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What happens when you fast one day for a law and this is very important because after the six days of Shiva and now the weather is starting to get hot, a lot of us are going to start getting lazy and we're not going to fast the voluntary fast. But this hadith I'm about to share with you. If this doesn't encourage you to do the voluntary fast throughout the year, even at the time of difficulty, well, I don't know what's going to encourage you. In this hadith, an amazing Hadith our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, however fast one day for Allah, He says one day in the cause Allah for Allah subhanho wa taala, that Allah will put the distance of 70 years between him in

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the Hellfire Allahu Akbar, and another narration that Allah will put the distance of that which is between the heavens and the earth, between him and the hellfire, all of that for fasting one day for Allah subhanaw taala so how about the one who comes with days that he's fasted for a lot, and we need to remember this when we find it difficult, or we become lazy, of how much we're going to be in need of this agile in this reward, to make ourselves distance from the Hellfire yomo piano we come to be judged for our sins, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada help us all from those who continue to do the voluntary fast, outside of Ramadan and all throughout the year yellow pill Atomy