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This is my response to the single most commonly asked question I get about homeschooling.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how homeschooling is not a problem for many parents, as many parents are out there helping their children socialize and learn. The speaker believes that children learn to deal with people and make mistakes, rather than just socializing. The speaker believes that homeschooling is a natural quality for children, where they become leaders and make changes to their world.
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Somebody come along with a lot you can do. So it's a short video, short answer question that I get asked all the time about homeschooling. And this question, I think every homeschooling parent gets asked so often, that many people requested it and make a video reply. That question is, what about socialization? How's your kid going to socialize? Now, I find this question really amusing because when we were kids and our parents sent us off to school, nobody told us that you go into school to socialize, or other way to behave yourself, sit quietly, learn your work, don't don't get caught up in that company, you know, don't disrupt the class. They don't sound like socialization to me.

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the issue of whether a child grows up to be an introvert or extrovert, that's really to do with the child's nature. It's not to do with whether they go to school or not. Okay, many people who are natural introverts like myself, I mean, where do we go to school or not, we still gonna be introverts. Likewise, an extrovert that's that person's personality from the time they are born, and being homeschooled not gonna change it.

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I think what happens in many people, they misunderstand homeschooling to be a child just stuck in the household, they would appearance and not allowed out to the house at all. And really, I don't know, any homeschooling parents would do that. But other homeschool children are people who really are really out there, enjoying the real world and experiencing the real world, far more than sculpture. While most children are sitting in class, learning, sitting quietly behind the desk, writing tests. And you know, during the break, they're dealing with their friends,

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which are the same age group, by the way, trying to look cool, maybe learning some bad habits with a kid with the cool gang, the homeschool kids, instead of meeting with people of all different ages, Child and Adult to like, they are out there helping the parents with errands, they are traveling with their parents, they are exploring the world, they are dealing with young children with older children with adults, they are living in the real world.

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So I don't really see where socialization becomes a problem. I think what happens is many of us think that people need to learn how to socialize by going to school, for what I believe, maybe you think I'm crazy or believing this. But what I believe is that people learn to socialize by living life. It's nothing to do with school, it's part of life, you go through life, you learn to deal with people, you make mistakes, whether it happens in school, or to homeschool, it doesn't make a difference. It's just something that happens. So the idea that you should put your child in school just so that they can socialize. And for that reason, you can ignore all the negatives. And you

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know, that's gonna be the overriding factor over your decision really doesn't make any sense to me. At the end of the day, I want my kids to have a quality education, both worldly knowledge and religious knowledge. I want them to become leaders. I want them to become thinkers, I want them to become people who get changed the world make this world a better place. And I know you're homeschooling I think you get that. But what the school system, there's no real guarantee, or where did you end up getting that not? So I choose to homeschool. And for anyone out there wants to homeschool and you're worried about the socialization issue.

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Don't worry about it, that's a natural quality that they will get. Just by loving life. You will see as they grow, they will meet people they will talk to actually what you will find this, that your child by being homeschooled generally tend to be themselves a lot more a lot more confident in being themselves. So they're not going to be pretending to be somebody not so that they can do cool everything with the games. They also look confident speaking to adults, because kids go to school, or you should only anyhow your kids their own age, and looking at adults only as authority figures, while homeschool kids are much more confident and comfortable talking to people of all ages. So you

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might actually find them being more sociable or more weird about budding homeschooled and that's that's fine. That's perfectly normal for a child. So I don't really see this as an issue I find very amusing when people ask me this question that might even more easily get instead number one concern, not how they're going to go to college, not how they're going to get a job, not how what are they going to learn? For people seem more interested in the socialization issue, and all of that, which then makes me wonder, I did the same goes to school. So that's my answer and OB benefits which is our fields and I'm wanting to go to work.