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The transcript describes Jesus' actions and the importance of assumptions in reality, including "angelfater" and "by the way." The speakers discuss the meaning of "op appetite," meaning "op appetite," and "op appetite," in Arabic, as well as the use of "will" and "will" in English to describe actions or events. They also discuss the concept of "op appetite," meaning "op appetite," and "op appetite," and the theory that " runner chasers will become less valuable as they stop being too busy." The speakers also mention a study on the deeper look of the Quran and encourage viewers to share it on their platforms.

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Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam sees their obnoxious behavior and their misbehavior towards him. They turn away from Him. They walk away and poke fun at him. And he's still going out. He's still facing them. They're showing him his back. He's still facing them. And Allah says, no,

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no, I know you love them. But you have to stop because they will think you're doing this because you're desperate and you are my messenger. You are not desperate. Allah needs no one. When Neji meet either

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man, one nurse or he will come one hour

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that's when a group of men surprise King doubt in his chambers. He's the prophet that had 99 wives, right? Oh, it says hey, just use Vienna TV. We break down every section of the Quran into straightforward understandable pieces I started putting in a TV to make the Quran accessible for people of all levels of understanding the beauty and guidance found within this passages shouldn't be limited to scholars click the link to start your journey into the Quran and Arabic today.

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Our older bIllahi min ash shaytaan en Raji, but

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men that will

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be cleaner well welcome you read in level finance and dunya the Nika mobila home Mina Nihil me in Rebecca who LEM will be my Bala and Sebby well one out LEM will be many that

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way wiring EMF is where you feel really dizzy and Adina as

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will be AMILO wire jerseyan levena axon will persona Allah the ENFJ attorney Munna cat

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urine is me one fell where he shot a lemon in Baca was in Melbourne Fiera Wow LEM will be calm and mean I'll be white

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Asian net one feeble to the OEM head you can further to sec who and full circle who are lamb will be many call.

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Llama Jiang. I mean, I'm talking rubbish actually somebody where Cindy Emery. Why don't rock the Tamil Lisanti of Coco live and hamdulillah was salat wa salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was actually his main and my bad once again everyone salaam Alikum ornamental Vita Allah over the counter by the Grace of Allah, we were able to finish section number two of swords and najem yesterday. And every time I conclude a section, I try to show you the structure or the organization of that section. So that's what I'm going to show you now first so we can get that out of the way you have an idea of how the layout and the design of these ayat was put together by Allah subhanaw

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taala. So if you can, somebody can I don't know where you are. Can you guys show the screen and you show the screen? Okay. So, in the second section, the first thing was a foreign aid on Taiwan. It was a woman at Sally satin, Oprah, the Corolla who owns the ticket, then Christmas on Lisa in here last night on Sunday to Wuhan.

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Manzil Allah we'll be having some time last month was really daughters daughters, for you sons for our daughters, for God's sons for you. What a stupid division. These are just names you made up that was the first thing he talked about. The next thing he talked about was he has you have sent no authority for this. And in yet to be Aruna in Lavon they follow nothing but as assumptions one that that will that will enforce and there's just stuff that they love. This is all different by their loves their lowly loves, and then I'm living in Sandy Mata mana and just their wishes you have whatever they wish for. That's what we discussed yesterday in some depth. Then Allah mentions Allah

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owns the end and the beginning fund Illa Hill as hirato. For Lulu, that's what Allah talks about next. So we've got three items so far. When we move on Allah says angels cannot speak on your behalf on judgement day Not in this life not in the next life, they cannot do shafa for you, they cannot back you up. Even if all the angels got together not Tonisha to whom she eliminated the and yet then Allah who live in Yasha will yerba so we talked that talked about that then he also mentioned that these are just you know in Aladdin Allah you know Neville Astrati they use Sun Moon Alberta Ecotrust me at an omega. People who don't believe in the Astra they name angels, female names, they have no

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now and then then he mentioned mela whom the human eye. They have no knowledge of this at all. Anytime you own a loved one, they follow nothing but assumptions. Well in Nevada you won't even have to say and assumptions cannot help you against reality. They can change reality, your assumptions, your imagination as your imagination.

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That doesn't change reality. By the way. I didn't say this yesterday, but it should have been said,

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nowadays there's this this term that is becoming very popular among Gen z's. It's my truth. Never heard this, this is my truth. I gotta speak your truth. What that means is describe reality based on your feelings.

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Okay, so reality is being determined by what feelings and they call it speak your truth, because I have my truth, and you have your truth. And this one has his truth, and that one has her truth, etc. And somebody's truth. Is there a zebra and somebody else's shoe this, I know that I'm a banana, somebody else's truth is I'm a pineapple, you know.

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And I'm a bird. I'm a pokimane, whatever you are.

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This, this is my truth. Allah says we're in Alana noumenal, healthy, shy, these assume the truth of the earth, they cannot change reality, they can't, they can't free you from reality and unhappy shape. Now, this is all section two words. And I colored it this way for a reason. You've got an A B on top.

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So two colors. And then you've got an A B on the bottom. Two colors. And then you've got to see in the middle. Now look at look at the a it was not Menard, Rosa daughters and made up names. And look at the A on the bottom, the darker brown on the bottom. Angels cannot intercede. Feminine names are assigned.

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And then he says there's no authority. And then he says on the bottom, he says there's no knowledge. And then he says, All you do is follow assumptions and yet to be your own in love one and then he echoes it again and says in yet who knows a loved one. And then he says you just follow your wishes. And at the bottom, he says but you can change reality. Wishes and assumptions can change reality. So the A corresponds to the a the B corresponds to the V and the center of it all is the ultimate reality, which is what Allah owns the beginning. But Allah owns the end and the beginning. You see that? So that's a that's a glimpse of what happened in the second section of the surah. Now, again,

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I'm repeating this because I'm fascinated by this Quran was given as an oral tradition Sahaba, were not saying look at section one, look at section two, look at ABC, then look at AV again, they weren't saying any of this, they were just reciting it. And when you're reciting, you don't have a chance to edit your material and move things around. You don't have a chance to erase and rewrite or reorganize, because when you guys write an essay for your seventh grade English exam, or English paper, then the professor says take out this sentence this redundant take out this paragraph, move this introduction here, do this here. And that's why you do it on a Word document. Right? And then

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students back in the day they would write they would write on a chalkboard or something so they can erase it. Because they need to rewrite again and rewrite again. But the Quran is not being given as a written tradition. It's being given as an oral tradition. How do you what brain capacity do you have to have to speak like this?

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Like this?

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And this is supposed to be just yeah, there's the the sewers of the Quran is so random, the subjects are just all over the place, are they your your faces all over the place? The Quran

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has just, it's perfect, the more you contemplate it, the more its perfection manifests itself anyway. Now,

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we are entering the third section of the surah. And the third section of this surah is going to have something in common with the fourth section of the surah. Both of them are going to begin with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being stupid Allah they will they will begin with the Prophet being addressed. Allah will now talk directly to the Prophet sallallahu leaves. Here he says for added unto well and the cleaner therefore far as some of you

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only find it funny to me that as a result of all of this, therefore

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ignore turn your back on it. Turn away from or ignore

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whoever turns away from our remembrance, I'm going to give you an easy translation first. Ignore whoever turns away from our remembrance. Well, um, you read the ill Hayato dunya and wanted nothing but worldly life. Okay, so once again, ignore someone who turned away from our remembrance and wanted nothing but worldly life. That's the Summarized statement that's being made in aisle number 29. Let's look at the word ignore added.

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So out of an order that was used for a wide mountain it was

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also used for a large army, you know, when a large army appears, it takes over kind of the ridge and the horizon. So there's a width to it, and the mountain has a weight to it. And something wide in the sky that obstructs your view, like clouds, not skinny clouds, wide clouds that you can't see the end of them. They're cut, they're obstructing your view from the sun, those kinds of clouds, or swarms of locusts, which you might not be able to relate to. But you might watch a YouTube video or something about that swarms of locusts that take over the sky and you can't see the sky anymore. And the swarms of locusts are not shaped like a square or a circle. They are wide. There's a line like a

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flock of them, right? So they have an abundance and this is offensive, but body shaming was okay in ancient Arabia. It's actually the habit Outland Minh Simoni ha they would say about a woman who gained a lot of Wait, she got an island she got she got wide. So

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I didn't say they said it's 1000s of years ago they're dead you can write a letter if you if you have an issue with this you can send a fax to the Saudi Embassy let them know that their ancestors were messed up okay, out of love Ivana in Marathi che and I'm another so our comes in its origin with the meaning of another meaning of art is actually to show to put something on display to put something on display. So you know, Sama Allah whom I learned melodica. So we presented them, put them on display, put them on a salaam on display, and the children on display before the angels are the things right. So this word out Allah, you have to understand something cool about it. The idea

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is, there's the like, let me explain with a couple of the example of the mascara. This is the width, right. And this is the skinny side. So if you want to see, like this is limiting your view of the book. But if I opened it up, you see the full length, the full width of it, this is the book is truly facing you. This way the book isn't facing you. So when your feet when you're presenting something and the width of it, like you turn fully towards it, that kind of presentation where you get the full view of it that's actually called out and is also used for a side, one side or the other side. The idea is in a presentation, you face something and you see all sides of it. So when

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someone something is in full view, face to face, that's actually called also Davos. Now, there's an there's an Arabic word at the bottom, they're called syllable maps have them explain what that means first. In Arabic, it's really cool. That's why we learned Suttles Etymology In Arabic, there are words when you add a letter to them. Many times an Elif or a Hamza, when you add that to them, they become the opposite meaning.

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So it's a really cool feature of the Arabic language. So for example, Chaka Chaka means he complained checkout means what he complained Ashkar What did I add?

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I added another's means he addressed the complaint, he got rid of the complaint, he solved the complaint Ashkar okay. So it became the opposite the negative became the positive, do you understand? So the same way you have the word out of law, which means presented and our other actually me and presented face first presented face to face brought in full view out other means, took away from presenting turned away and that's where the meaning of ignoring came from. So out of that is actually the opposite of the origin of the word because of the Hamza in it out Allah is the opposite of Allah. This is know how to avoid this this concept. Not only that this is called

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sellable microphones, meaning the root has a certain meaning, but when you add a Hamza to it, it becomes the opposite meaning Okay, so, there are other words like this in Arabic, like Kassapa and ACSA is another example. Kassapa and AXA. tassa means he was unfair.

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The Jinsei woman al casiotone Amina Dona Dalek. Kassapa means use unfair. SAPA means he got rid of the unfairness, which means he was fair, he was just but it actually has to do with removing unfairness because it's the opposite of data by adding the alphabet symbol. Okay, so added is one of those kinds of words it means to to get to turn away from what you were originally facing. Now, why is that word significant? What it illustrates and that's why the bottom says ignoring what ignoring is the opposite of why facing something directly and presenting now you know why? It's the opposite because of that comes up okay. Now

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Why is this significant? We'll see in a moment. But before we do, let's look at the other word here. It said turn away the instruction to the prophets I said them and mento Allah turn away from someone who himself turns away. And another word for turning away is now being used, which is the one that you could have said here are Allah, Allah and the cleaner

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when out of the anvil cleaner, or you could also said said I've said the one and mentor Allah and the cleaner, like Allah says, Allah please do Allah and who turn away from them. But he used a different turning away from the prophet, and a different turning away for the French. So there's a there's definitely a comparison that's being called for. There's a principle in Arabic in which the Murata Fabrika when two words have similar meanings, and they're close to each other. The point is, you're trying to highlight what makes them different. So let's look at the word welder, which also can be translated turned away, but where does it come from Albania and London very, I would love to

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hear that and but I couldn't you know, I brought the bow to demonstrate I couldn't find this to bring you this is the saddle on a camel. Okay,

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the set so the saddle on the camel sits on a camel for a really long time because you don't get on a camel ride for 10 minutes, you go on a camel ride for months and months and months. Now if you're wearing a wristband, or a watch or something and you don't take it off for many days, what happens

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it starts leaving an imprint on your skin, it starts getting really stuck to your skin when you're trying to take it off. It feels like you're peeling a sticker and maybe it wants to take a piece of your skin with it right it starts it becomes fused with you. So what they did because they didn't want to hurt the camel it's gonna be it's gonna have to wear the saddle for a long time. So they would put like a leather softer leather underneath the saddle and then put the saddle on top. So that part underneath was called the Walia the only the part that's really going to stick to the camel when they take the saddle off the thing that's still going to be stuck to the camel is what so

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when the if they tried to take that off, it might pull its hair it might hurt and so they're gonna leave it there. You understand? So that and so this is actually a word for the worldly comes from the word for something since sticking close to you until it almost feels like it's inseparable yoozoom was shaped che and Arthur W Anna who were undocumented is the man when something follows something and gets stuck with it. Almost as if they become together. They become one well you have forgotten for London to be our whole party no Lavina yeah Luna co mingle kuffaar The Allah says fight those disbelievers who followed you. They followed you meaning wherever you took a step they

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were right they were stalking you. They were stuck to you like that leather on the camo. That was the word that was being used yeah doing a comb. Nowadays in Arabic We say a tiny right utterly the next one which is actually right next fuse comes from the same origin when we met in a new zoom nice demand well he or she Allah He mela camera who this is from where we get the term you might have heard this is my Willie

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right this is my Willie and the one del amor in Arabic when you take charge of something meaning now this is someone I'm stuck to or he's stuck to me or they're stuck to me and they wherever I go, they go whatever decision they make I made so the this became a figurative meaning of two people that are better together like that. By the way from this you get a really beautiful connection with Allah to words like this. Ruler bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. And Allahu Allahu Allah Dena Amanu. I will root in Arabic is Actually you know, like some trees, they get moss growing on them. And it gets really stuck on those trees. And they use the roots for that are owls. And when when when you're I

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know you guys aren't butchers, but butchers they have a hard time peeling the, the flesh off the bone sometimes, because the fat is really stuck to the bone. That fat is called out also. Arugula actually means I'm clinging to God.

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I'm clinging to him like moss on a tree. I'm clinging to him like flesh on a bone.

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In my in my fear of the devil. You know in my environment seeking protection from the devil. That's our older Binda. That's my aunt Allah. Similarly, when Allah says he's our Winnie, he's our Willie. In our older villa, we're sticking to Allah. And Allah is our weenie. He is sticking to us he's fusing himself with us. It's really beautiful that we have this this kind of a relationship with Allah azza wa jal now, another meaning of the word while lamb and yeah, actually has to do with facing also just like Alaba it has a similar direction to it to the one but you can use it the one that he he turned towards him, the one that turned away from him.

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It could mean towards or away depends on what preposition you use if you use the end like this if it's turned away, but when the Elin Busan a salon turn towards the shade and he sat under the tree. So Allah Allah will not Allah and the Prophet is told turn away from them to Allah angle, but what does it imply? It actually implies you're turning away from someone so you can stick to someone else or something else.

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So now there's the two opposite meanings. And this is we're going to compare these two words before the break, man, how much time is it? Oh, my God, that was just two words. It's almost time.

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Okay. Anyway.

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Yeah, I a 32 is going to be ambitious. But anyway, we're going to try to chama so so I'm going to Wella the prophesy. centum is facing them, like the width of the book I showed you.

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And he's being told, don't give them your full focus. Don't face them like this. Don't give them your 100% attention. These people that I'm talking about in the CYA, they don't deserve that 100% attention from you. He's not talking about turn away from the people of Makkah. It's a certain group he's talking about.

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Then he says so. So and this has a quinoa. Quinoa means there's a hint. And let me tell you what, uh, what can I is an easy example. If I say, for example, it's hot in here. What am I trying to say?

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From the ACR, right? That's called the Vinaya. When you say something without saying it. So when so easy definition of Denia saying something without saying it. That's, that's what can is. Okay. So

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if the prophets I said, I was being told do it around. It means the quinoa is you were doing a lot of hours.

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The hint is, you are really facing them. You're focused on them, you're thinking about them, you're running after them, you're trying to talk to them, you need to what?

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Stop doing that. And in it, there's a hint towards the kind of commitment, the prophet hats like salam to people who are really offensive to him. As a really deep thing you guys have to understand, I don't care if it takes us longer. But I have to, I have to tell you this. If somebody hates you, they insult you, they troll you they talk down to you. They make fun of you. Do you want to talk to them?

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No. And as they're walking away, would you walk after them and keep talking to them? Now, because what does it make you look like,

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makes you look pathetic, makes you look like a loser, desperate, obsessed, clingy.

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Because they have something of value. And you're only finding value by sticking to them, even if they're insulting you. If you have self respect, if they insult you, you say, I don't like your face anyway. You want to turn to what you want to block me. I'll block you right back.

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I block your first.

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Because if somebody turns away, then you know what, I could do that too. Let me show you how it's done.

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So when they turned away, the Prophet SAW I said I'm still wouldn't turn away from them. But why is he doing that? Because they have something of value or he has something of value. Here the comparison is a child doesn't want to take medicine and turns away and yells at the mom, does the mom still go after the child? Why is the mom lesson value is the no, that's just out of love. That's because the child is stupid. And his brain hasn't developed yet. He needs the medicine. He needs to take it. And she'll still run after him. But as soon as I saw them, sees their obnoxious behavior and their misbehavior towards him, they turn away from Him. They walk away and poke fun at him. And

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he's still going out. He's still facing them. They're showing him his back. He's still facing them. And Allah says, No.

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No, I know you love them. But you have to stop. Because they will think you're doing this because you're desperate and you are my messenger. You are not desperate. Allah needs no one.

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Allah needs no one you turn away from them.

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This is what's being said.

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This is not turn away from everyone. This is turned away from a certain kind of person you understand? Turning away from someone who themselves turned away. Now

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what would what did they really mean? Attachment remember? So what do we learn about them they're turning away is something else they're turning away is because they want to attach themselves to something else.

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And so their, their attachment is something and what they want to attach themselves to makes them never want to look back at the profit. So we don't know what that is yet. But it is something that that's sticking to them or they're sticking to it. And as a result of that, they show their back to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So Allah is basically saying to the Prophet, don't be a chaser. And here before we take our seven minutes break

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I want to

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tell you something about runner chaser psychology you can look this up. So if you if you google this you will find articles on it pieces on it runner chaser psychology. Okay. So what happens in relationships, parents, children, spouses, you know, whoever. Sometimes when the relationship is problematic, one person becomes a runner and the other person becomes a chaser. They keep texting. Where are you? What are you doing? How are you going? How are you? Hey, hey, hey, remember me? I miss you. I miss you. And they say I miss you not because they just wanted to say I miss you. They're waiting for you to say I miss you, too. They're chasing after your response. Don't you love

00:25:37--> 00:25:39

me? They're waiting for a Yeah.

00:25:40--> 00:25:56

You know, it's like because they need they need to feed off of the attention. So they have become the word. They're the become the chaser. And the person you're running after has become the one with God. So knowing busy right now. Can't talk.

00:25:57--> 00:26:19

They become the runner and the more you chase, the more they want. Run and then they say can you stop being so clinging? Can you stop being so obsessed? Can you just give me some space? I need to breathe? They're too much of a chaser. I'm tired of running. God leave me alone. Sometimes siblings do this your little sister. But you doing doing? Do they can't come in your room?

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Can I? Can I talk to your friends and your friends are so cool. And the oldest is like Get away from me for too long.

00:26:28--> 00:26:28


00:26:30--> 00:26:34

So annoying, always following me. What are you looking at me for?

00:26:35--> 00:26:37

You know, some siblings are like that.

00:26:38--> 00:26:52

Now, what happens is these chasers they go to the psychologist. So why is it? Why does it keep running? What does she keep running? And the psychologist tells him because you're a chaser. That's why.

00:26:53--> 00:26:54

Why did you stop? What?

00:26:55--> 00:27:09

Why did you stop chasing see what happens? All of a sudden you stop chasing. And for the first few days your sister's like, Finally, freedom. But a couple of days later, your sister comes to you and says, What are you doing?

00:27:11--> 00:27:12

Because she misses being what?

00:27:14--> 00:27:15

She misses being chased.

00:27:16--> 00:27:28

Because when she was being chased, she was more valuable. And you were not. When you stopped chasing, she became less valuable. And now she misses it. So

00:27:30--> 00:27:31

why don't you chase him?

00:27:32--> 00:27:36

Home? You know what I'm doing today? I'm busy right now. Really? You're busy.

00:27:38--> 00:27:39

I thought I was your busyness.

00:27:42--> 00:27:46

This psychology is something that makes the runner arrogant.

00:27:47--> 00:28:06

The runner becomes arrogant. Allah does not want to feed the false pride of the runner. He says to the prophets I seldom add in the hyung Mundo Allah and the cleaner. You need to stop chasing. I know you're chasing them because you love humanity you love your people you want them to? And how long did How much did new Harrison chases people?

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950 years 150 years. And by the way, he finally stopped chasing them and started building a ship. And Ark. When he was building the ark. He wasn't chasing them anymore. And they missed him. So they came to make fun of him.

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They came after him. Hey, what you doing? Uh huh. building an ark? Why do you have time for him now, bro, go do your farm. Go do you be with your kids? You were so annoyed by him. You used to pull your clothes in when he walked by. And you used to just hope that he would disappear used to stick your fingers in your Why are you coming in making fun of him when he's building the ark?

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Because you miss being what? Hey, something's off. Something's off. So this is actually a very powerful lesson. And even when you mean well for someone and you're giving them good advice, and they're not listening, many moms come and say, I'm trying to tell my son, but he's not listening. I keep telling him I keep telling you, Lady audience out here the just ignore for a little bit. Let him come back. Let him feel the void of not being chased a little bit.

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But what if what if the Yeah, like your approach is working? The more you chase the more they want? More they run? They're making it worse. So this is I'm ventola and Dixie now

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how much time Oh my god. Three minutes. I'm gonna give you a break. Though we'll finish our 29 When I come back, inshallah we get to 32 today. It's some amazing stuff today. By the way guys, I just pray Allah gives me clarity of thought that I can share with you all of it. I was hoping I'd be done with 29 By now because the heavy stuff is in the next sessions but we'll see. So I'm only going

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Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars. Our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the

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Iran accessible and easy for all of you so take us up on that challenge join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section