Answering those who commit sins because God is Forgiving and Merciful

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Next question from Cisco's side. I saw Nico and Fatima amico Dotty I've been giving a damn about one of my friend. She accepts that she's doing wrong. And she says like a fool Rahim Allah. Allah Allah forgive me what we are the prophets are seldom anything we do. She quotes the hubby telling that a man who give Shahada will enter Jannah. So what's the point? How will I tackle with her?

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It is actually many ways to confront this argument.

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And to first start off with

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a bit of a

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example of how this works. Just see you know, somebody who's merciful or perhaps is your parents is a very loving Father, very merciful Father, he treats you nicely forgives you when you do wrong things.

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Is it right for you to do wrong things? Because your father is nice. That gives you the right to do wrong things. Don't you think? Guilty I got such a good a nice father. How can I do things that displease him? Even if he's still not treating me badly? Don't you feel that guilt? So why when you come to our creative, we don't feel that guilt. We accept your Merciful Creator, who has given us so much in this world. Don't you feel guilty for not for doing sins? Don't you feel guilty for not doing the right thing? God is merciful. But there's a very fine line between mercy and being too soft. And so Allah has set guidelines where his mercy He is merciful to those who deserve His mercy.

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In one verse, he says that God is God is before Rahim is most forgiving, Most Merciful.

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But he is also more severe in his punishment.

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The bottom line is, don't try to take advantage of God's mercy.

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When you try to take advantage of God's mercy, you are literally playing with fire, the Hellfire, you're playing with it, you are trying to take advantage of God what kind of a person tries to take advantage of God, we got he has no need to take advantage of another human being and want to make excuses and take advantage of God and God make a joke. So in this type of attitude, it is a very disgraceful attitude. And the seating are created like a joke. And people who think they just really need to think to themselves, but what they are doing it is very, very wrong. It is insulting to the Creator. He's merciful to you and you decide to disobey Him because of that. Shame on you. Shame on

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you for thinking