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AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted society, causing the need for the sun, social media, and privacy to avoid becoming infected. The virus can be passed on from person to person through various surfaces, and individuals should take precautions to avoid becoming infected. The virus is a hot climate disease and can cause deaths and even incite people to smoke tobacco. It is also important to pray for everyone and make healthy lifestyles, following COVID-19 guidelines, avoiding touching people, and not giving money to anyone.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala BY mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Sleeman Catherine casita, hamato

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sister as I'm talking to you there is a snowstorm happening here in Connecticut.

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It's kind of wet snow, it's very heavy, it's wet snow, it's completely coated the trees and so on.

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Once it's over inshallah, if you're still if you still have daylight I'm going to go out and

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take some videos there and share them with you.

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The thing about the snow is that

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then when the sun comes out it's like you're living in a in a world which is full of diamonds. It's it shines the the ice that forms the salt on the dice on the on the trees, and then it shines with the with sunlight, but we need the sun to come out for that. Of course the downside of it is that it can also make for treacherous roads which is which is not good and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep everybody safe.

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marivan sisters I thought in our living Islam session today, perhaps one of the most topical topics most important topics, most current topics, is that of Coronavirus and what we need to do

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and how we need to deal with it. And inshallah I thought I'd share my thoughts with you on it. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this means of benefit for us on a channel.

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I have lived through some tough times in my life. I've seen three or four major crisis

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in India as well as global. But I can tell you that this thing this particular one of the Coronavirus has no presidents, there is nothing which

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happened which is as serious as this one. This is completely and totally unprecedented. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to deliver us from this. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us we seek His forgiveness. This is a sign of the anger of Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah to save us from his anger we have earned it but we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from it. We repent and return towards him with

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with our brokenness and with our helplessness and we asked him for his mercy.

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This particular Coronavirus, which is a virus which is it is absolutely It is so small you can't even see it. Unless you see it with an electron microscope.

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This virus has proved and it has fulfilled all the five categories of tests that Allah subhanaw taala promised us, Allah promise this Allah said, well, hon Juana COVID really and truly I will test you

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with what was the number one Lacombe shame mineral hovi while jewelry were Nexia minella Mali, while empathy was somanath five things that was monitored, I said, I will test you with hope, with fear, with hunger with Joe, when Nexia madonn work with loss of property loss of wealth, while amphis loss of health loss of life was summarized and also for your family's loss of health and loss of life for the families. And I said, I will test you in these five ways. We ask Allah to save us from his test. We asked Allah subhanaw taala to help us when we are tested. ultramarathoner mentioned this test and Allah subhanaw taala said that I will test you this virus is a way in which Allah is testing us in

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all of these five ways simultaneously.

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There is fear there is panic everywhere.

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And if you don't believe me go to public prison coffin, you'll see what I mean. There's total panic mail of savers from panic, panic doesn't solve anything. Panic doesn't help anybody. It's a completely wasteful and useless thing to do to due to panic. So let us stay away from panic, but it is there. So there is panic. There's fear, there's colossal fear everyone is fears that you know they might be infected, and they might die. And believe me, this is a real fear. This is not I'm not playing it down. I'm not saying this is not true. It is actually true. This novel. The reason it's being given this name novel is because the Coronavirus itself is a common virus for many things

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including regular influenza and so on and so forth. But his novel current Coronavirus, the new Coronavirus, which is a COVID-19 is new, which means there is nobody on the face of the planet who has immunity to this thing. So everyone including your beloved ones, including those who love you don't love every single person

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It is potentially a victim of this Coronavirus, you can get infected. And if you are not cured, then you can die from this. This is

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literally as bad as it is. So when people are afraid there is a reason why they are afraid. So we don't we don't pray that fear down. We just saying that this fear is a very real fear. Well, Joe, and as Rhonda said, I just do with hunger. We are seeing the markets share markets collapsing, we are seeing people losing jobs because they've been laid off. And we are seeing or we are not seeing the far greater number of poor people who are daily wage earners who are taxi drivers who are auto drivers who are working as you know, in in restaurants, and so on and so forth. All of whom have lost their jobs. They are losing money on a daily basis. Many of them live on the knife edge. They

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have no savings, they have nothing to fall back, fall back on. Literally it's a matter of life and death for them. It's a matter of food for them. It's a matter of finding money for some medicine for somebody who might deal not with the coroner, but with some other illness. It is as bad as that

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you are paying utility bills because they might they may not have a job but you still have a house and they're paying some electricity bill or something. It is as bad as that it's a thing where people are in serious financial problems and these problems will only get worse until they get better inshallah We ask Allah for relief. Well, Joe, when oxymetholone boil and loss of your wealth, I don't think I need to describe that we can we are seeing it everywhere. People have lost networks, Major, big time in India, the share market, all the gains they got during the present government's tenure which the present government likes to talk about have been completely wiped out thanks to

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this Coronavirus. So loss of wealth,

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loss of life and health. Well, that's pretty obvious for yourself and your children for your families. That's pretty obvious. Now, I think this is something that is unique, may Allah protect us from this, this is how serious it is. Now, what must we do? First and foremost is to correct our Akita and to stop fearing

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in terms of what will happen if I die, no,

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you will die. I will die Corona or no Cora, there is a certain period a span of life that we have been given. What is the janome livestock Luna Sato what is dubbed the moon Allah subhanaw taala said when the time comes, it will neither be delayed nor will it be brought forward. So everyone, life and death is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala alone. And so Allah see the see the big portrait of Allah subhanaw taala. Just yesterday I heard I read this news about this 95 year old grandmother in Italy, who has completely recovered from Coronavirus. She got infected, she went through the cycle and she has completely recovered 95 year old Italian grandmother. Now, we have been told that

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you know it affects elderly people. And if it affects an elderly person, the person will die well you know the elderly person will die. If that was written for her or him, the person will not die if that was not written for them. If anybody wanted some proof that there is a proof, we don't need the proof the word of Allah subhanaw taala is sufficient for us.

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So very important for us to keep this in mind that life and death is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. But taking precautions

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is fundamental to Islam.

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One of the fundamental laws of Islam after the heat is the preservation of life. That is why suicide is haram it is prohibited. That is why things like cigarette smoking,

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alcohol and so on are prohibited because these are known to be causes of death, apart of course from being addictions. So preservation of life is one of the most important principles of Islam to the extent that in order to preserve life, what is normally haram becomes halal if that is the only way to preserve life in that situation. For example, if you are stuck somewhere and you are completely out of food and you've been starving for days together, you're going to die unless you eat something and the only thing available is pork. Then you as a Muslim are permitted. It is halal for

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To eat that pork, it is halal for you to eat that non zabiha meat

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in order to save your life so even something which Islam has prohibited normally, that prohibition is lifted in order to save life. So remember that it is our religious responsibility to take precautions so that we keep ourselves safe, and we keep everybody else safe. It's very important to understand that because it's not the responsibility does not end only with myself. If I don't take precautions, then I am potentially infecting other people. And that is a crime before Allah subhanaw taala.

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So to take precautions is absolutely critical. We'll see what precautions I'm sure you you know all of this I'm just putting it all together in one place.

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Before we go there, I want to speak to you about another thing. And that is I want to say to you that all knowledge is from Allah subhanaw taala every kind of knowledge is from Allah subhanaw taala the Quran is from Allah subhanaw taala it's the see and understanding an excision is from Allah subhanaw taala the hubby's also the Salaam all his teachings are from Allah subhanaw taala physics and chemistry and biology is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Mathematics is from Allah subhanaw taala. Don't worry about what anyone else tells you. I'm telling you this is the principle that we have forgotten Unfortunately, the biggest crime that we have committed the biggest mistake and I'm

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calling it a crime because this was done deliberately with eyes open. And it was done by those who are supposed to lead us they misled us. The division that was created between theology and everything else, scientific knowledge, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and so on and so forth. This division, which was created one was called Dini lm The other one was called dunia with the dounia with lm was rejected, it was looked upon with disdain, which was called the knowledge of the kuffaar. AB, we treated it

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with disparaged it. All of these things were a crime against Islam and Muslims. This attitude is the reason for our backwardness in, in science and technology. We were a people who gave science and technology to the world. But that was 300 years ago, for the last 300 years, we have done nothing. And the reason is because of this mindset, this is a false mindset, reject it, reject anybody who tells you this, that is a sign of jealousy. I don't care what degrees the one who's speaking has, from which place he has, if he says this, then the person is a bottle of jail, that person has no right to be speaking publicly to anybody that person was go and examine what his thoughts are. Leave

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this hypocrisy. Very importantly here let me ask you this thing. You may think disparagingly about medicine and about mathematics and about science and technology. But tell me if you if you become sick, where do you go to you go to the mall and now you go to the doctor.

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And when you if you go to the doctor tell me where does the Mona go to when he falls sick? Right? He may be standing and making disparaging remarks about about medicine and technology and so on. But when he falls sick, where does he go? If he wants to travel somewhere? What does he do he does he writer does he ride a donkey? Or does he take a plane?

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Right? If you can't see well? Does he use glasses or he doesn't use glasses?

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Seriously, ask yourself this question as let those people ask us these questions and say that what you what you think about and you disparage and you, you you despise

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stuff that you can't live without. So let us stop being hypocrites. Let us be sincere. Let us respect all knowledge because all knowledge comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala if you don't agree with me, and you don't think that all knowledge comes from Allah that tell me where does the other knowledge come from? Who is there a dual force in the world who also has knowledge other than Allah subhanaw taala

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please, this is all this is this is miserable, this is what is created

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and put Muslims where we are today. So remove this. Please understand, respect all knowledge. Now, what do we know about Corona?

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Number one, it is unique, so nobody has immunity to it. That means that I can catch it. You can catch it. I can give it to you. You can give it to me. Just because someone loves you. So just because someone is your chef just because someone is your wife or husband just because someone is your son or daughter or granddaughter or grandson. Just because somebody is you're married just because somebody is your friend. It does not mean that they are incapable of infecting you with Coronavirus. As somebody said the most dangerous picture today is the grandson hugging the grandmother

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or grandfather hugging the guy.

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Son or granddaughter. That is the most lethal dangerous picture today in the world. Because here you have a person who is a high risk individual, probably immunocompromised, and that person is hugging their young grandson or granddaughter who's comes up who has come from somewhere they have that is the most dangerous picture, because more than likely, this person is going to get infected, and he or she is going to die because of this infection. Thanks to this affection for the grandchild, the grandchildren must have responsibility, and they must not meet their grandparents until they have at least passed that 50 day self quarantine period and they have tested negative, then maybe they can

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go and meet otherwise, especially if you have traveled from somewhere if you have come from somewhere, even if it is a country, which is not one of the countries which is which is, you know, on the map today because of this, because you don't know your whole travel, where you came from transit, airports, everything, we'll come to that in a minute, you could have picked up the infection, you could be contagious, and you would be passing on this to your grandparents. So please don't do that take precautions. That is number one. Number two,

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infected, this is the dangerous part of this disease. Other things when you get infected, you immediately start showing symptoms. But in this one, infection, individuals are asymptomatic for several days, but they are contagious, they can pass it on to others without knowing that they are doing this. Now, it's not easy. You know, later on, you might feel very bad about this. But the fact of the matter is that you didn't know that they didn't know that. But the infection passed on. And therefore that is the most dangerous thing about his disease is that you don't even know if you have it. So taking precautions is the only thing that we have available to us, and therefore we must take

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eminent precursors. Now how does it spread, it spreads in the from person to person. It doesn't spread from animals, they initially came from bats, but now it's not an animal to human contagion. It is from human to human. How does it spread from person to person, by personal contact by touching a contagious person by shaking hands by arguing by kissing and so on and so forth.

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It also spreads by touching his surface which a contagious person had touched. What does that mean? It means that if somebody had this contagion, if they had the infection,

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they would not have even known about it because this is the period and that period, from the time you catch it to the time you actually start showing symptoms, that period can be from a few hours to a few days, more likely 10 to 15 days. So 10 to 15 days, a person may have the infection and they are walking around, they're going to the mall, they're going to the masjid, they're going to the school, the university, they're driving a car, they're sitting in a taxi, they're going to the to buy something to the shop, the touch the countertops, the punch the numbers for the credit card in the touchpad,

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the going up an escalator they holding the banister, which they should for safety, but they have done that door handles the opening doors, closing doors, they are they go to the toilet, the water tap handles and so on all of these surfaces, these people have infected. Now you go there, and you do not have infection. But you go to that place and you open that door, you hold the banister, you touch the countertop, and so on. And you catch it that that is what is so dangerous about is that people do not even know that they have it for days together. And in that period, they have infected alone, he knows how many maybe hundreds, maybe 1000s of people quite literally because if you have

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been in a public place, then what surface you touched is day and night there are 1000s of people walking there and they're touching the same surface. So, it is spread from person to person by individual person to person contact or by touching and surface which the infected person has touched. Incidentally, the surface retains that infection for sometimes for many hours, sometimes for two or three days. especially hard surfaces, steel, glass, stone, marble, all of this, which is a novel surfaces that we have all of these retain the infection for days together. Number two by inhaling droplets when somebody when a contagious person coughs or sneezes, I know that sounds

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nasty, but that's how it happens. Somebody coughs or sneezes, they have not covered their mouth, either with a either with a with a tissue, or they don't sneeze in the elbow, which is what they should do. They just sneeze or the cough. Sometimes it happens spontaneously. I mean they

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The person hasn't hasn't even realized, but now they've sprayed. And that spray if you are in that vicinity, you catch it. minimum distance, that is why the social distancing or maintaining a minimum distance of two meters from another person, obviously, to do that in a public place is impossible. That's why stay away from public business. So, that is the second way in which you can catch it by a by under through the air, somebody coughs or sneezes, and you inhale those droplets and you get it. Third one is by sharing ventilation, what is the meaning of sharing ventilation sharing the same air which people are breathing, what does that happen? It happens in aeroplanes, it happens in buses, it

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happens in homes, it happens in climate control buildings, anything which is centrally air conditioned or centrally heated, the the air is circulating inside that building, and you can catch it you sit in a taxi, you have to give it to the driver, the driver has to who to write the this is this infection, somebody used a nice term, they said that this is a this infection, this infection is it is you know, it does not discriminate between between people. Yeah.

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So now this is, so shared ventilation. So we, in the plane, for example, one person who's infected is in a flight, it's a long flight three, four hours, four or more, this person is breathing, maybe the cough once in a while they go to the toilet, they're coughing and sneezing, they're whatnot, the whole plane is potentially exposed to that,

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to that infection, right.

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The the term that this person used was equal opportunity labor, you know, we use this word Equal Opportunity employer, they say this person said that this is an equal opportunity, in fact, equal opportunity. In fact, everyone has the same opportunity to get infected, may Allah save us from this. So third is by shared ventilation. That's how dangerous it is. Which means for example, if you are in a climate control building, and today, that is the architecture, we build buildings without windows, there are no windows. So you can't say open the window, there's no window, the whole building is centrally climate control, humidity, temperature, everything is controlled, which means

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now that if even if it's a temporary person, a person, Korea delivery boy or somebody comes in, delivers a package and goes away, that person has infected, potentially everyone in the building is

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the is

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is likely to be infected because of this. There are packages,

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your mail, you know, letters, all of these are things which which are which can be infected by a contagious person, and that infection remains on the surface of that package. When you pick up the package when you pick up the mail. You get it? and I were looking at a situation where practically anything you touch is potentially a source of infection.

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Now some things which do not happen, and there's lots of myths that are floating around. Lots of quackery, you know, lots of

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sort of medicine. I mean, this is a ridiculous thing. Now it does not spread by mosquitoes, so don't worry about that. It doesn't it doesn't only affect old people. There are there are cases in here in New Jersey. There was a case of a of a large family. They all got together for a dinner, one person in their family and later on the fatherhood was one first in the family was infected. And as a result of that, that whole family got infected. The grandmother who was late 70s, she died but before she died, two of her grandchildren also to her son and I think two grandchildren or two children. They also died. Now three people in the same family died because of one person who was

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infected who went to a family dinner. So it is not true that it affects only old people. It does not get deactivated in hot and humid climates. So I've been hearing a lot of things from my friends in India saying oh but you know in India we are getting the summer is coming and it will all die. No It will not die. Please understand it will not it will be there. It's not only a cold climate disease, it is a hot climate disease. It's a

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disease. You should take precautions don't don't feel that this will happen.

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Another thing which we know about this is that right now we do not have a vacuum vaccine for it and we do not have a cure for it. So there is no curative there is no prophylactic and a vaccine they are saying

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can take will take at least between 12 to 18 months. That's a long time 12 to 18 months before a vaccine covenants is not an exact time we don't know. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it happen very fast. Now meanwhile we were getting all kinds of recommendations, you know, eat

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Queenie and chloroquine and this and that this combination that combination as and then people are doing that and they are dying off the medication self medication is the fastest way to the graveyard. Please don't try it. It's a it's a very dangerous thing to do. Do not do that. Now, giving up smoking it's very important smokers are particularly at great risk. So give up smoking and and give up all kinds of cigarette and tobacco business because you don't want to be a person who is spreading death and making money out of them. Now, what these are the these are the this is what we know about the Coronavirus. Now what must we do about the Coronavirus first and foremost rosewill

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Allah turn towards Allah subhanaw taala This is an azova Allah and Allah Salaam said that when an epidemic comes, epidemics are the punishment of Allah, but they are a means of Baraka the means of hair for the believers. Why does it say that not because the believers will not will not fall ill they will also fall it but they will turn towards Allah subhanaw taala and inshallah, if they die with that, then they get Shahada, Allah subhanaw taala will will give them the Ranko matters. So this is a means of benefit for them. Those who do not die but they take precautions they stay in their homes will also get their ankle monitors I will give you the reference of that is for this. So

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right now the first thing to do is may make is too far, and then make Toba turn towards Allah subhanaw taala

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Mega stefarr on your behalf, makes the fire on my behalf make is the fire on behalf of all humanity. seek the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala and seek closeness to Allah subhanaw taala who will do it if you and I don't do it. We are the people who have the Quran We are the people who know Allah subhanaw taala We are the people about whom Allah subhanaw taala said Rama, leanness, Allah said, I've selected you for the people. We are the representatives of humanity before Allah subhanaw taala. So make dua for everybody. Don't make only for Muslims make dua for everyone. This is something which is afflicting all of humanity. And as Muslims It is our responsibility to pray for

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everybody. So pray for everybody. ask Allah subhanaw taala to cure everybody, because that is the safest way to ensure that you don't get the disease because then the disease will be eradicated. If you don't do that, then if somebody else is infected, whether the person is Muslim or not Muslim, you are likely to get infected. So we don't want to be in that situation. So make dua for everyone to be cured. then number two, after stefarr Toba which is change our lifestyle, become obedient to Allah subhanaw taala get away from everything which is haram, especially interest based earnings by brothers, sisters, those of you who are in interest based learning interest based dealings,

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remember, you accepted a declaration of war for Allah subhanho wa Taala This is what is happening. It is because of your declaration of war, accepting the declaration of war from Allah, you are causing a problem for everybody is this is Allah subhanaw taala as war against you, repent, seek forgiveness before it catches you, or thanks to you, it catches other people and then whether it catches them or not. Remember when you go before Allah subhanaw taala you have chosen to write your name in the list of enemies of Allah, because what do you call What else do you call somebody who has accepted a declaration of war? Friend, Valley, no enemy.

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So if you have if you are dealing with interest, if you are

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paying interest on or, or taking interest, remember you I have accepted a declaration of war from Allah subhanaw taala you are suffering we are suffering because of you. And on the day of gentlemen who stand before Allah subhanaw taala Your name will be written in the list of enemies of Allah. You don't want that Believe me, my brother, sister, I don't want it and No, I don't want you to have it. So please get out of it. Get out of it. shaitaan is in your mind chatter is telling you that you cannot survive your business cannot survive unless you take interest, please. That is shaden don't believe shaytan believe or soul I believe a lot smarter. Number three

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infura the average individual among fasting, praying more, the more

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now I feel pray that God give a lot of sadaqa sadaqa who's the anger of Allah subhanaw taala this thing is a sign of the anger of Allah. So what must we do against that gives us give a lot of sadaqa

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support all schemes to help people in need soccer is our is our shield treat soccer seriously this is our shield for this. So therefore give increase your salary whatever money used to give to whichever organ organization whether it majan what not give more. Right just because the budget is closed, don't say well you know how can I give you know how you can give so give, make sure that you give a lot of sadaqa

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support all schemes to help people in need maybe they may be soup kitchens, they may be schemes to help people in need elderly people getting things for them. You know what not

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give money for that. Make sure you that make a lot of dua for health professionals. Remember, these are the people who knowingly knowing the risks that they are suffering, they're going into the highest risk area, which is a hospital, which actually has sick people in it. So make sure that you

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express your thanks to those people. And not just simply say thank you.

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Give money, money talks, let your money talk very loudly. donate money to hospitals, donate money for hazmat

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gowns, and so on. for medical professionals. donate money for test kits, donate money to help and show your appreciation for what the health professionals are doing for us. show our gratitude in tangible ways. Don't simply say thanks, put your money where your mouth is. Number five, speak to your budget and create a scheme to help people who are in need to support people who are in need. A lot of people are going to lose jobs, and they may be in dire need. So instead of buying guns to shoot them, buy food, create a scheme, create ways to help them with food and shelter, and other necessities to tide over this time. This is the time to save lives. Not to try not to take more

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lives in the name of defending yourself. If you help them. You want it to shoot them. Imagine yourself in their place. If you have difficulty with the word help. Imagine you being in their place. Imagine you being in a situation where you don't have food. And you are now thinking Can I should I go and loot a house in order to put food in my in my baby's mouth, in my family's mouths. If you are in that situation, what would you want. When you go there, you want to be met by a person with a gun, or you want to be welcomed by somebody with bread. Tell me which one you want and do that.

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Number six is wash your hands but don't waste water. I have seen several videos on on YouTube and on Twitter and so on of people demonstrating hand washing and every single one of them. That app is running full flow while they are soaping their hands so they are showing you this is how you must stop your hands and this way and do it this way. And do it this way and do it this way and this way and this way. And the tap is running full force water. Why

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is it necessary also to run the tap and wastewater while you're washing hands? Please don't. Don't try to solve one problem by creating a bigger problem. Shut the tap off when you are soaping your hands You do not need the water to shut it with your elbow, open it with your elbow and make sure that the tap runs if you have a tap which has screwed up which you can't use. Use your hand and then wash the thing afterwards. But make sure that you save water

00:33:45--> 00:34:08

but wash your hand wash your hands several times a day. Especially when you have been outside or you have touched something which has been handled by somebody else which includes mail packages door handles banisters countertops, keypads at store checkouts, including your for your computer, and so on anything which could have been

00:34:10--> 00:34:19

touched by anybody. Wash your hands, definitely wash your hands if you shake somebody's hand and please don't shake somebody's hand that is the worst thing to do. Do not touch another person.

00:34:20--> 00:35:00

Then number eight maintain social distance. This is one of the new words which has been invented thanks to this, which means stay away from people maintain a distance of at least two meters or at least six feet from the other person on all on all sides. This means don't touch them. Don't shake hands. Don't Hug don't kiss doesn't matter if it's either. It doesn't matter if it is Juma do not do that. And which also means that don't go to any crowd replace keep away from public places. Because once you are in a public place there are more people and there's more compulsion to do any of these things. So stay away from public places suspend alternate

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

Don't travel unless it's an absolute emergency.

00:35:03--> 00:35:15

Don't go to the masjid Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told people to stay home. Even when it was raining heavily Believe me The Coronavirus is a lot more serious than rain. So do not go to the masjid

00:35:16--> 00:35:56

work from home if possible. And obviously, it's not possible for everyone, and hamdulillah we have more and more and most grateful to the health professionals, they are going to work so that you can stay at home, stay at home, if you can stay at home, stay at home, if you can't stay at home. Then of course, May Allah help you make all the take all the precautions. But no socializing whatsoever, do not visit anybody. And if somebody calls you and says I want to come visit you say please don't come stay at home. Pray for me, I pray for you do not come. Do not visit anyone. Don't invite anyone to come visit you cover your face. If you have to cough or sneeze cover your face with a tissue or

00:35:56--> 00:36:44

with with your elbow. So cough or sneeze like this, or like this. Even if you are asymptomatic. Even if you are asymptomatic, it does not mean that you don't have it, you might have it and it does not mean that anyone around you thinks it's okay for you to golf in their face or around them. It's not okay. So don't do that. Then, if you have to go out, especially on public transport, wear gloves and wear a mask. Very important to do that. Very important. Stay at home, don't go out unless it's an emergency. Avoid all mass gatherings, anything up to 10 people is a mass gathering this issue of people talking about 100 people and 200 people is nonsense. Even 10 people is a mass gathering, it's

00:36:44--> 00:36:57

better not to have any kind of gathering whatsoever. Then support those who are trying to implement bans on gatherings and movement of people stringently.

00:36:59--> 00:37:44

support them, don't fight them. They are doing a tough job as it is. Thank Allah that you are not in their position. Take for example, the all the nonsense that we're hearing about people who budget committees and you've got people so called shoe, giving fatwas to say that the people who are who are in charge of massage, they have no EMA. And they have left Islam and these are absolute nonsense. It is how it is it's like a loved one is in hospital on life support. And nothing can be done. And they come and tell you will you know one of your family members has to turn this life support off. What a terrible painful situation that is. The person who's doing that don't make it

00:37:44--> 00:38:25

more difficult for them. Believe me, the people who are ordering massages to be shut down. They love Allah as much as you love Allah. They love Mohamed Salah Salam as much as EULA masasa. They their love and commitment to Islam is as much as you if not more. They happen to be in a position of authority and therefore they are put in that position of authority, and that they are burdened now to do something which breaks their heart that don't make it more difficult for them by by talking nonsense. And by giving fatwas to take those photos and throw them back in the face of whoever gives the photo. He's talking nonsense. If I told people to stay home at the time because of rainfall.

00:38:27--> 00:38:31

Somebody who's closing your budget for Coronavirus is following the Sunnah masala Salah.

00:38:32--> 00:39:09

How does that how does that mean? He doesn't have even please, this is very irresponsible, talk and behavior, suspend all travel, all Java travel, all who travel, suspend all of it, nobody goes anywhere. Because remember, the consequence of this is that if you do that, then you are going to give a bad name to Islam, you're going to give a bad name to the work that you do. And this can result in some serious problems for the Muslims in those countries. So you don't want to do that please support the people who are doing that thank Allah subhanaw taala that you don't have to do that. Because if you were in their position, believe me, you would have to do that. If you did not

00:39:09--> 00:39:30

do that, then you would have blood on your hands as simple as that. Then if you are in a position of authority, that implement the bans on gatherings and movements, stringently, without worrying about the flag that you will face, if you if you don't do that, then you will have blood on your hands, you will be responsible for causing and creating and spreading infection.

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

If you do it, that insha Allah Allah subhanaw taala will be pleased with you and you would have discharged your responsibility, the responsibility that you hold. If you can't do this, resign your position, leave because you have no right to be in a position where you are not going to fulfill the demand of that position because today they have become more more difficult to position this design. This is why I can't do this job. Let someone else do it. But if you are there, make sure that you fulfill that

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

Then very, very important, right your will

00:40:04--> 00:40:46

mention it mentioned in that will, if you want to be intubated, if you want to be on life support systems and so on and so forth if you happen to contract this virus, make arrangements for your own funeral go by your own coffin. Make sure you have a plot of the cemetery and so on and put money aside for it. Don't make this a burden for other people. When you have died, leave clear instructions on what needs to be done with you if you die from this Coronavirus, because if you die from his Coronavirus, one of the things that will probably happen is that you will your body will be brought from the hospital in a sealed plastic bag and that is very thick plastic. It's almost you

00:40:46--> 00:41:28

know it's rigid, it's very thick plastic. And you have specific instructions not to open that which means that the body probably cannot be versatile, cannot be given and cuffin cannot be put onto the body at the most you can throw some water on the plastic bag at the most you can shroud the the plastic bag with a coffin but obviously that does not fulfill the actual actual Jana is. Now one of the ways of dealing with this perhaps is to talk to your local hospital then give them coffin and don't give them the you know, complicated top and body and so on. Most people don't know what to do that just give them sheets of cloth and say if a Muslim person dies with this disease before you put

00:41:28--> 00:41:33

them into the plastic bag, just wrap this thing around. So at least that govern thing is taken care of.

00:41:34--> 00:42:20

Consult your alama consult your Mufti but what I understand from this from my consultation with my friends who are most is not giving this fatwa, I'm telling you what I've been told, which is that the minimum that you can do is after the burial, after the cover has been made, filled in made that standing there just praise Allah to janazah. And this is sufficient for the person who has died. These are very special circumstances. The problem is that if a person comes dies of this, the body continues to be contaminated for several hours thereafter, it the virus doesn't simply die. Now the body comes to you in a plastic bag, if you open the body, then you are opening yourself to

00:42:20--> 00:42:59

infection, right apart from being illegal, I mean, you might you might actually go to jail or something for that. But I'm saying even if that doesn't happen in whichever country you live in, if you open that body and try to give also then you are opening yourself to infection and then you either have to be quarantined or maybe if you catch it, then you are in hospital and the next body is yours. So it is please do not open if the body comes sealed in a plastic bag, leave it alone, do not open it. Just take it and bury it and then place a lot of janaza on the Mazar itself and this is inshallah sufficient, it also satisfy yourself if you want to throw some water there on it. But

00:42:59--> 00:43:10

again, remember, if you throw water, the water is flowing somewhere, it's contaminated. This is a very peculiar situation. We have never seen this. So therefore, please be very careful

00:43:13--> 00:43:52

to talk openly to your family members, about the fact that you might die, talk to them about the fact that they might die. If there are some elderly people in the family, they might be there some of the loved one might die. Give them clear instructions about what to do in that case. So instructions about you in the hospital itself. Should they put you on life support system and whatnot, whatnot. And then if when you die, what must be done with your body clear instructions in writing, please write them down. Get that witness with somebody. That's sufficient. It doesn't have to be probated as long, but definitely do that.

00:43:55--> 00:44:16

Death is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala it will happen it is happening to others it can happen to me It can happen to you so please be prepared for this. Make Rasool Allah build our connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala make sure that you have corrected whatever wrong you you did make is the foreign Toba so that when you go inshallah you go clean to Allah subhanaw taala.

00:44:18--> 00:44:20

I want to end with this beautiful happy sauce as

00:44:21--> 00:44:59

reported by IHS delana. It was reported from a Surah Surah Salah that whoever remains in his house during the outbreak of an epidemic, we'll have the reward of Russia he will have the reward of Amata even if he doesn't die, right even if he doesn't die, he will have the reward of a martyr. This duration was reported by Ayesha Siddiqa delana mother, and she said I asked her supervisor Salah about an epidemic also inform me that an epidemic is punishment, which Allah subhanaw taala sends upon whoever he likes, but it is a mercy

00:45:00--> 00:45:54

Upon the believers, there is no one who an epidemic strikes in his land. And he remains patiently in his house, expecting Allah subhanaw taala as reward upon his self restraint, while knowing that nothing can happen and nothing can afflict him, except what Allah has predestined for him. And if he does that, then he will have the reward of a martyr. And this is in, say Buhari and in an essay, and in Muslim Imam Muhammad. Now even though even harder Allah colonic Raja la la, in fossil body. He comments on this hadith and he says the text of the narration stipulates that whoever at remains, or whoever attains the attributes mentioned in the Hadees will have the reward of a martyr even if it

00:45:54--> 00:46:39

doesn't die from the epidemic, meaning that as long as that person stays at home, self isolates, and nothing happens to him, he stays there, he's safe and hamdulillah epidemic is over. And this person is healthy, that person will get the reward of a Shahid reward of Amata. So see, so staying aloof and away from assemblies and gatherings, whether religious or social and so on during the pandemic period itself is a means of attaining this great status with Allah subhanaw taala. Sisters, I asked Allah subhanaw taala to keep you all safe from this, I ask Allah Subhana Allah to cure those who might have been affected by it. ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep you and your family safe in every

00:46:39--> 00:47:26

way, health wise, finances wise, and in every other way in an ask and most of Antara to be pleased with us, and make dua that Allah subhanaw taala should cure this ailment Allah subhanaw taala should take this ailment away should cure the whole world unless you want Allah should use this epidemic to bring hearts closer to bring us to make us more caring people to make us more responsible people to make us to help us to understand that the hot rod is only with his with his one microbalance monitor as neutralized every single force, financial force, military force, science and technology force every force has been has been neutralized by just one single microbe. If this does not bring to us

00:47:26--> 00:47:54

the power and majesty and glory of Allah if this doesn't open our eyes and hearts, to what Allah subhanaw taala can do. If this does not make us turn towards the last monitor and repentance and is therefore that I don't know what what else can do it. This is a great mercy that Allah subhanaw taala has shown us His power in a way where Alhamdulillah we can turn towards Allah subhanaw taala ask Allah to be pleased with you and never to be displeased was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah He was amazed when Veronica hora