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To begin with Salatu was Salam Karim Allah.

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The Quran begins with

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what is considered, or what really is the greatest surah

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to raga.

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And this is a surah that we often take for granted. It's the first surah that we memorize as children, or when we convert to Islam. It is the surah we recite the most every day.

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But for many people, it's not a surah they spend much time reflecting

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our recitation of Surah Fatiha, it is often quick, it is often rushed and these often without any contemplation.

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So today I just want to share a little bit about the meanings of Surah Al Fatiha says when we pray Salah we pray with better understanding with Osho and we get more benefit out of that further because to Raja is from amongst the most important parts of the Salah. It is so important that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated last fall at the interview, he had to get up he is no Salah without Surah Fatiha.

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It is that important religion. It is so important that if you have to count the amount of times a day will recite surah Allah Allah

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its minimum 70 that's for someone who just raised the farm without the initial 17 of course, if you add in our sooner and our winter any other solar is much more than minimum 17.

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So what is the sooner the loss of a handler chosen to begin the Quran, he chose it to be a part of every part of every salah and the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself called it the greatest throughout the Quran. Surah Al Fatiha is primarily a due up

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from all the students of the Quran, the opening surah and the closing students are your eyes. Open international robotica is a new app for guidance. The closing Surah Surah Allah in Surah NAS a device for protection, Allah always attain the two protectors. So pseudos Bhatia is primarily

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a UI that we are commanded to, to make several times in a single day into our for guidance. But the surah is divided into two parts. The first part is a description of the most important belief in Islam are believing God.

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And the second part is the drug.

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So what does rabada teaches about Allah subhanho wa Taala. The surah begins with the phrase Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah is the statement we say out of gratitude or less than handle without, too We immediately begin our solar in a state of gratitude, we begin our recitation of the Quran in a state of gratitude, immediately we are reminded to see and hamdulillah to be grateful to Allah, for what for being wronged below the mean, for being the robot of this entire art of all of the universal all of the worlds all of the things that ever existed and will exist. Allah is not just the love of this earth, a lot is the love of everyday gender jahannam, the world of the gym, the

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world of the angels and the world that we don't know as well. A lot of you know, Rob good. I mean, he is the root of everything. He is the one who controls everything, we are grateful to Allah for it. And so the surah begins by reminding us of some of the most important quality of life of a hand over the Allah that

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make us worshiping. They make us remember that he's truly the only one worthy of worship to amongst these qualities. He's run with it and pronounced these qualities in our manual.

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And what is our rush man? What is our Rahim? Both of these words come from Rama. Rama means mercy or compassion. Both Ar Rahman AR Rahim mean that Allah is most compassionate. He's most versatile, but they take different dimensions to this. So our man means that his mercy is infinite. It affects everyone in everything in our Rahim means that his mercy can go on for infinity. In general, we will experience a large rasma for infinity. This is mostly there's not any goes on. So one is the vastness and one is the length infinite invoked face a lot is

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what's interesting about this is that if you take the Sharpie position that Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim is the opening verse in Surah Fatiha then the word Moroccan come twice and

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it becomes a double

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emphasis on loving

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the next Name of Allah the Quran or the next attribute of Allah in the Quran, the actual readings for it. Molly kiyomi Deen, the common reading nowadays and Maliki OBD, which actually historically the more common meaning, right historically throughout history, most Muslims are excited and valuable. But, you know, since the printing press was invented, and the printed version of Orion Maliki OBE, that became more common, nonetheless, both go back to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And both our authentic recitations of this verse molokhia, Medina, the Master of the Day of Judgment, money to be deemed the king of the Day of Judgment. The one of the burning of the

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Quran, is a loss of a hand over data revealed in multiple ways of reading. So one verse can carry multiple meanings, all of which complement each other. molecule within and molecule imaging is an example of this allows you to handle data reveal one verse recited in two ways to give us two of the attributes, they need both the value and the Malik, he is the master of everything, he is the king of everything. This is from the miracles of the Quran. The idea when people see the Prophet Muhammad somalisa wrote the Quran, how can a man who cannot read or write, write a consistent book over 24 years in seven different ways of reading, without a single contradiction between the seven that's

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not humanly possible actually only come from the divine, no human can write something industry. So molecule MIDI, this verse itself is part of the vertical Quran, when you think about the effect. So Allah is the one he's the king of the Day of Judgment. Now this verse establishes the balance. This is something I've mentioned many times the Quran talks in balances hope and feel alive oh man Rahim. Well, if he's only man or he want to lots of people do what do other people do? You see them Sydney to Allah Hulu Rahim. Allah you don't have money, Ronnie, it's fine. So Allah He needs to remind us is also money govt Yes, a lot of money. But there's a David you're going to have to stand in front

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of him and answer for how you look your life. And so this creates a balance between hope and fear. Right which is why these names are mentioned together. Then verse number four, of suitable party is considered as perhaps the most important verse of the Quran is right in the middle of the surah. Everything before it is building up to it everything after it is based on it. It is maybe the most important verse in the Quran. He can abou What?

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What do we do with all of this information? Allah subhanho wa Taala what do we do with this knowledge? We have one lesson by hand. We know he's the rub of everything we know he's a rough man. We know we will answer him on the Day of Judgment. What do we do with that knowledge? He cannot be you alone English. While he can study you alone, we ask for help. We dedicate our lives to the service of

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worshipping Islam does not refer only to our Salah. It does not refer only to our rituals. It means to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to Allah. Allah, Allah, when we see you alone, we worship we mean everything we do, we try our best to do it in a way that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So I would sleep becomes worship, our eating becomes worship, our businesses become worship, our job to come worship, everything becomes worship, when you decide for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then the surah ends, the sutra ends with the single most important to

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this is the dog that is so important that a loved one behind up combines us to make this to every single day, multiple times a day, not only do we have to make this work every single day, multiple times a day, but when the mom makes to do it, everybody has to see army and the agency army because this is so important. What is this, that even the agency army, everybody says army to get the point. This is the douar enough

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guidance to the state. Now the question that arises is, aren't we Muslims are already on this path. Now we have a lot of Muslims today who seem to think that they own the strict path. Now they are the custodians of the street Party and the other guardians of the street party. And then only they know what is the safe path.

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And this is the problem. This is what this device is protecting us from from this arrogance of thinking that we know this. It's a reminder to us MPD that we need a lot of guidance 24 seven and 24 seven in our life advice guidance because we could be guided today on why issue. Something could come up tomorrow and it could be misguided or that issue. Someone could be guided maybe to praying five times a day. But tomorrow a different witness in his life when he goes through that specific issue.

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So every day, in every decision we make we every thought we take, we need a lot of guidance, we need a lot of guidance for how we run our businesses, we need a lot of guidance to have a solid budget, we need our guides to protect us from misunderstanding this religion. And so we are in need of hedaya, everyday day for the rest of our lives. And so we never stopped making this to argument from the time we learned to pray until we die every day, multiple times a day We ask Allah to

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guide us through the straight path. And then the remaining verses explain what is this three part and what is not the simple, very quick summary. The straight part is the part of the prophets and the writers you want to know this eight part study the lives of the prophets study the life of the writers where you will find

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what is not this three part, two things I mentioned, a while back do B or D while a goalie, right mondovi refers to parks, where someone knows they're doing something wrong, and they are still following it out of arrogance. That is,

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someone knows they are wrong, and they are still doing it. Though D is someone who thinks they are right. They sincerely following the wrong part. But it's the wrong part. So these are two ways in the examples given in the IDs are the Jews and Christians in Medina at the time of the prophet who are used to the Jews in Medina at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam he knew he was a prophet, but they still rejected me. So he said they will be adding, while the Christian sincerely believed that Jesus was God. But they were wrong about that. So they were, though again. So one guru rejected the truth, knowing to be the truth, the other group rejected the truth because they thought

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something else was. And so these are the two parts of misguidance people either reject willingly, or they reject the truth because they understand it. And so we ask Allah to protect us from both. And so this is the single most important why in our life. It's not just something with excitement. The basis is the most important thing we do on a daily basis that we stand before a lot. And we ask Allah for guidance, every day, in every unaka of every setup, we're offering Dawa.

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hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was telling me about

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the assumptions thesis that truly show us the power and the beauty and the majesty of Surah Al Fatiha in one the ration. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the angel jabroni holding the door has opened the agenda there has never opened before an angel they've come out in celebration of the revelation of Surah Al Fatiha including verses of Surah Baqarah. This is one of the pieces about the virtues of Sudan. Another had these one of these the Harbor was praying in the masjid. And after he prayed he saw that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asking do you know what is the greatest to run in the Quran?

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And then the prophets also explained in which to me there is a hobby of mine is messenger known as the prophets of Allah, Allah who was obscene, it is fighting.

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What does party have mean? It means opening the opening chapter that is what it means. The opening chapter, the surah has been called many names by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, and the early Muslims from amongst each name, but he has to get out the opening of the book Surah Fatiha the opening chapter.

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The essence of the book is Shiva, the cure these are all names that are mentioned in various narration about the origin of your body.

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But my personal favorite Heidi's about surepath the one that completely changes how you look at the surah is a beautiful hanis of goods. And this healthy cell culture you will find in Pepsi we will proceed with the open to the Pepsi Cola party which is dead mentioned before and this and these are good See, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that a lot said I have divided the Salah between me and my servant and Salah here because

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with my servants is on hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen I replied, My servant has praised me, when my servant is magic to me. And our monarchy molecule we give each of these reader IDs This is a reply.

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Think about this way to be resized to a party a property a lot is flying in a way that suits His Majesty to every single sentence in this room. When we see the Roman army in place, when we see our family rocking with MVC modeling to begin to replace the MVC see you alone we worship and You will be asked for help. A lot of advice and he says this is between me and my server, my server to have whatever he wants or whatever she

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once and then what do we see next? But after a lesson you have with every one What do we ask for? What do we ask for in

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a lot of lies, I will I will give you this. So Flora

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is not just a surah it is a two hour it is a part of our Salah, and it is a conversation between us and

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it is one of the most important things in our life. And if we understand the surah properly and we recite the property every day, every morning every day, then this will protect us from the sky this this will protect us from going straight. We should protect this remote extremism and its opposite. This will protect us from all parts of darkness if we simply everyday consciously and sincerely ask Allah for guidance. And so we ask Allah for guidance on the part of ESP but not the Prophet

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happens on one hand, how many less