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Peak Concentration Time

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Ismail Kamdar

Channel: Ismail Kamdar

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Just one tip can completely ramp up your productivity like one tip that helped me completely changed my productivity was the issue of figuring out your peak performance time. Right? So basically what what what this theory says is that some people are early birds, some people work best late at night, and some people are most productive in the afternoon. Now, I was trying to be an early bird. And after working with this, I figured out I am most productive in the afternoon. I'm not an early bird. So I reshaped my entire time management schedule around them. In the mornings, I do the things that do not require my performance, I will read a book, I will listen to a lecture, I'll do my

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administration work.

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I'll do all of that in the morning in the afternoon, either teaching recording videos, or writing a book. I do that in the afternoon from 2pm to 5pm. I do my most productive work. Now if I didn't learn about productive time, I would have just been just trying to do everything in the morning. And I wonder why is it in the morning I'm too tired to write. Because I'm not a morning person. It's not in my brain is that at its best in the afternoon to just finding one took the DAT supercharged method productivity that now I right at the time when I'm able to do my best. And the rest of time doesn't get wasted because I know Okay, in the morning I've hired. So instead of doing something

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that takes a lot of energy like writing, I do my admin admin works morning, you know, doesn't take that much

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brainpower you can do it while having your coffee while still waking up. So sometimes it's just one or two tips you find in the book that can be completely life changing. You know, like, for example, before I started Islamic self help, I read the book, The Four Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. Now, people say that, that books a waste of time and things. But honestly, Islamic self help came from that book. I literally spent like four hours a week running Islamic self help, and humbly lights profitability benefits 1000s of people, the whole concept of having a blog with online courses and ebooks, that benefits 1000s of people and only spend four or five hours a week running it. People

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reading that book, that's where I got the ideas from. And I really took a lot of the principles in there and applied it to the blog. And the blog basically runs itself at this point, I just have to block once in a while and do some marketing, and put out new ebooks and online courses every once in a while. And otherwise it basically runs itself. So you know, even if you already are productive naturally, there's still a lot you can learn to become a master at you know to become a ninja. I was gonna ask you actually about some of your own practices and you've already gone into the about the energy management performance. How long ago because I know you said you overhauled everything. How

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long ago was this kind of realization would you say?

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About seven years ago? Okay, that's when I see like, in my 20s I wrote about three books. And in the past seven years, I wrote about 10 books. So one of the things that really helped me write more books was just my afternoons are dedicated to writing and Goldmark