Mohamad Baajour – Hurry Up! The Ice is MELTING!

Mohamad Baajour
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who has been here in Dallas? More than 25 years

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stand up

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you're not even 600 a lot of I mean, many people are here. Been here for a very long time.

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And when I first came to Dallas, I used to hear all the time Sharky, you should see this area here Wiley it was a plane land and if you at that time

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houses 150 $120,000

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We wish we bought at that time it was a great deal. And whomsoever bought at that time properties or houses you know they look at them right now they're mashallah they're doing great. And they're biting on their on their fingers Subhanallah

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there will come a day on the Day of Judgment

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when we notice and we see people had been elevated in Jannah for things that also that were very cheap that were very simple. We used to hear a lot that they were very simple and we used to neglect them. And the people who did them at that time when they were in dunya they are elevated so high and we say the only difference is now in this dunya I can still buy that house maybe it's expensive. I can still buy that property maybe it's too high but at that time

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I cannot come back and say I wish done more. Yeah lathe any cut them to the hayati. I wish I've done more. Can Nana Allah animal we used to know many many things but we never did them. We used to know that saying Subhanallah with your hands 100 times will erase all my minor sins takes two minutes but I never did it. We used to know that coming to the masjid is 27 times more than praying at home and I live few minutes away but I never did it. We used to know that fasting one day 530 Maghrib will keep me away from Jahannam 70 years but it's okay Ramadan is coming.

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We used to know that praying took care of giving 360 sadaqa on my every joint in my body but we never did it. You're late any condemned to the hierarchy. I wish I can go back and get some more but it's too late killer.

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We used to know that the whole duniya in the sight of Allah is not worth and when you're for mosquito and we dedicated all our time and life for it.

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We used to know that reading one letter of the Quran is 10 Hassan and the Quran is in my pocket and I never opened it.

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We used to know and hear from the people that have you sponsored an orphan you'd like this with Rasul Allah Islam and I'm looking at I'm seeing a lot of people with a solar system and I thought the guy is just saying it so I can give money.

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We used to know that building a massage and sponsoring orphans and sponsoring widows and helping the needy, you know, huge reward and this is the most pleasing thing to Allah to put a smile on someone's face. And yet Allah

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we used to know a lot of things. Just like now if times goes back, we will all invest in many, many properties.

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But unfortunately at that time, there is no room to come back.

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And subhanAllah

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there was a story in the Josie mentioned long time ago. He said

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in the market, I'm talking six 700 years ago, there used to be in the market a man that sells ice

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and of course there was no refrigeration right. So he used to say when he sang the ice, it will humble when you smell

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have mercy on the one who's his capital is melting.

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His capital is melting. Every time he is sitting in the sun and he's selling the ice and he wants to sell the ice as fast as possible because all his business is going to be bankrupt in few minutes every single day.

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So similarly are hungry or who are similarly we are also our capital our smell is also melting every single breath we take.

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With every breath we take we are getting closer to our final breath.

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Every day we live is bringing us closer to the last day when it will be announced brothers and sisters. Today a bowl is just as bad as yours. Normal says today. There is Janessa for sure.

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This time is coming for every single one of us cf One

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Just Just a very very brief short reminder to please please take advantage of every single moment before that announcement is made. Take advantage of every single moment before the ice melt completely and then we will say that at any cut them to the hieratic Zachman locker baccala a free concert

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in LA Mussolini now almost Lima de one meaning I will not mean it one quantity now not only that he was slowed up in our squad in Ponte one slobby Dino Slavia rod Do you want to before sharing you know

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one voice hearing our voice The one downside the Lena one downside being Ponte was all me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentleman one Hatfield law D was that good enough? Guess

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what's going on? I don't know hula?

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giovane Eileen.

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