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Luckily, in either mettam and obasan, who fell in love up bill I usually in China, he alone Moodle kamisha had you to her due

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to asthma No.

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To be on

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camera la salatu salam ala rasulillah. He was one

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of the greatest of the Sahaba of the younger generation, two Sahaba generally divided into two generations the earlier and the later and the later those that lived after the 40th year of the hedgerow have the greatest of them was Abdullah hibben Omar, the son of Ramadan, hottub. And he fled the Fitton that were taking place and he sought refuge in Makkah. He didn't participate in any of the civil wars, and he was a very pious person always doing toe off and praying and fasting. So he will do toe off regularly. It is reported that once he was doing toe off, and his students were around him and there's civil war going on, people are dying, people are being killed. And he said,

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looking at the Kaaba, Ma Ma, ke ma ma, ma, ma, ma Nikki, he's praising the caliber. how glorious are you? How majestic are you? How sacred are you? How holy are you? He's an all doing tawaf around the Kaaba, his students are listening to him. And this is a time of civil war and bloodshed. And then he says, but the life of one Muslim is more sacred and precious in the eyes of Allah than you

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herma two men, one believer, his life is more precious in the eyes of Allah than you. Now some of us hear this and we are shocked. What do you mean, the Kaaba versus the believer? But this is what I've been saying. And where is he getting this from? From the Quran and Sunnah? What does Allah say in the Quran, whoever kills one person, it is as if he has destroyed all of mankind. All of mankind will catch up near him see how we prescribe to the children of Israel. Ironically, the verses about the children of Israel Allah revealed to them that whoever kills one soul, it is the equivalent of killing all of mankind.

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And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, as reported in the Hadith about Ivan as the annihilation of this entire world, leser huadu dunya is easier for Allah, then the shedding of blood of one believer,

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if this world were to just be gone, it's not here. Now who it is easier, it's less of a crime, meaning of the world didn't exist of all of this just disappeared, vanish. It is lesser of an issue in the eyes of Allah than killing one innocent believer. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned against the sin of killing and shedding blood. He said, on the day of judgment, the first thing that a person will be asked about is the blood that he shared with anybody else. And he said, that meant a believer, Maya Angelou, few foods had him mendini he, there's always gonna be leeway for him. There's some room shala he'll be forgiven, as long as he doesn't shed blood that he wasn't

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allowed to shed. As long as his personal says between you and Allah be hopeful shall not be hopeful. any personal sin is not a license, but it's like, okay, there's hope. But when does the door of hope almost shut down, if not completely shut? When innocent blood is shed,

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a man came to abus, the cousin of the Prophet salallahu it he was selling them? And he said, Oh, even abass will Allah accept the Toba of a murder had little quarterly tober. Now pause here, you know, in this early phrase, you know, still developments are happening different opinions are there some of these opinions were a little bit on the left or right to the spectrum and they get left out and they simply reported at this stage. It had been a bust and is famously known from him. He had a position that later on was modified, meaning he doesn't it's not something that is mainstream anymore, but at that early stage development is still happening. So even Abbas said, What did you

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say motherhood? repeat your question. So he said how little artillerymen Toba? Will Allah ever accept a murders? doba said What did you say? He said three times. Say it again. Say it again. And then he snorted in contempt. What Ma Ma means what what are you talking about? Do you know what I heard the Prophet system say? Even Abbas By the way, had the fatwa that the two unforgivable sins are shooting and murder that was his footwork. This position is

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Now not mainstream, as you know, the majority of Sahaba and they assume that they said, if a murder, repents, insha Allah, there's also forgiveness. He makes good fodder. But Ibn Abbas had the fatwa, and we're going to hear it now that the murderer has no tober. He said, What did you say? Toba for the autumn for the murder? I heard the Prophet sallallahu I think he was setting them saying that the one who was murdered will be resurrected, headless, he will be carrying his head in his own hands, the blood is going to be pouring out, dumping out and he will raise his head to Allah and say, Oh Allah, so and so kill me, Oh Allah, so and so kill me and he will proceed until he reaches

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the throne of Allah azza wa jal, and Allah azza wa jal will respond to him. Even above said, What tober How can there be tober for the article,

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and this is based on a verse of the Quran as well. By the way, this is a hadith in Muslim Imam Ahmed, that he heard the Prophet says that I'm saying this based on the Quran as well, that whoever kills innocent men and Muslim men so he shall be in Nauvoo Johanna Maha didn't fear. The word Hadith is used in the Quran. It's only used for two sins, shirk and also once it is used for murder, by the way, I understand that later on said Allah didn't say Holly Dena Avada the word Avada is not there. Hardly done could also mean a very long time. That's the technical, you know, the theological way out. Nonetheless, Ibn Abbas held the view there is no The one who does murder. That's it, it's gone.

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Now, why am I mentioning all of this, we see what is happening in the land of fellows thing.

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We see what is happening with innocent souls of the children women, we see what is happening of buildings collapse and bombs falling. One of the most highest concentrated places on earth is the open air prison that they call the open air prison. One of the highest concentrations and we see what is happening over there. Well, law one side is sad, traumatized, but I'm gonna say something, don't misunderstand me.

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One side of me is extremely elated. Why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala will never allow such blatant loom such blatant injustice to flourish. It is impossible in the Sunnah of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that innocent lives are taken, children are killed, and nothing happens. So in sha Allah, Who to Allah in sha Allah, this is the beginning of the end. This is the beginning of the end, the level of brutality, the level of desperation, the level of given the level of Jabba route that we are seeing, and even from this entity, we did not expect it and we are seeing it on your line in sha Allah, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in

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Allah to Allah Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes allow some leeway to the volume. The yamhill means gives him some time he lets him go for either. When Allah subhana wa Taala holds on to him. This is what spiritual gurus said in bottleshop because I share the books in Arabic needs the grasp. Of course, it means here the power of Allah in a bookshop because I studied when a law wants to grasp when a law wants to take his hand and take the volume who can possibly be saved from that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah might give laxity to the volume for a period of time but when he holds on to him not if when for either it's not a possibility it's not a maybe no, when the word him is

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holding held account, he will never let him go numb you flee to never gonna be able to escape the grasp. And this is exactly what I recited in the first verse in the first struck out as well, that Allah subhana wa tada said, and this was revealed when the Muslims were being persecuted and the Muslims were being killed and they saw with their own eyes Sahaba being torn apart, I'm out in Somalia being killed in front of their eyes be not being dragged in the streets of Mecca. When they were seeing this What did Allah revealed, so Abraham I recited it is a McCue surah middle makansutra when the aza was at its Pinnacle one seven ALLAH hafiz and Amalia Mudavadi moon one seven ALLAH

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hafiz don't ever think that Allah is not aware of what the volume is doing this IO was revealed in the context of either in the context of persecution in the context of death and fitna and facade, one

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body moon never ever think that Allah is not aware of what the volume do in Nemo, your hero whom Allah is letting them Allah is gonna get take care of them, but maybe not in your timeframe, but Allah has a timeframe and if this dunya we see it on hamdulillah if we don't see it in this dunya then for sure the Yeoman hisab for sure

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On the Day of Judgment more clear enough to see him lie or to lie

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to him. So go read the Tafseer of these verses and of surah Ebrahim. Allah describes the terrified state of the body moon, their eyes are glazed, their hearts are empty. their chests are in the throat, they're looking in panic. They don't know what to do, the vivid imagery that is given is for the volume, monitor

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him lie

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to himself, and then Allah subhana wa Taala says, How could you have done this? You lived in this world? And you saw the fate of those before you? Didn't you pay attention. Allah spoke to the Quraysh you were here? What's the control? fimasartan Elena volume, one full circle, whatever they gave him, you saw what happened to those people? Why didn't you pay attention and ask for this particular home, they don't even need to see outside of their own home to see what happens to tyrants. And what happens to those who reject a law, they don't even need to look at outside history. Their own history is enough of a lesson if they only benefit and learn but they have turned

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a blind eye and they have done to innocence what others did to them at a time when they might have been innocent. And they have taken on the tactics and the cable and the brutality of the very people whom they said never again now many academics and many people are drawing comparisons with exactly what this film is doing with what happened to them. 8090 years ago, the tactics are the same, but the sides have flipped. And just like that pole went into oblivion, so to Allah azza wa jal will not allow any home based upon injustice to flourish. So brothers and sisters will law II Our hearts are very, very perturbed, and they should be but in sha Allah, we also have a good sign and a good news

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that this level of Jabba route this level of gibberish, this level of evil, this level of looting, Allah azza wa jal will not allow for it to flourish. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that fear that you are of the one who is oppressed, fear the death of the Muslim, the innocent woman who has lost child after child and then she comes in and says that hamdulillah Allah bless my children to be Shaheed the father who died who sees his child die and he says Allah has chosen him instead of me to be the Shaheed that is what you call a man. These are people whose Eman doesn't have to be tested. It has been shown oh yeah line we see it we see the reality of a man. What will

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these tyrants do when that mother raises her hands and says yeah, Wabi Sabi hula what will the tyrants do when that Father that 80 year old man raises his hands and says Europe I lost four children and my wife my entire life is all gone in front of my eyes and I still thank you for all that you have given me. But y'all Rob take care of those tyrants and volumes will law he the greatest superpower on earth will be powerless when the job of a wall comes down. No missile drone no Star Wars program, no nuclear force can protect against a loss other when Allah says good for your cone so our job brothers and sisters, our job what can we do here make to raise awareness but

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always remember that insha Allah who to Allah volume will never flourish and we're going to see the end of tyranny and injustice in sha Allah, Allah in natural law here Kareem in Nasir Allah here Karim, Allah in Nasir Allah Hikari keep on repeating this verse have eemaan intoa could have Krishna one in Allah subhana wa tada and then ask Allah for forgiveness for our own in capacities and in capabilities. ask Allah azza wa jal that he doesn't call us to task and he doesn't call put upon us a burden more than what we can bear. We ask Allah azza wa jal to protect our brothers and sisters and beta doctors and also we ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive their Shahada and accept their

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Shahada. We ask Allah azza wa jal to help those that are striving in that region and protecting the religion of Islam. We ask Allah as widget to give them a bath and to give them to give them Shuja to give them courage. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to give Sahgal to those who have lost and to those who are struggling, we ask Allah azza wa jal to show us through them there is of Islam and we ask Allah azza wa jal to take care of the tyrants to take care of the oppressors. We ask Allah the moon zoodle Kitab, the one who revealed the books, the one in whom the whole dominion is in his hands, the one who sent down the angels for better the one who sends down Jubilee than Mika is to help the

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messengers. We ask Allah the robe of the thrones, we ask Allah subhana wa to Allah to show us the power and the qudra of how he can deal with those who oppose him. Yeah, Rob Yeah, Rob, you are our Mona we have no Mona other than you. Yeah. Rob. You are the one who takes care of the poor and the weak and the oppressed. we plead to you and beg to you yeah. That show us in them the power and strength and give Sakina and Rama and shower upon the believers Your mercy May Allah subhana wa tada allow all of us to do that.

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Which is good and useful and May Allah azza wa jal make us instruments of hair and Baraka And may Allah azza wa jal protect us from ever helping the tyrant and oppressor from ever legitimizing the rule of the tyrant and oppressor, we ask Allah further is of this world and the after. After that we'll come to reliable alameen saramonic Mercado Libre.

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He can