Yasir Qadhi – Towards Understanding Surah Yusuf – 12

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The concept of dream interpretation is discussed, which is used in the context of the internet and apps. The science of "use of" is also emphasized, as it allows individuals to interpret dreams in a way that is not rooted in historical books. The speaker advises caution in interpreting dream interpretation, as it is not commonly seen and may lead to "use of" in a different way. The speaker also reminds viewers to be aware of laws regarding Islam and not to tell people what to expect in regards to dream interpretation.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu and welcome to another episode of our exciting and fascinating series towards understanding pseudo use of I'm your host Yasser Callie. In our last episode, we were talking about the interpretation of the dream of the king and the fact that use of alayhis salaam gave them this interpretation and this news now reaches the king back today's episode inshallah tada will take up the story from the king finding out who is use of and what is the story of use of stay with us lapada canovee

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la cumbre de la hit Barakatuh we were talking about the dream of the king that have been interpreted by the prophets use of Allah His solemn if you remember, the king had seen seven fat healthy cows being eaten by seven thin cows. And he had seen seven grains of corn that were ripe and luscious, and basically producing a lot of grain, and seven of them that were withered away and dry. And use of Allah His Salaam, understood immediately what the dream meant. And he interpreted automatically and he gave them also not just the interpretation, he told them what to do to solve the problem. And the problem was that there would have been seven years of drought after seven years of basically

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luscious produce, there would have been seven years of famine. So use of any histogram told them for seven years you will produce as you are customarily used to producing, make sure you save all of it, except for a little Illa Kalinin that you're going to have to eat. And then they will come seven years of difficulty and they will eat up the seven years of produce that happened. I want to talk a little bit about dreams and dream interpretation because dreams is a constant theme of pseudo use of we the surah starts with a dream. And we see the dream of the people in the prison, we see the dream of the king himself and then the end of the surah we see the conclusion and the interpretation of

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the dream of use of it his setup. As we said dreams are of three types. One of them is the dream that your self imagined your soul imagines. Another is from shavon and the ministers accused the king of seeing one of these types of dreams you are seeing jumbled up messed up nightmares from shape one and the third type we call it Roja which means from Allah subhana wa Tada. What I want to clarify in a few minutes is that the concept of dream interpretation. dream interpretation is a blessing that Allah gives to his chosen servants. People are blessed with this knowledge. It is not something that you can look up in an encyclopedia or a book. It is very common to find books in the

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marketplace that say how to interpret dreams or the dictionary of dreams. And there is a famous fabricated book that is attributed to a great scholar by the name of Mohammed bin ceiling. And they say this is the dictionary of interpretations of dreams by Mohammed ABCD. And this book is in fact a fabrication. Mohammed bin Salman was a great scholar. He was a student of Abu hurayrah. And he was a dream interpreter but he never wrote a book, actually a charlatan a fake stir. A trickster many centuries later wanted to make money by selling this book. So he put dream interpretation by even sitting and it wasn't by Eben sitting, he just wanted to mass produce this book to get some income

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and some fame from it. The reality is that this book and all books in fact, that claim to tell you how to interpret dreams. These books are not authentic, you do not learn how to interpret dreams. Actually, this is a science that Allah blesses you with. Now, I am not denying that there are some Hadith and some indications that you can get from the Quran and the Sunnah of how to interpret dreams. For example, a fat cow might signify a fruitful year, but what I'm trying to stress here, yes, there are a few such things that we find in the Quran and Sunnah. But what I'm trying to stress here, overall, the science of dream interpretation is a symbolic science that Allah blesses people

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with and

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It is relative, the dream and the interpretation of the dream is relative to the person who saw it, and the culture that he or she is living in. So for example, to see a certain animal living in one part of the world might signify one thing to see the same animal, another person in another part of the world sees it, it might signify something totally different, because the symbolism will be related to the culture you're living in. Similarly, the same symbol might mean something different in one century than it does in another century. So the very concept of having a book of dream interpretations doesn't make any sense. Rather, as we said, dream interpretation is a science that

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allows the widow blesses the chosen people with how does a person get this knowledge by being pious and righteous, as simple as that. This is one of the very few sciences in Islam, that is not an academic science, you don't study it, the majority of Sciences in Islam can be studied, we studied, we studied Quran, we studied Hadith, but dream interpretation, we can only study a little bit of it very little bit of it, you would not be able to write a large volume on dream interpretation. Rather, this is a blessing from Allah. So I advise my viewers to be aware, and be cautious, not just of the books that are out on the marketplace, but also of those people who think that they can

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interpret dreams and you'll find them all the time coming. Many times you find that on the satellite channels, or you find them sometimes you can call them up and they'll ask you for some money or you go to them and they will ask you for some money, and they pretend to interpret dreams, be careful. I'm not saying all of them are false, Allah knows best. But for sure many of these people are just trying to make a business out of it by milking your money out. So remember, dream interpretation is a blessing from Allah. If you do see an interesting dream that you want to get interpreted. Find out from the people of your village of your town of your city, who are the righteous and pious people,

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and only tell the righteous and pious people of your dreams, do not announce it in public because the prophets has clearly told us that when you see a good dream, only tell it to the people whom you trust whom you can find it. So go to the local pious, God fearing aroma of your locality and confide to them and ask them what is the interpretation of the dream. So inshallah with that event, you will get the dream interpreted properly, returning to our story, use the valley his solemn, tells them the interpretation of the dream. And he also informs them what to do to prevent this famine and drought from killing off large populations within Egypt. He says, save the grain and eat it up in

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the next seven years. So when the messenger returned to the palace, and he informed them of what this dream meant, obviously, the king asked him that the Quran doesn't say this, but it's understood from the context and this is the beauty of the Quran.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now discusses the king finding about who Yusuf AS was and his backstory. He also discusses dreams and their interpretations as this forms the backbone of Surah Yusuf.

The concept of dream interpretation is a blessing given by Allah to His chosen servants. How does one get this knowledge? Simply by being pious and righteous. Only tell these people about  one’s dreams as advised by the Prophet ﷺ. 


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