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Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The history of the conflict between the Muslim majority and Christian majority, including the loss of the holy land Makkahrows, pressure on churches to avoid conflict, and the importance of religion for political control. The holy land is a mark of pride for the region, and the community is the last line of defense against evil behavior. The importance of political control and not losing hope is emphasized, as is the need for everyone to make a commitment to not giving up on their power and to counter false narratives. The segment ends with a call to action and a request for everyone to make a commitment to not giving up on their power.
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believe as he loved to aid and assist our brothers and sisters in Palestine granting victory and to end the tyrannical regime that have been oppressing them for the past three decades. It said that every year we have to have this discussion every year this topic comes up about Palestine and what can we do about it? And how do we make sense of what's going on? And there's many levels to this, and we've discussed this in the past, we've discussed the history of Palestine. We've discussed the events that led to the current situation, we've discussed the virtues of Al Aqsa.

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Over the past few years, these topics have come up over and over again. And I think what we need more than anything right now is some spiritual nourishment on how do we make sense of the world that we are in today? And what's happening in the world today?

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Because Palestine, not just the land, but the people are important. And

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there are many reasons why whenever Palestine is attacked, Muslims all over the world feel the pain. There are many reasons for this. Number one, obviously, is because it's the Holy Land, right? We have three holylands Makkah Medina and Jerusalem.

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Palestine being under attack is like Makkah and Medina being under attack. This is our holy land, it hurts, right? Did this even something that Muslims can just, you know, say, Oh, it's just another land that we lost, which hurts as well. Right? Even if the land is not holding, it still hurts because to lose it. I mean, think about Spain, Muslims lost been hundreds of years ago, it still hurts when we think about it. Right? When it's a Holy Land, it hurts even more. And we've discussed in the past why Palestine is a golden egg. It is the land of magickal Aqsa, the first Kibler, the land of the Mirage. The profits of the leuser was taken into Israel in the night journey to

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Jerusalem to pray with the other prophets and taken for the Mirage from Jerusalem. It is the land of the prophets and of Jesus peace be upon him an episode that will have certain people set up. It is the land of the Gambia. It is an added Masonic slum wish to live in and the land that you Sharlee salaam, conquered, it is a land that is linked to our religion in so many different ways. And one of the ratio shows how from the very beginning, Islam was always connected to this land. Because at the time of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi, wasallam, Jerusalem at that time, he has called area, it was part of the Roman Empire. And it happened that one day the seas of Rome Iraklis, he was resting in

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his palace in Jerusalem in the area. And he had a dream, we had a dream, which you need to operate it as a prophet is coming from amongst the Arabs, who's going to conquer this land. And that's where the famous event takes place where he called Abu Sofia, and they had the famous dialogue. And you are supposed to be on those questions to prove that this is a true prophet. And the answer dialog by seeing that if what you're saying is true, then these people will come to this very land.

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Think about this, the Iraklis of Rome, the Caesar of Rome, right Iraklis exalt the seeds of flow, who wasn't a Muslim, already understood that this land is going to belong to the Muslims.

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Even at that point in time, being a Muslim did not yet have true political power. Already, he knew this and will belong to the Muslim Swati even though at that time he was part of the largest empire in the world, Rome. And within a few years, America hooked up during his reign, the conquered Jerusalem, and many people don't realize this, but the the jihad that was initiated in the time of America Hatami that direction. The primary goal of the jihad was the teacher who said yes, along the way that took the massacres in Sharm and all the other lands. But the goal was Jerusalem, because that's the third holy land. And it needed to be under Muslim rule. And they wanted to get the third

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holding and the Muslim rule as quickly as possible and it remained a Muslim land for the bulk of our history. It really only been in our history. Three points in our history, we will simply not rule over Jerusalem. Number one is the beginning. Right? Obviously the beginning right until the conquest time opened up the hot tub, that land was part of the Roman Empire. Number two was during the Crusader era, when the Crusaders came in, and they massacred the wisdom that took over Jerusalem and then only for 90 years. We all know the story so that when he gave up, he saved the day he came in, he fought them and he

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He took the land back, right? And the third time is now for the past 70 years with the Zionist problem. So, Jerusalem has always been linked to our trip to Islam. From the beginning of Muslim history, it has always been a holy land has been a place of pilgrimage, a place that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that a religious journey is only permissible to reject three destinations right the practice of law is opposite the religious journey where you set off to go and pray in a masjid and other than that, he said is only permissible for three mustards and not only that mustard will haram and Masjid Al Aqsa, those are the only three places where you can make

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intention of a religious journey that you are traveling there to break in that Masjid. That's how important this Masjid is to us. That's how important this land is to us. But I want to say that the importance of Al Aqsa is not just that, a second reason why Alexa is important is the people who are the people of Palestine today. The people of Palestine today there are many amazing qualities that they have, that the rest of us can admire. Number one is the mark. These are people that no matter what is put against them, they never lose hope in Allah's mercy and never lose hope. May Allah have victory, they are there to the very end and he will stand and they will stand up against a giant

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enemy, a David versus Goliath situation and he will not back down. We all can learn from the carnage you know the abating Muslims who are afraid to even speak in favor of Palestine because oh, they might not get the visa for vacation in another country. You thinking about vacations with other people lives on the line. This is the level of cowardice we have an inch. But the people of Palestine, our role models of courage. The people of Palestine are the last line of defense that Israelis wanted all of that land, and they will do whatever it takes to take all of that land. And had these people fleeing, had the left that had been invited. Just wanted to try and do right now

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get him out of that land did trying to push him out and at this very moment. Had they all lived that land, they will be no palisade they will be no palisade The contest will be complete. So they are the last line of defense. They also have Muslim brothers and sisters. And we know that the Ummah is one baggy that one party is in pain, we also feel the pain.

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And many of you may not know this, but a lot of the people of Palestine are the descendants of the sahaba.

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Many of the Sahaba their descendants in Palestine. You may ask how and why the Sahaba in Makkah and Medina, well, when one had no hot dog, and his armies conquered Jerusalem, many of the Sahaba decided that's where I want to live. And they moved in. And they love that they live in the cities around you, and the children and the grandchildren, which is generation upon generation. Right until today, you can see people there who have their full lineage going back to the sahaba. These are people of noble lineage. These are the people whose ancestors fought for that land. And they continue to fight for that land today. So this is very important people and really, people who are

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very close to our hearts, it's not just about the land, but it's about the people as well. Because if we had Jerusalem, but all these people lose their lives, you can still hurt the people are as important. A third reason why the situation in Palestine hurts and frustrates Muslims around the world so much. And this is one we don't talk about enough

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is that every time something happens in Palestine, it is a reminder to all of us of our own political weakness. And what we lost in World War One.

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You see designed this problem started before World War One. It started in the Ottoman era, when the Ottomans were ruling over their land design this already existed. And they would try to negotiate with the Ottomans give us that nap. And the Ottoman rulers will tell him as long as we are around you can't have this land. This is our hat.

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And de Zinus made a deal with the British during World War One. There should the British conquer the Ottoman lands he will give the land to them. And so

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many of the problems of the Ummah today go back to one event, World War One

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and World War One was a catastrophe for the Ummah, one that we are still suffering from today.

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The fact that the issue of Palestine hasn't been resolved means we are still suffering from the aftermath of World War 199 years later.

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Think about that. 99 years after the Ottoman Empire was abolished, and the British divided up the Ottoman lands amongst the allies. We are still suffering from the consequences of it and the truth is we don't have a solution.

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And that's what frustrates us a lot, because especially if you have children, right, you teach your children the glorious history of Islam, the conference in the Tamil Sahaba, the conquest of Spain, you know, the golden age of the Abbasids, and the the Ottomans that invades? And how do Serbs ruled over the world and how they were the leaders have politics and science and mathematics, medicine, and how you change the world. And then you look at that, and they look at where we are today. And it's hard to fathom how did the OMA for lots of us, and how do we not rise up again, because they might have fallen politically many times in history, but always found its way back up. If the Ummah

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at many points in history, at large political power, but they only found the way back, with few exceptions.

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But for some reason, for the past 99 years, we've been stuck. The Ummah has been stuck in this state. And the truth is, we don't have a solution. There's nothing that I can preach from the member that can solve this problem. This is a political problem. At the end of the day, we say that Allah is the One who gives leadership to whom He wills. And this is something that Allah knows best, what is best for us. So I want to end with a message of hope for us all. Because in times like this, it's easy for us to lose hope. It's easy for us to feel helpless. And many of us wish we could be there helping them doing something physically, to change the situation. We wish we had the political power

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or the military power to do something about this. And it's easy for us to feel hopeless, not just to Allison, but anywhere in the world. We also know that being oppressed and the very fact that Muslims don't have this political power that they have the bulk of the history. So let us take hope in a few things. Number one, the fact that in the past, Allah subhanaw taala helped the Muslims many times through miraculous events. There are many times in our history where it looked like Muslims were going to lose weight they were outnumbered, they were outmatched in terms of weaponry and skills for the Civil War.

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This happened the the Battle of other has happened in the Battle of Yarmouk. This happened in the conquest of Spain. This happened with about Luke's fought the Mongols, the Muslims, at times where it seemed impossible, they won with the help of Allah.

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And Muslim can win today with the help of Allah. We should never forget that Allah is the One who is in charge. Now Allah is the One who gives kingdom to whom he wills, it keeps it away from home, he works. And he rotates leadership amongst people, to test each of them with leadership. And right now certain people have been tested with leadership and they are failing Allah, we take it away from them and give it to those who are worthy of it.

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So we should never lose hope in Allah's mercy. If you 100% believe that Allah is the one in control of everything, then you will trust the Allah knows best, what is best for this. And sometimes even the biggest of tragedies may be what is best for the Ummah in the long run. And it may be that Elijah Muhammad Allah, through these tragedies, he will cause something good to come out of it later. Because many of the, you know when you look at history goes through the cycles of tragedies followed by periods of greatness. Right this is this is a history of Islam. We look at the early days of Makkah, when Amani vinyasa and his parents were being tortured, and the Muslims couldn't do

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a thing about it, the same feeling of helplessness, they couldn't do anything about it.

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And rasool Allah, so those in himself couldn't do anything about him physically, all he could do was walk up to them and say, have someone or family of yourself that's only gonna walk up and say have suffered, because they literally had no political power.

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Yet, within 20 years, the Muslims have grown into a superpower, they have grown into an empire

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for which we in such a short period of time, this really is a very cool that. At one point, they had so little power, they couldn't say one family,

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and within 20 to 30 years, the Romans in the Persians about to gossips.

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Again, we see this with Han of the Mongols. When the Mongols took over the Muslim world, people thought it was over. The amount of Muslims who died at that point in time is more than what's happening now perhaps. Right, really, if you read the stories, it is frightening what the moments that resemble Stonewall and tire civilizations destroyed entire communities wiped out

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rivers flowing with blood.

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It seemed impossible that the gruesome level rise up again.

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It within a few years, the bomb looks defeated the Mongols and he argued and a few years later, the Ottomans established their power and fault of the Mongols as well. And then people want miraculously some of them all

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gets converted to Islam. And before you know it was simply battery power.

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So Allah knows best. And they are things outside our control, we put our Tawakoni Allah and we accept that Allah knows what is best. And we ask Allah for victory and we ask Allah for aid. And we ever we are faced with anything overwhelming whether it's in our personal life or in global politics or in local situation. Always, always remind yourself of hospital law whenever working, saves. Anytime you experience any type of anxiety, anytime you feel overwhelmed about anything, whether it's personal or international, so your husband Allah was equally working. Remind yourself that Allah is in control. Allah is in control, Allah knows what is best for us. And that will give true

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Finally, remind ourselves that

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the those who, who cause tyranny and oppression on Earth, have washed over $100 The Quran does not think that we are unaware of it. Allah says not think that we are unaware of those who are tyrannical, rather, on the Day of Judgment, they will be held to account. So sometimes the tyrants they receive the punishment in this world. But sometimes they receive the only other day of judgment.

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And the Day of Judgment is quote, just that the day of judgment. Why? Because on that day, anyone who thought they got away with evil in this world will have to face the full consequences of what they did. And facing the consequences in the afterlife will be much more severe than facing it in this world.

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So do not think that anyone has gotten away with tyranny, because the most just will judge them on the last day, and he will judge them harshly.

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So take solace in the fact that the day of judgment is the day when every tyrant will face Allah subhanho wa taala. On that day, he will be there as molecule with Dean the king of the Day of Judgment, right. And on that day, the king will decide what to do with his highness, and none of them will have any power. take solace in that whenever you feel like they are getting away they are not getting away, the time will come. If not in this world, the Day of Judgment.

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We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine all over the world at the ground that victory and to remove any of the Titans that are pressing Muslims anywhere in the world while for Tawana.

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I'm relying

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MasterCard and Visa Kitab Allah will take over the honey Muhammad SAW Allah when he was in the shadow of World War Two, how does it work? Will you be the teetotaler or Bhutan dolla G. Now,

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what did we do?

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That's the question on everyone's mind, feel helped us, you want to do something, especially a young man, you know, young men want to do something they want to get physically involved, they want to be the hero. And Allah has blessed people with this zeal. I'll see firstly, that if you have that frustration in you, whether you are

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young or old, male or female, whatever situation you're in, if you have this frustration in you that I want to do something, I'm frustrated, I can't.

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That's a sign of humor, that is a sign of EMA, that is a sign that you are a true believers, because you are frustrated by the fact that you cannot protect the believers.

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Right, you're frustrated by the fact that you cannot protect the believers, this is a sign of neon.

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So take some solace in that. But I want to end with just four things, four practical steps that each of us can do to to do whatever the tool is within our power. Right. And there is not much within our power. Number one is to make to our every opportunity make to offer them right especially in what's going on right now. Perhaps even prioritize to offer for them over yourself. You know, our our worries and our hardships are trivial to get what they are going through. Then we have so much to be grateful for. Make dua every opportunity you get and never lose hope in the fact that that Allah is all powerful. Allah controls everything Allah can answer our doors.

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Number two.

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Number two, if you financially able to find a way to set age the Palestinians, if you're able to set financial aid with Palestinians as much as you can say,

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I understand that the opposing side seems to have access to infinite aid. Right. So we need to do all

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How to ensure that the Muslims are getting the aid they need as well.

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Number three, boycott any businesses or political parties that are siding with the oppressors.

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This is very important, right? That we have a zero tolerance for siding with oppression.

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So any business, any political party that is siding with designers in the massacre of the Palestinian Muslims, boycott them. And these boycotts can be affected, we have proven in the past that they can be effective.

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So Let's all make sure that we are being responsible and trying our best in witness. Number four. The fourth thing that we can do is to counter the false narrative being spread about Palestine

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in whatever way you can, whether it's on social media, whether it's on newspaper or radio station, whether it's at work with your, with your colleagues, with it with students at school, wherever it is,

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be the voice of truth, because right now, there is so much propaganda against Palestine, that we have to be 24/7 working on on countering it is just lies upon lies upon lies, being spread by the media to make the Muslims look barbaric to make the Muslims look like terrorists make the Muslim to evil. It's like, you know, 20 years ago all over again.

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And we have the power to come to this today. And 10 years ago, we didn't have the positive content that the years ago, anytime you're on an EJ it's just designed this narrative with no sign of the opposing view. But now to social media to Muslim news channels, all radio stations and TV stations, from blogs and websites, we have the power to provide the alternative voice. So useless. Use this to get the truth out there to as many people as possible. Because slowly, slowly, the tide is turning, the tide is turning. If you look at the amount of people who supported Israel against Palestine, 30 years ago, compared to today, more and more people are becoming sympathetic towards the

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Palestinians. Because each year, more and more people are yearning, the truth. So don't stop. Because if we can turn this around, if we can show people the truth of what's going on, if we can help people realize the reality of the situation, then maybe within the next decade or two, there's a chance that the situation will turn around and we'll have victory.

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So the role we can play is in being those who propagate the truth and counter the false narrative about it. And it's not easy. It's not easy, because there will be people who will come after you for this, there will be people who call your name for this, some people's jobs may be threatened for this, some people's travel plans may be threatened for this. But this is a this is our sacrifice. What we can do for the situation in this point in time to try your best to do that.

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So we'll get four things that we can do to help the people of Palestine.

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We can send aid. We can boycott those who support the

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opponents. We can

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counter the false narratives in the media and social media. And finally, we get into and we end with dua, we ask Allah to assist our brothers and sisters in Palestine and anywhere else in the world because the oppressed We ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to protect the Muslim ummah strength and dignity and victory and political power. We ask Allah Subhanallah to restore this refer to the Muslim world and to grab the Muslim world with the power and right that he once had. So we can wisdom can be protected from the enemies and can live in peace in within the boundaries of the Muslim world. We ask Allah to remove any obstacles between the rise of Islam in the Muslim world and

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elsewhere we ask Allah to protect Muslims all over the world from oppressors and the enemies we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to grant solace to those who have lost a family members over the past few days in Palestine to put true faith and peace in their hearts and to unite them all agenda together

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elements are majority not equally makan Allah was unfortunate enough the Philistine also majority of people esteem a lot more easily stones with the the shape of shaking a rock and watching all the reality behind running with

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Robert Downey Jr. has enough what will ask them the Huseynov ultimate Governor SubhanAllah.

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