is all aware of what you do. So be be aware that if we do it is wrong, and we are presenting a lot of things that are not heavy on the scale in terms of goodness, or things that are, you know, bad sins, mistakes that we make mistake is not really the greatest word but sins. When we're presenting that to a loss of hanaway data, we need to be careful. So Allah says, Be mindful, be careful of a law, right? Think of a loss of penalties as punishment

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when you're doing something, is that really what you want to receive if you do something that's wrong? And so a person will naturally go and do what is right, he then says what a tech guru can lead in and so

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he can move

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on, and do not be like those who forgot a lot.

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So he made them forget themselves. Right? So those who forgot it was a penalty to another Allah makes it such that they themselves but in some and for some, that they then they forget themselves as indeed they're not conscious of their own. You know, well being they're not conscious of standing before loss of habitat and they're not conscious of giving account they're not conscious and aware of, you know, whether they're going to be going to gender agenda and sell them and for some of us have handled and need them forget within themselves, right. And then a loss of habitat as eco home would first say porn. It is they who are truly rebellious, right, those are the ones

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who are rebellious

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effects of the 27th night

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that Allah Subhana Allah says in verse number 29, is that we?

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with Tina can now

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in Siena, hello

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masukkan with Alice's latest. We have

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the people

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jahannam they are not the same in terms of ranking level was have an agenda. As the people of Paradise people of Paradise and people of jahannam they're not at the same level. And so we know very well that the people have done them what they will have and the people of general what they will have we went through that we took some lessons from soda to man, those of you who are online with us last night, you were the recitation of sort of man by chef Shaffer. So that was there, you know, for us to enjoy listening to but also to understand what a person would get in general what the rewards will be for us in gentlemen. So he says lay still we have nobody was have agenda of how

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good genetti homolka isn't the people of Paradise, the residents of Paradise, they will be the ones they are the ones who are successful. Then he says low ends in a hurdler poor earn. And if we were to send down this core, an island jevin upon a mountain, and when you think of it a mountain is like from the strongest of the creation of a Muslim handle of data in terms of firmness like it's there, it holds the earth together, right? It's something that holds the crust of the earth together, you know the plates and so on the shifting of it, we know that you know the mountains when they plates when they shift or mountains. So you have the mountains there, they're firm there's they're stuck

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into the ground unless Academy data says low ends and then earn an agenda. Like a devil Hashimoto For the uninitiated Allah, you would have certainly seen it.

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A Ruby learning ministry on it let him

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you would have certainly seen it humbled and torn apart in all of Allah subhanho wa Taala had a right level eight to hatia like who sure when you're praying you're split up and you have who sure right devotion, humble satisfaction that you standing before lots of headwinds ahead and eater who crushing on Moodle sogdian right that it would be torn apart in Hershey Attila it would humble itself and it will crumble right because of its humility before it was a panda what's your Anna and it's all with the mighty and great and greatness and power of a loss of Hannah with Anna and then Allah says what didn't kill me? No no boo boo boo Hewerdine se la Laconia carone he says we set

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forth such comparisons for people so perhaps they may reflect but what and itself is not just a book, you know, it was last night I was sitting down and I was thinking to myself, you know of the permissibility of taking the urn and placing it on the floor and you know how some cultures you know people have a lot of respect for the poor and

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in the workplace it up higher on the shelves and not put anything above it even on the bookshelves not even on a higher shelf but nothing on any higher shelf it will be on the highest shelves and a lot of respect and some people will take the urn and kiss it of course these things are not from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we don't we don't even take an oath by the Quran, we take an oath by Allah subhana wa Tada. However, Allah shows us that the Quran itself is so amazing, so powerful, so beneficial, so useful, while at the same time such is such a powerful reminder and a warning to those of us who are going to go against the loss of cannabinoids and so

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the product in itself is so unique, that if it was to come down upon a mountain na ito heishi and Milton sloughed Dionne Nicosia minha Shatila right out of the

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or fear or awareness of Allah Subhana Bhutan is great in our power and might

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want the ability we move on in sha Allah, I need to I need to open the lamp I forgot to open it and the sun's going down

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more than just lamps like super, super bright spotlight. Okay.

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And it gets brighter and brighter has it warms up then I must have handled it and it takes us to Surah let's go to Surah

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suff Okay, let's go to sort of the stuff

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at the very beginning Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem some beheading long enough. He said a lot of T

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disease Aziz Anki team Yeah.

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Boo man

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masukkan with Allah says subtrahend illa he Murphy center where the woman

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You know, whatever is in the heavens and the earth and whatever's on earth glorifies a muscle, what is said to be right is praising glorifying a lot and we are to also glorify Allah subhana wa to Anna on a regular basis, right? So we glorify a lot as Richard said,

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began earlier. So the highly learn you Murphy's summer 21 Matthew Subhana Allah will be handy he subhana wa Sallim right so, so we do to be and to some

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to praise and glorify Allah some kind of want to add, so the heavens and the earth and all that it contains glorifies Allah subhana wa tada for He alone is the Almighty, the all wise. He then says yeah, you have Latina M and O believers. Oh, you believe? Why do you say that? What you do not do Lima tiempo lunella to phalguna Why is it that you say things that you don't actually do yourselves? kegunaan Makayla 10 and the law he and Taku mad at how despicable. Is it in the sight of a law that you say that which you don't do. And it's so true. I think every single one of us knows this. And we've seen examples of it in our lives, how when we see someone saying something, and they don't do

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it themselves, we probably lose so much respect for them. You know, this is one thing that I fear a lot within myself is that I tried to make sure as a teacher, we've been taught, you need to do the things that you are going to teach others don't just teach others. And so it's very difficult, very challenging. So Pamela, you know, a lot of the time when you're studying Islam, you ask yourself this question, am I actually fit for this? I can can I actually carry this Deen forward within myself? Forget about teaching it to others? Can you carry it forward within yourself? Are you able to carry this Deen and this is why you'll see sometimes people will study Islam and not teach it to

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others. But that doesn't mean that they've lost out just because they're not teaching it to others means they're taking it and implementing it in their lives and trying their best to work on themselves first, because it's so hard and so difficult. My brothers and sisters, I was talking to another email earlier today. And he was saying you know what, it would be so beautiful. If we could just go to like remote areas, remote areas of Canada remote areas of wherever we choose to live, and to just start an established a small community there and just work on our own cells. Within that is any meme, you know, who's working with a very big mustards. pantalon he was saying, it would be so

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nice if we could just go away and just be in remote, little towns, you know, small little areas, and just just work from the ground up establishing not just a mustard but establishing Islam within the community. Right, establishing Islam within the community. A lot of our parents, maybe grandparents, for some of you

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came to Canada and established massage it. And that's good and great. And I love that Villa we take advantage of those massages all the time. Right? And we wish to go back into the mustard. You know, since yesterday, a lot of people have been messaging me, can we come to the mustard? Can we come to the mustard? We can't just let everyone come into the mustard. Sadly, you know, and I hate to do this as well. Some people say, Well, you know, if I if I donate certain amount of money, can I come and pray to it? I can and the mustard. I would love for you to come and pray to America and overseas. But we can't open the door to every single person. And at the end of the day, I'm not the

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one who's making these decisions, right? We have to go with the flow as well. We're not the ones who are in charge for the in charge, right? So

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I was showing us here, you know, we have to be people that carry that message forward and live the example as was the example of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would live the example of being the Prophet. And he would live the example of being a Muslim. And he lives the example of being a believer and movement. And that's important for us, we can't just come and say one thing and then go and do something else. And you'll notice the few times that you might have met someone or known someone or interacted with someone who it was established that you've established it that they've said something and then gone and done something else, you probably lose a lot of respect for

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them. Right We lose a lot of respect for them. And so a lot is technically protecting us here as well that you know people will notice this in you and they will lose respect for you. Why would you want to you know, put yourself down in that way. So unless says yeah, even Medina, Lima, tough Hollywood unidentified why is it that you say that what you do not do? Right? And it's a reminder for us that we need to continue to, you know, see what is good and true.

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All right, let's move on to Sora to Joomla. I mean Joomla has technically suspended so we'll move to

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move to sort of

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a sort of ask Allah Subhana which Allah to make it easy for us to come back to Juma and have our Juma prayers. I was messaged by another Imam on the other side of the world earlier today, he sent me a voice message. And he was like Santa Monica, we haven't seen you in a long time. You know, since the last time he was in Canada,

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and he was asking me how things are here. And he was asking how we are making do with Joomla during this pandemic, and I was like, so how are we gonna he's in his own country dealing with his thing. And he's asking me over here what we are going through and how we're dealing with not having Joomla so I responded to him in a voice message and I said it's actually been a couple months it's been months since we've gone to the masjid for Juma.

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It's been months since we've gone for July and we know very well as Muslims. We do not miss Juma you can not miss Juma you miss three Juma has deserves serious issue with you right. But we are not missing Juma. We are not intentionally missing Johanna brothers and sisters, I'm sure when Juma reopens we are all going to want to flood into the masjid And sadly, I'm pretty sure that when we do open based on the guidelines, that provincial guidelines is that it will probably be restricted to a certain number, right? So even when we open

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five times more Muslims are going to want to come to the masjid and pray their prayer, but we won't be able to accommodate right so we have to take it easy. We have to be patient with it. We are not neglecting Juma. We are not intentionally, you know, turning away from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, we are doing what we can within the certain circumstances that we are currently going through.

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However, we're not supposed to be discussing anything about surah Juma, I wanted to go straight to sort of all gone, which is the 64th sort of earn and let's go to verse number 14.

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So not to have one, verse number 14,

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Allah subhana wa tada says, Yeah, you have many

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believers, which means we need to pay attention whenever we hear Allah say, yeah, you are listening. I'm an old believers do you believe? If you believe it's like I was saying, Oh Mohammed or her Isha? Oh, Fatima. Oh, Xena. Oh, Abdullah Oh, you know so and so person Hey, wake up pay attention like I was calling out as they would listen up right don't listen up.

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Someone is mentioning something on the chat there on Facebook Hamad.

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We do have people outside of the masjid from nine o'clock until 1130. Every single night throughout the nights of Ramadan, there is someone there that is collecting donations so that our volunteers are there so you can pass by the masjid to give your supplies not just donations to the mustard Southern as well to give us a count and so on and so forth. So please do head out there if anyone is interested in paying in person or filling out a pledge form or giving a check Okay, so here I am with Anasazi a new lady

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the corner I

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want you

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to structure whom what else you will

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love Murphy's

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Law says yeah, you will live in all believers indeed some of your spouse's and he's not saying to the men that your wives, right. He's saying hey, men, your wives, women, your husbands, right? your spouse's and your children are enemies to you. So be aware of them. Well my wife just wanted

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as soon as I said that verse my wife walks in I gotta be careful.

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So Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah, you live in urban India, as well gee, come, what do I do? Well let him for the room. Also can wait and so be aware of, you know, watch my back. But if you pardon, overlook and forgive their faults, then Allah is truly all forgiving, Most Merciful. Now, there's a number of things that we can tie into this first of all the loss of hundreds and is warning us that you know from

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The things that distract us from Allah subhanho wa Taala are our spouses, our wealth, our children, and we see in the very next verse, Allah says in number

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now's the time, the time this is your wealth and your children are only a test. But Allah alone has a great reward. So our wealth our children, they're a test our spouses, our children, they are an enemy to us. And it's not an enemy per se as in like, oh, they're evil, and they're bad. No.

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But sometimes, we create problems for ourselves. Like, why are you going to argue with someone else? For no reason? Why are you creating a scene? Why are you raising your voice? Why are you punching the wall, which we're not supposed to be doing? Right? But some people get really angry, they get all frustrated, and they need to get that energy out, right? So they go to the punching bag, or they go to the gym, or they do some push ups, profit. So the longer it was some of them showed us Calm down, sit down, lay down, make Whoo, relax, take it easy, right? We are not enemies of each other. And I was peddling to Hannah's saying that some of your spouses and children are enemies to you Why?

00:26:17--> 00:26:38

Beware of them, they will take you away from the remembrance of a loss of Hannibal Lecter had, right? And so someone who takes us away from Allah, according to a law, that is one of the biggest crime in fact, no, not one of that is the big shift, going away from a lot rejecting a lot, right?

00:26:40--> 00:26:45

what's the word I'm looking for? disobeying Allah subhanho. To add a

00:26:46--> 00:27:16

big, big sin, right? Especially when we commit ship, if we're going away from a lot and rejecting a lot. That is the biggest crime, the biggest crime. And when we say an enemy to us, why is someone an enemy? why someone bad? Why is someone considered an enemy because they commit crimes, right? So someone who's going to take you away from Allah, that's what you need to be careful of. And Allah doesn't say, all of your wives and all of your children, Allah says some in men as well as you come from

00:27:18--> 00:27:49

the category of spouses and it's not wives. correction is because I'm a men. So I said wife, right? spouses, okay? That your spouse and it's your husband, four sisters, your husband, if your husband is taking you away from Allah, then he is the criminal, right? If your husband is someone who is making you miss on us, and then he is doing something wrong, be careful, he's your enemy. Right? Who is the enemy, the enemy you shape on what a shape and what to do is to take us away from a lesson kind of which takes us away from the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal. And so my brothers and sisters,

00:27:50--> 00:28:30

anytime something takes us away and you notice Allah mentions your spouse and your children, why because they're so dear to us, that we would give anything of this dunya for them, but unless rewarding us don't give your email, don't give your belief in Allah subhana wa tanunda don't give your time that you're supposed to be worshipping away to someone else. Give it to a loss of Hannah what to add. So my brothers and sisters remember our spouses, even the husband can be the enemy of his wife. Why because he takes her away from the remembrance of Allah subhana wa tada and then Allah says well lo and a juvenile lien right there is a great reward with Allah if we do what Allah

00:28:30--> 00:28:46

subhanho with Anna wants from us. Let's go to find out Okay, so we're about to put up a lesson plan with Anna says you're sort of the product is titled the sort of divorce case it is the divorce above the divorce. Now

00:28:50--> 00:29:04

I could talk for until the end of the year about different divorce cases that have come to me and different things that I've seen and how people deal with things and so on and so forth. However, I'm not going to do that. We'll take some examples. But let's look at what Allah subhana wa tada says first okay.

00:29:07--> 00:29:10

I must have had with Allah says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

00:29:12--> 00:29:16

nebby you either on level two manisa.

00:29:18--> 00:29:20

Any debt in

00:29:21--> 00:29:22

debt, what?

00:29:25--> 00:29:59

I must have handled it and it says all prophets instruct the believers when you intend to divorce your wife right when you intend to divorce your wife, then divorce them with concern for their waiting period as in be aware of their menstrual cycle and counted accurately and fear Allah your Lord, do not force them out of their homes. So this first part a must have handled it and it tells us not to divorce our wife while she is observing her period her menstrual cycle.

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

And during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are developing their own little Villa and Houma. he divorced his wife, while she was on her periods. And the profits on the long run, Ali, who ascended them told him commanded him to take her back and wait until her period is done. And if then he wants to divorce her, then he can divorce her, basically telling us that the divorce during the period is invalid. The divorce during a period is invalid, it does not count as a divorce. Okay. And a person can say, okay, you know, once the divorce is done, then no. Now, I'll give you an example. I've dealt with so many cases, that

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how can I say this? I've dealt with a case where

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the husband refused to divorce his wife, but would only divorce her while she had her period. So every single time she had her period, he would divorce her. And she's like, Okay, how about some divorce? And he's like, no, because divorce. And then after the period ended, he would say, No, you come back, you're still my life. You can't leave. So he kept playing games with her playing games with her like, no, you're divorced, you're not divorced, sorry, I went to this email. So he would go to an email. And the man would say, No, she's not divorced, because, you know, she had her period. So she's like, Okay, I have to come back. And this is a very, like, nasty marriage, Pamela there was

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like, physical violence and so on.

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So what happened there was, you know, the case came to me, and he would always go to another room and come back to her and then another amount, and she would come back and another amount and come back. And then I was like, This is playing games with a loss of habitat. The divorce is valid. Right, the divorce is valid. Why? Because I asked other scholars and I was like, this guy's playing games. So at this point in time, sometimes any man will have to step in and say, Look, the divorce is valid. Now the brothers like no, what do you mean, the divorce is about? like, Uh huh. You see? No, you're scared because you thought that you could just keep playing games. And Allah doesn't want

00:31:59--> 00:32:28

you to play games. That's another person's life that you're that you're dealing with. You're messing with your feelings. You're messing messing with her emotions, you're messing with her family, you're missing with everything that she's going through in her life, completely turning everything upside down. Now the brother He's like, now he's on the defense, right? When I said that he's on the defensive like, Whoa, what do you mean? No, you're the first one who said this. And like, Yeah, because people don't know what you're doing. You never told those other humans what you're doing you missing around. You can't mess around with someone else. Now. He's scared. He's like, Okay, so

00:32:28--> 00:32:48

that's one divorce right now. He's now he's worried. Right? So So Pamela, you see here, my brothers and sisters, sometimes when you just turn the table, right, go sit on the other side, see what it's like, right? Put yourself in the shoes of the other person and see how they feel. All of a sudden things change, right? And so that was something that, you know,

00:32:49--> 00:33:14

we see and witness and it happens, you know, it happens people do this. So Allah Subhana Allah says, Do not force them out of your home or your homes, nor should you leave them like don't just abandon them. Unless they commit a blatant misconduct, unless they've done something completely bad, then yeah, you can turn away from them and then deal with it in the way that we see is befitting within the setting of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, Allah Subhana, Allah then says,

00:33:16--> 00:33:45

These are the limits set by a lot. And whoever transgresses on laws limits has truly wronged his own soul. You have certain you never know, perhaps a law will bring about change of heart later on. And this is true, sometimes a person divorces, right. And then they realize you know what, this isn't right. And they try and take them back and they get back together. And then they start to argue again, and then they spend some time apart. And this is why you'll notice to spend that

00:33:46--> 00:34:16

is a time where, okay, you're apart from each other. There are two things that can happen. And I've seen this and I'll share it with you. One is that the people that the husband and wife are spending time apart, it's so abnormal, they actually truly like they really do love each other. And they hate the fact that they're apart. And so they come right back together. Or the complete opposite. They don't like each other. And they they grow apart and they just go and do their own thing. Right. They live their own lives and they just grow apart and

00:34:18--> 00:34:27

and it comes to a point in time where they're like, you know what, we don't even need to be married we realize that and so let's just get divorced. And then Allah Subhana Allah says for either 11 or 11

00:34:29--> 00:35:00

and then when they have almost reached the end of their waiting period, see Allah subhana wa tada says, you're going to divorce her, you know, there's a waiting period go through the waiting period, but when they've almost reached the end of it right nearing the end of it, either retain them honorably, as in tried to do is take a break from each other right but still remain within the home. Remember my brothers and sisters, when someone divorces someone else, you don't just leave almost Henry Tana says don't force them out of their homes, nor should they leave. You get divorced. You stay together until there is

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Over why, because it's very hard for two people to stay living in the same house and not have you know, feelings come back to them or think you know what this person actually is good and start to forgive. And this is why I lost the pen with Adam mentioned the importance of forgiveness we just saw earlier right? In the previous is. And so Allah Subhana, Allah says, then retain them honorably or separate from them honorably. If you're not going to be married to each other, then do it in a in an honest just way, called two reliable witnesses, right, have two people who will come and be a witness, and let them witness and bear true testimony. For the sake of a loss of Hannah Hannah,

00:35:38--> 00:36:22

remember that divorce in itself as much as a lot doesn't like it. If we do it according to the way Alo wants it to be conducted. It is an act of very bad. Divorce is an act of very bad, it's an act of worship. Why? Because we're doing it for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. Right, so it becomes an act of God. This is enjoined on whoever has faith in Allah, and the last day, so listen to these instructions and do that if you are in that situation, do it in an honorable you know, truthful way. Very, very nice, wait, respectfully. And remember, if you believe in a loss of habitat in the last day that you'll be standing before a logging account, then you'll do it in the right manners, and

00:36:22--> 00:36:38

whoever is mindful of Allah, He will make a way out for them. So Allah subhana wa Tana will grant to ease whether you stay together, or you live apart. That is all that we will take for today. In short, a lot of time my brothers and sisters,

00:36:39--> 00:36:45

I wanted to actually finish a little bit earlier to open it up for some questions. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

00:36:46--> 00:37:10

I know that we're nearing the end of the month of Ramadan. And people have questions about Ramadan, and I eat and so on. I'm going to be releasing a video in sha Allah, there's no rush to have the video, trying to make sure that that comes out in the proper manner. But if anyone has any questions right now, feel free to ask I will just toss this aside so that I could see the chats on the other platforms.

00:37:15--> 00:37:18

Okay, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask

00:37:25--> 00:37:26

your question public guests.

00:37:29--> 00:38:07

I mean, what Yeah, come, Zaha allow you both features that come along with them for the beautiful Villa? Why did I skip sudo? Tomorrow, because I skipped a few is quite a few. I added quite a few sources. You know, we only just took a little bit of it. As I if you look through what we took tonight, I skipped a number of sources. And we are going to skip through more soon as tomorrow and skip through even more the day after tomorrow on the last day because the sources are getting shorter and shorter and shorter. Right. So we're taking lessons from here and there. You can't take every single one of the sodas or every single one of the

00:38:08--> 00:38:44

How do you pay for us. So if you have not already paid it, I would suggest doing it now like right now within the next hour or two because many of the organizations need some time in order to distribute the Fitts law. So go to one of the relief organizations websites, or even a mustard you can go to our mustard website and donate there and it'll be channeled forward in sha Allah. Is there any leadership board for the NCLEX? No, there's no leadership board because what I've noticed is if there's a leadership board and you're not in the top few, then people drop out. So because there's no way of a person knowing where they stand, they will keep pushing strong right till the end and

00:38:44--> 00:39:14

Sharla is performing Juma at home still allowed if we can do it. We've actually not been allowing Jamal to be prayed at home, we are praying a lot at home. Right? We've been encouraging everyone to press on to vote at home. How do you stay motivated posts on Amazon you continue the actions of Ramadan throughout the rest of the year. That's the point of it is that you do certain actions throughout the month of Ramadan that you're going to carry through the rest of the year. And so how do you stay motivated posts on Amazon you continue the actions of Ramadan? Okay.

00:39:15--> 00:39:55

How has Ramadan been for you? And hamdulillah Ramadan has been very good for me. Busy, tired a good villa. Can a female travel without a madam? Very very long, complex question. But the point is that we secure the safety of that female. Okay, so secure the safety of the female and if she's going to be safe throughout that time and the journey is not one that's too difficult or dangerous upon her then inshallah Tada. In a nutshell, this is how I would answer it because you know, it's not the greatest way to answer a question that requires a lot more explanation. However, you Okay, do you need to have a loo in order to hold the end to read it. Okay. There's difference of opinion on that.

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

The best is that you do have a little layer lameness.

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

Hello and so it's important that we have little however that verses referring to those who have belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala okay

00:40:08--> 00:40:23

Mashallah, the questions are coming in so fast I don't know if we're gonna have time. So it is preferred to have Lou. It is. There's there's difference of opinion Some say that is compulsory to have a little when touching the Quran and others say that it is preferred to have a little when

00:40:24--> 00:40:27

holding the Quran and using it okay. It does not come

00:40:29--> 00:41:03

out of reward. You mean, what is the time of a shot? I heard it is 30 minutes after Mohammed, is that correct? No, that is not correct. I don't know anywhere that it is 30 minutes after so not too much of it. So the best way of knowing when the time for selection loaded enters is when you look outside and the sky is black, and you no longer see the colors in the sky. That's the beginning of the time of sonar today shot, it will vary from country to country to country because of the region on earth that you reside in. So the best thing is look to your local Masjid. On average, we say roughly about an hour and a half after I saw that, and usually it's about an hour and a half after

00:41:03--> 00:41:08

so that's in London. But again, it varies from place to place to place because the world is beautiful.

00:41:09--> 00:41:47

When you express love for your sibling, do you have to say I love you for the sake of a lot or any other way. Like I love you as a lot make us brother and sister. Yeah, you can express yourself how you wish. What website do you use to check if a product is halal or haram? I don't actually check if the products are halal or haram themselves, right? So check the ingredients and and see if it is and if it isn't, then you email the company and you find out. I don't use any websites, I usually don't really eat anything that is doubtful. So I don't really have that issue. I'm coming to you very soon for those questions and chama how to check on go to the distribution of the battle, whether it was

00:41:47--> 00:42:03

during Ramadan. Okay, good question. We spoke about this earlier of hunting in LA, you'll have to go back to refer to the videos that we already went through. Can we pray any praises family in our backyard? Yes. And we'll be releasing a video showing you what to do this evening. shabaka?

00:42:07--> 00:42:09

Hidden Oh, my question is?

00:42:11--> 00:42:27

What is the extent of hiding someone's flaws? That's a loaded question. What is the extent that we go to look if if if people are doing general mistakes, and we hide those right, but if it's something that's going to affect society, for example, someone who

00:42:29--> 00:43:03

a principal of a school who assaulted a child for example, as a simple example, you should speak up about that right? So you know, that's an example you there's there's so many different things like if someone I don't know was smoking in the middle of the day while fasting, you don't need to expose them, right? Keep it to yourself. That's between them and a loss of handling data. So it's various different levels. It's very hard to answer that generally. Okay. We explain in brief how to pray eat at home. Yes, I will. How much is Fitbit authorized $10 an hour mustard this year? How did the shake on go to the desert? Okay, we are?

00:43:04--> 00:43:09

Do you have an email that you don't mind me contacting us as a political entity to ask something?

00:43:12--> 00:43:13

Yes, I do.

00:43:14--> 00:43:16

message me on Facebook and sha Allah or

00:43:18--> 00:43:55

you know, it's shift [email protected] so sh a YKH da [email protected]. Please don't start sending me 1000 emails, please, I have another email account that has over 10,000 emails in it, and I can't respond to all of them. So please don't start, you know, flooding. The questions this way. If you feel like someone is doing some evil or bad behavior was the authentic way to handle this situation. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said three things. Number one column for your vehicle. If you see something that's bad or evil, then change it physically, if you're in a position of actually being able to do that, like the mother or father of a household, you know, they can take away the

00:43:55--> 00:43:57

iPad or something or you know, legal

00:44:01--> 00:44:04

advisors, like police and so on, they can actually change things in society.

00:44:06--> 00:44:19

And if you're not able to physically change that situation, then you can change it verbally by saying something about it's right and stopping that person or if you're not able to, then just dislike it within your heart and a loss of kind of what data

00:44:20--> 00:44:29

we asked him to help every single one of us in these situations, especially. Okay, we'll go to some of the questions here in sha Allah forgive me for not being able to take them all in five minutes.

00:44:35--> 00:44:37

We answered that. How is it

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

that Dinesh Dennis, how are you asking questions on both platforms you're watching in two places at the same time? Can you have pictures in the home or do angels not visit home with pictures is preferred to not have pictures inside of your home? is true. The angels do not visit a home where pictures are idols statues, stuff like that are kept within Canvas.

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

Fast the missed fast including the 16th of chalan after eat or do we have to make them out separately some of the scholars allow you to combine your intentions to fast the days that you missed the Ramadan and combine your intention to fast the six days of show as well. I personally like to separate them that's because you know, I don't miss many days of fasting throughout the month of Ramadan and for some people who miss more days it's more difficult right so personally I like to separate it and I like to keep them separate. There are certain cases where I would say you can merge them for example if someone you know was ill or missed like 1020 days and for them to fast

00:45:38--> 00:46:13

20 days plus then make up the six days is very difficult. So combine your intention the spouse dies, is it permissible in the *ty added another spouse perform funeral like cleaning etc? Yes, it is permissible as I go home from lectures and it gives your home alone a very good official lie about taking a loss out of reward you and your family and friends to the best of this life in the hereafter. We'll take one more inshallah how much is a counterfeiter per person is $10 per person this year okay $10 per person is here does that located on my brothers and sisters about a kilo fee can we only have two more? We only have two more two CS classes and you believe that so only two

00:46:13--> 00:46:33

more because we have the 29th of June tomorrow and the 30th of june of the following day and then on the 30th day of Ramadan we will not have a class leading up to the ending of the day, which is you know just before most of them so tomorrow and the day after the last two classes that we have inshallah, so look forward to senior medical of Santa Monica. Welcome to life.