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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala

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we have plenish the introduction and today inshallah we'll start with the actual book of alarm de vida malvan. Kodama Rahim, Allah wa Taala. And like usual, they start with Tara, they start with purification. And the reason why they start with pre purification, we said before they started with purification, because it should come before mom and dad because the rights of Allah should come before the rights of people to the effect of worship should come before the effect of interactions or muamalat or transactions and the purpose of worship, if you think of worship, you think of how these debriefs Allah, you know, the same order the reason give us allies, because CML had so they

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put them in this order Salah is a calcium had as deeply in sallallahu Sallam put up lolly Salah, put them to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and

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then it is a, you know, it is necessary for Salah to have taharah to happier purification before the Salah. So since it is a prerequisite that they put it pre the Salah, before the Salah, and why did they have to give it a chapter of its own dedicated chapter to taharah if it is just one of the conditions or prerequisites of prayer, because it's such a huge topic, and it also denotes the importance of taharah in Islam. So they start with the heart.

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And then when they talk about the heart and you know in the beginning of the book, I explained this they when when they talk about

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the talk about two aspects of horror because we have three different aspects of the horror we have taharah mania, ritual purity, we have taharah, sia, physical purity and we have bahara Colombia, Rohingya, you know the spiritual purity

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and or inferior purity or internal purity. So, they do not address the interior internal purity in the books effect, not because it is not important, though because certainly any faculty does really memorize the saying of a law not just know it just memorize a lot today on the land farm. And while I've been on eliminate a lot of it had been said even the day when neither wealth nor children will be of any benefit except one who returns to allow the sound heart, the soundness of the heart was a major interest for the puppies, but it is a different discipline. They want to say that taharah in the interior, the spiritual heart of the heart, the purity of the heart, which matters even more,

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they want to say that belongs to a different discipline of knowledge, which is the discipline absolute cassava,

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whatever you want to call that discipline.

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So here we will address two types of taharah only Tara hochma, which is the ritual purity, it is the state of the Enable, when you have to have a hot mania, it is the state of being able to perform the acts of worship that require will do and was

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such as Salah by consensus. And the people then we'll add others to them are you required to have to harder to recite the Quran or

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the but by consensus you do need to have the harder for the Salah. So, if you are able to pray, you must have taharah hakomi or that ritual purity, the physical purity is quite clear if you haven't failed on your body, your garment or your place of worship that has to be removed. So physical purity means purity of the body, the garment, the place the space, you do not have to, you know, like you could have an asset

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in your home and you're not required to remove that adjuster here. You know it is good and helpful and where this is the religion of purity and cleanliness and so on. But when it comes to the requirement of removal of NASA, you're required to remove then adjust off your body, your garment and your place of prayer. When you pray when you pray.

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So, so

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So, when they when they exclude the,

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you know, Rohingya or the spiritual purity that is what the mean they mean that it belongs to a different discipline because it's not quantifiable like this one. It you know it's a different type of

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but at the same time you know

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the fact that there is emphasis emphasis on at the heart on his car also on the physical purity, just like there is emphasis on the interior purity or the spiritual purity tells you that Islam does basically your respect all of the elements of which man was created, you were created from hot divers or whatever coffee him or roti, you know, you were created from mother and then the soul was raised into you. So Islam does respect all of the elements of which man was created in the seams and and basically works to

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accomplish that balance in our lives, the balance between the elements of which we are created, the importance of the interior is certainly emphasize not that the expect of the exterior, the importance of internal purity is emphasized not at the expense of the external purity. So in some other religions, for instance, or religious practices, you know, the exterior purity is a sign on for validation, triviality indulgence in the loony ham. So, even taking a bath sometimes was considered by some people of religious certain religious communities to be

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a deficiency his spiritual deficiency or, but it's not never you know, agreed with this type of reasoning

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and never you know, agreed was creating a conflict between the interior and the exterior. I agree, you know, there is no conflict and there should not be a conflict between the interior and the exterior.

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Then the types of water is the next issue that we will discuss. And the you know, before we start to read from

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you know, chapter on, or academia or the rulings of water.

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The types of water, there are four different types of water, there is plain water. And this may sound a little bit technical, because we just use tap water. But, you know, it is important that we're studying given a book by an acronym, it's important that we understand the ABCs, the basically, default framework and the ABCs of knowledge that you could have the ability to project on current realities and to implement in current realities, because everybody uses tap water. So we're going to be talking about, you know, oceans in the sea, and the use of water and this type of water is some of the discussion may sound irrelevant, but we do need to go through the books that people

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have knowledge just like they wrote.

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So that different types of water are plain water.

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Water mix with purities

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pure substances, water mix with M p word substances, and use the water these are the only four different types of water. plain water is water that exists in nature as it was created, whether it's in the whale of ocean, sea, river, Lake,

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whatever water that exists in wherever it exists as it was created, that's called clean water, water and metal mutlak. So it's not qualified you don't say it is used water, you don't need any qualification for it. You know, it's whether it's from the lake or the ocean or wherever. So that is plain water. Water mixed with pure substances

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is water mixed within water mixed with orange juice, water that's mixed with the water, just mixed with pure substances, all of these things are pure. But then when they mix with water, then the water may have different rulings. And then water that is mixed with impure substances. And keep in mind when we're talking about NASA should remember the word and the jossa which means you know, it's from that is not just means in pure NASA impurity, NASA and not just is not like unclean, it's just not simply unclean, but the mud tar, you know, mucus, these things are unclean and Muslim like he should

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Not like you should be observant of cleanliness in general.

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But these things are not nebulous. So like, you know, if you have a runny nose, you want to clean yourself, you know, you want to look nice and clean yourself, like I asked for tissue.

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But but but once again, it's that this stuff does not bar you from praying, it does not stop you. Or if you if you work in, like in a mechanic shop or something and you just have oil all over

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here, it may be a good idea to have a garment for the prayer. But if you're not going to be able to have one, it's not practical, it is not easy, then you could go ahead and pray because this is not adjusted, it's unclean, but it looks unclean. But it is really not an adjustment. So when we're talking about an adjustment, we're just not talking about cleanliness, per se, we're talking about majesta in the technical definition, have an adjustment like you know, pig's flesh is not just by consensus, human urine is not just by consensus, is these are certain things that are excrements, you know,

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depends also on what excrements means. You know, we're talking about urine and feces, that is by consensus there.

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Other things could be called excrements minutes and of Africa. Anyway, so, that plane the mix with water mix, mixed with pure substances mixed with impure substances and used water when we talk about used water. You may find that a little bit interesting because it presumes that water that has been used to remove residual impurities, impurity, we use them will do reverse will be recollected and use

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it if you recollect it, according to the vast majority of the scholars, it's still pure water, but can you use it? to do another act of ritual purification? We'll do almost Can you reuse it after recollecting. So, like you washed your hand the water dripped, and you recollect the water, can you use the recollected water which has been used to remove ritual impurity, keep in mind, that if you make a sinner will do, which is not available to have the water drips and you recollect that water that is not used water, use this use to remove ritual impurity, but if you make a will do while in a state of will do, you did not remove ritual impurity, so it's not considered used water? Anyway, so

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used water is water that has been used to remove ritual impurity in drips and he recollected, can you reuse it. So these are four different types of water. But when it comes to the help, Taksim can help me when it comes to the division on the basis of the outcome of water and the ruling of water then we have three or two different types of water.

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The three according to the majority of scholars, we have three different types of water. The one is called the hook. And the hook is a superlative. From pi

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is the adjective This is the superlative. So when the when the Prophet uses the who or the scholar is used the whore, they meant this is the

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tier one water which is pure and purified, pure and can be used to purify you from

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ritual impurity. So that's, that's the whole

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which is pure ham, the purify

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and then you have the Thai head, which is pure, but not purifying. And then you have the nudges, which is came pure. So one, I cannot have any other routing. It's either pure and purifying, pure, but not purified and or impure. Now,

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every time era Hema law said that it is not a three pronged division, it's only a two pronged division. It is only like it's either pure and purifying or impure. So he said that there is no such category as pure but not purified.

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So what does he mean by this? So now like, I have water, and basically for him, they use water.

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has to be allowed to use for purification because use the water is just water you can't say anything about it except water. You know, it looks like water, you know, after you wash your arm in will do and something drips in the water drips that use the water if you recollect it, it just looks and smells and tastes like water.

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But also he said, suppose that the or the water was mixed with orange juice.

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He said, if you will, if you will call it water

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then it is pure purify,

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if you will not be able to just call it water and you will be compelled to say this is water mixed with orange juice, then you're not just calling it water. But as long as your coordinates water. It is pure and purified. Once you know the characteristics of the water change enough and that's the kamberi position. By the way, once the characteristics of the water change enough.

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Hi, everybody asked me until the name itself Why is not applicable. So you know you will call it T in orange juice. You know you're not going to be able to call it water. But as long as your content is while there, it's either pure and purifying or in pure or impure.

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Okay, so now when we start with

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he said holy Padma opa who Warren you've been here a minute. Sir, what approximate Tara to the man got a

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water was created pure and it is purifying, pour is pure and purify. It purifies from ritual impurities and physical impurities. And purity cannot be obtained by any liquid other than it.

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Okay, so while I was creating pure, and it is purifying,

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it purifies from ritual impurities. So what are the ritual impurities? ritual impurities is hottest in Utah hero minute death. Hardest means what? It is called the hardest because you really can't find a good translation for these words, because they acquire their meaning from usage.

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Right? That because if you come to like an Arab before Islam and tell them happiness, what does happiness mean?

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event you know, a newly emerged event, something that took place, somehow happening, something that took place. But then in Islam, the word How does acquire this meeting when it was used for. So it's not basically deficiency in English, it is just the fact that words acquired meaning through usage.

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And that is why it is sometimes helpful that you remember those words in Arabic, because they find a very good translation may be hard to find the translation that will make us understand the concept will be hard. So how does a ritual impurity, ritual impurity is the state of being unable to perform Salah

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by consensus, you know, because it's a law by consensus, you need to be happy to have the Hata ritual purity taharah for Salah. So ritual impurity is the state of and it does not necessarily mean that you're unclean. It there is nothing physical about it. It's abstract. Like you went to sleep and you woke up the next day in the morning, maybe nothing happened throughout the night. It's just that you you cannot pray now.

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You know, and you just can't pray that you will have to make wudu before you pray.

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And even you know, like passing when there is nothing physical there anymore. But you don't have you don't have a state that will enable you to pray or you don't have to harder, or you have ritual impurity. It's called ritual impurity. That just helped me because old habits for the better word for it is His Highness, because there is nothing unclean about you at this point. It's just that you cannot pray until you make

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so water

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purifies from ritual impurities and physical impurities and physical impurities. Now does is water The only liquid that will purify us from ritual impurities Absolutely. And by consensus when water is present, nothing else can be used, you know, the position in the hierarchy method, which is not really the dominant position in the mouth or authorized position in the mouth have according to the latter generations for sure that you could make water and it could make will do with newbies. Keep in mind, that bs is not wine. No BS is basically water that was sweetened by dates or raisins. And then it could turn into why

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would still be calling a BS, but not bs as a word does not necessarily mean it has been fermented. Young, best means to throw. So when you throw dates and raisins into the water, that water is called newbies. Because, you know, like sometimes people, you know, monitor mistakes in the parameters, and

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they just have some,

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like handicaps, sometimes that that are. So there was this site that was making such a big deal from the profits statement

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where he said,

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Hello, America, what our what our daily routine, you know, he was talking to one of the Sahaba and he said to him, why don't you cover the vessel, even if you put like a stick across, across it just covered how mark that would happen from Marco. So the that website was making a big deal out of it that homosassa not only

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permitted camera, but he used to advise people to make hunt, to produce men produce honey, because her Martha who mentored them and they read Arabic, you know, because they're Arabs. So, but her Martha who meant to them made it into him, when in fact the word camera comes from hamara which means covered because when you drink from you cover your intellect, you know. So, anyway, but Nabis does not necessarily mean hum, that does not mean to say it isn't a BS, once you put the dates and the raisins into the water, this newbies could be harmed, if it if it goes through fermentation, then it will be harmed. But anyway, so, that position

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is is not the dominant position and the Hanafi madhhab. So, the form is I have the authorized position in the form of time is that only water can be used, even even the people who believed in that position within the Hanafi must have believed that

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only when there is no water, if there is no water and you have an obese basically you have water that has, you know some dates and raisins in it. So the dates and raisins change the nature of water a little bit or the characteristics of water to allow you to make wudu from that water only if there is no water, plain water, you know or water that could be used for purification. And now we said the authorized position in the Hanafi madhhab is that you don't he cannot make wine out of that

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you cannot make we do have that water, which has laid some raisins, which was changed by the dates and raisins.

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That makes the agreement of the format that I have is that the only liquid that can be used for ritual purification is water. By the way, the earlier canopies just show you the the the RDL Hana fees, they basically made that mistake out of respect for the text because then there were the Hadith about the Prophet saws Allah making Voodoo from the newbies to them was was authentic. This Hadith was was later decreed to be classified as not authentic by the scholars of Hadith. All of the scholars of Hadith, including the Hanafi scholars like is a lie about him a whole lot. But, you know, the Hanafi scholars who said that it is permissible they said this out of compliance

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With the hobbies, they have hobbies, the thought it was on Sunday

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where that said the prophet SAW Salah made will do with newbies.

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So that's just for your information. So now we have this agreement that only water can be used for ritual purification. But what about physical purification? Physical purification? Can we use anything other than water for physical purification?

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It depends on

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physical is basically removing impurity off your body, your garment, yes.

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no but but but tissue can be used, basically after someone uses the lavatory to clean themselves after the use of the lavatory. But if there are just aches see that, you know that

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those areas, then the impurity would need to be removed more effectively by something else, but

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he wants to really be edgy and controversial.

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because alcohol is extremely controversial, whether it's alcohol itself is not just another tool. That's another controversy. But yes, I agree that you know, in the Hanafi school and that is the position that Mira mala chose and it is a variant position now the authorized position in the Hanbury method, the authorized position in the Hanbury method, the madikwe method shafali method. So, those are the Maliki Shafi and Hanbury

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the authorized position and those lemur that is that you cannot remove physical impurity by anything other than water or anything other than water, the height of the position and,

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and, like sort of weaker position within the combat emails have chosen by a military mayor, where he used to often agree with the Hanafi positions. The is that you could because once the impurity has been effectively removed, you cannot say that there is impurity anymore because it's a physical phenomenon in physical impurity impurity is a physical phenomenon. So, technically, after you effectively remove the impurity, they'll say you have a drop of nadezda here and you basically got orange juice and clean clean, clean clean that and then there is nothing there there is no taste, there is no smell there is no color to indicate that there was ever an adjustment here. So the happy

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position very humbly chosen by the mayor

00:28:21--> 00:28:53

would say how do you say that this is that there is physical impurities? Like where in where is the color where is the face? Where is the smell? It does not exist and this is not a rich not original matter, this is a physical matter. So if it does not physically exist anymore, then it is just not there. And that position does have some, you know what? strength to it. Okay. No, no.

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What does the majority do about

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the dirt cleaning, whatever the garment picks up.

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So that when the prophet SAW Selim said to the women who used to have their garment basically rub against the ground, that when it is when it's basically picks up an adjustment there afterwards when purify it, that for the majority, that will be costs huesos minimum that would be specifically concerning the garment not anything else. Women's garments when

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an exception or specification of a cease

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now, then

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we're clear on this right? Okay. Then in our data set for open Latino Canada Rhian lumea unities who say Ella Maria Luna Obama, who Re Who was

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Sky Valley can just be mocha Latina, Jessa, wirkkala tanima carrabba Martin with an ETA on file in bit dmsp. So faith American, macro Latino, cara de la mirada just Jose, Ella Maria, Maria, when the water amounts to pull it in to large containers or is flowing, then nothing, nothing can render it impure, except something that changes its color, taste or odor, except something that changes its color, taste or odor. And

00:30:38--> 00:30:39

so basically,

00:30:40--> 00:31:31

there are a few issues here that we should discuss. So he mentioned two things, like when the water is abundant or the water is flowing, and it mixes with an impurity. He's talking now about water that was mixed with impurity, right? So plain water, no question about it. We will address three different rulings or three different types of water, water that was mixed with impurities, water that was mixed with pure substances, and water that was used in removing ritual impurity. Now we're talking about the first one water that was mixed with impurities. And concerning this, he says, When the water amounts to two large containers, put latte, and folate I have a huge discussion, huge

00:31:31--> 00:31:57

controversy, like too many positions. And at the end of the day, you cannot be certain what the collecting are. So that will make us sort of reconsider what we understand from the particular health of the polity. But in the ham Benny Meza quality will be 190 liters.

00:31:59--> 00:32:05

Because they are 107.1 107, and one seventh

00:32:07--> 00:32:13

of the limousine pounds, the mercy in Damascus in reference to the mask is the missing pounds 500

00:32:16--> 00:32:55

pounds. At the end of the day, it's about 190 liters 50 gallons, that is pauletta and large amount of water. So they consider this to be the distinction between abundant and not abundant small amounts of water and large amount of water. And these saying that when the water is abundant, large enough to be to fill those two large containers, 190 liters, it will not be rendered impure until its characteristics change. Keep in mind

00:32:56--> 00:33:02

when the characteristics change, or the characteristics of the water change, because of impurity,

00:33:03--> 00:33:09

by consensus, that water is impure. It's not about amount anymore.

00:33:10--> 00:33:25

The character, smell, the odor, odor, that the color, the taste, one of those three things change by an impurity, that is no more discussion.

00:33:26--> 00:33:41

It is impure. And it if you think of venerable da where they used to throw that aside, in that way, when the Prophet was on and permitted the use of the water, that water that was used was not had not

00:33:43--> 00:34:10

basically the characteristics of it have not been changed. But if you bring 50 gallons of water and throw in so much Natasha in the 60 gallons 200 gallons and throw in 100 gallons of Niger set and the water becomes you know tastes like impurity, even in Monza reported that consensus that whether it is more than amount large amount if it changes it is impure.

00:34:11--> 00:34:13

But why did he say

00:34:15--> 00:34:47

why is it that when the water is less than this large amount 50 gallons 190 liters per latte? Why is it that when it is less than this amount, it becomes impure, just the by the mere mixing with impurity by the mere mixing was impurity and who said that it becomes impure just by the mere mixing with impurity. That is the Hanafi is

00:34:49--> 00:34:52

the shaft is

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

and the ham bellies. They said that if you have less than 50 or the

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

I agree on the the amount but but in general, they said if you have less water that is not abundant small and amount, and any, so basically you have a big bucket of water and then a drop of whatever falls into it. And you have known that a drop of something fell into it. That mudassar that water is not permissible to use it is impure.

00:35:28--> 00:36:13

Whether or not anything about it changed color that doesn't matter anymore. Just the mere fact that it was smaller than amount and something that just dropped into it that water is not usable anymore. And herpes and shafa isn't Hanbury said this because of our hobbies. You know, reported from our beloved Norma reported by you know, I would say to the NSA from our beloved No, I'm one where the Prophet said is that Bella gunmetal, collectanea lamea min alphabets, when the water reaches two colors to large containers, 190 liters 50 gallons, it will not be rendered, it will not be rendered impure.

00:36:14--> 00:36:23

So, when the Prophet said when the water reaches this amount becomes abundant, it does not become it is it does not become impure.

00:36:28--> 00:36:31

It It is not trendier than pure anymore.

00:36:33--> 00:37:21

Let me admit it means it does not carry impurity, it means that it will not be rendered impure by any impurity, then, there is an addition in this Hadith, where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, except that which changes the color, the taste and the smell, that addition is weak. But the consensus of the scholars is such that yes, if it changes the color, so even though the addition to the Hadith is weak, that consensus itself can qualify the absoluteness of what the prophet SAW Sallam said here and then the other Hadith in the mouth of biologists who say verily water is pure and purifying, nothing would render it impure, there is always that qualification except whatever

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changes the color taste or the odor or the smell of the water. So, why did I exclude exclude the magmatic from this

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00:37:35--> 00:37:37

it is not just the mathematic here

00:37:39--> 00:37:40

or you know,

00:37:44--> 00:37:49

yeah, in terms of the authorized position in the mother habits only the family remember Malik said no

00:37:51--> 00:38:11

water in general, whether it is political analyst and political and above Palatine water in general, large abundant, not abundant will only become MP or when the characteristics of the water change because of the impurity, color, taste or smell.

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So, one of the proof of that even Malik the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam, which you will have any book in the mouth or they will just wish I had this herbicide or coudray, where the water is pure, nothing would render it impure. Now, we agreed that when the characteristics change, there is a consensus now, that the water would become impure, but the mathematic says if the characteristics do not change, nothing would render the water impure until it affects the qualities of the water. This particular position is a very imposition in the handbell emails have not authorized one chosen by any time era and Allah. So.

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So, that is the that is the division here. These said a small amount of water mixing with any impurity will become impure, just by the mere virtue of mixing with impurity.

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These said, regardless of the amount of the water, water will only become impure, if the qualities of the water change the color, the taste, the smell of the water change, they have the bodies of abnormal whenever the water reaches proletarian, it will not be rendered impure and vital their divergent implication, which is the Hanafi is by the way do not believe in the divergent application, but that's a different discussion. But by the divergent implication, if it is less than this amount, then it will become empty or just by mere mixing with impurities. And they say in the mouth or live in a desert. I'm saying barely water is pure purifying, and nothing would render it

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

empty or so.

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

If you're lucky or you have the variant position of the hand Betty madhhab or you are anything me, what are you going to do with the divergent implication? divergent implication means what you know, when. So, the prophet said, when the water is more than two colors, it will not be rendered impure. So, the conversion the implication here or the, you know, the under the clear and explicit

00:40:32--> 00:40:58

implication here is that water would not become, but the Prophet did not say if it is less than por la time, it will become impure by mixing with NPR if he did he say that he did not say that, but that is understood by the version, the implication or human Mahadeva if he's saying above, will not be rendered impure, then below should be rendered impure.

00:40:59--> 00:41:04

That is, by the way, don't believe in that. But here they are they accepted

00:41:06--> 00:41:23

an imaginary that if you don't, if you, what are you going to do with fatties? Or what are you going to do with the diversion implication, if you believe in the diversion application, we're going to do with the Hadees. They said, first of all, some of the scholars said the Hadith is not authentic.

00:41:24--> 00:42:22

Those who believe that was authentic, the said, Isabella, kalamalka, Latina Lamia middle Harbor, it just means it just means that it is a very unlikely that it will become that it will change, very unlikely that it will change. Therefore, you don't need to get to the shore of the ocean and test it to see if it smells okay or not. You don't need to smell your by the shore of the ocean. If you grab water and convinced smell it, taste it to figure out if it is fine or not, you don't need to do that. Because it just doesn't. This is like a large water body wherever, you know big lake, ocean, sea, etc. You don't need to test it anymore. They're saying what the prophets of Salaam is saying to

00:42:22--> 00:42:30

you here is that it is in small NML then you need to exercise more caution.

00:42:31--> 00:43:17

You need to exercise more caution. And I certainly you know, there's not authorized view. And the majority are not of this view. But I believe that this view does have strengths. Because had also the other thing that makes me comfortable with this view is that the time that this sort of cut off between abundant and non abundant, there is so much disagreement over and no one really knows for certain what the quality and what what this measure is. And at the end of the day, how are you going to figure it out even if you know like 50 gallons, how are we going to figure out in your daily practice, it is just about the Prophet was trying to say salatu salam was trying to say if you have

00:43:17--> 00:43:33

Don't be hyper technical with you know large bodies of water, don't go and test the water of the rivers and streams and so on. To figure out if it is clean or not, it is clean, it's not going to get in pure water by you know whatever impurities.

00:43:35--> 00:43:41

But if it is not, if it is smaller than amount, then you need to exercise more caution.

00:43:43--> 00:44:31

And the consensus is if the qualities of the water change, then the water is not isn't not good anymore. Change with impurity. Next time we will talk about the qualities of the water changing with pure substances because that's a different discussion. If it is if it is like Rose Water, water has a little bit of a smell or of pure substance, then this is a different discussion at different this agreement that we will address next time in sha Allah but this time, it seems that we only have one minute. So we'll just stop here and we would have just covered the types of water and we would have covered water make that got mixed with impurities.