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A TV talk for Peace TV entitled Islamic Self-Defense by Sheikh Hussain Yee. This production is owned by Peace TV.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Surely an fusina was the marina

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de la who follow Madame de la palma you will follow her de la shadow Allah in the in the more the hula Sheree Kala y shadow, Muhammad Abu rasuluh dear brother and sister in Islam, I'm your brother in Islam, Hussein de alojado in Malaysia

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the blessing and the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala we are able to survive until today. We hope that our life will be blessed by Allah will be guided by Allah

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and we hope that inshallah we become a beneficial Muslim. That what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to be contemplado the best.

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Why? Because collegiately necesita una bella Morocco tahona animoca mina Villa

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because we have a responsibility to call mankind to do what is good, and to forbid them from doing that is bad.

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Today topic is about Islamic self defense.

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When we talk about Islamic self defense, we're not talking about normal self defense.

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Because the first thing that we got to defend is our Eman is number one, our faith,

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our religion.

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Now how do you defend Islam? you defend Islam by having the right knowledge of Islam.

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When you talk about knowledge in Islam, you're talking about what Allah said in his book,

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The Holy Quran, and what Prophet Muhammad said in his Hadees

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there is called pure knowledge with this Quran and Sunnah we will be able to defend Islam.

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But in the same time when you talk about Islamic defense, other than just to defend amongst religion and the teacher of Prophet Muhammad, first thing you ask yourself, being human, we like to keep ourselves healthy fit

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the prophecy I mean, can we unify your own wow boy llama, mini Eve.

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A strong believer physically mentally and spiritually always believed by a lot more than just another believer who physically are not strong economically and not strong or spiritually or not strong. And the first thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to do is to make sure that we take all the hallen and goodfood amongst Hinako Anya yohannes kurumi marfil Rd halonen tayyiba, all mankind, it what Allah subhanho wa Taala has provided for us in this world, there is halon and good food because we got to have a strong immune in our body. We must be strong inside we must keep ourselves healthy, you must build a strong immune to defense from inside. Now to be strong inside

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you must make sure that you eat what is good for you. Now today everybody is very concerned about their health elbridge plan 1000s 1000s of dollars to make sure they eat the right food Islam from before have informed us important to be selective in our food. So that we are healthy inside. Now when you have health inshallah we have well

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and at the same time, you have a strong Eman insha Allah by nature of the day that you were born. What do our pattern do for us, they want to make sure that we have the right food, the right kind of dream, they'll build our immune have good body, we have good blood flow inside our body. We develop good sounds good bones, so that we are healthy inside is a kind of defense from very young. As you grow, you got to increase your defense. What Islamic defense here is not just physical defense, but also spiritual. You must equip yourself with the right knowledge so that you cannot be easily be influenced by anybody, by any ideology. Because when you believe in a law and you follow the law

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Law of Allah, Allah will save you from human ideology.

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Now, it's also very important that all Muslims should understand why Allah and the Prophet want us to remember

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Allah subhanho wa Taala by performing the care and the way the Prophet has taught us. Every morning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught his oma how to defend themselves by reciting to

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the morning prayer, with iron cracy. And also with the tree cool.

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Until the end, clowns were a big fella until the end, and clowns verbenas these three plus two cracy is a very powerful idea that can protect all of us from evil eyes, I am sure all the brother and sister I expose what is evil is evil. It means a lot of people there is outside, not inside our house, there is outside from our house, who are not happy with what we have, then happy when we are happy. So it's very important to defend ourselves from all this evil i. Now the prophets of Muslim always remind us if you always reset these few surah in the morning, after fudger. And in the evening after Azhar if possible if you miss after after do it after Madrid. And also before you go

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to bed insha Allah you build a defense for yourself from all the bad spirit or the evil spirit to penetrate through you. And he also may harm you. Now, a lot of Muslim forget about this. We do a lot of thing. We thought that it can help us to defend ourselves. But we are committing a lot of shearing by reading on the amulet, that azima taneema This is not allowed in Islam. But if you train yourself to memorize the dua taught by our Prophet sallahu wa salam it will strengthen your Eman and it will protect you form the disturbin of shaytan lonato law and all of us are aware of this because you cannot escape from the disturbance of Satan. He had made a declaration with Allah that He is

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going to mislead us. He is going to tell us and allow us to have a hot water Allah inform us about history in the Quran. And also Allah inform us about the weakness of Satan. Now the Satan himself have declared in the Quran, saying that he will try his best to mislead all of us as children of Adam, except Illa Abadi, CURV al meclizine except the servant of Allah, who are very sincere with Allah. That is our number one defense. If you want to make sure whatever you do will be accepted by Allah. Allah is happy if you you are protected from a lot of fitna and you will never go to a lot of suffering. Whatever you do, you must be sincere. There is the most powerful weapon that Allah has

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given us to the extent that she does it. I cannot even we in our control. People who have sincerity who have a class that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran remind us wama Emiru Illa Lee Lally Buddha Muhammad Ali Sina, Lucha de you are not being commanded by avanse Hannah wattana except to make sure that you are very sincere in following the deen of Allah. Whatever you do, is an act of worship. You do it purely to please Allah, not because you want any worldly profits. You just do it for the sake of

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your ibadah doing righteous thing, helping the poor, helping the needy, no more good thing you get involved in inshallah, people will always love you, and they will always pray for you. Now when people do that also is another defense for you again, because you know that the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam did remind us that what will be the occasion

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meaning the prayer from a fellow Muslim brother or sister to another fellow brother and sister is now without they asked us to pray for him.

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We don't they know that we are offering a prayer for them will not be rejected by Allah subhana wa. Because that kind of prayer comes from the heart. Because he is very sincere. He remember you in his prayer, he asked Allah to protect you. He asked Allah to save you from all the Phaeton on this earth. That is why the most powerful self defense the Muslim have is you must make sure that whatever you do, whatever you say, is really for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The law hit Allah Collison purely for him.

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He will give you an example. If you are doing some good deed helping some people, but you are not sincere. Now, if that person, do not appreciate what you have done to him, or to her, what will happen to you, you'll feel regret. You are not happy,

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you are sad, is because you are not sincere. We hope Allah subhanho wa Taala will open our heart to help us to become more sincere in whatever we do in the future. Because there is our number one, defend, and also the first and also most powerful defense in Islam. To the extent whatever we do, if we are sincere, Allah will accept it. There'll be great reward waiting for us by whatever we do even not sincere that all the good things will go to the drain, because Allah will not accept it. In the same time, when we talk about self defending Islam, we talked about three types of defense. Spiritual defense is with a man the right man, mental defense, we have the right knowledge. What is

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the right knowledge? I did mention in the early episode is you must have the knowledge of a law in the Quran. And the knowledge of Prophet Muhammad so Salaam had this by having this pure nali Isha Allah you can defend yourself better and not easy, anybody will come and brainwash you, or brainstorm you insha Allah, Allah will put you with the right knowledge and the physical defense. Of course, you must keep yourself fit. Keep yourself strong. How do you keep yourself fit and strong? Firstly, you must eat the right food. This way in Islam, Allah do not just say eat healthy food. But halala Toshiba halaal and good.

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You can say hello and organic fruit if possible, go for organic free, if you got to spend more is nothing against Islam free to spend more for the sake of to keep yourself healthy, because Allah are very selective. He wants us to be the selective Ummah, who are very careful with our deeds, our food, our dream, and whatever we do, this is important. Now after you are having all these defend with you, you can still develop a stronger defend by learning some kind of self defense that is not contradicting with the Islamic aqeedah of god they have some self defense that contradict the aqeedah why the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam encourages Omar to swim example to keep your body

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strong. Why he wasn't right hos

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Archer carry all this is something to keep yourself fit because when you are healthy, a healthy body will also have healthy brain healthy mind inshallah. Now this is very important. Allah do not like the Muslim to be not a Patsy if you know, anybody just push you aside, you fall. No, that shouldn't be because the process is meant McFadden, a true believer is beneficial. He is there always to help people to protect the weak. Yeah, to protect the children to protect the woman. How can you protect them if you're not strong enough? In the Quran in the early, early ayah, Allah subhanho wa Taala remind us that if the Muslim is just 1000 they can fight against the enemy 10 times.

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One fight against 10s

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but at the end of the ayah Allah says it one to two. Why at first Allah said the Muslim fighter can face his enemy one to 10

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and at the end, one to two because Allah knows our nature, we are getting weaker and weaker. Why we're weaker because our heart now is inclined to do anymore. We are not talking

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About a mass reward anymore, we want the reward in this one. And we love this world so much, that we are not prepared to depart from it. It is very big, but still associate one Muslim

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is able to face to enemy. They may if you cannot face to enemy, you are considered very, very, very weak. That means you have no self defend for yourself anymore. Hello brother and sister in Islam.

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Always remember, even how strong we are, how rich, how powerful we are. At the end of the day, we've got to make our current law. That's where Allah remind us and the Prophet taught us. Don't forget to sit has been both with netmail Joaquin. Now whoa La La quwata illa De La, La La v. That no we have to after trying our level best. You have to defend ourselves physically, mentally, we must come back to Allah and ask him to protect us. Because at the end of the day, whenever you have, the power is in the hands of Allah. Allah have remind us that he is the most powerful

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and he is a King of all kings. Everything belongs to him. He do what he please.

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So whatever you have, don't be overconfident that you don't need a mouse help any more. You still got to come back to him. Example when you want to travel far, and then you want to travel with the car, you must make sure that you check your vehicle, your engine, the brake, the alignment of the tire, everything you want to measure is fit.

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What insha Allah We hope that when LD is being checked, then you must make tau aka at least you say to Allah Subhana Allah z, soccer Lana hanza mama Punahou mccreaney y in ihlara. Bina llaman, Kali boo, this is the prayer that the Prophet remind us, even we have our good travel, we have the license. Here we have all the good car with us. But at the end of the day, you must remember the one that will give you security, the one that can protect you from all danger that you are not able to see now. You are not going to hit anybody, but people may come and hit you

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is what happens sometimes. You see the newspapers and they just show people just resting in a home. The lorry can just come into the house.

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How can you defend yourself?

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Only with a mouse wheel. If Allah help you, you don't have to worry, nobody can destroy you. But if Allah is not there for you evil, you have all the defense with you. You have your body. You have all the alarm at home, all the security manual. But if Allah do not protect you, anybody can harm you. This kind of belief is very important. Because a lot of Muslims they overconfident. They thought that I have the money I can buy all the security system and can employ a bodyguard to protect me as a self defense at the end of the day. Now. At the end of the day, we still got to go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. How about Muslim involved in this kind of normal, physical self defense? example?

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learning? Chinese Kung Fu Shaolin? Why not? Anything that have nothing to do with the clip the Theda is just movement exercise. You're welcome. How about Taekwondo, karate, and Japan from Korea? Why not? How about Shaolin? How about all these Tai Chi? Why not? That's nothing wrong. I get involved in all this kind of exercise.

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Yeah, I do my Shaolin exercise. I do my Chico, I do my Tai Chi. I'm involved in any area that I think that can benefit me. Cuz guess what the Muslim is? They are so wise. that anything that benefits them, they will crap.

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But anything that do not benefit them, they always stay away from it. That's why the Prophet said to his oma mean Hosni Islam and Morocco, Tarahumara Jani, a good Muslim,

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at the beauty of Islam is that the Muslim was always stay away from things that do not bring benefit to them and do not concern them. They won't talk about things that have nothing to do with them.

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They do not want to get involved in things that is not healthy. Then you will be weak. Yeah. So insha Allah fellow brothers and sisters now please remember

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when you were talking about the Islamic defense, not only we are talking about the fish

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Defend. We also talk about mental defense and spiritual spiritual. Don't forget to always call up an Ummah, recite all the dough under the Prophet highly recommended us to recite, because he knows, and Allah Who created us know that a lot of people who is outside us, I'm not happy what you have something, the feeling of jealousy, the feeling of any witness is always dead, even among siblings. Sometimes we dislike each other just because of jealousy and envy.

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So to protect us from all this evil spirit, and what our people have bad feeling, have bad thoughts to us. We always ask a lot to protect us by reciting the iaato cracy Don't forget, you know a to cracy and also the tree cool. Calhoun law is the law said what?

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Allah is one, Allah Subhan Allah is the place that all cheer depend on all of us depend on Allah. Even the gene depend on Allah, even the angel dependent Allah. So everybody come back to Allah. Ask him to protect us and when he protect you know better can destroy the fortress of Abbas Han what Allah that's why you see remember that the Prophet Salam Salam remind us the importance of fasting in the month of Ramadan. And what do Allah say about Ramadan?

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I just want to relate one of the Hadith, the prophet SAW said that Allah has it as somo. Janina

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meaning fasting is like a shield,

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fortress that can protect you from doing things that is haram. Now if you want to make sure that you are always safe, stay away from all the Haram thing. Stay away from all the Haram deeds, haram woods, Haram, food and drink anything that's haram you stay away. Then insha Allah, you see, you have peace wherever you go.

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Like, I always remind myself and my fellow student, I said, we do not want people to harm us.

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How can you protect yourself? What is the best defense? Number one, you always be good to others were asked in come axonemal illa Allah See, be kind to people how Allah is so kind to you. Even they have been very unjust to you. If you can forgive them, forgive them. Don't keep it to your heart, then you have no peace.

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And in the same time, yeah, the prophet salam wa sallam said, da da da, da, da da da.

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You must remember a good Muslims, a person who do not harm himself, neither he bring harm to others. Now, if you don't harm other people, there's nothing for you to worry, people won't harm you insha Allah. If you don't like to talk bad about people, you should allow people so we'll leave you alone. But if you're too busy body, like to get involved in anything, then you may have another problem. So we always ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us the best Muslim who act upon what Allah and the Prophet one has to do. And always show kindness, especially to your parents. Number one, because you got to defend your household. You cannot just be so kind to other people, you forget about your

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Everything starts within you, yourself, and also within the family that you go outside.

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So I believe that if everybody will follow what Allah wants you to do, you save yourself from a lot of problems. And if you act accordingly to the way of the Prophet he because he is the best example. And insha Allah you find peace wherever you go.

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The last thing that I want to share with you remember what the prophet said one day,

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O'Shea can beat this in the Prophet said our sanera Be it be this is the other half remind me of my important thing one of his class facility, one alania. Again, we are back to the first defend. You must be sincere in whatever you do. Whether you do it openly, or you do it secretly. Please brother and sister, be sincere to Allah in whatever you see in what we do. And may Allah accept all our deeds. And may Allah have a strong defense here to us to defend our Eman. Our body and our mind will be able to upgrade that one annual hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.