Medina Stories #21 – So, My Car Broke Down

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AI: Summary © The speaker describes their professional life inience and how they faced challenges in their life due to a burn from a car accident. They also discuss how they found am confident in their job and how they found comfort in helping others. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding one's own vulnerable spot to worship Islam.
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You know, a lot of times people don't realize that they can worship Allah in a lot of different ways. And one of those ways is with sort of your professional life and sort of what you, you know, your professional capacity what you do for a living. There is an example that happened in Medina, you know, I was sort of, you know, in Medina, if you're a student, you don't really have unless you have some sort of, you know, Goldmine somewhere or somebody supporting you, you don't have money at all. And so every month, it's a struggle, you don't know how you're going to pay for food and your expenses and stuff like that, you just kind of have to rely on a lot and kind of put yourself out

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there and, and trust and trust Allah's found data. So I was trying to get certain things in order, I always had a lot of car trouble in Medina, and anybody who knew me in Medina, you know, I used to carry around a stir, you know, the gaskets would would burst all the time, I used to carry around a big jug of water, I used to drive around the car, until I would see the temperature gauge start to start to go off, which meant that I had I had a water leak in the line somewhere and I had to pull over the car and I have to fill up the radiator with water again, and then just tap water, and then you know, screw it back on and I'd be able to drive for a couple more days. And then it would, you

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know, again, it would the water would run out or leak out and then I'd have to keep on filling it. So that was kind of my situation for a long time in Medina. And there was one point where my car broke down, and I didn't have any money to fix it. But I took it to a certain garage, I was recommended, you know, a certain mechanic. And it was a little bit hard to believe because this mechanic they dealt with like luxury cars. So I fill up and I have my, my sabula and like they call it it was one of the old Chevy Caprice, you know, it was like very old boxy car. There's all these Benzes and, you know, BMW, and all these sorts of cars that are around and here comes my dirty, you

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know, broken down car. And the brother was very nice. And he kind of was you know, he's like, okay, he figured out very, very quickly what was wrong with it. And he told me it come back in a week or something like that. And I didn't have any money I didn't have I had no idea how I was going to pay for it to get fixed. But I had to have this car, I had my lessons I had to get to I lived off campus, I had to get to the University for my for my studies. And so I literally just that day, I remember I had like I had no idea how I was going to pay for it I scrounged up every single last, you know, sent that I had, and it wasn't very much and just said, You know what, this fella, let's

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just go and let's see what happens. And you know, maybe a miracle will happen. And it only be 25 Three hours or something like that. And I got there and he fixed it. And he said, you know, this is feasibility law. And he said, I'm not going to charge you anything for it. You know, he's like, I love students of knowledge. And obviously, you know, you're here studying you're far from your family. And I just I was just so overwhelmed. You know, like, I literally had my backup against the wall at that, at that point in my life. And I lost that many people like that, you know, every single time we think that horrible things are going to happen and horrible things do happen on

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people but sometimes you need to put yourself in a vulnerable situation in order to truly find that Allah is watching you and Allah is taking care of you and that there is blessing and there is there is bounty in the world and that there's good people out there and also for people who are in that position know that you can actually change somebody I mean I still make up for that for that Brother, you know and I always remember him and and this sort of story so that could be you know, if you're not in a position of hardship, but you're in a position where you can help somebody out like that and the situation and this is a way where you can worship Allah subhanaw taala