Ramadan 2019 #12 – The Shariah is Practical

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The importance of fit in Islam is discussed, where individuals may not be able to practice fasting due to fear of making things difficult for others. The concept of "cosmeticity," which is used to avoid cluttering up meetings and allow people to play while sitting, is emphasized. The importance of practicality in praying five times a day to avoid cluttering up meetings is also emphasized, as it is meant to be easy to practice and practical. The religion is not a general rule, but rather a practicality.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Today inshallah I want to discuss a portion of the verse in the Quran right from the very beginning, which is one of my favorite verses in Surah Baqarah.

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This is su abeka chapter number two, verse 185. The verse about Ramadan reversible fasting. But the portion of this verse that I want to discuss is not related to fasting only it actually applies to all of the Sharia to the entire Lord Allah subhanaw taala has revealed. So in verse 185, Allah subhana wa tada states that fasting in the month of Ramadan is compulsory. But for those who are traveling or ill, they can make it up later. And then Allah Subhana, WA, tada states in this verse, you read a lot, because we'll use urawa, you need to be comatose. Allah wants to make things easy for you, he does not want to make things difficult for you. Now, this is one of my favorite verses

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in the Quran, because it it's one of the verses that upon which my favorite principle of faith is based. And this principle of fit is very often misunderstood. In our times, we have people on two extremes, we have people who completely ignore this principle. And we have people who have just taken, you know, this principle without any restrictions and applied it to everything. So it's important that we discuss it and we understand what exactly this principle of it is, how does it apply? When does it apply? And what are its limits? So what is this principle? Okay, this principle of fake is, in the detail used to lead the religion is it generally translated as easy, I think a

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better translation would be practical, right? That the religion of Islam is practical, it's sensible. It's,

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it's convenient, right? This this, this may be a better translation of user. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, when speaking about the flick of Ramadan, he tells us that we should fast the month of Ramadan. But if we are sick or traveling, we can make it up later why you read a lot, because you said because Allah wants to make things convenient for you, he wants to make things easy for you. Now you need to become closer, he doesn't want things to be hard for you, he doesn't want things to be difficult for you. And so based on this first and several other verses of the Quran, and several pieces, the scholars of fic have extracted one of the primary principles of fic, which is that this

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religion, its fic, is based upon ease and convenience. Right? It's it's the fabric of our religion is one that's a matter of convenience. Now, again, this is a principle which one group of the oma have completely ignored, and the other group have taken to an extreme and applied without restrictions. Let me give examples of both. On one side, we have Muslims who make this religion so difficult, that it becomes impossible to practice. Everything becomes inconvenient, right? So I'm talking about Muslims who, for example, say that it's compulsory for men to wear the soap and the goofy, you know, to to dress in a certain fashion even though nothing like that has been revealed in

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the Koran or industry now, are those people who say, for example, that sitting on a chair is resembling the Christians and you should be sitting on the floor because that is the sooner you know, and people who, for example, may see that, you know, all forms of entertainment are haram because we supposed to be spending all day worshiping Allah. These become very impractical opinions for the majority of the oma to practice. And it has generally been the practice of the early Muslim scholars of fake that they will try to make fake as practical and easy for their followers as possible, based upon the Hadees of the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa salam in which he told one of the

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Saba who you are sending out to teach Islam to the people. Yes, see ru Allah to make things easy or convenient for the people to not make things difficult for the people. And so the nature of fic when the Ola deriving rulings of fic, they have to take into consideration the concept of convenience the concept of ama making this religion too difficult for people to practice. Am I setting the bar too high? No. Am I expecting everybody to perform on the level of Olia? Why am I doing and so what you will find is that the alumni in general will have two separate standards, they would have the minimum that's required of the of the average Muslim and yet it set the bar quite low. And then

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they'll have the expectations they have for themselves and year that's they set the bar quite high. And this makes a lot more sense than the idea of expecting everybody, you know, to follow the strictest version of Islam. And so, the point of this principle is that 50 is meant to be easy. fick is meant to be convenient. fick is meant to be practical. Now the opposite extreme. We have the modernists we have the liberals who take this verse of the Quran and run with it with outreach

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restrictions. We have the people, for example, who say, Oh, the religion is meant to be easy, so I don't need to wear hijab. That's not what it means. I Oh, this religion is meant to be easy. So I don't need to pray five times a day. That's not what it means. Right? What does it mean by this religion is meant to be easy or convenient. It means that the laws that Allah Subhana Allah has revealed a practical laws, the laws that almost anyone can implement. And if they get too difficult to implement, then they are Lee ways to make it easier. What do I mean by this, for example, praying five times a day is something that people can do. Right? It's just a matter of laziness that we

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don't do it. It's something that's that's within the ability of each and every one of us to do now if you can't pray when standing allows meetings easy you can play while sitting. If you can't play work, sitting allows meetings easy you can play by line down. This is where the convenience comes in. You see where the user the ease comes in. Right allows made fasting compulsory, because fasting is something we are capable of doing. If you are sick, convenience, make it up later. If you're traveling convenience, make it up later. Right. So when we say that this religion is meant to be easy or convenient, we are talking about the practicalities, we're not talking about the general

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rule. The general rulings are certain things are compulsory, certain things are Haram in between that most things are hollow, right. But for those things that are compulsory and Haram, in those areas, there is also the matter of convenience. So for example, certain compulsory actions may fade away when they become inconvenient. It's the sense where for example, they may affect your health, right so for example making Voodoo, making noodles compulsory before praying Salah, but if it's going to affect your health, if it's going to make you sick, who is going to kill you, you make the young woman state and you see where the convenience comes in. So it's very important that we

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understand this verse of the Quran and this principle in its proper context. Our religion is a practical religion, our religion is a convenient religion, our religion is an easy religion, but do not take that to an extreme, rather, the middle part, the middle part is quite simple. And that is we follow the laws of lascia hana with the Allah and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. If we do so we will find this religion very easy to practice, very practical. And we'll find that even when life gets difficult, Allah has made the law such that when life gets difficult to know actually gets easier to practice, right because law has made the law flexible in this manner. So that's the

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verse from Surah Baqarah verse 185. Allah

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intends to make things easy for you He does not intend to make things difficult for you. Unless one hunter grant us a correct understanding of this religion, Walker Dawa and you have to realize Roby alameen wa Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh