Depen Seth asks, Is it True that the Mughals Tampered with the Hindu Scriptures?

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AI: Summary © The myth that theero culture in India is based on the Bible is discussed, as well as the media's tampered scripture. The transcript uses historical examples and discusses the importance of following scripture and following the church's guidance. The discussion also touches on Prophet Muhammad's stance on religion, including his use of the "na" sign and his use of the "na" sign in scripture. A guest named Giddy is also mentioned.
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Zakir by, have been introduced to you by Mysore, Nasser guru who is a teacher by profession. And the first time I heard you was at Azad Maidan, and the topic was similarities between Hinduism and Islam. My name is the pain said, and I'm working with a construction company. I have come across an argument by my fellow friends when we have discussed about these topics. And the question is that when the moguls were there, they have tampered with the Hindu scriptures, and that's the reason we find, you know, some references and things like that in the scriptures. Is it a Myth or Reality? Please throw some light on it. Thank you.

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Rosa, we would question that when the moguls came to India, they tampered with the Hindu scriptures. Is it a myth? Or is it a reality? As far as my study goes? It is a myth. There are some things what the Hindu said, did come into the scripture for example,

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the word Hindu, the word Hindu doesn't exist in any of the Hindu scriptures before the Arabs came to India. Hindu

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is actually a geographical definition. The word Hindu was first used by the Arabs. When they came to India, this Hindi Hindi, even now today when I go to Saudi, they call me Hindi. Hindi I am a Hindi Hindi means it's a geographical definition for people living in the land of the Indus Valley. It's not only the definition, that the reason Jawaharlal Nehru says the word Hindu does not appear in the Hindu scriptures until the Arabs came to India.

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But regarding your question, the moguls tampered with the into Scripture. Point number one, as far as my study goes, the Mogul did not tamper with into Scripture fine now even if I agree with you that the mortgage tampered now once you have tampered delete that scripture know

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if you agree that the scripture is tampered believe it now what I would follow a template scripture follow scripture which is not tampered

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so even if I agree with your argument that moguls have tampered description, only their scripture Suppose you have two glasses of water.

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One glass is pure in the other glass. Someone put one drop of gutter water in front of you. But once it makes it you can't make out the dirt.

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Will you have the glass of water? Know why? You can't see it. But because he saw dirty black color drop, it falls in the glass of water. It makes it you can't make out. Will you have it?

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Will you have the glass of water? Once I've seen it I won't? Correct very good because you're logical. So even if I agree with you that moguls have tampered the Scripture scripture, have the Bureau of Scripture Quran

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and if you have not sampled, the Hindu scripture says you have to follow the Quran. Hindu scripture says that you have to follow Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him if they have not done but if they have tampered leave it follow this if they have not done but the scripture says that if we believe in one God, which I give condition, besides giving quotation of God that Scripture also says that you have to follow the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. I can give you quotations from the Hindu scriptures talking about the coming of mama Salah Salem, if you read the Scripture Mahisha Parana barber three candid three or the three shlokas five to eight it talks about

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mama Salah Salem bhavishya Purana pervert three Kanda three, three shlokas 10 to 27 talk about vamos a la Sanlam if you read the contract book does a terrible book number 20. Him number 127 was number one to 14, talk about Musa al salaam, if you read a terrible book number 20 him number 21 Verse number six, a third book number 21 Number 21 Verse number seven takamasa Salem regret book number one hymn number 53 Verse number nine, it talks about my salah Salem, if you read the psalm with Agni Mantra 64 talks about Homer Salah Salem even more masala sermon mentioned by name he is called as Emma, the one who praises in some way. Otter chick Montana number 1500. In some ways Indra chapter

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number two mantra number 152 in chapter 31, verse number 18 and recreate book number eight, him number six, Mantra number 10.

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Book number eight, him number five mantra number 16 book number 20. Him number one ready take mantra number 14. Elon mentioned my name is Muhammad. He is called as Nara Shantha Nara shinza means NA means man Shan some expressions of praise one who's worth praising the praiseworthy if you translate nerve center into Arabic it become Muhammad. He's mentioned by name Muhammad as Naresh Anza in several places a great book number one, him number 13 was number three

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takeaway book number one, him number 18 Month Number nine, request book number one him number 106 months number four, regret book number one him number one fight to win the number three regret book number two him number three mantra number two regret Book number five number five and number two regret Book number seven him number two mantra number two regret book number 10 him number one he to Montana mcru graduate chapter number 20 Verse number 37 graduate chapter number 21 Verse 31, chapter number 21 Verse number 55 Chapter number 20 Verse number 37 That you raise up number 20 was not doing their job number 28 Verse number two judging by chap number 2019 that you wrote up number 22

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Verse number 42. I can keep on quoting only references of Muhammad Salah Salem mentioned in the scriptures. So your scriptures say that there's one God, you worship Him alone and you have to follow the last and final messenger even when the Scripture speak about the Kalki Alta about mama Salah Salem at the last and final messenger it says his mother's name will be so mighty that Amina the name of her masala, Salma that it fades, his father's name will be Vishnu Yars servant of God Abdullah, which is the name of masala son, father, it says he will be born in sambala a place of peace that is Makkah he will be born in the place in the family of the chief of Makkah. And we know

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in the family of courage, he left for companion talking of the Sabbath, I can go on and on and on talking about this guy Keota he will come he will be the last messenger that is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon. I'm asking you about the Do you believe in one God? Do you believe that? No idol worship? Yeah, you don't believe in idol worship after I heard your speech. So you know I'm very clear in all those aspects and I've heard you a lot of times so I just had a question which was posed to me and I wanted an answer for that. So wanted to hear that. So do you believe that Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger? Yeah, I do believe in Allah, Allah Allah, Muhammad Rasul

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Allah, Masha, Allah,

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Masha, Allah is very clear, and

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from the bottom of my heart, that you are doing such a good work, and you're clearing all these misconceptions that we all people do have much relative or do you brother in Islam, if you submit your will, a person is called the Muslim.

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Exactly, sir, sorry to interrupt you. But that's the reason when people ask me who what's your religion? And, you know, I speak Gujarati. And when they tell me, what's your religion, I just when I heard you that, you know, the definition of Muslim is the person who goes as well to Allah subhanaw taala. And that's what I told him that, you know, I'm a Muslim. So he was like, shocked. So the reason why you're shocked is that I speak Gujarati I know where, you know, I'm a Muslim or something, or, you know, come from a Muslim background family. So I was like, I'm born in whichever family it is, but then I know what is right. And I've just studied that. And that's what I talk

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about. And I preach about and I just try to do my bit in the small pieces and bits that I can do. So thanks. Appreciate. And thank you. And may Almighty God Gan to Jana, and if required any query, any question, the most welcome to contact us. It's a pleasure. Thank you very much.

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Thank you