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further ado, we'd like to introduce she's not conda who's spoken to us before about being a productive Muslim and being a productive individual being

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in charge of our own destiny so to speak as far as Allah allows us to in terms of the choice we've been given by Allah to choose how we spend our time and so since Ramadan is coming to an end before they speak to shake my hand about a post Ramadan plan around how to implement the good things we've learned during the month in our lives, especially for the month of so also these things don't just disappear with the advent of eat and Amanda Shavasana they come to shake smile, come down this afternoon on what could be the last of Ramadan we welcome you to salon videos and once again and looking forward to learning about how to post Ramadan with you inshallah

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you will want to catch him Thank you for having me and belated Ramadan Mubarak and early Mubarak to all the listeners.

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Yes, I think there is

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in limbo right now. Not knowing how much how much time we've got left for afternoon for this Ramadan. But I think perfect time to make near for what we're going to be doing next. And somebody did say, you know, during these odd days and officious days, don't fail to make digits for what could be in the future because, of course, what we intend now with a clear mind is we have now could very well many cases inshallah it will as well. So we are asking you inshallah, for some advice. We both students, one of us is at home learning, you know, online, Akil is a practical lot at the moment with the University of puts in a medical faculty. And well i'm sure listeners out there,

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whether they are students or people working from home or essentially could use some wisdom as to how to draw from the lessons learned in Ramadan, the implementation that we had the Sabina was doing during the month of Ramadan, and how that can now impact our lives afterwards. So on to usually smell conda

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Nina, can you begin by thanking Allah subhana wa ala for blessing us with a truly beautiful Ramadan? You know, at the beginning of the month, we all were panicking and wanting Ramadan in lockdown Ramadan in our homes and out taraweeh but for me personally, this was the most spiritual and beneficial Ramadan as I had no say Allah Subhana Allah has put us metaphorically into individual a takeoff. And each and every one of us experience our own month long takeoff and 100 is up, it has been really productive. The thing is, how do we keep that momentum going? after Ramadan is over? I think that's the

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you know, that's a challenge for many people. And I want us to approach this very realistically. And idealistically, I mean, I don't think any of us can truly be outside of Ramadan, on the same level that we are in Ramadan, right, let's be realistic about that. Ramadan is a special time, the devils are locked up. There's this spirit spirituality in the air, there's angels all over the place, we fired up to be the best versions of ourselves, and what happened to some of us, we get this unrealistic expectation that we're going to stay at that same level for the rest of our lives. And then each day comes the day off to eat with kilometer write down, and we lose all hope and we lose

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all momentum and be like just want to give up. So I really want to begin by advising everyone. Let's have realistic goals for outside of Ramadan. Let's not, you know, fool ourselves into thinking that we can be on the same level outside of Ramadan, that we can infer My God, because that's just not humanly possible. Yeah, there's a hadith where the prophet of Islam, told one of the sahaabah, who was basically the bulk of the story is that one of these two haba was kind of depressed about the fact that he couldn't maintain the same level of demand all the time. He told the prophets law is something that when I'm with you, I'm like on this high level, and when I get back to work back to

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my family, you know, it's like quantum feeling's gone. And the prophets always said that, if you could maintain that high level, all the time, the angels will come down to earth and shake hands with you. Meaning it's not possible. It's just not possible, even for the Sahaba to meeting that level all the time. So we need to cut ourselves a bit of slack allows you to see the holy call inside the diva, mankind was made weak, humans were created weak. And so we need to keep our own weakness in mind when focusing on our post Ramadan goals. So what I like to do generally whenever I teach anyone about goal setting, specifically when it comes to productivity or spirituality, is try

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to focus on two or three things at a time. I don't try to focus on everything at once. So some people they want everything at once. So in in one month, they want to improve their Salah, improve the care of the Quran, give up every Sunday they were committed in their lives, give up all of the bad habits, start doing the 100

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Start the, you know, giving charity every day. You can't make you can't maintain that momentum. It's just not humanly possible. So start with three things, right? Just start with three things. And if you're to ask me what are the three number one priorities that we all should should start with? Number one is solo, solo, it's number one. I mean, if we aren't praying five times a day, let's make a habit of praying five times a day. If we are praying five times a day, let's improve the quality of that prayer is suffering distant knowledge suffering a bitter, if we are doing that it's suffering the 100 is always a level above where we are that we can get to, you know, when it comes

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to our Salah. I just want to focus a little bit on that because you know, many of us don't take Salah as seriously as we take fasting. And in this month of Ramadan, we prove to ourselves that we can fulfill the third and fourth Pillars of Islam. Well, most of us discharged our Sokka and we pass through the month of Ramadan. Let's keep the same focus and priority to the second pillar of Islam which is Salah. Again, a reminder that in the Quran Allah London describes the people of Johanna and we the people of Jana shocked when they meet certain people in Johanna and they asked him you know, how did you end up amongst the people of Johanna the first reply is lemna comin on loose on D. We

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never used to pay so that's the number one reply right and this is a list of other things they will give suckered you to treat people badly but number one was lemna caminando. Sunday. On the opposite side we have the Hadees when he prophets lie, some said that on the Day of Judgment, the first you will be asked about you know salah and you believe that is in order, everything else will be in order. So third Isola if you're not praying five times a day, let's start praying five times a day. That is the sign of the believer that is like the most basic thing every Muslim should be doing. If you find it hard to pray, the sooner just pray the fourth, just get into the habit of praying the

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fourth one sets they have a duplicate stability component with the sun and winter as well inshallah, that's number one. The second thing that we can try and keep going outside of Ramadan, something realistic everybody can do is the recitation of Quran. Now the Quran is our link to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The Quran keeps us, you know, connected to our Creator ages, it keeps us It keeps our demand strong. And many of us we only recite Quran in Ramadan, or when someone passes away. So what I would like for all of us to try and do is build a habit of five minutes a day, five minutes a day, not seeing one user day I'm not seeing half an hour a day, five minutes deep, maybe off the budget,

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maybe after maybe after a sharp, just pick up the Quran, recite for five minutes, read a translation and think about it. And it can be completely random, just open anywhere in the Quran, read the Arabic Read the translation and think about the Double of the Quran. The Quran become a part of our life, a part of our daily life. This will give us Baraka throughout our day and throughout our year, and will help us to reach higher spiritual levels throughout the year. Point number three is I like to focus on just three things. So it's realistic and practical to say number one is solid number two is plan. Number three, choose one sin in your life to eliminate it all of us we are mountains of

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sense this is this is reality, I blue bunny cutter, every son of Adam constantly makes mistakes. So we all have our mountains of sins, and to expect perfection from ourselves is not realistic. A lot does not expect perfection from us. We should not expect perfection from ourselves. But Allah expects us to try our best. And part of trying our best is to identify at least one sin in our lives that we can realistically get rid of. For those of you who are smoking, this is the perfect time to get rid of it right the government's even helping you to get rid of it. Give up that stuff. It's it's bad for your health, especially now with the virus going around. And it is just not befitting

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the believer to have such bad habits. For those of us who people amongst us who look at things they're not supposed to be looking at, you know, try and give that make a plan to to give up, you know, looking at at Fulton things which which are which are prohibited. For those of us who may be you know, we find it difficult to wake up circle. Let's give up that soon. And make sure we are full circle virtually every day. Some of us is the son of the tongue, you know, we we backbite we slammed it because of too much. Let's learn to control what we say just choose one thing and just make a focused effort to give up that sin for this year. Because if we can give up a sin for a year is

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realistic. If we can give it up for life and ensure next year we can choose something else to focus on. And if we slip up during the process, make it simple and make Toba and try again. Again, Allah does not expect perfection from us, he just expects us to try. So really that's the three main things if we want to maintain momentum outside of Ramadan, stay consistent in our Salah, continue reciting Quran outside of Ramadan and start giving up our sins one by one. If we do this inshallah we will be able to maintain our top Watch out there.

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I mean

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time is quite limited.

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Okay, now of course,

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you know, one of the, one of the questions that often comes up, or one of the points which often comes up in discussion amongst young people is

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I fulfill my duties. So I pray my Salah, or read my Quran, but let's all feel the sense of distance from Allah when I'm praying my Salah as an example, you know, our minds are all over the place

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we're reciting the Quran, but it doesn't feel that we're having any you know any benefit from that any recommendations you could give us to try and

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change that

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shot that's an excellent question and I actually have a detailed video on YouTube about this art actually one and a half hours on how to enjoy your Salah. So I'm going to give like maybe a two minute summary now but for those who want details, if you go to my YouTube channel, is it almost one and a half hour videos on how to enjoy Salah many young people have told me it has transformed their life and transformed their Salah. And really for me it comes down to three things again three things number one is our intention before doing any good teachers review our intention internally Why am I doing this for Salah the best time to do it is when we are performing we'll do many of us they will

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do is just like you know splashing water all over the place. But wouldn't you be spiritual we should be thinking jobs as I'm preparing to worship Allah I'm preparing to stand before my creative we should be thinking these thoughts while performing the we do said we we are putting ourselves into the right mental state for Salah. Right? So intention is and preparation is very important. Number two I believe this is for me one of the most important things this has helped me is how many other people learn Arabic, learn Arabic And if you can't learn Arabic learn the translations at least. Because when you you know when you know Arabic, the quality of your Salah is on another level. You

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know like when I stand and I pre sell out for me it's like reciting in English. That's how I understand what I'm reciting. And obviously someone who understands what they are reciting the quality and that that Eman booster going to get from it is going to be on a different level from someone who does not understand what they are reciting. So if you can learn Arabic learn Arabic If you cannot learn Arabic learn the translation and it up season of the sutras that you decide. So one of the things I did this Ramadan is on my blog, Islamic self help calm, I wrote a short up seal of all of the short sutras at the end of the Quran. So you can go deep into any of the shorts at the

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end of the Quran surah I'll go search through the last surah so you can read it up see roughly the short of it. And the purpose of this is these are the Sooners, we recite in our Salah every day. If you can at least understand these tours. Then when we are praying our Salah instead of thinking about everything else, think about the Tafseer of the students. That's one way to concentrate, I should we can't understand Arabic at least think about the translation or think about the Tafseer and this will give us a higher quality. So that's number three. Number three, don't rush. Don't ever rush your Salah. Don't force yourself to take your time. If you are praying for Raka in two minutes,

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you are not doing justice to Salah it should take you at least five minutes as we improve in quality should come up to work 10 minutes, but take your time with every rule with every such that take your time. If you do this, you will begin to experience the Baraka that comes with it. So our intention, doing things with preparation and taking our time and most importantly understanding what we do. When we understand what we do. Naturally the benefit we are going to get from it is going to be in a much higher level when they when we are reciting words that we don't understand the end of the Allah revealed the Quran to be understood and to be practiced and to be implemented not just to be recited

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so learn Arabic And if you cannot learn Arabic, learn the translation it up see this will profoundly increase the quality of your Salah and the quality of your Quran and the impact that it has on your life.

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I think that really wraps up and leaves us both with some motivation I'm sure the listeners will agree some motivation to be be simple and be kind to yourself but obviously reach to new heights in those extra tools to do social things to you. We say show current Zach a lot for your time and we shoot you back whether that is tomorrow or the next day and Alex have all that YouTube done on the blog as well as in general for your own decent we deserve the robot and those that you have done to assist others as well to be accepted inshallah.

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I mean chisako head for having eaten bark to all of you in advance and salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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So with that, of course, we are now going to do it ever again. For some of the advertisements getting the economy rolling, some because we need to be considering because without that happening, unfortunately

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Those who are most vulnerable or not at all