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Next to the verses of Surah hoogenraad verses 1112 and 13 lay out for us the prohibitions in the field of o'clock. o'clock is not just about doing certain things, it's also about avoiding certain things. And this is the area where many of us fall short. We focus on what to do. We so often forget what to avoid. And so in these verses, Allah subhanho wa Taala lists out for us six things you must stay away from if you want to have good o'clock. And so it begins with you. Hola, Xena Amanu la yes car Coleman Coleman. Assa min home, well, then you sell me Nissan Versa, you're gonna hate Rahman Honda.

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Allah is one that says no group of people should mock, or look down upon or ridicule another group of people, because they might be better than you. And no group of women should mock or ridicule or look down upon another group of women, because they might be better than you. So this verse prohibits mocking and looking down upon people. Right? And someone may ask, why did it single out woman, it singles alone because of the context of the reason for revelation that this verse was revealed on an occasion where some of the woman in Medina were mocking another woman for being from a Jewish tribe, and you're walking another woman for being too short. So in the context of of that

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going on in the community, Allah singled them out in the verse, and he said, Nobody should do this. Right. And then he mentioned woman's pacifically, because in that time, at that place, it was a group of women who are doing that, right. But the the rule applies to everyone. You cannot pick on someone for the height, you cannot pick on someone for how they look, you cannot pick on someone for the family they came from, or the economic background or anything like that. mocking people in Islam is completely prohibited. This is something that is a very important part of our clock, we are not supposed to mock people. And in this day and age working people has become normalized, especially on

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the internet. With meme culture. We all would tick tick tock videos, people are mocking everyone else. They mock their own parents they mock, you know, public figures, they mock someone who who may have been caught on camera making a weird face, and everyone's mocking that person. No one there was thinking about that person's feelings. Be careful, we don't fall into this trap. Part of the refined character of the believer, we do not mock people. We do not pick pick on how people look or how their how tall or short they are, or anything like that. Link to not mocking people. The next part of the verse next prohibition while at dinner by the bill acaba do not call each other by offensive

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nicknames. Right Do not call each other by offensive nicknames. Now this verse, many people misunderstand it. Many people think this verse means do not call people by any nicknames. Right now we're talking about offensive nicknames. Meaning, if you have a nickname for your friend, or your family member that they like, absolutely fine to call them right? Nothing wrong whatsoever, right. But if you use a nickname for someone that they find hurtful, you know, where you have a friend, everyone calls him fatty. And he doesn't like being called fat, right? Or everyone calls him shorty. And they've been called short. This becomes a sin. It is sinful to use hurtful names for people. It

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is sinful to use names for people that they find hurtful. So be very careful. No, sometimes we we don't think about this, that everyone gets used to quoting someone by a specific name. And we don't ever think like, Are they okay with it, but the Quran is calling on us to ask them. Are you okay with this, and then to refine our speech and not calling them by such names. The next verse highlights three prohibitions. And what's interesting about these three prohibitions is if you apply the first one, automatically apply the second and third one, because one of these things leads to the next. So Allah subhanaw taala rules out three prohibited he rules down three prohibitions here,

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all of which are sins that lead to other sins. And he tells us Yeah, you hola Xena Amanu Oh, those who believe it's Danny Bukal Thea Ramadan in Ibadan ism. Beware of suspicion, because very often your suspicion is a sin. Well, that just says you do not spy do not invade people's privacy. [email protected] Then do not backbite each other. Are you Hebrew? Ha ha

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ha he may tend to move. Does any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? No, you dislike it. This is the metaphor for backbiting eating the flesh of your of your dead brother to the prohibitions. Number one, do not have an unwarranted suspicion of people. Do not be the kind of person who whenever you meet someone you assume the worst of them. Right? This verse is prohibiting Susanne and encouraging Hussein Hassan when you meet people do not assume the worst of them assume the best of them. No go around thinking I think this person has a secret. I think this person has a secret so I think that person's a munafo. I think this person is a demon. I think that person is a

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coffee. Right? Don't go around with these thoughts in your head. These thoughts will consume

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All these thoughts will break up the Muslim Brotherhood. These thoughts will cause problems in society problems in families. And what do these thoughts lead to, if someone allows these thoughts to fester in their mind, they start looking for faults in the next person. And that's the next prohibition wallet that just says, who do not spy into each other's private affairs. In Islam, Allah has given us the right of privacy, that whatever a person does in private in between them and Allah, no one has the right to go to somebody else's internet history, or somebody else's emails, or somebody else's phone or to peep into somebody else's home. What is private is private. And to look

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for faults to other people in this way is a sin to look into somebody else's home or somebody else's phone or computer so you can find some sin or some fault or some hidden secret of this is a sin in of itself. This is the sin Pray be that your wallet just says to do not spy on each other. Mind your own business, mind your own business. Another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that none of you truly believe until he gives up that which does not concern him. Stay away from things that are not your business. And then the final prohibition, once somebody is, you know, thinking bad about someone else, and then he spies on that person and he finds a secret and you're

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always going to find a secret, right? Because everybody has secrets. No one is a perfect mushroom Angel. We all have secrets. Should you spying on people, you're gonna find these secrets. What do people do after they find the secrets? They start backbiting? Did you know this person does that? Do you know this person has this? Do you know this person has the secret? Do you know this happened in his past? So Allah prohibits that as well. Wallah Yahoo, Toba Dokkan Battle, don't back by each other. Three prohibitions all linked to each other. Don't think bad about others without any just cause. Do not spy on others. Do not back by others. You know, we just apply these three

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prohibitions, our lives will be so much easier. Our community will be so much more united. Our families will be so much more united by just applying this one verse. And then finally, the last prohibition in the most famous verse in the Surah verse number 13, the one you all know, yeah, you announced inocle Lacanau coming through we're unser. What you're another commercial Uber Wakaba Elita Arasu. in Accra, Rama come in the lawyer at Qualcomm in Aloha, Lehman cobia. Own mankind, we created you from a male and a female and divided you into tribes and nations so that you can get to know each other. And the most honorable you in the sight of God is the most pious and Allah is all

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knowing, all aware. This verse prohibits looking down on other people for things they have no control over, whether it is race, whether it is tribe, whether it is gender, you don't have the right to judge somebody by something of this nature. Right? That is the only thing that makes a believer superior to another believer is their piety. And piety is in the heart the only Allah knows who has failed Taqwa. So we're not supposed to be judging people. So just this culture that people have, are making broad judgmental remarks about anti racism entire tribes or entire countries are anti agendas. This is something that is prohibited in our religion. The only criterion for success

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is your relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. So each person should focus on their own relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. And with that, we come to the conclusion of our discussion for today. Take time, take time to study the Surah Surah Al hoogenraad. Many of the early scholars actually call it Surah Al o'clock. The Sunnah of good character