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The transcript discusses the importance of debt and forgiveness in modern day society. It explores the themes of the Hades and Habiba's death, including the importance of remembering one's good deeds and maintaining humility. The transcript also touches on the use of "has" in reference to the loss of a person, and the potential for people to pass away without realizing their true debt.

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah

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the interest of Allah.

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Allah Allah He was sanlam was awarded deserve to have Coco llama doesn't emit Coco Lupita in Bala Coco de la dippenaar. All Allahu taala finger hygiene was enough since our Eco mode.

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So today's topic is a bit of a morbid topic. It's one that people don't like to talk about. But in light of the crisis we are facing, it's an important one to reflect on.

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degenerated, bearable karela rajala one who color Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam accelo Nicola has been less

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frequent frequently Remember, the destroyer of pleasures, the destroyer of pleasures, referring to that.

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This is the advice of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. That in general, throughout our lives, whether we are young or old, we should think about debt. because it reminds us about what's important. It reminds us to prioritize the worship of Allah, the setting up of good deeds that last after we pass away, and a variety of other things. But nowadays, more than ever, in this past year, the remembrance of death, it's right there for all of us. It's something more and more people are thinking about, more and more people are talking about. And it's something that's very, very important. But one of the aspects about remembering debt that doesn't get discussed as much as it

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should, is what should we do at the time of debt?

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This is something is going to happen to every single one of us. It could happen this year could happen 50 to 6070 years time, only Allah knows. But it is inevitable. Every single one of us will have that moment where we know that we are leaving this world.

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We know that a loved one is leaving this world. How do we deal with that? What do we do? What do we say? What do we think? So what I've done for today is I've taken three stories on the lives of Omaha, meaning the mothers of the believers, about someone passing away and we will go through these three stories and extract from them lessons on how to prepare for debt. The first story is narrated in Sahih Muslim and it is about the debt of Abu Salah. So to put this in context, who was Abu Salah, we spoke about him briefly last week. Abu Salah was one of the first Sahaba one of the first people to convert to Islam. He was the foster brother of the prophets of Allah, Allah He was celebrating

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cousin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was from those who had performed three hindrances. He migrated to Amazonia twice and then to Medina. in Medina. He was injured in the Battle of COVID. And then he passed away a few weeks later from the injury. So let's go to his debt. What happened when he passed away, narrated by his wife messala would need to become the mother of the believers the wife of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ami sonamarg regular Kabbalah the following suit along similar level I think he was telling me selama Raka choco so only certain rates that the prophet SAW love while he was on into the home of Abu Salah, and I will sell them as if we

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to the ones who have seen someone passively. We know what they're talking about. I mean, so possibly the eyes are open, but the soul is God. Right? It's something that

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it's difficult for us to comprehend. But once you've experienced it, you know what you're talking about, for our mother who should be prefaced by some change in the eyes of our persona. Suma call Jenny said in the room is a Buddha who person when the soul leaves the ice for them it and so people when they pass away, the eyes follow the soul as leaving the body and that's why most people when they pass to me, the eyes are open and they're staring at something right they live in a state where their eyes are following the soul

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for virgin assuming so when the prophets always subsidized when you close the eyes, the household of masala it said that he had passed away

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and so his family member members began to cry. Now remember he's leaving behind the wife masala and four to six kids is different duration when he had four kids, six kids, right? And amongst these kids is a baby Xena. And so imagine the small household when migrated so many times and they've been split apart for so many years.

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Now the man of the house passes away. They all begin to cry

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for color so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Oh ALLAH and Fujiko

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don't see anything, don't make any dua except that which is good for indelible Allah. You Amina Allah, the angel, the same army, whatever you say. Very important statement when someone passes away, don't see anything except what is good. Don't make any two R's except what is good, don't make any proclamation or statement except what is good. Why? Because at that moment, the agency on each one

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and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us what to save in several classes, and he made a beautiful and comprehensive glob for Abu Salah. sunako The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah who mcfeely Allah O Allah forgive Abu Salah word for Adama Jetta who fell madly in and raised his ranks amongst the rightly guided work on new houfy Aki behavior will be read and amongst his descendants leave those who are continue with his message will continue with the legacy work Villa now forgive us and him you have been either mean hold on the universe was what certain level via probably he will know when the movie make his cover spacious and political right

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very very beautiful and powerful to our mentioned Muslim there's so many lessons we can extract from this lesson number one, when someone passes away, close their eyes. Lesson number two when someone passes away only say that which is good only make two out of that. Sometimes we feel tempted to see something bad know someone was a hindrance to us in our lives to do a tyrannical or oppressive towards Indian herders every year the past week Some of us may want to say something nasty we may want to see good riddance we want to see a hope he gets what he deserves. abstain from that. When someone leaves this world of online, a lot one only good for him, no matter what he did wrong

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towards English. See only that which is good. Remember whatever we say at that moment, the agency army some people have a bad habit of its own passes away. They say things like how can Allah Buddhist to me and how can that take him away from me? Don't say things like that. See only that which is good because the agency are mean whatever you say. Number three, look at the two hour of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he is due out for someone who passed away is comprehensive. It includes the ophira dounia and the buzzer. It includes all three for the archaea he makes two hours for Abu Salah number one Oh ALLAH forgive him. Number two, Oh Allah raises ranks amongst the

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right to guide so you need to ask Allah forgives you Now remember, I would surmise from the greatest Sahaba if we have to make to our for Allah to forgive the greatest of Sahaba What about you and I'm assuming of course you must make towards Allah forgives us because we all have our sins. We all have our mistakes we all have the things we are ashamed of. So when someone you know has to make a logical decision and inshallah will be positive people will endure that love forgives us as well. But he wasn't just forgiveness that they asked for. You asked a lot to raise his rights to take him to the highest levels of gender. Can you mean you have a junior nice and passed away? What do you

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make from a junior? You make you offer the sentence? So he needs to add the Allah keeps the descendants of Osama firm upon the straight path and make them part of his legacy? And this vow was answered because who are the descendants of

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the great Sahaba Salama and Omar even me Salama and most importantly, Xena BTOB Salah. Remember when Abu Salah passes away omae Salama marries the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he says to her your children are my children. And Xena is a baby at this moment where she becomes awkward and she grows up in the house of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam as the step daughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and she becomes one of the greatest narrators of Hades. You will find many of the honeysuckle narrated from masala narrated from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reading from I shall read from only Habiba many of the person the reading from them is a the median

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of his daughter. And so this is the answer to the to the prophets lawyers have made or the descendants of Abu Salah become from the people of the street Park if you come from his legacy of righteousness, and from his descendants comes great people like over even me Selma, Selma, Alabama, and most importantly, Xena BTOB Salama.

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And so these are some of the lessons we can take. And one more we said that the need to output is dounia that is children is Africa, that is forgiveness in infancy to gender and number three, and we often forget this part he may do upon his barossa for his life in the green

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What do I really make for the bottoms up of Abu Salah two things? Oh Allah make his great spacious overlap full history with all the makings big spacious or

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do we make this to offer those family members of ours have passed away because he's not just doing your coffee or dessert existence in between is the buzzer. So you need to offer them to have a bunch of as well. So you must memorize this too. And you must make to offer people who pass away and say what's, what's the opposite he will know when that will be the proper sois to ask for some older food he's making big spacious and full it will deceive you are we all should be members of our family. As we fast forward 20 years later, 30 years later, into the reign of Maui to pay off

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the debt of the system, the mother of the believers, who may have evolved to be a regular now humi Habiba Magana. She lived a very long time, and a very amazing life. She was one of the early converts to Islam, and the first member of her family to accept Islam, and she accepted Islam more than 20 years before the rest of her.

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And she will live long enough to see how younger half brother, become the king of the

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Andes during the reign of Malia and his older sister, who may have a bicycle and is a very, very important lesson we all must take from the dead of Omaha. And this is narrated by sharp regular unhide is found in the books of the Narrator The police at the bottom even side in the Sierra Nevada was a hobby

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we generated from Obi Wan harness Samia to I shall I shall not say that I think you may have even seen the movie when we Habiba called me when she was going to die. Right so I shall systemic may Habiba is going to die. She called

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for color Karna yaku Baden Amalia puntomio offer Naga

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Omaha vibratos. Ayesha, you and I had a lot of problems. May Allah forgive both of us?

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We had a lot of problems with each other. We love to keep both of us.

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Remember who may Habiba Ayesha, a Kobe's and who is even the most righteous the most pious boys have problems.

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So at the time of a death gooshie thinking about a need to reconcile.

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So she calls her and she says, May Allah forgive me

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for control, so I said, I should say I said, often Allah naka de lukaku Allah,

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May Allah forgive you all of it, and absolve you of all of the complete forgiveness.

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Because that may have been

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some rotini. Some of you have made you happy may allow me

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for answer that you may Salama,

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then only Habiba may Salama, and they seem to happen. She asked Mr. McGinnis,

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what's the lesson? The lesson is very, very simple, very, very profound. All of us have people in our lives we don't get along. All of us have people in our lives, we may have inadvertently harm with our speech, our actions.

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It is the Synoptic Sahaba at the time of death, to ask people for forgiveness and to reconcile. But we don't know if you're going to get an opportunity. And especially at the moment, with the current sicknesses going around. If we have any of us passed away from the 60s,

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we won't have the opportunity to call people and ask for forgiveness, because we've been quarantined. We don't have this opportunity. Only Habiba had to call people to the house and ask Him to forgive you. So what's the desert? forgive people today? Let go of all of our countries today. Remember the other IDs of Abdullah even Omar regular, where he said that there was a man who the prophet SAW not wanting subsidies from the people of China. I mean, Abdullah, even Omar tried to figure out why this man from the people's agenda, he realized it's because this man had no garage in his heart for any other reason, complete forgiveness for everybody else. And so this is what we need

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to do. And so we learned from the passing away of Omaha, Viva La that it is sooner, it is a practice of the Sahaba to reconcile the differences and ask for forgiveness at the time of debt. And even before that. And so each of us should take this up. And we should ask each other for forgiveness. And if we have the opportunity to do so before we pass away, we should do this to everybody that we know called him up and let him know and ask him for completeness unless you've had the grant as well long lives with good health and data points. And you make make us all for those who are righteous for those of our family members who have passed away the idea of spacious graves full degree graves

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Like addicted to the people object after our

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initial gorilla study notice the pharaoh when we hit the wall Kalani will only be kusina when we see it Amina Miguel de la vida de la comida De Luca da de la.

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Place it three stories. The third story is another thing using the data I shot myself. And who is Ayesha? amongst the greatest woman to ever never

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know sometimes we get so caught up in these debates about the age of AI, shall we forget the legacy of

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the aishani like how was one of the most amazing people to ever walk the business and so much failed him too much. And she lived a long life and she bought a lot of people. And so many years later, after the data will make Habiba Ayesha Rana herself is passing away.

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And so one of the scholars of Islam degrades the hobby Abdullah Abbas, he decided to visit Ayesha

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and this story is the rayjet again at the RBC Alhamdulillah is led by Vivek Cassini's budaya when he hired me many other books about the biographies of the Hadees in the region, you will find the story. It is narrated that Abdullah Ibn Abbas said, when he heard the Ayesha Raja was passing away, he decided to visit her. So he went to the house of Ayesha and sitting by her was her nephew, Abdullah even Abdul Rahman economic

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and so Abdullah even Avast asked for permission to enter. And initially, Ayesha said no.

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She said no. She said I don't need to see him. I don't need to speak him into my my homies. He's, you know, I don't want to see anyone.

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And so whenever you Abdullah said, Oh, my mother, Abdullah bin abasi, the righteous man from a righteous family. He just wants to bid you farewell. It makes you

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look at this, it means this is a student about the album, when they know someone is passing away. They go to be there forever. This is actually super hard to to go and to and to and to greet him for the last time. So eventually, she tells her nephew Abdullah.

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But isn't that important if you want a mentor if you want, right, so she left it to him to decide for john even above even about him? And he sat down? And he said, Absolutely, you will learn by being kobina atovaquone luminesce. What? Mohamed Salah Lavoie, he was a Hebrew Illa and

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he said good news. So I shall well law he is nothing between you and being reunited with the professor Lavalle he was among those who you love except that you're soon going to leave his body.

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He will read this is like such a radically different approach to get from home most of us have.

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For most of us, that is a sad thing. That is a scary thing. You have to do that even our boss is telling Ayesha good news. You're about to join the prophets of Allah.

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The only thing between you and the Prophet now if you're used to leaving this body, that's all that's left. Once you're so deep, this body's only good news after that. I mean, look how radically different this is and how we think he's actually giving her the good news of debt.

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And then she likes ya even Abbas. Yeah, hi, the Arabic statement is like what you're talking about?

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Are you saying? Why would you say something like that good use of die. Right? Because what goes through your mind when you die? But Allah forgive me for a lot except my good DJ. The more righteous you are, the more you're worried about Allah. I this is the beauty of evil people like Ayesha Raja Anna when given the glad tidings of gender Indian life, but at the time of death, in wondering about whether I was going to accept in each of them, and so Abdullah even Abbas, he didn't have Ayesha

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couldn t or Hubba Nisa in our studio in London. So in a lot while he was up, he was learning from you in the table. You are the most beloved woman to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you only love that which is good in that which is pure.

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Right first virtue Ayesha. He didn't love anyone more than her besides Khadija.

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Right? And what is even abasi the prophets only love that which is good. So if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam learned Ayesha, that itself is proof that she is good that she's from the people agenda.

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He said your necklace could last one night while the profit and this hub of traveling and so they started outwards into search weight and a large reveal the bus of the young and he would not have revealed it if it wasn't for you. And because he wanted goodness

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Sydney's for the summer. So this is a story, that one night, when the Sahaba were coming back from a journey, I shot running a loss necklace. And this hub had to stop and look for it, and

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didn't have any water, and very importantly, an MRI. And that's when the worst of the young man was revealed. Right. And so Abdullah, even Abbas is reminding Ayesha that Allah made you the means to which the birth of the young was revealed. So right until the end of time, any person who practices the young goes back to you, the virtue goes back to you. And then eventually third virtue of Ayesha Rajan are very, very profound virtue.

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He says,

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Allah revealed your innocence from above the seven heavens, and he is not a mustard in the world, except that these verses are decided until the end of time. What's this referring to? In the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So the hypocrites had spread a slander and illuma against Ayesha regular, Allah revealed verse in Surah Ghul declaring her to be a pious and chase. And so a Buddha, even Abbas is turning Ayesha, you are such a righteous person, then right until the end of time, people are going to recite verses of the Quran praising your chastity.

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I sure wish yours all the praise for ourselves. She says, leave me alone, even a boss, I wish I didn't exist. Why? Because she's worried that all this praise is going to cause some arrogance. And no righteous person wants to need this work.

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So she calls up the past to me.

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But it's only lessons we can take from this.

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Lesson number one, it is sooner to visit those who are sick, and those who are about to pass away. It is sooner. Now obviously, obviously, they have a contagious illness like what spreading at the moment. Don't visit them, call them. message them. The point is to let them know, okay, that's really the point. Right? But if it's something else, and you know, someone's dying from something else, which is not contagious visited, he shouldn't have too positive. We also learned from this narration, that at the time of death, you should remind people of the code

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right there is another Huggies Heidi's Pudsey, we have lost of a handle that says, I have as my servant thinks of

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it at the time of death, we should have only good thoughts about and one of the ways we can get people to have good thoughts about Allah is at the time of death, we remind them of the goodness in their lives, we remind him of the good deeds, they remind him of, of whatever, you know, righteous things they did to the past, we seek a pope and the pastor in the state of hoping Allah will forgive them except equities, don't remind people of their sins in the past. Don't remind people of their faults with the passing, we wouldn't be able to fool them with optimism that is passed. And the third lesson we take from this from Asian reaction is to maintain humility, and from the very last

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second, don't ever think Yeah, I did this could do that booty. So I'm fine. I'm guarantee gender. Don't ever think that right until the very end. I mean, hopeful, but remain humble about one's good deeds. So these are some of the stories about debt that we find in the biographies of the whites at the beginning of the model to believers, or don't know how to put money in my salon may Habiba unhappy. And I hope we can take lessons from insurance and apply them to our lives. Because this is a reality we all face, everybody is going to pass away, and those who don't possibly young have to deal with the deaths of others. And these stories teach us how to deal with each of these situations

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with our own debt as well as the debt of others. May Allah grant us all long life with good health and the surface of the scene with the foggy mind and a good ending after

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